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英语周报牛津模块九 Unit 2 Exercise for M9U2

Exercise for M9U2
第一节:单项填空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1._____ X—rays were first discovered by ______ German scientist , Wilhelm K. Rontgen , in 1895 , almost by A./, a , / YCY B.The , a, an accident . C.The , the , / D./, the , the

2.Our class will certainly win the tug-of-war , because all the classmates are highly _______ . A.selected B.focused C.motivated D.promoted

3.Most artists care more for the _____ success of their research than their physical conditions . A.cultural B.commercial C.classical D.academic

4.Recently in Taiwan , the manufacturing industry has ______the information industry . A.found a way to C.given way to B.changed the way of D.had a way of

5.Has she done her week’s washing ? _____ , I’ll ask her to see a film tonight . A.If so B.If not C.If any D.If anything

6.—Tom’s got a first in English in the monthly test . — ______ is no wonder that he looks so happy these days . A.It B.There C.What D.That

7.—Can you give me the right answer ? —Sorry , I _____Would you repeat that question ? A.hadn’t listened C.don’t listen B.haven’t listened D.wasn’t listening

8.California has more electricity than it knows _____ it , but everything else is very expensive . A.what to do B.what to do with C.how to do D.how to do with

9.—Lindsey , you’ve never been to the Great Wall since you came to China , I’m afraid ? — ______ A.No, I’ve just been there with Rebecca . C.No, but how I wish to someday . B.Yes , never . How about you ?

D.Yes , but I’d like to have .

10.It’s not ____books you read but the way _____ you read them that decides how successfully you gain knowledge . A.a number of ; in which C.a good many ; which 11.—I’m sorry we are late . — _____ —Well , I got the time wrong and when we arrived at the station , the train had just left . A.It doesn’t matter . B.How did that happen ? B.the number of ; / D.quite a few ; in which

C.There’s no excuse . D.What a pity ! 12.Mary _____ my letter , otherwise she would have replied before now . A.has received B.ought to have received D.couldn’t have received

C.shouldn’t have received

13.Bird flu , a contagious disease of animals , is believed_____ by viruses that normally infect only birds and less commonly pigs , and rarely humans . A.caused B.being caused 14.The police got to _____ store . A.what , that YCY B.where , which C.where , that D.which , where . C.to be caused D.to have caused

was once an old school ____ the peasants used as a

15.This is the last chance to go abroad for further education ; don’t A.take it away 第二节 完型填空 B.give it away

C.put it away D.throw it away

阅读下面短文,撑握其大意,然后从 16—35 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项

How would you like to do a week’s worth of grocery shopping in ten minutes ? Rather than 16 the kids into the minivan (小型货车) on shopping day , you 17 our shopping from the comfort of your people have traded their shopping carts for

can send them out to play and 18 20 . Thousands of 19

. Rather than fighting the crowds in the Chicago and san Francisco areas , they 21 .

log on (登录) to the Peapod , an online shopping and delivery

Peapod is giving us glimpse into the future of shopping —virtual store . Peapod is a pioneer in a rapidly almost 24 22 industry that is devoted to 23 us to buy 25

from our PC. Peapod subscribers (订户) go shopping at the 26

grocery store by logging on to a

that lets them interactively shop for 27 , you simply

grocery items . Rather than running from aisle (过道) to point and click around the screen for the choose from over 20,000 items , 29 28

you want . Once online you can

prices , view images of products , check

out store specials , and choose delivery time that fits your schedule . Peapod’s online shopping system is linked directly to its partner store’s computer systems . 30 you send your shopping list to Peapod , an order is transmitted to

the nearest partner store . A professionally trained shopper takes your order , grabs a shopping cart , and 31 your shopping for you . The professional shopper takes a 32 what take because the list is ordered by aisle and the to get . Food is delivered 33

small part of the time you shopper knows exactly

temperature-controlled containers . The Peapod system has made life easier for a great many people . It has 34

saved them time and money . Working parents gladly trade shopping time for more time with the kids . The virtual supermarket is sure to change the 16.A.carrying 35 we shop .

