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Lesson one 1. Virtue is, indeed must be, self-centered.(para4) 正确的行动是,确实也必须是以自我为中心的。 By right action, we mean it must help promote personal interest. 2. The essentials are familiar: the poverty of the poor was the fault of the poor. And it was because it was product of their excessive fecundity…..(para5) 他的基本观点为人熟知:穷人的贫穷是他们咎由自取,贫穷是热门过度生育的结果 The poverty of the poor was caused by their having too many children. 3. Poverty being caused in the bed meant that the rich were not responsible for either its creation or its amelioration. (para6) 贫穷源于过度生育意味着富人不应该为产生贫穷和解决贫穷承担责任 The rich were not to blame for the existence of poverty so they should not be asked to undertake the task of solving the problem. 4. It is merely the working out of a law of nature and a law of God(para8) 这是自然规律和上帝的意志在起作用。 It is only the result or effect of the law of the survival of the fittest applied to nature or to human society. 5. It declined in popularity, and reference to it acquired a condemnatory tone.(para9) 然而在 20 世纪,人们认为社会学中的达尔文进化论有点过于残酷,遭到了普遍的质疑,人 们提及它都带有谴责的口吻。 People began to reject Social Darwinism because it seemed to glorify brutal force and oppose treasured values of sympathy, love and friendship. Therefore, when it was mentioned, it was usually the target of criticism. 6. In recent years, however, it has become clear that the search for a way of getting the poor off our conscience was not at an end; it was only suspended.(para11) 然而,最近几年,很显然我们又在试图寻求不为穷人的存在而内疚的办法.这种尝试并没有 结束, 而只是曾经中断过一段时间。 The desire to find a way to justify the unconcern for the poor had not been abandoned; it had only been put off. 7. In fact, we have in the United States an extraordinarily good public service one made up of talented and dedicated people who are overwhelmingly honest and only rarely given to overpaying for monkey wrenches, flashlights, coffee makers, and toilet seats(para13) 实际上, 美国有非常优秀的公共服务队伍一支由富有才于和敬业精神的人组成的队伍, 他们 非常诚实,以致像出高价购实活动扳手、手电筒、咖啡壶以及马桶坐圈以获取回扣的情况及 为罕见 Government officials, on the whole, are good; it is very rare that some would pay high prices for office equipment to get kickbacks. 8. This is perhaps our most highly influential piece of fiction. (para15) 这种说法也许是我 们最有影响的一个虚构故事。 It is a very popular story and has been accepted by many but it is not true. 9. Belief can be the servant of truth--- but even more of convenience.(para16) 信念可以是真理的仆人,但更多的情况下只是一时之需。 Belief can be useful in the search for truth. But more often than not it is accepted because it is convenient and self-serving.

10. George Gilder, a greatly favored figure of the recent past, who tells to much applause that the poor must have the cruel spur of their own suffering to ensure effort.(para20) 11. 最近深受欢迎的乔治吉尔德在众人的支持声中宣称穷人应该承受一定的痛苦, 才 能受到 激励而努力改变现状; George Gilder advances the view that only when the poor suffer from great misery will they be stimulated to make great efforts to change the situation; in other words, suffering is necessary to force the poor to work hard. Lesson two 1.But these marks of wild country called to my father like the legendary siren song. 可是正是这些特征,像希腊神话里海妖那动听的歌声一样,诱惑着爸爸。 Though the place was not pleasant and disagreeable to other people, they were the very things that fascinated my father---its unexplored, uncultivated natural state,and the challenge.The attractions were irresistible to my father,just like the legendary siren song to sailors. 2."I'm afraid the day's going to catch us," I explained, wondering what great disaster might befall us if it did.“我怕天就要黑了,” 我解释到,心里想天真的黑了,会有什么样更大的灾难降 临到我们头上。 As a little girl,I believed my father's words,and was genuinely afraid of the possible disaster--if we didn't hurry up,the day would catch us and terrible things might happen. 3....from time to time he was halfheartedly sought for trial, though few crimes seemed to lead directly to his door.警察们时不时地例行公事, 试图逮捕他, 但似乎找不出他违法的具体证据。 In this place,though the police wound make some effort without real earnest to investigate Watson and bring him to court,there seemed to be little concrete evidence to prove that he was responsible for certain illegal activities. 