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unit1 Never say goodbye ppt_图文

Unit 1
Never Say Goodbye

Text I Never Say Goodbye
Pre-reading activities While-reading activities Language points Post-reading activities

When will you say goodbye?
? Lover‘s departure ? Friends’ leaving ? Family’s passing away

? Being away from hometown ? Your past/history

Ways of saying goodbye

? goodbye/bye

? see you ( see again soon, for young)
? so long ( do not meet again for long time) ? have a nice day/good (for friends, family

? nice meeting you (for friends met for the first time)



? Farewell:old-fashioned the action of saying goodbye; ? farewell party /dinner /drink etc

A Farewell to Arms
? a novel by Ernest Hemingway (1929)

? about the romantic relationship between a US man who is working as an ambulance driver and an English nurse in Italy during World War I

Learning objectives
? grasp the author’s purpose of writing and

make clear the structure of the whole passage
? comprehend the topic sentences in Text 1 thoroughly and be able to paraphrase them.

? get a list of new words and structures and
use them freely in conversation and writing.

Pre-reading question
? Have you family ever moved from one place to another? ? If you have, how did you feel when you were going to be away from the old house for good?

sad excited tired

? Have you ever attended a funeral of someone you knew very well? ? If you have, what were you thinking when you saw him for the last time?

? ? ? ? ?

sad heart breaking anguish depressed scared

Text Analysis
? Part I (para1-4) The problem the author was confronted with. ? Part II (para5-13) Grandpa illustrates the meaning of “never say goodbye”.

? Part III (para14-20) The author’s
understanding of “never say goodbye”.

Part One: (Paragraphs 1-4)
? Main idea: ? Bringing up the problem the author was confronted with: it is hard to overcome the sadness as the moment of parting

drew near. So he turned to his grandpa for

Para one
? It introduces the background and serves as the beginning of the story.

Through this paragraph. We get to
know something about the author and his problem.

Old house

Questions for thought
? Why was the author seized with the anguish of moving from his home?

? Because it was the only home that the author had ever known. His whole life, brief as it was, had been spent in that old house, gracefully touched with the laughter and tears of four generations.

? What do you know about the author’s home
mentioned in the beginning?

? The author’s home was a large old
house, in which four generations had lived in harmony and experienced both happiness and sadness.

Language points
? confront: be faced with and have to deal with ? confront sb. (with sb./sth.)正视,使对质

? ? ? ?

confront a prisoner with a witness 使囚犯与证人对质 I'll confront him with the evidence. A soldier often has to confront danger and death. ? confront reality

了答案 ? He has prepared answers to the

questions that he expects to confront
during the interview.

be confronted with: 面临
? 1.她面对罪证供认不讳. ? When confronted with the evidence of her guilt, she confessed.

? 2.这种新的制度一开始将会面临很大困难。 ? The new system will be confronted with great difficulties at the start.

“confront” vs. “face”
? 都含“面对”的意思。 ? confront”: 指“遇到”、“面对”、 “使...对立”, 正式用语, 如: She confronted the vital question of being bankrupt. 她面临要破产的重大问题。 ? face: 指“正视”、“面对”、“不想逃 避”, 属口语体, Let's face the facts instead of evading them. 让我们面对现实, 不要逃避。

? mental or physical

suffering caused by extreme pain or worry: ? the anguish of not knowing what had happened to her ? an anguished cry for help

? 1. The child was badly hurt and was in anguish all the evening.

2. Nothing can take away the anguish of losing a child.

brief as it was

? although it was brief

Rewrite the following sentences ? Though he was poor,… ? poor as he was ? Although I was very tired,… ? Tired as I was

? 1 moving in a smooth and attractive way, or having an attractive shape or form:

? Her movements were graceful and elegant. ? Already in their fifties, they danced gracefully on the stage.

? 2 behaving in a polite and pleasant way:

? Her father was a quiet man with graceful manners ? He stepped on my left foot when we hurried into the elevator, and immediately apologized to me gracefully.