B.leading C.loading D.directing C.go D.make C.business D.company D.lazy

17.A.do B.carry

18.A.office B.home 19.A.busy B.free


20.A.shopping baskets B.credit-cards C.keyboards 21.A.service B.factory C.grocery D.market


22.A.promising B.coming C.spreading 23.A.making B.enabling C.showing

D.profiting D.preventing

24.A.everything B.something

C.nothing D.anything

25.A.virtual B.ordinary C.special D.convenient 26.A.machine 27.A.shelf 28.A.foods 29.A.cut B.window C.system D.Peapod D.aisle D.images

B.exit B.items

C.entrance C.vegetables

B.reduce C.check

D.compare D.Surprisedly

30.A.DirectlyB.Amazingly C.Rapidly 31.A.goes B.buys C.does C.must C.in D.sells

32.A.should B.would 33.A.over 34.A.also 35.A.thing B.through

D.need D.on

B.therefore B.place

C.thus D.ever D.way


第三部分:阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A If there is one thing I’m sure about , it is that in a hundred years from now we will still be reading newspapers . It is not that newspapers are a necessity . Even now some people get most of their news from television or radio . Many buy a paper only on Saturday or Sunday . But for most people a newspaper has become a habit passed down from generation to generation . The nature of what is news may change . What basically makes news is what affects our lives—and the big political stories , the coverage of the wars , earthquakes and other disasters , will continue much the same . I think there will be more coverage of scientific research , though . It’s already happening in areas that may directly affect our lives , like genetic engineering . In the future , I think there will be more coverage

of scientific explanations of why we feel as we do—as we develop a better understanding of how the brain operates and what our feelings really are . It’s quite possible that in the next century newspapers will be transmitted (传送) electronically from the Fleet Street and printed out in our own home . In fact , I’m pretty sure that is how it will happen in future . You will probably be able to choose from a menu , making up your own newspaper by picking out the things you want to read —say, sports and international news . I think people have got it wrong when they talk abut competition between the different media . They actually feed off each other . Some people once foresee that television would kill off newspapers , but that hasn’t happened . What is read on the printed page lasts longer than pictures on a screen or sound lost in the air . And as for the Internet , it’s never really pleasant to read something just on a screen . 36.What will probably be on in the newspapers made by yourself ? A.Sports and international news . C.The most important news .YCY B.A menu of all the news . D.What you’re interested in .

37.The word “feed off” in the last paragraph means _____- . A.live on B.fight with C.depend on D.kill off

38.What is the best title for the passage ? A.Newspapers—the Winner of Different Media . B.The Future of Newspapers . C.Make your Own Newspapers . D.The Changes of Media .

B Sharon was raised in the traditional Navajo culture in New Mexico and spoke only Navajo until she began school .After high school in California , she attended Navajo

Community College in Tsaile , Arizona and later the University of New Mexico . Sharon Burch’s music is the current expression of traditional Navajo ways of living . Many of Sharon’s songs are in the beautiful Navajo language and capture the sacredness of Mother Earth and Father Sun and the importance of family and place to

the Dine . Yazzie Girl was influenced by the Navajo prayers and chants she heard growing up . The album (歌曲集) focuses on the special importance of the maternal relationship among the Navajo . Most of the songs are in Navajo with some English . Touch the Sweet Earth was awarded the 1995 INDIE Award in the “North American Native Music” category at the annual (一年一度的) National Association of Independent Records Distributors & Manufacturers (NAIRD )conference held in May 1996. the “Grammy “ of the independents , the annual INDIE Awards recognizes recording excellence in forty categories and is presented to recordings sold through the independent distribution network . As both Sharon’s and Canyon’s first INDIE Award , it was especially satisfying to receive such recognition during the company’ s 45th anniversary (周年纪念)year . With songs brought forth from deep within, Touch the Sweet Earth reflects a very personal journey : one of motherhood , exploration, family, survival and loss . Much of this music is presented to her grandfather Charlie Yazzie and her uncle Tim , both of whom recently passed away . Inspired by songs sung by her mother and grandfather , Sharon’s third album ,Colors of My Heart, celebrates family , Mother Earth , and a connection to all living things . Sharon performs regularly at folk festivals , fairs , schools , universities and in concert . She has appeared at the Kennedy Center and Smithsonian in Washington D.C., the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, the Heard Museum in Phoenix , and is quite popular in Japan . Sharon always looks forward to returning home to the Navajo reservation to sing for her people . 39.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage ? A.Sharon spoke only Navajo . B.Sharon went to the University of New Mexico soon after graduation from high school . C.Most of Sharon’s songs are sung in English with some Navajo . D.Some of Sharon’s music is much influenced by her family .

