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08 届高三英语专题复习------任务型阅读
(1) Autumn blues ? Let the sunshine in falling leaves,withering flowers,cold winds,faint sun — shine.For many people late autumn can be a season of gloom and depression. Spirits can be low. People who suffer from“the autumn blues”often are extremely exhausted. 1ack energy,need more sleep,feel increased appetite and gain weight. “The exact cause of this condition,often called seasonal depression or sea — sonal affective disorder(SAD),is not known yet, ”says Chen Jue,associate pro — fessor at Shanghai Mental Health Center. “But recent studies indicate that weather change is influential and strongly suggest that this condition is caused by changes in the availability of sunlight.’ ’ One theory is that with decreased exposure to sunlight,the biological clock that regulates mood,sleep,and hormones is delayed,running more slowly in winter.Exposure to light may reset the biological clock. Another theory is that brain chemicals that transmit information between nerves may be altered in individuals with SAD.It is believed that exposure to light can correct these imbalances. “It is a sad season.but you can try to make it happy.Remember,spring always lives in your heart, ”Chen says. Here are some tips tO deal with autumn depression. ——Go outdoors and get some sunlight.Move around.Fresh air and exercise improve the respiratory(呼吸)system and blood circulation and regulate the nervous system.Thus,exercise is calming and relieves one’s mood. ——Relax at work.Stretch,breathe deeply.Take a,tea break.Think of your next vacation. -----Keep a chocolate bar in your pocket.Chocolate and sugar raise the spirits. -----Look at bright colors,such as red and orange.Color therapy improves mood. ------Listen to your favorite music.You can dance to it,or just lie on a cozy couch,reading a novel. ---Decorate your room and work space with flow. ers. Blooming plants are cheering. —Call friends or family when you feel lonely or depressed.Recall some happy memories.

认真阅读短文,根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格不得超过 1 个单词。 Autumn blues is also called autumn 1._________
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The first reason is that exposure to sunshine Can reset the biological clock

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The real cause for it is still 2._______to us. Exposure to sunlight can help to cure it.

4._______mood, sleep and hormones. The second is 5.________with the balance of nerves that transmit information. Outdoor 6._______ may reduce the tension that brings you the low spirits You can relax yourselves while working. Food 7.______in calories and sugar does help too.


8._______treatment also works in handling There are some 3._______ low mood. that can help to deal with it. Music also9.______ a role in treating autumn blues. Green plants are cheering.Calling your friends will 10.______ your loneliness away. Thinking of the sweet past is regarded as a good way as well.

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________ (2)The histoy and legend The name of the Danish flag,the Dannefrog,meaning“the flag of the Danes"or"the red flag” ,is fist encountered in the Danish text from 1478 and in a Netherlandishb text from 100 years before that.In the Netherlandish armariol (GELre)from 1370 to 1386 a red banner with a white cross is annexed to the coat of arms of Veldemar IV Atterdag. According to the legend,the Dannebrogb fell from heaven from a battle ln Estonia(爱沙尼亚);this legend is mentioned in Christiern Pedersen’s Danish Chronicle(编年史)from the beginning of the 1520s and by the Franciscan monk PederOlsen in 1527.This latter relates the event toa battle in 1219. The legend presumably(据推测)came into being around 1500 on the basis of the idea that the royal banner which King Hans lost at his defeat in the Dit— marshes in Northern Germany in l500 was the Dannebrog that had fallen from heaven.In 1559 Frederik II recaptured(夺回)the banner and had It hung in Sohleswig Cathedral in present—day northern Germany· In a song from the campaign of 1500 the banner charged with the cross is associated with the Roman Emperor Constantine’s dream of the cross in 312 before the battle in which he became absolute monarch in the Roman Empire and according to tradition was converted to Christianity. This vision of the cross,to which are linked the words in hoc signo vinces (“under this sign you shall be victorios”)is the prototype(原型)of the miracles In the shapes of crosses in the sky,which particularly in the Iberian Peninsula
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(伊比利亚半岛)were connected with battles between Chisians and infideIs(异 教徒). 认真阅读短文。根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格不得超过 1 个单词。 The Danish flag Name Meaning Design The Dannebrog The flag of the Danes or the 1._____flag A red banner with a 2.________ cross The flag fell from the 3._____ during a battle in Estonia.The legend came into 4._____around 1500 on the 5.______of the idea that the banner that King lost at his 6._____was the Dannebrog that had fallen from heaven. The banner charged with the cross is 7.____ with the Roman Emperor’S dream of the cross before the battle in 8._____he brcame absolute monarch.


Origin Song Vision

It is 9.______to the words which indicate the victory and it is the peototype of miracles in the 10.____ of crosses in the sky.

