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综合卷二 高一上英语寒假作业 综合卷二
I. 语法词汇 1. People ___want to become good writers must learn from these well-known artists. A. they B. those C. who D. which 2. New York, ___ the world famous twin towers of the World Trade Centre were once located, is knows as a city of skyscrapers. A. which B. that C. what D. where 3. The reason for ___ he tried to turn down the job was that he was not fond of it. A. why B. that C. what D. which 4. Mr. White is one of the foreign experts who ___ in our university for 5 years. A. is working B. has been working C. are working D. have been working 5. Is this camera ___ you wish to have ___ ? A. the one; repaired B. which; it repaired C. the one; it repaired D. which; repaired 6. A cartoon is an ___ drawing, so it makes people, especially children ___. A. amusing; amused B. amused; amusing C. interesting; interest D. interest; interested 7. I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t help ___ the room last Sunday, because I had to receive an unexpected customer. A. cleaning B. cleaned C. cleans D. to clean 8. When first ___ to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. to introduce D. being introduced 9. We don’t allow ___ in the lecture hall, so you are not allowed ___ here. A. smoking...smoking B. to smoke...to smoke C. smoking...to smoke D. to smoke...smoking 10. ___ confidence in life, the girl fought against the terrible disease with strong willpower. A. Filled of B. Full with C. Filled with D. Being filled 11. Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of ___ . A. energy B. source C. power D. material 12. When we are on top of the TV Tower, clear bird’s eye ___ of the city of Shanghai in all directions. What a ___ it is at the top. A. scenes, view B. sights, scene C. views, scene D. sights, scenery 13. The school headmaster says measures should be takes to ___ the safety of all students in the coming winter vacation. A. make B. promise C. make sure D. guarantee 14. Enter the user name and password that will be used to gain ___ to the network directory. A. access B. way C. chance D. right 15. This ___ studying the cause of disease, the identification of disease patterns, and so on. A. contains B. involves C. includes D. holds 16. Bill must be ill; it’s the only thing that accounts for his being away. The underlined parts can be replaced by ___. A. explains B. takes up C. destroys D. gives a satisfactory record of Ⅱ. 选词填空 A. variety F. attraction B. sort G. colourful C. Vegetables H. prepared

D. vitamins I. containers

E. contained J. normally

Chinese food appeals to the majority and its variety of flavors is so cleverly 17 in each dish that there is nothing incongruous in the serving of meat and poultry in the same course. Both the cooking and consumption of Chinese food are great culinary experiences. Besides appealing to our taste buds and eyes, food 18 in the Chinese manner is highly nutritious, retaining(保留) all its 19 with quick and minimum cooking. Guangdong food is the most familiar to the West. Numerous Chinese restaurants established all over the world are serving this type of Chinese food with its 20 presentation and differing varieties of dishes. are cooked in the shortest Steaming and boiling are used more often than frying to prepare food. 21 time in order to retain the natural crispness and flavor. Dim Sum is 22 served from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. It consists of a 23 of dishes presented in small bamboo 24 or on small dishes such as Spring-rolls, Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Pork Ribs with Black-bean Sauce, Steamed Beef Balls with Watercress, Roast Pork Buns, Chicken Buns and many more. But you know, there are lots of cuisines of Chinese food. Which one is the best? I think it's hard to say. Every kinds of Chinese food has it's own 25 . So you must to taste it by yourself. In my mind, I think the Guangdong Food is the best one. III. 完形填空 It is difficult for you to get up in the morning? Do you sometime oversleep? Are you often late for work or school? Yes? Then Hiroyuki Sugiyama of Japan has a(n) 26 bed for you. Hiroyuki’s bed will 27 you up in the morning! Here is how it 28 . The bed 29 an alarm clock. First, the alarm clock rings. You have a few minutes to wake up. Next, a tape music or other pleasant sounds. The tape recorder in Hiroyuki’s bed plays a recorder in the bed plays 30 recording of his girlfriend. She whispers in a sweet voice, “Wake up, darling, please.” A few minutes later, a second recording plays. The sound recording can be loud music or 31 sounds. Hiroyuki hears a recording of his boss 32 , “Wake up immediately, or you’ll be late!” If you don’t get up 33 the second recording, you 34 be sorry! A mechanical “foot” is in the bed. The mechanical foot kicks you in the head. Then the bed waits a few 35 minutes. What! You’re still in bed! Slowly the 36 of the bed rises higher and higher. The foot of the bed goes lower and lower. 37 , the bed is vertical (垂直的). You slide off the bed and onto the floor. You are out of bed and 38 . Hiroyuki made his bed because he wanted to 39 a contest. He works for Honda Motor Company. Once every two years Honda has a contest for its 200,000 employees—“All-Honda Idea Contest”. The employees think of new 40 . If their ideas win, the employees win prizes. Hiroyuki Sugiyama won one of the top prizes for his bed. 26. A. expensive B. special C. valuable D. comfortable 27. A. get B. catch C. make D. let 28. A. works B. runs C. happens D. moves 29. A. is separated from B. is made up of C. is connected to D. is made into 30. A. loud B. classical C. pop D. soft 31. A. pleasant B. interesting C. unpleasant D. funny 32. A. shouts B. calls C. whispers D. persuades 33. A. before B. until C. since D. after 34. A. can B. will C. may D. would 35. A. other B. another C. more D. one 36. A. end B. middle C. body D. top 37. A. However B. Finally C. Therefore D. Otherwise 38. A. angry B. work C. happy D. awake 39. A. achieve B. win C. gain D. defeat