40.What can you infer from the passage ? A.Touch the Sweet Earth reflects her own experience . B.Sharon’s mother and grandfather were both music-lovers . C.Sharon won the Grammy Award in the year 1995. D.Yazzie Girl was in fact the Navojo prayers and chants . 41.Which of the following is not a music album in the passage ? A.Colors of My Heart . B.Touch the Sweet Earth . C.Mother Earth and Father Sun. D.Yazzie Girl . 42.The passage mainly tells us ______. A.Sharon and her music B.the North American native music D.the secret of being a successful singer

C.how Sharon becomes popular C

As part of its ongoing effort to enlist children as the guardians (one who guards ) of the future in the fight to save the earth’s environment , the United Nations ecological agency has announced its annual painting competition on the theme of deserts and desertification (沙漠化). “Children are an important part of our world . They are our future and often they are our conscience.” Klaus Toepfer , Executive Director of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) said. “Our children provide the inspiration , the enthusiasm and the idealism that this world needs. They know something needs to be done and we must listen to them . One way in which we can listen to them is by giving them the opportunity to express themselves in art—and by taking their art seriously .” The International Painting Competition on the Environment is part of UNEP’s program for children and youth entitled Tunza , which means to treat with care and respect in Swahili . Besides UNEP, the competition is supported by the Japan-based Foundation for Global Peace and Environment (FGPE), Bayer AG and the Nikon Corporation . It has been held annually since 1990 and in that time has received over 160,000 entries from children in over 100 countries .

The theme of this year’s Competition, Deserts and Desertification ,is also the theme of the 2006 International Year as well as World Environment Day of that year . The issue of desertification concerns the entire planet , UNEP says , because around one third of the world’s population live in drylands and their worsening is a very real threat to people’s lives and livelihoods , as well as to the health of the planet as a whole . Children who will be between the ages of 6 and 14 years on World Environment Day 2006 (5 June 2006) from all regions of the world are invited to deliver their paintings on the theme to their Regional UNEP Office by 20 January 2006 . Further information can be obtained at the Competition’s website [ www. unep.org /tunza /paintcomp15]

43.The theme of the annual painting competition this year is_____. A.children the guardians of the future C.deserts and desertification B.fighting to save the earth

D.natural disasters

44.Which of the following statements about children is WRONG according to the passage ? A.Children can do nothing about the natural world . B.Children under six are not allowed to take part in the art competition . C.Children are enthusiastic , creative and have new ideas . D.Children are the future of the world . 45.What’s the situation in the natural environment ? A.One third of the world’s population live in drylands . B.Many people’s lives and livelihoods are in danger . C.The health of the earth is at stake . D.A, B and C. 46.From the passage we can know _____. A.the children’s art competition attracts children from all the developing countries B.the art competition is not only supported by UNEP

C.the theme of every year’s art competition is always the theme of the next International Year D.the issue of desertification is related to one-third of the whole world D China Today Subscription (订阅)2006 Subscription Rates Country & Region Per Issue Australia Currency

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47.Supposing you are living in Brazil and want to subscribe China Today for the whole year of 2006 , you should spend _____ including postage in all . A.US $ 7.00 B.US $18.10 C.US $25.10 D.US $ 27.20

48.When at the latest can people in China begin to subscribe to the 2006 China Today ? A.In the middle of Nov. 2005 . B.In Dec. 2005. C.At the beginning of Feb . 2006. D.At any time in 2005.

49.From the subscription notice we can know readers in China can subscribe for China Today in ____way(s). A.only one B.two C.three D.four

50.Which of the following is TRUE according to the notice ? A.A reader in Britain should only pay $ 2.30 for per issue of China Today . B.Guojishudian and the Distribution Department of China Today are in the same post zone in Beijing . C.Readers abroad can get in touch with Guojishudian to subscribe China Today . D.Guojishudian and the Distribution Department of China Today use the same e-mail . E Beijing (AFP) Oct . 17, 2005 —China’s second manned space mission returned safely to Earth early Monday after a successful five –day flight , in the latest chapter in China’s ambitious drive to become a global space power . Astronauts Fei Junling and Nie Haisheng were given a clean bill of health after the re-entry capsule (返回舱)of their Shenzhou VI spacecraft landed on Earth on a parachute , ending up in Inner Mongolia , Xinhua news agency said . “Our journey in space was very smooth . The living and working conditions inside the cabin were very good , and our health is okay . Thanks ,” Fei said on state