4.The stranglehold Watson had over this section of Florida was not dissimilar to the unscrupulous activities of certain lawmen, other legal crooks, and even governors that our state was to suffer through its history.沃森在佛罗里达州这一地区的恶霸行为与我们在后来所遭受的某些执法 者、法律骗子,甚至一些地方官员们的无耻行径毫无二致。 The control Watson had over this part of Florida was much similar to the dishonest or illegal activities of the law-enforcing officials and governors which Florida witnessed in the 20th century. 5. There was the little shack, not the most gracious of living quarters, and there was a murderer for our nearest and only neighbor, about thirty miles away. 小岛上有一个简陋的木屋,算不上 很好的居住场所,唯一的近邻就是住在 30 英里外的杀人犯沃森。 Before the family built their own house,they lived in a shabby cabin at Gopher Key,close to the merciless Watson. 6.King Richard in his gluttony never sat at a table more sumptuous than ours was three times a day...即使是讲究美食的国王理查德也不可能像我们一样一日三餐吃着如此丰盛的野味。 We had abundant food on the island,and even the meals enjoyed by King Richard,who was famous for his love of food,couldn't possibly compare with ours. 7.Despite the unrelenting heat, we were happy to be let off from our hours of school indoors, sessions which our mother kept every day, rain or shine.尽管烈日当头,我们却很高兴不用在屋 里上课;平时每天的这个时候,无论晴天还是下雨,妈妈都要给我们上课。 Although it was very hot outside in the sun,we were happy to be dismissed from my mother's sessions indoors. We would have to read and write with her every day no matter what the

weather was like. Unit 3 1. Even droughts, floods and heat waves may become unwitting acts of man. (para2) 甚至干旱、洪水、热电波等都可能是人类的无心之过 What people do may unintentionally cause droughts, floods and heat waves. 2. But this image, now repeatedly thrust before us in photographs, posters, and advertisements, is misleading.(para4) 但这种曾无数次展现在我们面前的照片海报和广告上的景象都是误导 The Earth we see in photos,posters,and ads, which appears so beautiful, is not the true reflection of the world we live in. 3. The technosphere has become sufficiently large and intense to alter the natural processes that govern the ecosphere.(para5) 如此庞大和强烈的技术圈已经改变了控制生态圈的自然进程 Human activities have taken place over such large areas and with such intensity that they have already caused disastrous effects on ecology. 4. ...which could establish itself only because it fitted properly into the preexisting system.(para6) 但正因为鱼能适应这一业已存在的系统,它才得以立足。 The fish could play its role because it became a necessary link with the processes preceding it and the processes following it in the ecological system. 5. Defined so narrowly, it is no surprise that cars have properties that are hostile to their environment.(para8) 若只为迎合买者和生产商汽车具有不利于环境的性能也就不足为奇了。 When cars are produced to serve such narrow purposes, it is not surprising that some of their characteristic qualities are harmful to the environment. 6.Yields rose, but not in proportion to the rate of fertilizer application...(para9) 产量提高了,却与肥料投入量不成正比 The farmers applied more and more chemical fertilizer, but production did not increase at the same rate. 7....their waste is flushed into the sewer system altered in composition but not in amount at treatment plant...(para11) 而它们的废物被冲送下水道,经处置后成分发生了改变但数量没有变化. People, after digestion, excrete the waste which is flushed into the sewer system.The sewage goes to a treatment plant which modifies it, but it is still waste after being processed. The waste does not reenter the life cycle but disturbs the natural processes wherever it is dumped. 8. Left to their own devices, ecosystems are conservative...(para12) 若生态小环境保持其自身的方式,它们将几乎保持不变,进化速度十分锺慢。 If the ecosystems are not upset by outside intrusion, they will remain the same with very little change 9.In contrast to the ecosphere, the technosphere is composed of objects and materials that reflect a rapid and relentless process of change and variation.(para13) 与生态圈相反,技术圈是由线性流程决定的 The characteristics of the objects and materials in the technosphere are rapidchange and great variety. 10.But this is done only at the cost of understanding.(para18)

