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高三英语改错练习 单句改错 1 1.Many young men disagree their parents on most things because of generation gap. 2.He did it by purpose,knowing it would annoy her. 3.She will never forget the unhappy time she has gone recently. 4.We all like Tom, who is easy to get along. 5.It is said that they have fallen in love with each other for two years. 6.Would you please come and join our game? 7. There was a time that when girls couldn’t go to school. 8. The exhibition hall, added many times, became the second largest in the world and could hold 100,000 people at a time. 9.Is this reason he explained at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? 10.Broadly speaking,I would agree with Shirley,though not entire. 单句改错 2 1.Believe it or not,there is no such a thing as a free lunch. 2.Many students attended the lecture,included our monitor. 3.He thought I had known the fact. But actual,I knew nothing about it. 4.Deeply sorry, I don’t recognize you at first, for it has been a long time since we last met. 5.Oil must be made full use to serve the people well. 6.A lot of advice came up with at yesterday’s meeting. 7.We’ll have to stay at home because the bad weather. 8.More than one person have a good command of English in the research unit. 9.They began to think about that what use could be made of this chance. 10.This song is based an old folk song. 单句改错 3 1.The mother insisted on that he finish his homework first,which made his son very angry. 2.I am determining to change my job. No one else can change my mind. 3.That you will succeed in doing the work depends on your attitude to it. 4.Before it got dark,the campers put up for their tents in a field. 5.She kept insisting that she be ignorant of such things. 6.I managed to persuade my father to give up smoking,but he wouldn’t listen.

7.I don’t care the price,so long as the car is in good condition. 8.Once seeing,it is difficult to forget. 9.Don’t be too familiar to him;he is a dishonest man. 10. Leave your key with a neighbor in case that you lock yourself out one day. 单句改错 4 1.After the earthquake,the whole city was in ruin. 2.An accident happened. Luckily,nobody badly injured. 3.Luckily for him, he survived from the car crash. 4.The express train arrived on schedule as was usual. 5.Everywhere that they appeared,they met with strong protests. 6.Two thirds of the people died or was injured during the Wenchuan earthquake. 7. But the one million people of the city, they thought little of these events, went to bed as usual that night. 8. Believe it or not,Lily’s sister burst into crying when we were eating. 9.The two ladies are of the same age,but it looks as if one were ten years older than other. 10. After visiting China,most of the foreign friends said they would never forget the time when they had spent in China.

单句改错 5 1.After he heard the bad news,his face took on a worrying expression. 2. Several hours later, with the help of the police, the students managed to escape the dangerous place,hungry and frightened. 3.The man was sentenced 10 years’ imprisonment for robbing the bank. 4.He led the workers in fighting the war. 5.As matter of fact,social customs vary in different parts of the world. 6.That football team had won no games and it lost its heart. 7.Don’t be worried,because there is nothing to worry. 8.Madame Curie,devoting to science,was a great woman. 9.There are many cards for you to choose. 10.It worried the public was that Phelps should take drugs. 单句改错 6

1. Before they moved into the new house,they bought some new furnitures to equip with it. 2.During the war,much of the property of that family were transferred secretly. 3.Have you got the latest evidence which he was innocent? 4.Tom returned back on time as usual. 5.The room can serve a study. 6.His work was high thought of by the critics. 7.Scientists are in search for a cure for this serious disease. 8.The bag belongs to me is over there. 9.How are you going to do with the food left over from the party? 10.There is some doubt that John will come to help us when we are in trouble. 单句改错 7 1.Before writing the report, he decided to interview with some people first. 2.When asking,he admitted stealing the necklace. 3.He is such a person that nobody can replace with him. 4.After school, the students walked out of the classroom one after other. 5.It is hard to relate the result with its cause. 6.Although her parents disagreed,she insisted on getting married the poor young man. 7.When you are in trouble,please ask help from your friends. 8.Students as well as their teacher is wishing for a holiday. 9.I go to see my grandfather every a few weeks. 10.He decided to travel by car instead of train. 单句改错 8 1.Personal,I disagree with you on your plan. 2.Saying you are sorry won’t make out the damage of breaking the vase. 3.I think we should work out a strategy to deal this situation. 4. They helped each other in studies and as the result they made great progress and became good friends. 5.Under the help of the computer,it is now easy to deal with and share information. 6.As time going by,computers are becoming more and more popular. 7.She was wandering up and down along the road,not knowing what to do and where to go. 8.Anyone he breaks the law will be punished.

