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2009 年江苏省高考英语任务型阅读专项练习一
请认真阅读下列各短文,并根据所读内容在文后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的词。 注意:每空只填 1 个单词。 01 Time talks. It speaks more plainly than words. Time communicates in many ways. In social life, time plays a very important part. In the United States, guests tend to feel they are not highly regarded if the invitation to a dinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date. But this is perhaps not true in some other countries. There it may be considered foolish to make an appointment too far in advance because plans which are made for a date more than a week away tend to be forgotten. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m The meanings of time differ in different parts of the world. Thus, misunderstandings arise between people from cultures that treat time differently. Promptness is valued highly in American life. For example, no one would think of keeping a business associate waiting for an hour. It would be too impolite. When equals(同辈) meet, a person who is five minutes late is expected to make a short apology. If he is less than five minutes late, he will say a few words of explanation, though perhaps he will not complete the sentence. In the western world, particularly in the United States, people tend to think of time as something fixed in nature, something from which one cannot escape. As a rule, Americans think of time as a road stretching into the future, along which one progresses. The road has many sections which are to be kept separate—“one thing at a time”. People who cannot plan events are not highly regarded. The American idea of the future is limited, however. It is the foreseeable future, not the future of the South Asian, which may involve centuries. Someone has said of the South Asian idea of time. “Time is like a museum with endless halls and rooms. You, the viewer, are walking through the museum in the dark, holding a light to each scene as you pass it. God is in charge of the museum, and only he knows all that is in it. One lifetime represents one room.” Since time has such different meanings in different cultures, communication is often difficult. We will understand each other a little better if we can keep this fact in mind. Time
用心 爱心 专心

Different places

In the USA 1. It is impolite that one is

In other places 1 South Asia 3 of 1. It is considered foolish that you 2. Future is far away and may

Different 2 of time

an appointment only three days plan an appointment too 5 . earlier. 2. Future is 4 foreseeable. and involve a very long period of time.

1. Time is like a road stretching 1. Time is like a museum with Attitudes toward time into the future. People should do endless halls and rooms. One one thing at a time. by 6 1. It’s events reasonably. impossible to keep a lifetime 7 2. God takes charge of time. 2. People are in charge of time one room.

business associate waiting for 8 an hour. 2. A person who is five minutes late will briefly. Conclusion It’s difficult to communicate 10 understanding the different meanings of time in different cultures. 02 The modern Olympic Games were founded with the intention of improving health and education, promoting world peace and encouraging fair and equal competition. But over the years, the Olympic famous saying, “Faster, higher, stronger”, has pushed scientists as well as athletes to do everything possible to reach new levels. Doctors, engineers and coaches all use everything science can offer to achieve that little bit extra in competition. The reason modern technology has become part of sport is very simple: Winning is just as important as it was 2,500 years ago at the Olympics of ancient Greece. Development in technology has often been reflected in the methods of training and performance used at the Olympics through history. This technology falls into two main groups: improving an athlete’s performance in competition, and allowing results to be measured more accurately.
用心 爱心 专心



to the other

One of the creations that have drawn the most attention is the new high-tech swimsuit from Speedo, which was used by most US swimmers in Athens. Until Sydney 2000, it was thought that the smaller the swimsuit, the faster the swimmer would travel. “However, the fact that at the Sydney Olympics, 28 of the 33 gold medallists were wearing the body covering Fastskin suit proved the theory was out of date,” said Andy Thomas, vice-president of Speedo. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m The company’s full body suit is supposed to make swimmers 3 to 4 percent faster, particularly when turning or diving into the water. It is believed that the suit creates less water resistance as it moves, behaving more like a shark skin than a human skin. The introduction of high-tech equipment means that athletes in all sports, from the 100-metre sprint (短跑) to the pole vault (撑杆跳高), can now train more effectively and nourish (给…以营养) their bodies better. Meanwhile, scientific development also means performances can be measured and studied far more accurately. Not only are winning times more accurately recorded, but cheating athletes are also easier to catch out. According to International Olympic Committee (IOC) requirements, two independent measuring systems should be used at all venues (比赛地点). Athens 2004 organizers used only the very latest equipment to measure distance and speed.

What matters most in Olympics?

Its (2)________ “Faster, higher, stronger”is pushing scientists and athletes as (3) ________ to do whatever is possible to reach new levels. Science can (4)_______ athletes’ performance in competition. Science can get results (8)______ more accurately. Cheating athletes can caught out. can more accurately.

