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英语周报牛津模块九 Unit 4 单元测试题

单元测试题 Unit 4
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)从 A、B、C、D 四 个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. _______ and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A. Surprising B. Surprised C. Being surprising D. To be surprising

2. Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not _____ her to do so. A. forbid B. allow C. follow D. ask

3. The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanked _____ the desert. A. covering B. covered C. cover D. to cover

4. Don‘t speak in such a manner, ________ you'll get into trouble. A. that B. or C. as if D. and

5. -- Lucy, you wash the dishes, _______. -- Mom, can't Lily do it? It's her turn. A. don‘t you B. can you C. shall you D. will you

6. It was not until dark _______ he found _______ he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. A. that; what B. that; that C. when; what D. when; that

7. ________ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better. A. For B. Now C. Since D. So

8. We're living in an age __________ many things are done on computer. A. when B. which C. that D. whose

9. They are teachers and don't realize __________ to start and run a company. A. what takes it B. what they take C. what takes them D. what it takes

10. Although he knew ________little about ______large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded where more well-informed experimenters failed. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; 不填 D.不填;the

11. I wonder what will become of my daughter, ______endless homework. She also bears other leading loads such as revision and recitation. A. As well as B. With C. Except D. Rather than

12.How did you like the ______ of the interpreter(口译员)at the Chinese FM press conference of 6-party talks on TV? A. performance B. achievement C. material D. words

13. ----Have you persuaded him? ----Yes. After some hours of discussion, I ______ to reason him in accepting the new plan. A. had managed B. would manage C. have managed D. manager

14. --- Is she really very ill? ---_________. A. I‘m afraid so sure 15. Special attention should be paid _____ our earth from _______. A. to prevent; being polluted C. to preventing; being polluted B. to prevent; polluting D. to preventing; polluted She‘s in hospital now. B. I don‘t think so C. I hope not D. I‘m not

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 I made a promise to myself on the drive down to the vacation beach cottage. For two weeks I 16 buts. The idea had come to me as I listened to a commentator 18 was 19 a passage about husbands being 20 my car‘s tape player. He he went on to try to be a loving husband and father. Totally 17. No ifs, ands or

of their wives. 21

say, ―Love is an act of 22

. A person can choose to love.‖ To myself, I had to admit 23 our love had been dulled by my own

that I had been a selfish husband

insensitivity (感觉迟钝) . In unimportant ways, really; scolding Evelyn for her

tardiness (拖拉); 24

on the TV channel I wanted to watch; throwing 25

day –

old newspapers that I knew Evelyn still wanted to read. Well, for two weeks all that would 26 .

And it 27 . Right from the moment I kissed Evelyn at the door and said, ―That new yellow sweater looks and 29 28 on you.‖ ―Oh, Tom, you noticed,‖ she said, surprised

, maybe a little puzzled. a walk on the beach. I

After the long drive, I wanted to sit and read. Evelyn 30

started to refuse, but then I thought, ―Evelyn‘s been alone here with the children 31 week and now she wants to be alone with me.‖ We walked on the

beach while the children flew their kites. So it went. Two weeks of not calling the Wall Street investment (投资) firm 32 I am director; a visit to the shell museum, 33 I usually hate museums

(and I enjoyed it); 34

my tongue while Evelyn‘s getting ready for a late dimmer for

us. Relaxed (轻松) and happy, that‘s how the whole vacation passed. I made a new promise to keep on 35 16. A. used to 17. A. loving 18. A. at 19. A. thinking 20. A. helpful 21. A. Instead 22. A. play 23. A. that 24. A. insisting 25. A. about 26. A. happen 27. A. would 28. A. great 29. A. frightened 30. A. asked to choose love. B. would B. lovely B. with B. writing B. useful B. Then B. will B. but B. hanging B. up B. change B. had B. big B. anxious B. suggested C. should C. lovable C. on C. believing C. thoughtful C. Otherwise C. promise C. when C. sticking C. away C. develop C. did C. sorry C. took C. took D. could D. loved D. on D. reading D. hopeful D. Thus D. story D. if D. suggesting D. in D. forbid D. was D. tight D. pleased D. began