9.The shirt matches with your blue trousers. 10.It is sure that Tom will win first place in the next game. 单句改错 9 1.Almost all the animals have their special ways to protect them from their enemies. 2.If you want to set up a company,first you must apply the government for permission. 3.The medicine has a great affect on that disease. 4. You should pay attention about your pronunciation so that you can make yourself understood. 5.Tom,it’s late for school. Get up and get dressing quickly. 6.Daisy had always been longed to help the endangered species of wildlife. 7.Please listen to a story of the dodo and how it was disappeared from the earth. 8.My parents had to use all what they had to buy the house in which we are now living. 9.—The housework is too much for me,Jack. —Sorry,but I can’t help doing it,Joan.I’ve got something important to do,you know. 10. Hearing the boring news, I was too distracted to concentrate my attention to my homework. 单句改错 10 1.After some years,he has been formed the habit of having a walk after supper. 2.We all agreed to stick our first plan. 3.The musicians of whom the band was formed played jokes on each other as well as play music. 4.How the young girl dreams becoming a famous movie star! 5.Max is fair, hardworking and after all,honest. 6.I feel honor to be asked to speak at the meeting. 7.Something goes wrongly with my computer. Would you please repair it for me? 8.—Did your boss phone you again the next day? —No,it was a fortnight when he gave me a second call. 9.They may play to passersby in the street or subways so that they can earn some more extra money. 10.He is so clever a boy that he always comes up new ideas. 单句改错 11 1.Many children starved death in Africa for lack of food. 2.Under the leadership of our party,we finally got independence away the other countries.

3.I hope you will always energetic when having classes. 4.The watermelon is a kind of fruit,it is quite famous in our city. 5.We invited her to dinner but she hasn’t been turned up. 6.I must apologize to you for not able to meet you. 7.He can’t forgive him for not seeing his mother before she died. 8.I’m looking forward to see you this summer vacation. 9.Mr. Alcott told me that four fifths of the houses had sold out. 10.It is known to us all is that the old scientist,for whom life was hard in the past,still works very hard in his eighties. 单句改错 12 1.She is so fat that she has made up her mind to go on diet to lose weight. 2.Both of the two restaurants have their strength and weaknesses,so they decided to combine them together into a larger one. 3.They stood there, glared at each other without a word. 4.Knowledge can be of very benefit to everybody. 5.China today is no longer that what she used to be thirty years ago. 6.I’m very sorry to have had you wait for so long. 7.—What do you think of the concert? —I have never seen a more better one. 8.His first memory seemed to be connecting with work. 9.—Did you find the missing couple in the mountain yesterday? —No,but we have been tried to get in touch with them ever since. 10.There is no possibility whether he will keep his word. He is always telling lies. 单句改错 13 1.The reason he gave to account his absence was unbelievable. 2.—You feel tired. —On contrary,I am relaxed.

3.I hear you are making a bet whether she will marry him. 4.To be honest speaking,I don’t like the way he does things. 5.You can take everything whatever you like. 6.They were filled of joy when they set foot on the Chinese soil. 7.When the man was trying to break into the bank,he was caught by the police on spot.