(1)______ the

is High-tech swimsuit most from Speedo can

Athletes in all Winning times sports can more (7)_______.

important thing make swimmers 3 to train in a at the modern 4 %faster when water and was worn by some gold
用心 爱心 专心

be (9)_______ be (10)____

Olympic Games. (5)___ or diving into effective

(6)_____ at the modern Olympics.

03 Your blood makes a round trip through your body in less than one minute thousands of times a day. It travels through tubes called blood vessels. There are three main kinds of blood vessels-arteries, veins(静脉) and capillaries(毛细血管). When blood is pumped out of your heart it goes into your largest arteries. These branch into smaller arteries, which branch into still smaller ones. The blood flows from the smallest arteries into your capillaries. Capillaries are bridge between your arteries and your veins. They are the tiniest blood vessels, so small that you can not see them without a microscope. Blood travels from the capillaries into tiny veins. These lead to larger and still larger veins. Finally, the largest veins take the blood back to your heart. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Blood feeds your cells, cleans them, and works to keep them healthy. It carries food and oxygen to each cell of your body. The food and oxygen get into cells by passing through the thin walls of your capillaries. Blood cleans all your cells by picking up wastes from them. The wastes pass from your cells, through the capillary walls into your blood. The wastes called urea and uric acid are carried by the blood to our body and urine. The waste gas called carbon dioxide is carried by the blood to your lungs. It leaves your body when you breathe out. Blood also protects you. It has special cells in it that fight germs. The cells in your blood that fight germs are called “white cells”. These are like an army for your body. They kill harmful germs that get into your blood. When a large number of germs enter your body, the number of white cell “ soldiers” grows. A lot of blood moves to the area where the germs are. The white cell soldiers attack the germs and kill them. The used white cells and dead germs form the thick yellow liquid called pus(脓). If the pus is inside a sore on your skin, it may leak out. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m (1)_______ about your blood
用心 爱心 专心

(2)_____ blood travel

From your heart to the (3)______ , the capillaries and your (4) ________ back to your heart. to feed your (5) ___________ to clean your cells by (6) ____________ to (7) ____________ your cells stay healthy fighting germs with (9) _________ cells helping to form the thick yellow (10) ______ called pus. 04

Why you need blood How blood (8) _______ you

Some people believe that greed and selfishness has become the basis of modern society, and we should return to the old traditions of family and community then we will have a better life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above opinion? In this fast-paced world, many values are undergoing major changes. While people traditionally prioritize caring, sharing and generosity in life and work, modern people seem to be more self-absorbed and self-concerned. Modern people act selfishly to survive the harsh competition of life. They say that it is a jungle out there. To survive, you have to fight with whatever means that come handy. Obviously greedy and selfishness go perfectly well with such ideas. In a company, employees do everything they can to get better pay and higher position, even at the cost of colleagues. We are in any way advocating any selfish conduct. It is just that people are pressured to act in a certain way due to outside influences. In spite of common practice, it is hard to conclude that modern society is built on greed and selfishness, both of which are not newly invented vocabulary. In ancient times people also did greedy and selfish things though such behaviors were more condemned then. But we can not ignore the fact that people in the past lived a relatively more isolated life and faced less pressure compared with their modern counterparts. Are we happier to share with others and be generous to them? There is no fixed answer either. Some people take great pleasure helping and giving to others while others feel happy doing the opposite. But I personally think that people should not be too selfish. Caring for others can actually encourage the development of a mutually beneficial relationship. In conclusion, modern people appear to be more self-centered than those in the past due to strong outside pressure. However, we should encourage people to know the importance of being caring and generous and to build a mutually beneficial relationship
用心 爱心 专心

with others. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Are Modern People Becoming More Selfish? Main comparisons Contexts In the past people put caring, sharing __1__ are changing and generosity in the first ____2____. Nowadays, people seem to be more ____3____about themselves. People in the past appeared to be modest ___4___are changing too. and self-effacing(谦让的). People may strive to achieve their own __5___ at the price of their coworkers. The author’s understanding ___6____ for the changes in author’s eyes The author’s ___9____towards topic 05 We are going to describe one way to build a rooftop garden that does not even require soil. Four things are needed for a small rooftop garden. One thing is a roof that can support the weight. Another is grass cutting. The third thing is a sheet of plastic in which to spread the cut grass. And the last thing is a box about eight centimeters deep and made out of four pieces of wood. Once you are sure the roof is good, cut and collect some grass. Then lay down the plastic where the garden box will go. The four-sided box can be as long and as wide as needed. Place the box on top of the sheet of plastic. Then fill it with the cut grass. Next, add water and walk on the cuttings to press them down. After about three weeks, the rooftop garden is ready for planting. Put the seeds directly into the wet grass cuttings. This garden is a good place to grow peas, tomatoes, beans, onions and lettuce. If the box is deep enough, potatoes and carrots will also grow. It is important to keep the grass wet until the plants begin to grow. When the plants are growing, they will need watering every day, unless there is rain. And they will need some liquid fertilizer. Also, seeds and new plants must be protected from insects
用心 爱心 专心

