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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八强化练习:Unit 4 Section 1]

Unit 4 Section Ⅰ

Pygmalion Warming up; Prereading,

Reading & Comprehending

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Your opinion of your son is ________ (错误的) and he's much clever than you think. 2.She ________ (犹豫) over the choice between going to college for further education and making her own living. 3.Though the students know the meanings of the words, they fail to use them ________ (恰当). 4.The man over there is a ________ (才华横溢的) young musician. 5.Nowadays most people use paper ________ (手帕). 6.Over the years women want to be given equal ________ (地位)and pay with men. 7.It's ________ (非同寻常的) that he should make exactly the same mistake again. 8.It's bad manners to make rude ________ (评论)about one's appearance. 9.People who work in libraries spend a lot of time ________ (分类) books. 10.I first made his a________ in 1992, when we were both at Stanford University. 答案:1.mistaken 2.hesitated 3.properly 4.brilliant 6.status 7.extraordinary 8.remarks 9.classifying

5 . handkerchieves 10.acquaintance Ⅱ.补全句子

1.________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (务必联系我) if you need such help again.(hesitate) 2.It is said that beer ________ ________ ________ (被归类为)a good product. (classify)

3.It is surprising that the headmaster of the school should be found guilty and ________ ________________ ________ ________ ________ ( 判 十 年 监

禁).(condemn) 4.He ________ ________ (评论) the difference in security measures of the two restaurants the other day.(remark v.) 5.During my travel to Mount Tai, I ________ ________ ________ ________ (认 识) a young girl from Shanghai. (acquaintance) 6 . He is such a person ________ ________ ________ ( 出 卖 国 家 ) for money.(betray) 7. He ________ ________ ________ (发财) by selling fried chicken in the market. (fortune) 8. The chair is so hard that it feels ________ ________ ________ ________ (坐上 去不舒服). 答案:1.Don't hesitate to contact me 3.condemned to ten years in jail 2.is classified as 4.remarked on 5.made the acquaintance of

6.betraying his country 7.made a fortune 8.uncomfortable to sit on Ⅲ.单项填空 1.I ________ about taking his side until I knew the whole story. A.cared C.doubted B.hesitated D.wondered

答案: B 句意: 我在完全了解事实真相后, 才打消顾虑, 支持他的立场。 hesitate (about/over doing sth.)表示“(对做某事)犹豫,迟疑不决”。 2.I bought my son a(n) ________ for children of a play by Shakespeare. A.interruption C.translation B.adaptation D.invitation

答案: B 句意: 我给我儿子买了为儿童改编的莎士比亚剧本。 interruption“打 断”;adaptation“改编本”;translation“翻译”;invitation“邀请”。根据句意 可知选 B。 3.This university stands out ________ teaching equipment. A.in face of B.in place of

C.in terms of 答案:C

D.in line with

句意:就教学设备而言,这所大学很突出。in terms of“就……而

言”;in face of “面对”;in place of“代替”;in line with“与……一致”。根据 句意可知选 C。 4.He betrayed his best friends ________ the enemy, which surprised us all. A.to C.with B.for D.by

答案: A 句意: 他向敌人出卖了他的最好的朋友,这使我们都很吃惊。betray sb. to sb.“向某人出卖某人”。 5.________, the more expensive the camera, the better its quality. A.General speaking C.Generally speaking 答案:C B.Speaking general D.Speaking generally

句意:一般来说,相机价格越贵,质量越好。generally speaking 表

示“一般来说”,其余的表达形式不正确。 6.It was in the United States that I made the ________ of Professor Jones. A.acquaintance C.recognition 答案: A B.association D.acknowledgement

考查名词词义。 acquaintance “相识,了解,熟人”, make the

acquaintance of sb.“结识某人”; association“联系”; recognition“识别, 承认”; acknowledgement“承认,答谢”。句意:那是在美国我结识了琼斯教授。故选 A 项。 7.In order to cheat others, some unkind men often ________ themselves off as PLA men. A.pass C.make B.take D.dress

答案:A 考查动词词组。pass...off as...“(把某人)改变或冒充成……”;take off“拿去,取消”;make off “离开,逃走”; dress 不与 off 搭配,表示乔装打 扮应为 dress up。句意:为了欺骗他人,一些居心不良的人经常冒充人民解放军。 故选 A 项。 8.People were ________ about him, which made him very upset.