television , with a smile . Appearing from the capsule , television pictures showed the two took a few seconds to adjust to the Earth’s gravity , before begin presented with flowers and waving to gathered recovery teams and ground control staff . Mission control declared the 115-hour space flight a success , Xinhua reported . A member of one of the recovery teams reported that the capsule landed upright after touching down at 4:32 am (20:32 GMT Sunday), just one kilometer (1,100 yards ) from the intended landing site , it added . The flight was China’s second-ever manned space mission following the historic Shenzhou V, which in October 2003 made China the third nation after the former Soviet Union and the United States to put a man into space . During his 21-hour first flight in 2003, astronaut Yang Liwei never left his seat in the re-entry capsule nor took off his space suit . In contrast , Fei and Nie’s flight saw them leave the re-entry capsule and enter the orbital capsule (轨道舱), taking off their heavy suits and putting on ordinary work clothes so they could move around easily. To remove worries that China could use space for military purposes , Premier Wen Jiabao said the purpose of the mission was to conduct experiments “entirely for peaceful purposes.” The Chinese government also hopes to use the manned space program to inspire patriotism (爱国精神) and instill a curiosity in science and technology among Chinese population . 51.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage ? A.China is much lack of patriotism . B.China is the third country in the world to send men into space . C.Not all the people have the great interest in science and technology . D.China has successfully launched manned spacecrafts into space twice . 52.What can you infer from the passage ? A.It took Fei Junling and Nie Haisheng only two years to get prepared for the space trip .

B.Astronauts have to wear large and heavy space suits in pace all the time . C. China wants to catch up with the United States and Russia in the field of space and controls the profitable field . D.China must have had a good mastery of space technology by now . 53.Which of the descriptions about the astronaut (s) is TRUE? A. Yang Liwei’ health was not good enough to stay in space for more than one s day . B.Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng felt a little uneasy but soon got all right shortly after landing . C.Yang Liwei occasionally left his seat in the re-entry capsule and took off his space suit . D.Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng found the work clothes not so comfortable as their comparatively better-equipped space suits . 54.The report of the passage is _____ . A.objective B.subjective C.envious D.critical

55.The best title for the news is _____. A.Competitive Taikonauts into Space B.Chinese Victory on Oct.12, 2005

C.The Safe Return of Shenzhou VI D.China Marching towards Space

书面表达 请你先仔细观察下列有关中国饮食结构图表,然后按照要点提示写一篇约 120 词的短文。 1.题目为:Changes in People’s Diet in China 2.说明 5 年内 的饮食变化。 3.说明变化的原因。 4.谈你自己对这一图表的看法。 5.文章每段句首部分已给出,不必重抄也不能更改。 参考词:consumption 消费 stable/steady 稳定的 luxurious 奢侈的

People’s Diet in China

Years Diet 2001 2002 Grain Milk Meat 2003 50% 2004 48% 2005 46.5% 45% 12.2% 21.1% 21.8% 44.9%

8% 9% 11.4% 12% 24%

23.5% 22.5% 23% 18%

Fruit& vegetables

18.5% 19.6% 20%

Changes in People’s Diet in China As can be seen from the table ,

In my point of view,

All in all ,



6—10 ADBCB 11—15 BDCAD

16—20 CABAC 21—25 ACBDA 26—30 CDBDA 31—35 CBCAD 36—38 DCB 51—55 ADBAC 书面表达 Changes in People’s Diet in China As can be seen from the table , changes have been taking place in people’s diet in China since 2001 . The consumption of grain and meat is decreasing year by year though grain is still the main food , while that of milk , fruit and vegetables , is increasing steadily . Besides , we can discover that the structure of diet is getting more and more reasonable and stable . In my point of view , there are two major reasons for the changes . First , nowadays people can afford to buy milk and fruit once considered luxurious foods with the development of economy . Second , people are more concerned about the quality of diet . People have come to realise that eating too much meat results in some health problems while having more fruit and vegetables contributes to good health . All in all , people’s living level has been greatly improved in the past five years . And we can expect that there will be a more healthy and proper diet for us . 39—42 DBCA 43—46 CADB 47—50 CABC

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