Fierce __7___ and great __8___on modern people may be responsible for the changes. A relationship which can ___10___ two sides should be established.

and birds. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Rooftop gardens are increasingly popular, and not just to grow vegetables. They keep buildings cooler in the sun, so they save energy. They can also extend the useful life of a roof. Rooftop gardens also reduce the runoff of storm water and help clean the air. Plus the add beauty, and give birds and insects in the city a nice place to live. The building of a rooftop vegetable garden things needed a roof grass cutting a sheet of plastic a 7._____ box seeds 9.____ and fertilizer 1._______ to 2.______ to be used as 4.____ to 5._____possible leaks(渗漏) to hold the cut grass for vegetables to make vegetables grow better 06 Maybe you are an average student. You probably think you will never be a top student. This is not necessary so, however. Anyone can become a better student if he or she wants to. Here is how. 1). Plan your time carefully. When you plan your week, you should make a list of things that you can have to do. After making the list, you should make a schedule of your time. First time for eating, sleeping, dressing, etc. Then decide a good, regular time for studying. Don’t forget to set aside enough time fro entertainment. A weekly schedule may not sole all your problems, but it will force you to realize what is happening to your time. 2). Find a good place to study. Look around the house for a good study area. Keep this space, which may be a desk or simply a corner of your room. Free from everything but study materials. No games, radios, or television. When you sit down to study, concentrate on the subject. requirements 3. _____and strong enough to be pressed down on which to 6._____ the cut grass made of 4 pieces of wood to be protected from 8._______ supplied frequently and 10.______




3). Make good use of your time in class. Take advantage of class time to listen to everything the teachers say. Really listening in class means less work later. Taking notes will help you remember what your teachers say. 4). Study regularly. When you get home from school, go over your notes. Review the important points that your teachers mentioned in class. If you what your teacher is going to discuss the next day, read the material. This will help you understand the next class. If you do these things regularly, the material will become more meaningful, and you will remember it longer. 5). Develop a good attitude about tests. The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject. They help you remember your new knowledge. The word won’t end if you don’t pass a test, so don’t be overly worried. There are other methods that might help you with your studying. You will probably discover many others after you have tried these. How to Become A Better Student? General method plan you time carefully find a good place to study make good use of your time in class study regularly develop a good How to ● make a list ● make a study ●listen ●take ● attitudeabout tests 07 The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is drawing near. Are you eager to watch the matches or start serving as a volunteer ? First, you need to know about audience manners. The behavior of courtside audiences is considered to be an important part of sporting culture. In 2004,after world champion Stephen Hendry lost to Ding Junhui in the China Open Snooker Championships , he complained of the noise from Chinese
用心 爱心 专心

Advantage force you to realize 6. on the is happening to your time you can subjects 7.

1. 2.

free of everything but to 3. everything

really listening in class means 8. work later. 9. it better, 10.

the teachers say ● go over your notes 4. new materials 5. worried don’t be

Help you

remember it longer remember your new

spectators(观众). Perhaps you and your classmates could discuss how to behave while in the audience at the Olympic Games. Most sporting arenas have rules for spectators written on the back of the tickets. Read your ticket carefully before you arrive. Try to teach your seat half an hour before the start of the event and don’t leave when a game is in progress. When you leave , remember to take away your soft drink bottles and other trash(垃圾). It is really very impolite of you to leave any rubbish behind. Pay close attention to it. During exciting games,try to control yourself. Don’t criticize the performance of players. But you should do it properly. When players first appear,clap your hands together to welcome them. Perhaps they will soon cheer up. Applause is not welcome,however,while a game is in progress and players need to keep their concentration. Various sports have various rules for the audience. Enjoying artistic gymnastics requires silence. But lots of cheering can really help basketball and football players. Snooker and table tennis courtside behavior includes a ban on flash photography. Mobile phones are not allowed in shopping centers. To be a good spectator,you should take time to learn the game-specific rules and related culture of each event. If you know these rules,you are sure to have a good time when are enjoying a wonderful match. How to be a good spectator of the Olympic Games The(1)_____before the games Read rules on ticket before your ( 2 ) _____ the for the Don’t get to your ( 3 seat ) Don’t leave seat game. not say(6)____words about players’ and coaches’ behaviors. We should learn to control our ( 7 ) _____. during Be your the to careful We can We can ( 9 ) _____during basketball football matches but we must keep(10)_____ when enjoying gymnastics. or applaud when players first appear, after an excellent performance or if someone fails. We can’t applaud during a (8) _______ The behaviors(5)_____the games