8.We haven’t settled the question that it is necessary for him to study abroad. 9.Who told you that if you passed the exam you would receive a reward was telling lies. 10.Wasn’t it until Michael ran into me when he recognized I was once his partner? 单句改错 14 1.General speaking,he is a smart boy except his carelessness. 2.His 17th book will have published by the end of next month. 3.The river is so polluted that every day we can see a lot of things being floating on the water. 4.Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend whether this problem can be solved. 5.If you put your heart into it,you’ll succeed on time. 6.As time going by, I began to realize what I did was wrong. 7.The problem of pollution is worth paying attention. 8.This is such interesting a film that I have seen it twice. 9.You shouldn’t pay too much attention to your reading skill,as it is so important. 10.It’s no longer a question now that whether man can land on the moon. 单句改错 15 1.We admire her for she has gift for singing and dancing. 2.The terrible sound made me terrifying. 3.We couldn’t decide whether to go to eastward or westward. 4.We often chat with our school life in the past. 5. Before he left, the visiting professor expressed his hope he would come to China again to give lectures the next year. 6.Standing on the top of the hill,and you can see as far as the sea. 7.He asked how the distance was between Beijing and Qingdao. 8.Have you ever dreamed of being such a good chance for further education abroad? 9.He came rather close to where I was hiding and my heart beat faster. 10. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain being seated as the plane was making a landing. 单句改错 16 1.Everything is taken into consideration,he has done a good job this time. 2.The famous doctor has been delivered hundreds of babies during her life.

3.It is considerate for you not to make any noise while the others are having a rest. 4.He is an independent child, who does all the things by his own. 5.The young girl devotes all her spare time to study English. 6.You’ll work the problem if you keep working on it. 7.He hates to be looked down,so treat him as our honored guest. 8.But it was not her success at university made her famous. 9. Smoking in all public places, including bars, restaurants, cafes, and hotels, prohibited in New Zealand. If you smoke,please remember to smoke outside. 10.Not until all the fish died in the river the villagers realize how serious the pollution was. 单句改错 17 1.In the old days,many children suffered from hungry for lack of food. 2.Each classroom in our school has equipped with a computer,which is helpful to our study. 3.In my opinion, he is quite suit for this job. 4.You’d better finish your homework without referring your notes. 5.Before going abroad,you must exchange your money with some dollars. 6.I found my father sitting at his table,was lost in thought. 7.It is raining outside. I would rather stay at home than going out. 8.This is what has called blog. 9.Nowadays most of the people are living happy life. 10.—Would you like him to paint your door with yellow stars? —I’d rather he paints it blue,and without any decorations. 单句改错 18 1.It’s wrong for the visitors to be cruel of the animals in the zoo. 2.With the electricity being cut off,all the machines had to stop working. 3.We had worn out after working in the fields the whole day long. 4.Do you have difficulty with learning English? 5.Luckily for her, she picked out from dozens of applicants for the job last week. 6.He went in search for a doctor for his sick wife. 7.Peace talks have been broken down over the question of reparations. 8.He went out to play, leaving his homework unfinish. 9.Judged from his appearance,we know he is a doctor.

10.Not that I’m unwilling to go with you,but I’m busy now. 单句改错 19 1.I majored English when learning in university. 2.When approaching for the house,they found something unusual,so they stopped to have a look. 3.Speak clearly,or you’ll make yourself misunderstand. 4.I am a little nervous. Give me a cup of tea to put me for ease. 5.The Olympic mascots are the Olympic flame,the fish,the panda,the Tibetan antelope and the swallow, represent a close group of friends. 6. Technologically spoken, China’ s Chang’ e project does better than any earlier project of the same kind. 7.They were hidden in the forest to avoid having found by the enemies. 8.Having disappointed at failing in the math exam,John wouldn’t like to talk about it to his parents. 9.Have you been to Australia,which is an Englishspoken country? 10. Wise teachers know it’ s impossible for all the students to learn all the subjects well because none of them are not fit for them. 单句改错 20 1.There is variety of goods in the supermarket. 2.Winning the medal has been come true. 3.Based your opinion on what you imagine is a terrible thing. 4.On the basis of our sale forecast we may begin to make profit next year. 5.What he said varies what he did. 6.If he hadn’t got close the fire,he wouldn’t have been killed. 7.What a fun it is to enjoy a rich dinner with your family members! 8.In Beijing Olympics,Michael Phelps swam into Olympic history, became the first athlete to win the most gold medals ever. 9.Han Hong is famous as a pop singer as her unique voice. 10.Which climber gets to the top first will get a £5,000 prize. 单句改错 21 1.After the match the judge was announced that our team won the title.