31. A. all of 32. A. which 33. A. if 34. A. stopping 35. A. reminding D. remembering

B. all B. what B. but B. preventing B. requiring

C. all of a C. where C. as C. keeping C. repaying

D. all a D. that D. though D. holding

第三节:阅读理解 (共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) A I hear many parents complaining that their teenage children are rebelling. I wish it were so. At your age you ought to be growing away from your parents. You should be learning how to stand on your own two feet. But take a look at the present rebellion. It seems that teenagers are all taking the same way of showing that they disagree with their parents. Instead of striking out boldly on their own, most of them are clutching at (attempting to seize) one another's hands for reassurance. They claim that they want to dress as they please. But they all wear the same clothes. They set off in new directions in mussel. But somehow they all end up crowded round listening to the same record. Their reason for thinking or acting in thusand ? such a way is that the crowd is doing it. They have come out of their cocoon ?(蚕茧) — into a lager cocoon. It has become harder and harder for a teenager to stand up against the popularity wave and to go his or her own way. Industry had firmly carved out a teenager market. These days every teenager can learn from the advertisements what a teenager should have and be. And many of today's parents have come toward high marks for the popularity of their children. All this adds up to a great barrier for the teenager who wants to find his or her own path. But the barrier is worth climbing over. The path is worth following. You may want to listen to classical music instead of going to a party. You may want to collect rocks when everyone else is collecting records. You may have some thoughts that you don't care to share at once with your classmates. Well, go to it. Find yourself. Be

yourself. Popularity will come — with the people who respect you for who you are. That is the only kind of popularity that really counts. 36. The author's purpose of writing this passage is to tell____. A ? readers how to be popular with people around B ? teenagers how to decide things for themselves C ? parents how to control and guide their children D ? people how to understand and respect each other 37.According to the author, many teenagers think they are brave enough to act on their own, but in fact, most of them __________________. A ? have much difficulty understanding each other B ? lack confidence C ? dare not cope with problems single ? handed D ? are very much afraid of getting lost 38. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. There is no popularity that really counts. B. What many parents are doing is in fact hindering their children from finding their own paths. C. It is not necessarily bad for a teenager to disagree with his or her classmates. D. Most teenagers claim that they want to do what they like to do. 39. The author thinks of advertisements as __________________. A. convincing B. instructive C. effective D.? authoritative

40. During the teenage years, one should learn to __________________ A ? differ from others in as many ways as possible B ? get into the right season and become popular C ? find one's real self D ? rebel against parents and the popularity waves

B About six years ago I was eating lunch in a restaurant in New York City when a woman and a young boy sat down at the table, I couldn‘t help overhearing parts of

their conversation. At one point the woman asked: So, how have you been?‖ And the boy –who could not have been more than seven or eight years old—replied.‖ frankly, I have been feeling a little depressed lately.‖ This incident stuck in my mind because it confirmed(确认)my growing belief that children are changing. As far as I can remember, my friends and I didn‘t find out we were‖ depressed‖, that is ,in low spirits, until we were in high school. Undoubtedly a change in children has increased steadily in recent years. Children don‘t seem childlike anymore. Children speak more like adults, dress more like adults and behave more like adults than they used to. Whether this is good or bad is difficult to say, but it certainly is different. Children as it once was no longer exist. Why? Human development is depended not only on both biological states, but also on patterns of gathing social knowledge. Movement from one social role to another usually involves learning the secrets of the new social positions. Children have always been taught adult secrets, but slowly and in stages; traditionally, we tell sixth graders things we keep hidden from fifth graders. In the last 30 years, however, a secret-revelation(揭示)machine has been equipped in 98 percent of American homes. It is called television. Television passes information to all viewers alike, whether they are children or adults. Unable to resisted the temptation( 诱惑 ),many children turn their attends from printed texts to the less challenging, more attractive moving pictures. Communication through print, as a matter of fact, allows for a great deal of control over the social information which children will gain. Children must read simple books before they can read complex materials. 41. Traditionally a child is supposed to learn about the adult world ______ . A. through connection with society B. gradually and under guidance C. naturally without being taught D. through watching television 42. According to the author, that today‘s children seem adult like result from ______.

A. the widespread influence of television B. the poor arrangement of teaching content C. the fast pace of human scientific development D. the rising standard of living 43. What does the author think of communication through print for children? A. It enables children to gain more social information. B. It develops children‘s interest in reading and writing. C. It helps children to read and write well. D. It can control what children are to learn. 44. What does the author think of the change in today‘s children? A. He feels their adult like behavior is funny. B. He thinks the change worthy of note. C. He considers it a rapid development D. He seems to be upset about it.