但这种做法却是以我们的理解为代价的 If we take sides in the war of the two worlds, we are doing so at the risk of failing to have a clear understanding of the nature and cause of the war. Thus, we lose the chance to really solve the grave environmental crisis. Unit4 1. How all my own territory would be altered, as if a landslide had gone through it and skimmed off all meaning except loss of Mike.(para13) 我的世界发生了天翻地覆的变化,就像发生了山崩,除了迈克的离去,其余 的所有记忆都 被冲掉了。 The impact of Mike's leaving on my life was beyond my imagination. I didn't expect thatMike's leaving would have such a tremendous power that it would change the meaning of myexistence completely. All my thoughts were about loss of Mike 2. During that time of life that is supposed to be a reproductive daze, with the woman's mind all swamped by maternal juices, we were still compelled to discuss Simone de Beauvoir and Arthur Koestler and "The Cocktail Party".(para19) 生命中的那段时光本应是忙于照着孩子, 大脑处在一种产后带来的恍惚忙碌中, 可我们却讨 论着西蒙·波娃、阿瑟·凯斯特勒以及《鸡尾酒会儿》 At that time we were young mothers, and we were supposed to lead a terribly busy life fullof confusion and bewilderment caused by giving birth to and raising babies. And our mindswere supposed to be fully occupied by how to feed the babies and things like that. However, in the midst of all this we still felt the need to discuss some of the important thinkers of ourtime like Simone de Beauvoir and Arthur Koestler and T. & Eliot's sophisticated work "TheCocktail Party". 3. ...I would be frightened, not of any hostility but of a kind of nonexistence.(para25) 这时我会感 觉到害怕不是因为人们之间的不友好,而是因为我感到自己不复存在。 I would be frightened, and my fear was not caused by my neighbors' visibly hostile andviolent way of lifts but by a kind of formless and hidden emptiness and meaninglessness ofhuman existence. What happened around me was totally irrelevant to me, and I felt veryisolated and alienated. 4. She did not ask me---was it delicacy or disapproval? ---about my new life.(para29) 她没有询问我的新生活,或是缘于不便提起,或是出于对我的新生活的不赞同 She did not ask me about my new life, either out of subtle consideration for my feeling about this sensitive subject or out of disapproval of my new life style. 5. It would be a sleazy thing to do, in the house of his friends.(para49) 在他朋友 的家里,那的确是很不应该做的事。 It would be a morally low thing, an indecent thing to commit infidelity in the house of afriend. 6. I knew now that he was a person who had hit rock bottom.(para88) 我现在知道,他是世上最不幸的人 . I knew that he was a person who had experienced the worst in life, the hardest experience aperson might have to endure. 7. He and wife knew that together and it bound them, as something like that would either break you apart or bind you, for life.(para88) 他和妻子共同体验了这一切。 这把他们绑在了一起, 就像有些事在生活中要么 把你们拆散, 要么使你们终生在一起

They experienced the worst together and they knew what it was like and understood the meaning of that experience. Such an experience posed the gravest test to people. If they stood the test, their friendship or marriage would he strengthened, and a sacred bondage would be formed between them. But if they failed the teat, their relationship would be broken and they would be driven apart. 8. Not risking a thing yet staying alive as a sweet trickle, an underground resource. With the weight of this now stillness on it, this seal.(para94) 我们 不拿它来冒险,而是让它像涓涓细流慢慢地流淌,仿若地下资源。将爱封存,让它静 静地沉淀。 If they acted on love, they would take risks. They wouldn't do that or go further in their relationship, but they would rather let their love remain as a sweet trickle, which would flow on gently and permanently, and as an underground resource, which would never be fully tapped but would never go dry. Unit 5 1.The national rejection of dogmatic preconceptions about the nature of the social and economic order (para 6) 美国拒绝关于社会本质和 经济规律的教条式偏见。 As a nation, America has refused to cling to certain rigid principles concerning social and economic development. America has been adaptable and flexible. 2.Nor can one suggest that Americans have been consistently immune to the ideological temptation. (para8) 没有人能说美国始终如一地不受意识形态体系诱惑的影响, No one can say that Americans have never been tempted by the approach of understanding, preserving or transforming the world according to rigid dogmas. 