2.In respect of the problem,we don’t have to draw conclusion. 3.A special nurse attended on his needs constantly. 4.The frightened thief hid himself in the dark corner of the yard,quiet and cold,stared at the open door. 5.It doesn’t make a sense for parents to give children whatever they want. 6.Only if a teacher gives permission a student allowed to enter the room. 7.Your article is well written apart a few spelling mistakes. 8.The plan was put forward at yesterday’s meeting, in my opinion, was quite practical. 9.That day Tom lost control himself and hit Jack,but later Tom made an apology. 10. Tom suggested that we would not hold such a meeting, but Jenny insisted that it was of great importance. 单句改错 22 1.The soup consists tomatoes,meat and peas,doesn’t it? 2.She thrilled with terror when she saw the scene of the murder. 3.It is strange that he knows so much about me. 4.What he wrote doesn’t consistent with what he told us. 5.The old man has been fired and now a young man takes place. 6.There has no need for them to work the whole day. 7.They don’t need have to work the whole day. 8.Not only does he speak English and but also he speaks French. 9.It is the first time that Tom has gone to China. 10.When first was introduced to the market,these products enjoyed great success. 单句改错 23 1.His first speech as president made a strong impression of his audience. 2.I don’t like this radio play. Let’s switch on to another programme. 3.He guided us through the narrow streets to the central mosque, we learned a lot. 4.For miles around us there was nothing but an ice desert without a single plant or tree in the sight. 5.His mother was seriously ill and a doctor called in. 6.The students’ spare time should be taken advantage to study. 7.Worrying about her daughter the mother came to see her yesterday.

8.The first textbook was written for teaching English came out in the 16th century. 9.When there is enough food in the world for everybody,not everybody can afford to buy it. 10.I sat until after eleven, being absorbed in a book. 单句改错 24 1.My brother acquired for a knowledge of computers by careful study. 2.You can depend on that he will come to your help when needed. 3.The boss has been told several times that the workers are demanding on better pay. 4.Don’t be angry with him. He made the mistake by an accident. 5.All of you supposed to finish your homework before you go out to play football. 6.His whole mind concentrated on one thing—how to pass the English exam. 7.My father told me that he didn’t approve my leaving school this year. 8.Only with hard work you expect to get a pay rise. 9.I can think of many cases that the media have a strong effect on young men. 10.—He made an apology so as not to be blamed what he had done. —It’s really wise of him. 单句改错 25 1.He had previously aided him money and legal advice. 2.What I have said applies only some of you. 3.Don’t take anything away. Father likes everything to be in the place. 4.Tom honored for his bravery after what he had done for others the other day. 5.I don’t know what to do,because a number of problems have been arisen. 6.Though I told him over and over again to be careful when driven, he wouldn’t listen. 7.Thanks to your aid,I tried to run the company. 8. Tom had been working a couple of weeks while he received a letter from his girlfriend, Mary. 9.—So you have met Maria? —Yes,it was last week that we attended Jack’s party. 10.Much damage has done to the car;you’d better get it repaired. 单句改错 26 1.Some fortune tellers say that they can predict about future events. 2.You can’t legally take the possession of the property until three weeks after the contract is signed.