C The first reality TV show in the world was called Expedition Robinson and it was shown in Sweden in 1997. Half the population of the country watched the final event and a new kind of TV program was born. Two years later in Holland , the first series of Big Brother was filmed. Again, it was a great success and the final program was watched by 15 million people. Now more than 20 countries around the world have Big Brother or Expedition Robinson on their TV screens. The ordinary people who take part in the programs are known by millions of people in their own countries and reality TV has become big, big business. For the TV producers, reality TV is a dream come true because many of the programs cost nothing to make. At some point, the television viewers are asked to telephone the program to vote or to apply to take part in the show. It is the cost of these telephone calls that pays for the shows. One of the most popular shows is Pop Idol. In the show a group of attractive young people are made into pop stars. TV viewers vote for their favorite person on the show. The winner makes a record and

millions of copies of the record are sold. His or her pictures are published on the covers of magazines or on the front pages of newspapers, and then, they are quickly forgotten. But not everyone is happy about reality TV. In Portugal, two TV channels got into trouble because they showed too much of the personal lives of the people in the shows. In France, reality TV is called ―rubbish TV‖ and the TV studios of Big Brother were attacked three times in one week. In Greece, Big Brother was described as ―against human rights and civilization‖. 45. Those who take part in the reality TV shows are usually _____. A. common people film stars 46. Who would pay for the cost of the reality TV shows according to the passage? A. TV producers who make reality TV shows B. TV actors who take part in reality TV shows. C. TV viewers who telephone reality TV shows D. TV companies which broadcast reality TV shows 47. It can be concluded from the passage that ______. A. everyone is happy about reality TV. B. reality TV will do well in many countries. C. all the people in Europe are in favor of reality TV D. reality TV will not be broadcast in any countries. B. pop TV stars C. attractive people D. famous

D Dear Doctor, My husband and I got married in 1965 and for the first ten years of our marriage I was very happy to stay home and raise our three children. Then four years ago, our youngest child went to school and I thought I might go back to work. My husband was very supportive and helped me to make my decision. He emphasized all of the things I can do around the house, and said he thought I could be a great success in business.

After several weeks of job--hunting, I found my present job, which is working for a small public relations firm. At first, my husband was very proud of me and would tell his friends, ―My clever little wife can run that company she‘s working for.‖ But as his joking remark was close to reality, my husband stopped talking to me about my job. I have received several promotions and pay increases, and I am now making more money than he is. I can buy my own clothes and a new car. Because of our combined incomes, my husband and I can do man), things that we had always dreamed of doing, but we don‘t do these things because he is very unhappy. We fight about little things and my husband is very critical of me in front of our friends. For the first time in our marriage, I think there is a possibility that our marriage may come to an end. I love my husband very much, and I do not want him to feel inferior, but I also love my job. I think I can be a good wife and a working woman, but I don‘t know how. Can you give me some advice? Will I have to choose one or the other or can I keep both my husband and my new career? Please help. ―DISTRESSED‖ 48. What do you think shows her husband was supportive? A. He took up all the work she used to do. for her. C. He gave her encouragement. 49. Her husband when she first found her present job. B. felt disappointed C. was proud of her D. All of the above. B. He made all the decisions

A. was very critical of her D. was happy but critical

50. Her husband stopped talking to her about her job when _____ A. she received promotions C. her husband was unhappy B. She earned more money D. both A and B

51. The woman has a hard choice between A. husband and children D. job and marriage B. children and work C. career and money