A.curious C.worried 答案: B

B.mistaken D.particular 考查形容词词组的使用。 be curious about “对……好奇”; be

mistaken about...“对……误解”,be worried about...“对……担心”;be particular about...“对……挑剔,苛求”。句意为“人们误会他了,这使他非常伤心难过”。 故选 B 项。 9.________ they arrived at the airport, they were disappointed to find nobody there to meet them. A.Every time C.The moment 答案:C B.The first time D.Every day

考查时间状语从上的连词。every time“每次”;the first time“第

一次”;the moment“一……就……”;every day“每天”,不能作连词。句意为 “他们一到机场就失望地发现无人接机”。故选 C 项。 10.This watch is ________ to all the other watches on the market. A.superior C.super B.advantages D.beneficial

答案:A 考查“比……好”的表达。be superior to...“比……好”;have the advantage of...“胜过……;比……占优势”;super“极好的”,无比较意味;be beneficial to“对……有益”。句意:这种表比市场上其他所有的表好。故选 A 项。 Ⅳ.完形填空 One afternoon,as I was driving back home, I stopped at a busy intersection as the traffic light turned red. I waited __2__ my journey. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an old woman __4__. That day,I had unknowingly my window was down. __5__ __3__ and started asking for __1__for the light to turn green,so that I could

off the air conditioner in the car and

The old woman was standing very close to my car. As she __6__ her weatherbeaten face, which had lots

begged for alms(施舍物), I closely of wrinkles on it. Her eyes


lots of sadness and her whole body was __9__ some incredibly hard times in __10__ forced her to

__8__. I sensed that this elderly lady had

her life and at this time there was no one to look after her,

beg on the streets. Seeing her condition, I immediately felt from huge surge (汹涌)of normally gave loose strongly __15__ and __14__ __12__ __13__ __11__ my being a for her. It was coming deep from within my heart. I to beggars , however, that day my inner self

me that I give her something substantial (大量的)so that she

have a decent meal. Without any __16__ I took out a substantial amount from my wallet __19__ the traffic light had it in her hand. Her weatherbeaten face lit up with a toothless smile me and went on her way. In the


and she __18__

turned green, and it was time to move on. As I drove back home I felt within myself a sense of joy and __20__ surging through me because I was able to do something for at least one person on this planet. 文章大意:善良的作者用细腻的笔触描述了一次在十字路口停车的几十秒的 时间里遇到了一位乞讨老人后的所做所想。 1. A. carefully C. patiently 答案:C B. worriedly D. narrowly


worriedly“焦急地”;patiently“耐心地”;narrowly“勉强地”。 2. A. continue C. take 答案:A 语境。 3. A. escaped C. appeared 答案:C B. disappeared D. fled B. stop D. start 背景常识题。以便我能够继续我的行程。continue“继续”,符合


appear“出现,露面”。 4. A. food C. direction B. note D. money

答案:D 背景常识题。见上题。ask for “要;要求”。 5. A. carried B. switched

C. put

D. broke

答案: B 习语搭配题。 那天, 我鬼使神差地已关掉车上的空调并把车窗放下。 switch off“关掉”。 6. A. observed C. stared B. noticed D. found

答案:A 词语辨析题。她乞讨的时候,站得离我的车很近,我近距离地观察 她那张布满皱纹的饱经沧桑的脸。 observe“看到, 注意到(某人、 某事物), 观察”。 7. A. presented C. showed 答案:C B. suggested D. possessed


示,显现,露出”。 8. A. moving C. falling B. turning D. shaking

答案:D 词语辨析题。句意:她整个身体在颤抖。shake“摇动,颤抖”。 9. A. heard C. met B. seen D. caused

答案:B 词语辨析题。我意识到这位老妇人曾经在她的生活中经历了某种难 以置信的艰难时光。incredibly“难以置信地”。see“经历,遭受”。 10. A. that C. what B. who D. which

答案:D 逻辑推理题。我意识到现在没有人照看她,这迫使她在街上乞讨。 考查 which 引导的非限制性定语从句,which 替代整个主句的内容。 11. A. in C. within 答案:C B. beyond D. across 词汇复现题。明白了她的处境,我立即觉得对她有一种来自内心深

处的汹涌澎湃的同情。within 在内部,“在内心里,在……之内”。下句有提示。 12. A. passion C. emotion B. sadness D. sympathy

答案:D 词语辨析题。这一同情心来自我内心深处。sympathy“同情,同情 心, 恻隐之心”符合语境和逻辑。 passion“热情, 激情”; sadness“悲伤, 伤心”; emotion“情绪,强烈的情感,激动”。 13. A. pound B. change

C. dollar

D. allowance

答案:B 背景常识题。我平时给乞丐一些零钱。change“零钱”。 14. A. urged C. ordered B. suggested D. requested