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________ (3) Traditionally,customers may consider more about what they buy the prod— uct for.However,the image of product and the consuming circumstance have become the key points to attract customer awareness and stimulate their buying needs.Frequently,customers buy goods just because they are cute,lovely and u — nique.With a less emphasis on functional utilities,the experience and imagina — tive space are placed into an increasingly important role.The image of product is emphasized,as well as the communication between products and consumers. “Customer behavior,which appears to be focused and directed at the object and at pleasure,in fact responds to quite different objectives:displaced expression of desire,and the production of a code of social values through the use of differ — ential signs”(Baudrillard).The reason for image—oriented customer behavior is probably that customers’lifestyle has been continuously virtualized by paying much attention to“Virtual Reality” .The evidences can be traced from computer games and Hollywood movies,in which customers’preference for fleeing reality is perfectly matched.
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This change requires US to take efforts to enhance product image by integrating style,color,taste,shape and material,and communicate with custom — ers creatively,imaginatively and innovatively,and enable them to enj oy the dis — tinctive experience image brings. “[A-]need is not a need for a particular object as much as it is a‘need’for difference”(Baudrillard).The typical example is Apple Computer’S IMAC,which has strong visual impact and outstanding dy— namics.By this way,customer relationship can be set up through image,and brand can be treated as living that can transform people.Other examples corn— monly used are Disney Fairyland and Las Vegas,where new experience and imagination are ful}y demonstrated.In sum,consumption is negotiation,a never — ending conversation held in the languages of advertising,packaging,branding, fashion,and entertainment.

认真阅读短文,根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格 1 个单词,不得用原文中的单词。

More Attention to the Image of Product

Main comparisons

Contexts In the past,people think more about the 2. ______of the goods.

Different aspects 1.________ about by people when they are shopping.
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People today are more easily 3._____by the 4.______ of product and the buying atmosphere.

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Different 5._______to promote sales

Traditionally,producers may focus more on the functional utilities of goods. Nowadays.product image should be 6.______ and there should be more effective 7._______ with customers. Influenced by computer games and Hollywood movies,people’s9.______ is virtualized.

More details worth noticing The 8._______for imagecentered behaviour

are given to prove the’importance of image

Apple Computer’s IMAC/Disney Fairyland/ Las Vegas

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________ (4) Bored at school now ? How do you think it will look in the future? Last week,about 600 teenagers in the US.imagined a future changed by technology in which their lessons are taught by robots and they learn about celebrities and alien(fib 星人的)languages. According to a survey published last week by the U.S.Internet service provider American Online(AOL),only one in 100 thinks that in the future they will walk from home to—school;the rest believe they will use jet packs,and hover boards(滑板)as everyday transport. All the participants of the survey are teenagers born into the Internet age. The study is to show how the first cyber(网络的)generation dream about a fu— ture life created by advanced technology. Most believe there will still be schoolsto go to,but that technology will play an increasingly important role in learning.The 600 teens surveyed think there will stil l be teachers,but 3 7 percent imagine them to be robots.Some 24 percent believe that teachers will still be human but they will have inter—‘change。 — able microchipsso that one person can teach allsubjects. More than one in two believe hover boarding will be popular,while one— third say that wearing rocket boots will be their favorite activity.Another third think j et packs will be popular.Nearly 30 percent think playing football and bike-riding will remain popular. When it comes to the curriculum,the think future generations will be learning about robot building(63 percent),alien languages(47 percent),celeb— rities(26 percent)and R’n’B music(22 percent). Children will wear virtual reality helmets to bring lessons to life,say 40 percent,while over 20 percent believe they will not need lessons because micro
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— chips implanted in their head will send relevant information into the brain.Matt Whyman,adviser to the chief medical officer on youth issues of AOL,said: “The kids seem very aware of the liberation qualities of technology.’ ’

认真阅读短文,根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格 1 个单词,不得用原文中的单词

Title:Future School

Future School

Changes in the way of1.________ traveling

At 2._______ ,most stuents walk to school.in the future,students will use jet packs,and hover boards. In the future,robots will 3.______ as teachers and human teachers should be 4.______ with inter—changeable microchips so that one person can teach all subj ects. In the future,technology will 5.______ a great deal to students.Virtual reality helmets can bring 6.______ 1essons

Changes in the way of teaching

Changes way of



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to them and 7.________the help of microchips implanted in their head,they will not need lessons. Most students will 9. _______hover boarding, wearing rocket boots and jet packs while a small10._____of students think playing football and bike—riding will remain popular.