E You are what you eat and fats are a main food for Asia‘s fast-food generation. Dr. Chwang, director of the Department of Food Nutrition, says children are consuming more meat and soft drinks. That is a thorough departure from the traditional diet of vegetables and rice and little meat. ―They like big pieces of fried meat with a soft drink. So although they may eat the same volume of food, their calorie intake (卡路 里摄入量)has increased. Now about 40 to 45 percent of their calories come from fat,‖says Chwang. Although on the whole Asians tend towards thinness, culture -namely Asians‘ hospitality (好客)-is a reason for the fatness of today‘s generation, according to Chwang. ―Asian people love food,‖she says. ―Eating and drinking are important social and family functions. ‖In the past, however, big meals were only hosted on special occasions as people were more careful with money. In today‘s climate of wealth and remarkable consumption, 10-course meals are no longer reserved for significant occasions. More than anyone else, children are on the receiving end of their parents‘ improved circumstances. ―In the past, people had four or more children-now, they have one or two, so they tend to spoil them,‖says Chwang. ―The easiest way is to give them ?quality food‘. Parents think feeding them well is showing their love. They feel bad when their children look thin. ‖ When describing the physical condition of most overweight Asian children, Chwang says: ―There is a clear relationship between fatness and indoor play. Children get fat because they don‘t move, and eventually, they don‘t want to move because they‘re fat. ‖ Thanks to technology, a growing army of children prefer video games to old outdoor sports. ―What do children do when watching TV or sitting in front of the computer playing video games? They eat chocolate and drink Coke,‖says Chwang. 52. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Asian people tend to save more money. B. Asian children depart from their diet tradition.

C. Asian children eat big meals on more occasions. D. Culture contributes to the fatness of Asian children. 53. Some parents feel bad when their children look thin, because ________. A. their children don‘t love eating and drinking B. their children don‘t have a good physical condition C. they feel that they don‘t take good care of their children D. they feel that they are not wealthy enough to afford ―quality food‖ 54. According to this passage, the ―quality food‖ fed by some parents is actually __________. A. helpful food B. qualified food C. agreeable food D. high-calorie food 55. The purpose of this article is to ________. A. prove the relationship between fatness and indoor play B. explain why many Asian children are overweight nowadays C. find reasons for increased food consumption of Asian people D. compare the traditional diet with today‘s diet of Asian children

第三节 对话填空 (共 10 个空:每空 1 分,满分 10 分) (根据首字母提示) M: I‘m glad shopping is over now. Honey, let‘s go (1) h _______. W: M: But I should go to the (2) 0______, Jack. I‘ve got lots to do. OK. I‘d better hurry. My brother‘s (3) w_____ at the house to help carry the television in. W: Oh, good. I hope he‘ll (4) s_______ be there when I get home. I haven‘t seen your brother for (5) a______. Oh, I forget to tell you. I‘ll be late home tonight. I‘ve got a meeting at 5 o‘clock. M: When do you think it will (6) e_______?


I‘m not sure. Still, I should be home by eight. If it‘s later than 8 o‘clock I‘ll (7) c_____ you.


OK. It‘s nice now that your office is in City Square. You don‘t have to (8) t______ very far.


Year. Taxi drivers always know where City Square is, too. By the way, are you going to watch ―Law and Order‖ on TV (9) t______?

M: W: M:

What did you say? What TV show? ―Law and Order‖. Of course I am. I‘ll tell you what (10) h_____ when you get home.

第四节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 最近,你校同学正在参加某报社组织的一场讨论。讨论的主题是:中国是否应大 力发展家用小汽车?请你根据下表所提供的信息,客观地介绍这两种不同的意 见。 60%的同学认为: 40%的同学认为:

1.应大力发展 2.促进国家经济发展 3.增加就业机会 4.提高生活质量;方 便、省时 1.应有限度地发展 2.增加城市交通拥挤,交通事故 3.修路

占用土地 4.空气和噪音污染 注意:1.信的开头已为你写好。2.词数:100 左右 3.参考词汇:国民经济—the national economy About the discussion we‘ve had about whether China should devote major efforts to developing car industry, opinions are divided on the question. 60% of the students

Keys: 单项选择: (1--5)BBABD (6--10)ABADD (11--15)AADAC

完型填空:(16—20) BACDC (21—25) BBAAC (26—30) BCADB BCDDD


阅 读 理 解 : (36--40)BBAAC (51--55)DACDB



对话填空: (1) home (2) office (9) tonight (3) waiting (4) still (5) ages (6) end (7) call (8) travel

(10) happened

书面表达: About the discussion we‘ve had about whether China should devote major efforts to developing car industry, opinions are divided on the question. 60% of the students think China should fully develop car industry. They believe this will speed up the development of the national economy. More workers will be employed. With cars the people‘s life quality will be raised. They will save time and be more convenient in their life and work. On the other hand, 40% of them think China should control its car industry development. Otherwise, the city traffic will be even heavier and more traffic accidents will take place. At the same time, more land will be used for the new roads. What is more, air and noise pollution will become more serious.

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