______than 30 ( 4 ) ___before the game.




08 Maybe you are an average student. You probably think you will never be a top student. This is not necessary so, however. Anyone can become a better student if he or she wants to. Here’s how. 1) Plan your time carefully. When you plan your week, you should make a list of things that you have to do. After making this list, you should make a schedule of your time. First your time for eating, sleeping, dressing, etc. then decide a good, regular time for studying. Don't forget to set aside enough time for entertainment. A weekly schedule may not solve all your problems, but it will force you to realize what is happening to your time. 2) Find a good place to study. Look around the house for a good study area. Keep this space, which may be a desk or simply a corner of your room, free of everything but study materials. No games, radios, or television! When you sit down to study, concentrate on the subject. 3) Make good use of your time in class. Take advantage of class time to listen to everything the teachers say. Really listening in class means less work later. Taking notes will help you remember what the teacher says. 4) Study regularly. When you get home from school, go over your notes. Review the important points that your teacher mentioned in class. If you know what your teacher is going to discuss the next day, read that material will become more meaningful, and you will remember it longer. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m 5) Develop a good attitude about tests. The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject. They help you remember your new knowledge. The world won’t end if you don't pass a test, so don't be overly worried. There are other methods that might help you with your studying. You will probably discover many others after you have tried these. Title: How to become a better student General methods Plan your time carefully Find a good place to study Make good use of your Make a 1 Free of everything but study 2 Listen to everything the
用心 爱心 专心

How to Make a list

advantages Force you to realize 6 is happening to your time You can 7 on the subject Really listening in class

time in class Study regularly Develop a good attitude about tests

teachers say Taking 3 Go over your notes 4 new material Don't be 5 worried 09

means 8 work later Help you 9 it better ,

remember it longer Remember your new 10

Wondering how many calories the banana cream pie on your plate has? Some Japanese have a novel way to find out: Photograph it with a cellphone and send the image to an expert. With cellphones becoming common in Japan and rising concern over expanding waistlines, health-care providers will allow the calorie-conscious people to send photos of their meals to nutritionists (营养学家) for advice. Public health insurance offices in Osaka in Western Japan have launched the service on a trial basis. About 100 cardiac (心脏病的) patients signed up in the first year, followed by diabetes and obesity patients in the second. “Japanese have been getting fatter, especially men in their 20s and 30s. There is concern over what they learned about nutrition when they were younger,” the Osaka official, Satomi Onishi, said. “We’re hoping that this program can help us deal with the problem.” Osaka is using a system developed by Asahi Kasei Corp. The system is operating among about 150 health-care providers and local governments around the country Nutritionists can work with photos from one day’s meals to several weeks’ worth. Results come back in three days. People can also log on a website to get further information. Dr Yutaka Kimura has developed a similar system at Kansai Medical University’s Hirakata Hospital, also in Osaka. Five patients have taken part in the programme, which costs $37 to join and $21 per month. Patients photograph meals over the course of three to seven days, and a nutritionist e-mails advice to them. “Patients used to fill in meal logs, but people tend to forget things or underestimate (低估) their portions (份),” Kimura said. “Photographing meals and e-mailing them can be easier and get more accurate results.” As Japanese have turned to bigger portions and more meat and fried foods, obesity and related illnesses such as high blood pressure have become a rising concern. The Health Ministry estimated last year that more than half of Japanese men and about one
用心 爱心 专心

in five women between 40 and 70 years old were at the increased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and other diseases because of obesity. With the Health Ministry hoping to see a 25% reduction in the number of people at the risk of these diseases by 2015, Osaka officials hope the cellphone program will help. New function of cellphones Reasons There is a growing concern about health and _____ slim. Obesity may result (3) _____ diseases (2) such high pressure, heart disease, type II diabetes and so on. as They the cellphone programme will help to (4) of _____ people the number who are at the risk of these diseases. hope The service on a trial basis has been started to the problem of fat. (5) _____ solve been developed which value days according meals _____ Further information can be got by (8) ___ on a website. 10 Quality after-school programs are designed to improve academic performance, decrease youth crimes and other high-risk behaviors, and help young people grow into healthy, successful adults. The effect of quality after-school programs on academic performance is clear. Studies show that students who take part in such programs show better work habits, higher rates of homework completion, improved grades, and higher scores on
用心 爱心 专心

