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千与千寻 龙猫英文版_图文

●the characters in the cartoon

●the plot of the story
●summary ●music appreciation

The achievements
The movie won the golden bear prize. And it also won numerous awards in the 52nd session of Berlin international film festival. It not only break Japanese box-office and table rate, but also is the first popular animated movie of ghibli around the world. On account of it, the related products, high-quality goods also bring ghibli many profit; “Spirited away” in the United States and France is extremely popular. Disney film uesd a lot of money to buy it.

the characters in the cartoon
At the very beginning it seems she is really childish and immature.
In the adventure for saving her parents , she gradually became brave and independent.

Chihiro 获野千寻

the characters in the cartoon

Haku 小白
He helps Sen more than any one else and performs magic and also transforms into a dragon.

the characters in the cartoon



They are twin sisters,but with totally different personalities. Yubaba is very mean but treats her baby very well.She is a sacrifice of the tempting world.She has lost herself for good.

the characters in the cartoon

No-face 无脸人

He is lonely and longing for the love and company.

No-face represents the loneliness in human?s heart. He ate a lot once entered the bath-house. The food is a symbol of temptation. But he returns to himself with the influence of the heroine.

He is the boiler room supervisor. He is not a common human grandpa.He has 6 arms in fact. He is very kindhearted and helps her a lot.

Lin was also a human being. She is a symbol of a human who is tempted and loses her original value.

He was overprotected by Yupapa. But he grows up after going through adventures with the heroine.

He was a spirit of river.He went to Yupapa because his river was polluted.

The spirit of river

Her parents, heading for their new home, take a road that leads into the woods. Arriving at a dead end, they walk down a corridor through a building and emerge in what dad takes to be "an abandoned theme park". It's something like a Japanese Portmeirion, but eerily deserted.

the empty town

They find much freshly-cooked food in the town.The parents greedily help themselves.While Chihiro refused.

Chihiro wonders off and approaches a large building.The building is a bathhouse for god and spirits.

New scene at night

Sen meets Haku (Irino; or Marsden), a boy who warns her to leave before dark. She's too late though - a lake has appeared, blocking her route, ghostly forms have populated the town.

When Chihiro runs back to her parents, she finds they have been transformed into pigs, and the park starts to swarm with monsters.

The only way to survive, Haku tells her, is to get work in the bath house that dominates the town. Here "eight million gods rest their weary bones", according to Yubaba (Natsuki; or Pleshette), the witch who runs the establishment.

Chihiro makes her way to meet Yubaba with the help of Grandpa and Lin. Yubaba is hardly forthcoming - her realm is "no place for humans" - but she's forced to give Chihiro work, thanks to an oath she swore. Chihiro gets work helping Lin.

Pulling out rubbish from the river spirit But the management give them the worst jobs such as assisting a hideous oozing creature they take to be a "Stink God; . He was polluted very badly.So people treated him very impolitely. And this is a symbol of environment destruction and protection.

She even gets involved in an adventure that reveals her mysterious bond with Haku. Sen saving Haku with the medcine which can save her parents.

Helping him remember his real name

One act of kindness results in a dangerous spirit, No Face, getting into the bath house and wreaking havoc by playing on the greed of the other employees .Only sen can stop the No-face's crazy action and take him to a warm home.

No-Face could?t speak and lonely . Only Sen care about him. She gives the last pill to NO-Face.

Finally,she wins everyone's admiration and succeeds in rescuing her parents.

But,in the end,the future of them is still a secret

In various of adventures, chihiro become more and more brave and independent , which is totally different from past. It?s a fantastic tale, you will want to experience over and over again. This of course results in the fact that there are quite some nice .

? Don't lost ourselves in the chase, don't forget the past unconsciously. ? Let the children leave the shelter of parents and grow up independently. ? It will be possible that the children will get the ability and the maturity of thought.

? To be a confident and hopeful people,which can make ourselves no longer lonely and also can help person around us walk out of the gloomy world.
? To have a principle and adhere to it ,to have a target and never stop. ? We should protect our environment.

——Wonderful memory of my childhood
It is a warm film about childhood, family,and animal.

:: Movie Information ::
Film Title My Neighbor Totoro (tonari no totoro) Directed by Hayao Miyazaki Written by Hayao Miyazaki Produced by Studio Ghibli [?gibli:] Executive Producer Yasuyoshi Toku Music by Jo Hisaishi

? “My Neighbor Totoro" is Hayao Miyazaki?s ['mi:ja:'za:ki:] work, which is one of my favorite films. This is a medium-term work. This work adheres to his usual clear and natural style. There are large tracts of green, so that the screen is full of vitality. ? In fact, strictly speaking, "My Neighbor Totoro" is not speaking in ideological content of a work. It is just collected childhood memorie pieces. His charm is not a cognitive shock, but the emotional resonance['rez(?)n?ns] .

In 1958, a university professor and his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei, move into an old house in rural Japan to be closer to the hospital where his wife is recovering from an illness.

While she is playing outside one day, the younger daughter, Mei, sees two white, rabbitlike ears in the grass. She follows the ears under the house where she discovers two small magical creatures, who lead her through a briar patch, and into the hollow of a large tree

She meets and befriends a larger version of the same kind of spirit, which identifies itself by a series of roars she interprets as "Totoro"

One rainy night the girls are waiting for their father’s bus. As they wait, Mei eventually falls asleep on Satsuki's back and Totoro appears beside them. Totoro is delighted at both the shelter and the sounds made upon it by falling raindrops.

Mei, believing her mother's condition has worsened, sets off on foot to the hospital and gets lost

Satsuki returns to the camphor laurel tree and pleads for Totoro's help

They return home on the Catbus. When the Catbus departs, it fades away from the girls' sight.

The closing credits show Mei and Satsuki's mother returning home

? This movie is full of fairy-tale colors and warm affection,bringing the audience into the success of a dream-liked fairy-tale world . This is a rare masterpiece. ? “TOTORO” can be said that the most successful role of Mr.Hayao Miyazaki?s creations and it is also the image of endorsement of hayao Miyazaki Ghibli. Every piece of Studio Ghibli has a TOTORO LOGO screen

? There aren?t many flowery words and luxuriant screen. ? The easygoing feeling of tales brought us a wrong but pure world. ? it makes some of the weary in allowing man finds mental nourishment.

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