3.and any intellect so shaped was bound to have certain vulnerability to secular ideology ever after.(para 8) 而如此形成的思维方式一定始终容易受到 世俗意识形态体系的攻击。 A mind influenced by Calvinist theology would surely find it somewhat difficult to resist other temptations to ideological thinking. 4.Pragmatism is no more wholly devoid of abstractions than ideology is wholly devoid of experience.(para10) 实用主义并不完全排斥抽象慨念,就像意识形态体系不完全排斥经验一样。 Abstract ideas have a place in pragmatism just as experience has a role in ideology. 5.As an ideologist, however, Jefferson is today remote- a figure not of present concern but of historical curiosity(para11)然而,作 为一个意识形态主义者,他只是一个令人好奇的历史人 物.他的思想过时与今天的现实无关。 As a man following a fixed set of beliefs, Jefferson is only an interesting historical figure. His beliefs are out of date and are irrelevant to present reality. 6.and often whose central dogma is confided to the custody of an infallible priesthood. (para15) 而这个理论体系的本 质掌握在永无谬误的圣人手中。 The essence of the theoretical system is put in the hands of a small group of people who can never go wrong. 7.where free men may find partial truths, but where no mortal man will ever get an absolute grip on Absolute Truth,(para16)

一个自由的人们可以找到部分真理,而不是某个凡人独自掌握了绝对真理的世界; In the universe a person whose mind is unconstrained may be able to discover relative truths but no man on earth can claim that he has already grasped the one and only Truth. 8.But ideology is a drug; no matter how much it is exposed by experience, the craving for it still persists.(para19) 但意识形态体系就像毒品.不管实践怎样揭露它,对它的渴望依然存在 Ideology has the characteristic of a narcotic In spite of the fact that it has been proven wrong many times by experience, people still long to commit themselves to ideology. 9.the only certainty in an absolute system is the certainty of absolute abuse(para21) 绝对的权力必然导致权力的滥用。 The only thing that is sure of a despotic system is its unrestricted exercise of power. 10.The distinctive human triumph, in their judgment, lies in the capacity to understand the frailty of human striving but to strive nonetheless.(para22) 他们懂得人类奋斗是存在缺憾的,但仍然奋斗不息。 The most outstanding achievement of humanity is they know that no matter how hard they try, they cannot achieve Absolute Truth, yet they continue to make great efforts and refuse to give up. Unit7 1. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human life.(para2)因为人 类在自己的手中掌握着足以阻止一切人类贫穷的形成且破坏各 种人类生活形式的力量。 As a result of technological development, human beings now have the power to put an end topoverty and human misery, but at the same time they also possess the power to destroy thewhole world, rendering it uninhabitable and lifeless. 2. ...unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights...(para3) 而且不愿目睹容许我国一向维护的人权被人逐渐剥夺, 这是我们现今无论在国内或国外都必 须坚持的立场 We do not want to see or to allow the slow destruction of those human rights. 3. To those peoples in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves...(para8) 对位于我们南边的各个姐妹共和国. 我们提出一项特别的保证 To the people of the underdeveloped countries living in poverty in rural areas, we are committed to helping them to rid themselves of mass poverty by their own efforts. 4. But this peaceful revolution of hope cannot become the prey of hostile powers.(para9) 但是此一希望的和平革命.绝不能成 为敌国的牺牲品。 But we should not let any Communist power take advantage of this alliance for progress to expand its influence. 5. And let every other power know that this hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house.(para9)并让所有美洲以外的国家都知道,西半球的事会由其自己管理。 We want to make clear to the Communist powers that Americas are the Americas of theAmericans. Do not attempt to penetrate into this area. 6. ...before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction.(para11) 不要等到科学所释放出的危险的破坏力量在有意或无意中使全人类沦于自我毁灭 ... before the world is destroyed by a nuclear war launched in a preemptive attack or causedby