答案:A 词语辨析题。然而,那天我内在的自我强烈地敦促我给她大量的钱 以便她吃顿好饭。urge“催促,力劝,强烈要求”符合语境。suggest“建议”; order“命令”;request“要求”。 15. A. will C. could 答案:C B. might D. must 逻辑推理题。so that 引导目的状语从句时后需用情态动词,此处

could“能,能够”符合语境。 16. A. permission C. discussion B. hesitation D. decision

答案:B 词语辨析题。毫不犹豫地从钱包里拿出数量可观的钱并把它放在她 手中。permission“许可”;hesitation“犹豫”;discussion“讨论”;decision“决 定”。 17. A. placed C. threw B. took D. pushed

答案:A 词语辨析题。place“将(某物)置于某处,放置。” 18. A. blessed C. forced B. called D. required

答案:A 逻辑推理题。她那张饱经风霜的脸因老人没有牙齿的微笑而绽放出 生命的光彩,她为我祝福然后走开了。bless“祝福,求神赐福于(某人、某事物), 求神保佑。” 19. A. daytime C. trap 答案: B B. meantime D. world 习语搭配题。就在此时,交通灯变绿了,该往前走了。 in the

meantime“在……期间,同时”。 20. A. sadness C. happiness 答案:C B. sorrow D. mixture


感,幸福和快乐在我心中奔涌,因为在这个星球上我至少能够尽心为某个人做点 什么。 sadness“悲伤”; sorrow“悲痛”; happiness“幸福”; mixture“混合物”。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 (2014· 大纲卷) Which boy hasn't dreamed of being a cool secret agent(特工)? The wonderful fighting abilities and the worldsaving adventures are much more colourful than most people's everyday lives. Well, Cody Banks is just like any other boy, except that he is not just dreaming. He has a big secret his friends never know about. He was trained to be a spy(间谍)by a special CIA programme, which was made to look like a summer camp. He learned highspeed driving, handtohand fighting and the use of hightech tools. After proving he could become a young hero by saving a baby from a runaway car, Banks gets his first real task. He must make friends with a popular girl at school, Natalie Connors. Then, he must spy on her father, a scientist who has developed a dangerous technology(技术). Banks must stop a group of bad people from forcing Natalie's father into using the technology to endanger the world. The CIA may have taught him firstclass selfdefence moves, but they didn't show him how to talk to girls. Banks has zero ability when it comes to dealing with girls. How can he get around his problem and get an invitation to the girl's upcoming birthday party? Will he finally become Natalie's boyfriend and find out whatever he can about her father's work? Agent Cody Banks has everything that young people are interested in : big explosions, breathtaking performances and funny girldating experiences. It was listed No.2 in the American box office last week. “This story is interesting and fun for the whole family to enjoy, and especially cool for young boys.” said Paul Perkins, a film reviewer in the US. 文章大意:你梦想成为一名特工吗?你想跟一个漂亮女孩交朋友,然后去监 视她的父亲吗?想感受其中的刺激那就来看电影 Agent Code Banks 吧! 1.What is Bank's first real task? A.To test a hightech tool. B.To save a baby from a car.

C.To study a new technology. D.To watch a scientist secretly. 答案: D 细节理解题。 由文章第二段信息 He must make friends with a popular girl at school…then,spy on her father,a scientist who has developed a dangerous

technology 可知,Bank 的真正的任务是秘密监视一位科学家,也就是那个女孩的 父亲,故 D 项正确。 2.Banks wanted to go to Natalie's birthday party to ________. A.meet her father B.know more people C.make friends with her D.steal some information 答案:C 推理判断题。第二段提到 Banks 得跟那位女孩交朋友,他的终极目

的就是监视她的父亲;在第三段又提到 How can he get round the problem and get an invitation to the girl's upcoming birthday party,由此可知,Banks 想去女孩的生日宴 会的目的是跟她交朋友,故 C 项正确。 3.What is considered as a great danger in the text? A.The technology developed by Natalie's father. B.An explosion set off by some bad people. C.The CIA's training of boys for its task. D.Secret agents spying on scientists. 答案: A 细节理解题。 由文章信息 then, spy on her father, a scientist who has

developed a dangerous technology 可知,在文章中被视为危险的东西的是女孩父亲 的科技,故 A 项正确。 4.What is the purpose of the text? A.Making known the work of the CIA. B.Telling the story about a cool boy. C.Showing the dark side of science. D.Introducing a new film. 答案: D 推理判断题。 由文章最后一段的关键信息 This story is interesting nad fun for the whole family to enjoy, especially cool for the young boy,特别是后面的 a

film reviewer 更是给了很好的提示,显然,文章在向大家介绍一部电影。

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