Cellphone cameras help Japanese lose (1) _____. Ways A system has in the in (6) later to (7) with Another system has also developed in which advice is (9) _____ to patients after a nutritionist gets (10)_____ amount the photographed meals over the course of three to seven days. of nutrition from

____ is told 3

the photos of


achievement tests. They also have fewer absences and are less likely to blame. After-school programs also influence high-risk teen behavior. Various studies show decreased rates of crime, drug use, and teen sex among youth who join in well-run after-school programs when compared to similar youth who do not. Finally, after-school programs play an important role in supporting the following fields of development: physical development, mental development and social development. Thus, one can safely say that after-school programming is an effective method to help young people become contributing members of society. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m Although there is enough proof from both small and large assessments that after-school programs can make a positive difference, it is important to note that not all programs are equal. First, dosage (时量) matters ---- young people who attend the most hours over the most years benefit more than members who attend less often or over a shorter period of time. Next, after-school programs make bigger difference for those students who need help most and have the fewest choices. Finally, program qualities matter. After-school programs work best when they create unique opportunities for youth. They should provide opportunities for positive relationships, skill building, meaningful involvement (参与), expression, suggestion, service, and work. Staff characteristics make an important difference in the quality of a program. The adults should treat youth as partners, create safe and fair environments, encourage personalized (个性化的) involvement, and actively create learning opportunities. In short, although after-school programs have promising future, how they are designed and run matters. Quality after-school programs Apart from making academic performance (1) ____, quality after-school programs are started for other (2) ____. Quality after-school programs help youth become contributing members of society (4) ____. Students taking part in the There is a (6) ____ in the number Quality after-school programs (7)
用心 爱心






after-school programs make, we should note that not all programs are equal. Students benefit ____ because the time attend

Not (8)


Some of the opportunities (9) ____ are positive, (10) ____ others not.

students are the same.

they is

programs form better habits ____ greater progress in study. (5)

of high-risk teen behavior as a result of after-school programs.

____ well in supporting all-around development.


01 1. like 6. planning 02 1. Winning 2. meanings 2. motto 2. How 3. informed 4. limited 9. apologize 9. recorded 4. veins 5. cells 10. liquid 10.benefit 5.goals 9. white 5. early 10. without 5. turning 10. easily 7. represents 8. Examples 3. well 8. measured 3. arteries

4. improve/better/promote

6. medalists 7. way 03 1. information 6. picking

7. make / help

8. protects

04 1.Values 2.place



6. Reasons 7. competition 8.pressure

9. attitudes

05 1. Aims/purpose 2.support 3.flat 4.soil 5.prevent 6.spread 7.wooden 8.insects 9.water 10.properly/correctly 06 1.schedule 2. materials 3. notes 4. review 5. overly 6.what 7. concentrate 8. less 9. understand 10. knowledge 07 1.behaviors 2.arrival 3.later 4.minutes 5.during 6.impolite 7.feelings 8.game 9.cheer 10.silent 08 1. schedule 2. 09 1. weight 6. nutrition 10 1. better 6. reduction materials 3. in 8. logging 3. Despite 8. differently 3. notes 4. Read 4. reduce 9. e-mailed 4. effectively 5. overly 10. knowledge 5. being 10. accurate 5. making 10. while 6. what 7. concentrate 8. less 9. understand 2. keeping 7. taken 2. purposes 7. work

9. offered / created




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江苏省高考英语 专题检测卷(三十)任务型阅读_其它课程_高中教育_教育专区。江苏省高考英语 专题检测卷(三十)任务型阅读 任务型阅读 (建议用时: 20 分钟) 1 (...
最新精品高考英语任务型阅读专项练习二(11-20) - 高考英语任务型阅读专项练习二 11 People say teenagers are no good. They make too muc...
江苏省高考英语 专题检测卷(三十一)任务型阅读.doc
江苏省高考英语 专题检测卷(三十一)任务型阅读_其它课程_高中教育_教育专区。江苏省高考英语 专题检测卷(三十一)任务型阅读 任务型阅读 (建议用时: 20 分钟) ...