accident. 7. ...yet both racing to alter the uncertain...of mankind's final war.(para13) 然而却仍然竞相改进那足以遏止人类最后战争 的那一不稳定的恐怖均衡. Yet both sides attempt to get an edge in the nuclear arms race so as to break the mutualdeterrence which has so far prevented the outbreak of a nuclear war. 8. ...civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.(para14) 谦恭并不代表懦弱,但要证明其诚意 To be ready to negotiate and establish friendly relations does not mean that we are weak orafraid. Declarations of sincere intention have to be tested by actions. 9. Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.(para17) 让双方探究是什么能使我们团结在 起,而避免致力于加强那些使我们分裂的问题。 Let the two sides use the fruits of science for the benefit of humanity rather than using high-tech weapons to kill and destroy. 10. ...each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty.(para21) 每一代的美国人都曾被唤起表明其对国家的忠诚 There have been occasions for each generation of Americans to be called upon to fight and diefor their country. Unit9 1.Perhaps because they don’t have home towns, just places where they were born. But these girls soak up the juice of their home towns, and it never leaves them.(para2) 也许因为她们不曾有家乡,那些地方只是她们的出生地。但是 她们深受家乡的影响,而且 这种影响伴随她们终生 a This is perhaps because they only have places of birth, but not places where they feel at home and which they identify themselves with. But these girls are strongly influenced by their hometown, and the influence stays with them forever even after they leave their hometown, 2.Wherever it erupts, this Funk, they wipe it away; where it crusts, they dissolve it; wherever it drips, flowers, or clings, they find it and fight it until until it dies.(para4) 无论这种低俗在哪显现.她们都要去除它;无论在哪刚出现,她们都要将其化为乌有;无论 它在哪 里显露、发展、依附,她们都会找到它并一直战斗到它不复存在。 The brown girls try hard to repress their emotions and passions. However, these natural human emotions cannot be wiped out totally. Sometimes they will emerge and burst out. And they will develop, become stronger and stay with them. So whenever and wherever this funk bursts out, the brown girls will do their best to stifle it. 3.As long as his needs were physical, she could meet them---comfort and satiety(para11) 只要朱尼尔的需要是来自身体上的,杰拉尔丁就会满足他,使他舒适、吃饱。 If his needs were physical, she could meet them. She could make him comfortable and give him enough or even more than enough to satisfy his physical needs. 4.She had seen this little girl all of her life.(para48) 她曾见过很多像皮克拉这样的女孩 Geraldine had seen black girls like Pecola at many places and many times in the past. 5.Eyes that questioned nothing and asked everything.(para48) 她们用疑惑不解的眼神盯着她看,那眼神无知却贪婪。 On the one hand, they (girls like Pecola) were ignorant and uncomprehending. They did not ask

question why their lives were so miserable. On the other hand, as they were poverty-stricken and practically had nothing, their eyes revealed their desire for anything that could make their lives easier. 6.The end of the world lay in their eyes, and the beginning, and all the waste in between.(para48) 人们在他们的眼中只能看到世界末日和开始,生命的中间只有浪费。 In the eyes of these girls one can see that they were in despair, without any hope for the future, and that their life was nothing but a waste. 7.The girls grew up knowing nothing of girdles, and the boys announced their manhood by turning the bill of their caps backward.(para49)这些女孩发育成大人了,却不知紧身褡为何物, 而男孩子把鸭舌帽的帽檐转到后脑勺就算宣布自己是大入了。 As the girls were growing into young women, they had never worn girdles to make their figure look slimmer, and thus more elegant; and when the boys grew up, they just began to wear their caps with the bills turned backward to indicate that they had become adults.

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译文| 课文|现代大学英语精读2课文译文_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。 您...现代大学英语精读第二版... 6页 1下载券 现代大学英语精读2第二版... ...
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大学英语精读| 现代大学英语精读3 paraphrase整理_英语学习_外语学习
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现代大学英语精读1 的 paraphrasing,是老师上课将比较难且重点的句子用英语翻译成...(para. 6) Paraphrase: Because what he wanted to do was to discover ...
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现代大学英语精读6 Lesson five 课后答案_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。the one...现代大学英语课文译文 VI-5 课文译文 “一”对“多”亚瑟M斯莱辛格 1.在...