3.It was typical for her to forget. 4.The magazine is intended to appeal working women in their 20s and 30s. 5.What coincidence!I didn’t expect to see you here. 6.I’ve never seen the famous scholar in flesh. 7.The pickpocket broke away the policeman who was holding him. 8.The popular book deals about a permanently new subject:love. 9.John said he’d been working in the office for an hour,it was true. 10.The doctor advised Vera strongly that she should take a holiday,but he didn’t help. 单句改错 27 1.Is there anything for particular in today’s newspaper? 2.Colors like red convey about a sense of energy and strength. 3.They were anxiously awaiting for the result of the exam. 4.The truck was loaded with goods, which your brother used to drive, broke down on the way. 5.Mr. Smith prefers going out for a walk after supper to stay at home. 6.Who would you rather have to go there with you? 7.The pop singer is popular to the young. 8.I’ll give you three sweets with an apple. 9.He made clear that he didn’t want to talk about it. 10.You have no idea how she finished the relay race for her foot wounded so much. 单句改错 28 1.I ashamed of having lied to my teacher that day. 2.I think the company places too many stress on cost and not enough on quality. 3.He felt they had been abused his trust by talking about him to the press. 4.He has accustomed to the life in the mountains since his childhood. 5.He saved my life at risk of losing his own. 6.He has addicted to drugs for several years. 7.We’ve been looking at houses but haven’t found it we like yet. 8. I’ m moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than it in the city. 9. My sister,an inexperienced rider,was found sitting on the bicycle tried to balance it. 10.Although many measures have taken,the world’s economy is still going down.


单句改错 29 1.Large quantities of air conditioners have sold since the temperature is high. 2.A big fire broke out last night;as the consequence,the house was completely destroyed. 3.If she could put up the conditions there,we could take her. 4.Quantities of food was on the table. 5.Your support will certainly make difference in our cause. 6.You have made a few mistakes,but as the whole you have done well. 7.Comparing with many other women,she was indeed very fortunate. 8 . A number of new machines were introduced from abroad, resulted in an increase in production. 9.—Rose lost her job again. —Don’t worry. There is a plenty of work for girls of her age. 10.—Do you know Anna’s telephone number? —I’m afraid no. As a matter of fact,I don’t know any Anna,either. 单句改错 30 1.The mother was standing at the gate,anxiously to see her son. 2.Lincoln had shot while watching a play in the Ford’s Theatre. 3.They have been appointed a new head teacher at the school already. 4.With all the houses being burnt to the ground,they had no place to live in. 5.Be sure to make effort to save the hero’s life. 6.Have you bored with the same busy life day after day? 7.The snow being so thick,how did you make way to the top of the hill? 8.I was about to leave while the telephone rang. 9.I had intended to have gone to Beijing during my holiday,but an unexpected guest came. 10.Not completed the project,they have to stay there for another two weeks. 单句改错 31 1.I was out of the breath after running 1,600 metres. 2.The book has some weak spots,but all of all I consider it a success. 3.It was a good concert—I enjoyed the last song particular. 4.The district has been taken on a fresh look since the new roads were built. 5.Your performance in the exam did not reach the required standard;in the other words,you

failed. 6.It was what she meant other than what she said that mattered. 7.Who is the most likely to benefit the policy? 8.Generally speaking,children are easier to adapt the new environment. 9.You don’t want to be made fun and neither do others. 10.Email,as well as telephones, are playing an important part in our daily communication. 单句改错 32 1.He threw a stone towards his car out envy. 2.Listening to his continued stream of empty chatter was really tested out my patience. 3.I try to set up a few minutes each day to read English aloud. 4.Would you please go away and leave me lonely? 5.His wife was accompanied him on the trip. 6.I desired go with you,but I had no time. 7.It was necessary that a doctor was sent for. 8.The books are not allowed to be taken out from the room. 9.The harder you study,the great progress you will make. 10.—Do you want a tea or coffee? —Both. I really don’t mind. 单句改错 33 1.They said that the baby had abandoned by its mother. 2.He said that the manager had already been aware the problem. 3.When I first saw a real snake,I was scared to the death. 4.The driver witnessed having seen the man leaving the building. 5.I was about to go out while suddenly it began to rain. 6.Tom runs very fast. In the 100meter race yesterday,he soon ran ahead others. 7.The house showed no sign of having damaged. 8.Mark often attempts to escape from being fined whenever he breaks traffic regulations. 9.For many years people in that country had been accustomed to be treated like animals. 10.—Have you moved into the new house? —Not yet, the rooms are painted.