Changes in8._______

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________ (5) With the development of our modern society.people’s living conditions become much more comfortable.But along with intense competition,parents have less time to consider children’s needs in all—round.One method to solve this contradiction is to give children some pocket money.Pocket money is useful to children.But whether the children are considerate enough to make correct use of this money ? There are two viewpoints about the pocket money.Some people think that giving children pocket money will make them become luxurious.Others think that will not lead to such dis — advantage.In my opinion,both of them are partially reasonable.Someone believes that giving children pocket money really has many advantages.With pocket money,chil — dren can buy their daily necessities such as pencils,little toys,and snack food they like.It will give children 8 certain freedom to select what they want,make them aware rules of the equivalent exchange.Since time to parents is very precious,giving pocket money to children help them to save time spent in shopping,but used in busy work — ing and earning money.Others insist that there are undoubtedly some disadvantages in spending pocket money.First,young children do not know how to use pocket mon — ey appropriately,they possibly consume a11 the money to buy expen sive merchandise that they like,and then ask for extra money from their parents.Some parents cosset their children,and always give them a large amount of pocket money.Such conditions will make children become more and more prodigal.Second,since adults do not su — pervise the procedure of shopping,children could probably buy something that is
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not suitable for their age,such as adult magazines.Judging these two viewpoints abovementioned,I think that parents should give their children a limited amount of pocket money.There are some preconditions:the amount of pocket money must be finite(限 定的);the parents should instruct their children how to use the money moderately and what is suitable to them;for a costly merchandise(商品),parents themselves should take children to buy it.With these preconditions,pocket money will do no harm to their children. 认真阅读短文,根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格 1 个单词,不得用原文中的单词。 Title:Giving Children Pocket Money Someone is in 2._____ot giving pocket Different 1._______ Reasons for 4 . ________ giving pocket money Reasons7 . _________ children spending pocket money. Someone 3. ________the right way of children spending pocket money Children buy necessities on their 5._____ Parents don’t have to 6._______they buy things. children when

Chil&en don’t know how to use money 8._______. 1 Children may waste money buying things that 1 mav be 9.________to them.

A possible 10.___________to the problem Parents may give children a certain amount of money and teach them to cherish money and use it in a proper way. 1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________ (6) Some people believe that greed and selfishness has become the basis of modern society,and we should return to the old traditions of family and commu — nity then we will have a better life.To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above opinion ? In this fast-paced world,many values are undergoing major changes.While people traditioaally prioritize caring,sharing and generosity in life and work, modern people seem tobe more self—absorbed and self-concerned. Modern people act selfishly to survive the harsh competition of life.They say that it is a j ungle out there.To survive,you have to fight with whatever means that come handy.Obviously greedy and selfishness go perfectly well with such ideas.In a company,employees do everything they can to get better pay and higher position,even at the cost of colleagues.We are in any way advocating
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any selfish conduct.It is just that people are pressured to act in a certain way due to outside influences. In spite of common practice,it is hard to conclude that modern societv is built on greed and selfishness,both of which are not newly invented vocabularv. In ancient times people also did greedy and selfish things though such behaviors were more condemned then.But we can not ignore the fact that people in the past lived a relatively more isolated life and faced less pressure compared with their modern counterparts. Are we happier to share with others and be generous to them? There is no fixed answer either.Some people take great pleasure helping and giving to oth — ers while others feel happy doing the opposite.But I personally think that peo1e should not be too selfish.Caring for others can actually encourage the devel — opment of a mutually beneficial relationship. In conclusion,modern people appear to be more sel-centered than those in the past due to strong outside pressure.However,we should encourage people to know the importance of being caring and generous and to build a mutually beneficial relationship with others.

认真阅读短文,根据所读内容在下面表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每空格 1 个单词,不得用原文中的单词。 Are Modern People Becoming More Selfish?

Main comparisons 1.______are changing

Contexts In the past people put caring , sharing and generosity in the first 2.________ Nowadays,people seem to be more 3.________ about themselves.

4.________are changmg too.

People in the past appeared to be modest and self effacing(谦让的). People may strive to achieve their own 5._______ at the price of their coworkers.

The author’S understanding

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6._______ for the changes in author’s eyes The author ’ s9 . ______ towards topic

Fierce 7.________ and great 8.______ on modern people may be responsible for the changes. A relationship which can 10._______ two sides should be established.

1.___________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.___________ 7.___________ 8.___________9.__________ 10.__________

The keys : (1)1.depression 2.unknown 3.ways /methods 4.regulating 5.connected 6.activities/sports 7.rich/high8.Colour. 9.plays 10.drive (2)1.red 2.white 3. heaven 4.being 5.basis 6.defeat 7.associated 8.which 9.linked 10.shape (3)1.concerned/cared 2.use/function3.attracted 4.image 5.ways 6.stressed 7.communition 8.reason9.lifestyle10.Examples (4)1.daily 2.present3.work4.equiped5.mean6.vivid7.with8.hobbies9.enjoy10.number (5)1.opinions/attitudes2.favor/support 3.doubts 4.supporting 5.own 6.accompony 7.against 8.properly /correctly/meaningfully 9.unneccessary/useless 10.solution (6)1.Values 2.place 3.concerned 4.Behaviors 5.goals 6.Reasons 7.competition 8.pressure 9.attitudes 10.benefit

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