? Audrey Hepburn
? 电影《窈窕淑女》

? My Fair Lady

? Touched with the laughter and tears of four generations:
? The sentence implies that “…the house which had seen and/witnessed the joys and sorrows of the four generations of my family.

–touch: have an effect on one’s feelings;
to cause one to feel pity, sympathy, etc

– E.g. His sad story so touched us that we nearly cried.

Paragraphs 2-4
? When the author was shuddering and crying on the final day on which he had to move from his old home, his grandfather came up to comfort him. Not to use the word “goodbye” to friends, for it implies sadness.

Questions for thought
? Why did the author shudder and shed tears

when the final day came?

? Because he was extremely reluctant to say goodbye to his grandfather

and his friends as well as to his big
old house.

? Why did his grandfather advise him not to use the word “goodbye” to friends?

? Because in the eyes of his grandfather the word “goodbye” seemed too final, too cold, for friends to use and it implied sadness or unhappiness, and also because his grandfather wanted him to think of joyful and happy events of life instead of feeling sad and miserable.


? a metaphor ? a place of calm and safety ? The school library is a little haven

of peace and quiet.
? This place is a tourists’ haven.

? An entrance built out from a house or church

? shake uncontrollably for a moment, esp. from fear, cold, or dislike

? She shuddered at the sight of the dead body.

? I shudder to think of the problems ahead of us.

? well:
? ? ? ?

v. (of liquid) flow or start to flow ? 涌出, 涌现
Blood welled (out) form the cut. well out well up well forth

She was so moved that her tears welled (up, forth, out) in her eyes. Tears welled in my eyes.

feel a hand rest on my shoulder
? feel + object + infinitive without “to”


Similar words are “watch, make, Let, have,
see, hear, notice” played John had never heard the piece ____ (play ) before.



Through one’s tears:
– With tears in one’s eyes; – while shedding tears



? look steadily for a long time, esp. in great surprise or shock ? stare off: stop watching sth. and look at sth. else steadily

? stare at 凝视,盯住 ? stare into 凝视 ? stare sb. in the face
盯着某人的脸看, 迫在眉睫

? stare sb. up and down

? stare sb. into silence

Part Two: (Paragraphs 5-13) By narrating his sad experience of the

loss of his eldest son during the war,
grandpa illustrates how one can overcome the sad feeling resulting from

the loss of someone dear to him by
recalling not the moment of parting but

the happy times spent together.

Questions for thought
? Why did the author’s grandfather take him to see the rosebush in the front yard?

? What does the rosebush symbolize?

? He wanted to tell a true story about the rosebush.
? He also wanted to explain why it was not advisable to say goodbye to one’s relatives and friends.

? How to appreciate the last sentence of

Para 9?
? It is not only the roses that are beautiful, Billy. Also, it is that special

feeling you deeply cherish that makes
them beautiful.

look into (investigate, to examine)
1. A committee was set up to look into the workers‘ troubles. 2. The government has set up a working party to

look into the problem of drug abuse. (工作组) 3. They stopped to look into the window.


– 1) speak or say very quietly so that only a person close by can hear

E.g. She whispered a warning to me and then disappeared.
– 2) (of the wind, etc) make a soft sound 飒飒地响

E.g. The leaves of the trees were whispering in the wind.

conspicuously [ k?n'spikju?sli ]
? conspicuous: [ k?n‘spikju?s ] a. very easy to notice, noticeable, easily seen

1. Lincoln is a conspicuous example of a

poor boy who succeeded.
2. A traffic sign should be conspicuous.

It isn’t …. that 强调句型

? It isn’t just the rose that are beautiful: It is that special place in your heart that makes them so.

Para 10-13:
The telling of the story related to the rosebush.

? Para 10 is a flashback. It tells us why the author’s grandpa planted those roses and what the roses symbolized. ? Para 11, though short, depicts the old man’s expression of sad emotion.

? Para 12 is also a flashback. It recounts the

death of the old man’s first son and his response to it.
? Para 13 is the most important one, for it

conveys the message of the text.

Questions for thought

? Why did the grandpa plant those rose?
? He put those roses into the soil the day his first son was born. ? It was his way of saying thank-you to God, he felt so happy on the day his first son was born that he wanted to thank God for his happy fortune by planting those roses.