单句改错 34 1.Bill Gates made a generous donation for the charity. 2.Would participants the next race come forward? 3.After he studied abroad, he went on operating on the company. 4.I’m glad to help people in the need. 5.Whether you go or not makes no differences. 6.It took us some time to adjust the dark cave. 7.What he has done has relevant to his personality. 8.I’ll arrange a car to meet you at the airport. 9.I do invite Mr. Green to the party that day, but he forgot it completely. 10.Education used to be a privilege for the privileging class. 单句改错 35 1.Not having been made full preparations, they put off the meeting. 2.Can you substitute the singer who is ill? 3.A lot of care and attention has required in keeping the pets. 4.I picked up a handful letters and began to read them. 5. We are occupied preparing the midterm exams, so we don’ t have time to go out for an outing. 6.When you get on the board the plane, find your seat first according to your ticket. 7.I recommend that he sees a lawyer for advice. 8.The liquid medicine requires shake before taken. 9.Who will succeed in John as chief editor after he retires? 10.Do you have any comment to take on young people’s dyeing hair? 单句改错 36 1.There were over 500 applicants to the job. 2.What percentage of his income are taxable? 3.The city was mixture of old and new buildings. 4.Local residents have reacted angrily about the news. 5.It didn’t occur him that his wife was having an affair. 6.There is, in an addition,one further point to say. 7.We expressed our feelings by the means of words. 8.A great many of people gain a great deal of information from the Internet.

9.To team up the big company is the only way to break out of money problem. 10.The company can only supply 20 percent of we need. 单句改错 37 1.Smoking has forbidden in public places for several years. 2.He has not easily cast down,because he is a strong-minded person. 3.I object the plan on the ground because it is too expensive. 4.After 10 years of hard work, they paid back their debts at last. 5.You are bound to feeling nervous about your job interview. 6.The current government is in the favor of his economic theories. 7.She went upstairs to see if he was still asleep from time and time. 8.—My daughter lived in France for five years and now she’s working in a foreign company. —There is no wonder that she speaks such excellent French. 9.She has worked at the bank for many years, nine to be exactly. 10.It was known to all that Bob had broken his promise he would give them a rise. 单句改错 38 1.It was hard to distinguish one twin about another. 2.Ralph tapped me on my shoulder. 3.The boy told his parents that he would go to school but in the truth he didn’t. 4.It was late in 2008 that he set out shooting the film. 5.Someone called me on at midnight,only to find he dialled the wrong number. 6.Hang on the strap;the bus is about to start. 7.I don’t think I’ll need any money but I’ll bring some for case. 8.You have been sitting on my hat and now it is badly out of the shape. 9.Everyone has periods in their lives that everything seems very hard. 10.Every time when I call on him,he is out. 单句改错 39 1.In the post office, mail has classified according to the places where it is to go. 2.He seems to have overlooked at one important fact. 3.Jack has gift for painting. 4.An accident is holding on the traffic. 5.Can you explain the question to me once more again?

6.The doctor says I am in the need of a holiday by the seaside. 7.An other day I went to the park and took many photos there. 8.The novel adapted for a film. 9.Look at the terrible situation I am in!If only I followed your advice. 10.I come from a small town, over which flows a branch of the Min River. 单句改错 40 1.You can be paid in cash weekly or by cheque monthly;those are the two alternative. 2.They have shut the door and meant to keep us up. 3.The vegetables should cut up into small pieces and dropped into the boiling water. 4.The delay was due for heavy traffic. 5.The road led to our school was destroyed by rain last night. 6.All the people should be treated with respect regardless race, education and wealth. 7.We have almost the same opinions. My opinion is similar with hers. 8.Assume it rains tomorrow,what shall we do? 9.He said the old building was dated back to the sixteenth century. 10.What a terrible experience!Anywhere,you are safe;that’s the main thing.


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