40. A. ideas IV. 阅读理解

B. thoughts

C. facts

D. ways

(A) The desire to make exploration is born with man. Wherever his imagination goes, man also has a strong wish to go. A large part of human history is connected with the exploration of the world in which we live. Again and again people have set out with surprising courage and patience to look into unknown regions and lands to see what had not yet been seen, to make known the unknown. With kites, balloons and aircraft they left the ground to pass through the lower atmosphere. Now the outer space receives their attention. Why should man take the trouble of conquering space? It is hard to list the specific practical benefits that will result in. But one knows, from past experience in other areas, that man will surely see and discover new things in space that will increase our scientific knowledge, and this new knowledge will find its way into valuable practical uses. What we learn about man himself, from his experience in space, and from the effects of space and the space flight environment on him, will be extremely valuable. The new techniques developed to carry out the exploration of space, and to keep man alive in space, will certainly find practical uses in everyday life in some way. The areas that will benefit are manifold. They include communication, generation of power, transportation and travel, food production, materials, fuels and many others. But to say definitely just what the practical results will be is almost impossible. 41. The main idea of the first paragraph is that ___. A. man desire to explore what is unknown B. man often goes wherever his dreams to go C. man is no longer interested in the study of the land and sea now D. man’s history is his exploration of the world 42. The underlined word “manifold” in the second paragraph probably means ___. A. vast B. various C. valuable D. practical 43. The author seems to be in favor of ___. A. doubting the necessity of the space exploration B. the exploration of space C. exploring more in space than in sea D. his experience in space 44. The underlined phrase “practical results” refers to the results ___. A. that are obtained from experience B. that can be learned as knowledge C. that can be made use of D. helping us make further exploration (B)

A.Be organized B.Get some sleep C.Write down the main points D.Remember the difficult bits E.Reward yourself F.Set your target


45._______ It’s always good to know what you’re aiming for, so that you know if and when you get there. By having an aim for each week, or even each day, it will help you check your progress and show you if you need to change your plans. 46._______ Rather than having to work through masses of notes every time you revised something, try noting down things you want to remember on a piece of paper. It doesn’t seem as much to learn that way, but it makes sure you don’t miss out anything important. Once you’ve learnt the main points, rewrite them on another piece of paper without looking at your notes. 47._______ “If you don’t know it by now, you’ll never learn it for tomorrow.” Everybody says it, but it’s probably true. Don’t stay up all night studying. You’d be better going to bed at a reasonable time, so that you can wake up fresh and alert on the exam day. 48._______ There’s nothing worse than being disorganized. Ifr you have a 49._______ The last but not the least, keep on reading. If you cannot keep it as a habit, you will suffer from paying without gaining. V. 动词填空: 动词填空: 50. _______________ (maintain) low food prices for urban consumers is an important motivation for having pricing policies. 51. Success ______________ (not achieve) without sweat. 52. The artist needs _______________ (communicate) with his audience through a variety of masks(身份). 53. He didn't need _______________ (remind) about it. 54. It will take everybody's efforts to keep city noises from _______________ (increase). 55. After _______________ (warn) by the teacher, they will not wrong any more. 56. _______________ (experience) observers concentrate on systematic investigations. 57. This dictionary is 100 yuan, postage _______________ (include). 58. I _______________ (arrange) the stereo speakers behind the screen when I felt something burning. 59. Do plenty of exercise and have a balanced diet to avoid _______________ (attack) by disease. VI. 中译英 60. 与她的哥哥不一样,她喜欢素食。 (in contrast to) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 61. 在 18 世纪飞行被认为是不可能的事情。 (consider) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

62. 据报道上海 2010 世博会吸引了 7 千多万游客。 (attract) _______________________________________________________________________________ 63. 学生可以采用许多技巧提高阅读能力。(technique, 用定语从句) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 64. 改革开放政策是中国发展中的转折点(turning point)。(prove to be) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

参考答案 I. 语法词汇 1-5 CDDDA 6-10 ADBCB 11-16 ACDAB A Ⅱ. 选词填空 17. E 18. H 19. D 20. G 21. C 22. J 23. A 24. I 25. F Ⅲ. 完形填空 26-30 BAACD 31-35 CADBC 36-40 DBDBA IV. 阅读理解 41-44 ABBC 45-49 FCBAE V. 动词填空 50. Maintaining 51. is not achieved 52. to communicate 53. to be reminded 54. increasing 55. being warned 56. Experienced 57. included 58. was arranging 59. being attacked VI. 中译英 60. In contrast to her elder brother, she prefers vegetarian food. 61. Flying was considered (to be/as) impossible in the 18th century. 62. It’s reported that the World Expo 2010 Shanghai attracted over 7,000 tourists/visitors. 63. There are many techniques that students can use to improve reading ability. 64. The policies of reform and opening up have proved to be the turning point in China’s development.


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