? What kind of advice did the author’s grandfather

offer in paragraph 13?

? Never to give in to the sadness and the loneliness of that word goodbye. ? He wanted him to remember instead the joy and the happiness of those times when he

first said hello to a friend.

hoarse [h?:s]
if you are hoarse, or if your voice is hoarse, you speak in a low rough voice, for example because your throat is sore:

? Her voice sounded hoarse and strange.

evil n.:great wickedness
? someone who is evil deliberately does very cruel things to harm other people ? something that is evil is morally wrong because it harms people ? very unpleasant: an evil smell

? The greed for money is the root of all the evils.



? extremely small: a tiny baby ? She always felt a tiny bit sad.

give in to
? accept the fact that you will be defeated
? 对女儿再三请求到国外去深造,他最终让步了。

? He finally gave in to his daughter’s repeated requests to further her education abroad.

lock away
1. make or become firmly fixed in your mind and never forget, keep sth. secret 2. to put something in a safe place and lock the door, lid etc
? 我们把所有的贵重物品都锁好了,然后才出去度假 。

? We locked all our valuables away before

we went on holiday

part v.

? to cause to separate or be no longer together

? They were hardly ever parted in thirty years of
marriage. ? be parted (from somebody) ? He has parted from his wife. The war parted many men from their families.


以前一样互相关心,互相帮助。 (p.13 -T.9)

Although we have parted from each other, I hope that we will remain good friends

and that we will care for and help each
other just as we did in the past.

Para 14-20 main idea
? the illness of grandfather ? how the author said farewell to him ? how he responded to grandpa’s death.

? Why did grandfather want his bed to be next to the window? ? Because he wanted to see his beloved rosebush through it ? The sight of the rosebush would remind him of the joy and happiness of his life

he had experienced and make him feel
nice and good and happy.

? What do you think of the parting between the author and his grandfather?

? It was calm and pleasant as if they were old
friends greeting each other. ? It showed that his grandfather adopted an

optimistic attitudes towards his own death
? The author became so strong-willed as not to give in to the sadness.

? How did the author respond to his grandfather’s death?
? He remained perfectly calm instead of being sad.

? He reached deep within him for those special
feelings that had made up their friendship. ? He realized that his grandfather had meant

about never say goodbye.



(a person who is ) dearly loved. n/adj

? It is a gift from my beloved. [bi?l ?vd]

? His beloved wife died.

[bi?l ?vid]

? to order someone to come to a place officially ? Robert summoned the waiter for the bill. ? summon somebody to sth. /do sth. ? if something summons up a memory, thought, or image, it makes you remember it or think of it

Post-reading activities
? Discussion: ? What is the author’s purpose of writing? ? What do you learn from this narrative


Writing skill of this text--description of eyes
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? continued to look into his (grandfather)face looked at the flower looked up to see my grandfather stared off into the apple trees (his eyes) met mine again saw my grandfather’s tears, never seen him cry (his eyes) were closed (his eyes) slowly opened (his eyes) closed again

Grammatical items : Inversion
? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 在疑问句中 2.在there be 及其类似结构中 3.在表示祝愿的句子中 4.在省略if 的虚拟语气条件状语从句中 5.在so, nor, neither或no more开头的句子中 6.在以具有否定意义的副词、连词及词组开 头的句子中 ? 7.在强调表语时 ? 8.在强调宾语时

? 9.在强调状语时 ? (1)当句首状语为方位词或拟声词,谓语动词为go, come等表示位置转移的动词时句子须倒装。 ? (2) 当句首状语为表示地点的介词词组时,句子须倒装。 ? (3)当句首状语由“only +副词”,“only +介词词组”,“only +状语从句”构成时,句子须倒装。 ? (4)当句首状语为here, there, now, then等时,句子须倒 装,主语是代词时,句子不用倒装。 ? (5)以关联词so (…that)开头的句子中,句子须倒装。 ? 10.在直接引语之后 ? 11. often, many a time等表示频度的状语置于句首时 ? 12.在as, though引导的让步状语从句中

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