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高中英语 Unit1 Women of achievement全套课件 新人教版必修4

Unit 1 Women of achievement

Warming Up Pre-reading

Reading Homework

A Chinese saying goes:

Women can hold up half of the sky.

I will describe some people to you, please guess who they are according to my description.

She was the only female monarch(君主) of China, and remains the most remarkable(非凡的), influential(有影响的) and mysterious(神秘的) woman in Chinese history.

Empress(女皇) Wu Zetian
(624 - 705)

in Tang Dynasty

She was Dr Sun Yat-sen’s wife. She was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history. She concerned herself with welfare projects, leading China Welfare Institute especially for women and children. Soong Chingling (1893-1981), China

A doctor who became a specialist in women’s illnesses. She devoted all her lift to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors. Lin Qiaozhi (1901-1983), China

She was an inventor and a scientist from Poland. She went to Paris and studied physics and chemistry there.
She is the only woman scientist who was awarded two Nobel Prizes. On July 4,1934, she died in Paris, killed by her own experiments. She died of radiation poisoning(放 射物中毒).

Marie Curie (1867-1934)

A girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English.
Joan of Arc (1412-1432), France

She went to Africa and studied chimps.

As a young girl, she always wanted to study animals. She went to Africa and studied chimps. Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. She works to protect chimps everywhere. Jane Goodall (1934), Britain

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall went to Tanzania(坦桑尼亚) and studied chimps from 1960s. She went with three African helpers to live in the Gombe National Park in East Africa. Her life was spent following and recording the social life and relationships of the chimps. Because of her research, we now know that chimpanzees hunt for meat, use tools, and have different personalities. In 1965, she earned her PhD(博 士学位) in ethology (动物行为学) from Cambridge University.

Enjoy a short video about Jane and the chimps and then answer the following two questions: ? Why do you think Jane Goodall went to Africa to study chimps rather than to a university? ? Do you think her work is important? Why?



Fast reading

1. Who is the protector? Jane Goodall 2. What animals are observed? Chimps

2nd reading

Intensive Reading

1. What did the group do first in the morning? They_______. C A. went into the forest slowly B. left the chimp family of chimps wake up C. observed the family of chimps wake up D. helped people understand the behaviour of the chimps 2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted_________. A A. To work with them in their own environment B. To prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. To discover what chimps eat D. To observe a chimp family

C 3. Jane was permitted to begin her work after_________.
A. The chimp family woke up B. she lived in the forest C. Her mother came to support her D. she arrived at Gombe

C 4. The purpose of her study was to ____________.
? Watch the wild chimps in cages

? Gain a doctor’s degree
? Understand and respect the lives of chimps ? Live in the forest as men can

T h e f i r s t p a r a g r a\ ph

The whole day

A family of chimps wake up

Wander off into the forest

Feed or clean each other

The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree

Come into mother chimp’s arms,go to sleep together in their nest

The second paragraph
The first thing She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat. She observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it.

The second thing

She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other.

True or false:
She hopes that chimps can be left in (True) the forest. She supposes that people should not use chimps for entertainment.(True) She has spent more than forty years helping people understand her work. (True) She has built many homes for the wild animals to live in. (True)

The fourth paragraph
Working with animals in their own environment Gaining a doctor’s degree for her studies
Showing that women can live in the forest as men can

Getting the main idea of each paragraph

Paragraph 1: It is about a day in the park.
Paragraph 2: It is her way of doing her research and some achievement. Paragraph 3: It is her attitude and feeling to the animals. Paragraph 4: It is a short summary to her.

1 A day in the park 2 Jane’s way to study chimps and her achievement. 4 3 Her attitude to the animals.

She has achieved everything she wanted to do.

We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place

------Jane Goodall

Only if we can understand can we care

Only if we care will we help Only if we help shall all the life is hopeful

------Jane Goodall

What are the qualities that make a distinguished woman?

Ambitious Self-motivated
drive sparkle


Innovative Caring Positive Sensitive Persistent
Idea attitude Inspiration will power

Attitude is a little thing that makes a great difference!

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Language points

She helped improve prison conditions and gave prisoners work and education.
condition [ c] 状况, 状态 of weightless be in bad condition [c] 条件 差的工作和生活条件 the condition

be in good/excellent/ perfect condition

poor working and living conditions teaching and studying conditions on the condition that 引导条件从句 只有在…的条件下

I will buy you a notebook on the condition that you are admitted to a key university.

concern oneself with sth 使担心,使挂念 show concern about

be concerned about 对…关心
be concerned with 与…相关

connect v. -------- n.connection

organize v. -------n.organization

She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children.
devote… to 把…奉献给 ;专心致志于 ; 把…专用于

He has devoted all his life to _________(help) the blind people.

Jane has studied these animals for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like human.
Jane 已经研究他们很多年了,她帮助人们了解黑猩 猩跟人类的行为是多么的相似。

behave (1)vi. to act; bear oneself 行为;举止 她表现出了很大的勇气 She behaved with great courage. 他对顾客的态度不好 He __________________to the customers. behaved badly

(2)vt. &vi. to bear (oneself) in a socially accepted or polite way 举止适当或有礼 你应该学会举止得体 learn to behave. You should ____________________. (3) vi. (of things) to act in a particular way (指事物)有某种作用 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常。 has been behaving well My camera_________________________ since it was repaired.

3. worthwhile worthwhile: (adj.) 值得(花精力、时间、金 钱做) 的 a worthwhile experiment

It is worthwhile to do / doing sth.
worth: 值得的

____________________________________. The bicycle is worth £50.

这个博物馆(非常)值得参观。 is (well) worth visiting(. The museum_________________________.

be (well) worth + n. / doing sth.
The experiment is well worth the time and money. The experiment is well worth doing.

worthy: 值得的 be worthy to be done be worthy of + being done / n.
The experiments is worthy to be done.

eg. He is worthy of our praise.

Jane spent many years observing and recording their daily activities.
spend to pay the money or to use time, etc.花钱, 花时间。

How will you _________________________
spend sth on sth He spent all his savings on a new house. spend sth( on / in doing sth) 其中— ing 前的介词 in ,on 可以省略。

He spent his whole life looking after the poor.

Spend sth Pay Cost Take sb. Spend sth. (on sth.)/ (in) doing sb. Pay some money for sth sth. Cost sb some money it takes sb… to so sth.

He _________about a third of his salary in drinking. She __________ 3000 dollars for the dress. The DVD_________her 150 yuan. It ________him ten days to finish the experiment.

4. observe (1)vi.&vt. to notice/ watch carefully 观察注意到。 observe + n./pron./ sb. doing/do sth that-cl 这位科学家一生都在观察星星。 The scientist has observed the stars all his life.

我看到一个陌生人进了、正在进办公室。 I observed a stranger go/going into the office. 我注意到班上有几个学生睡着了。 I observed that several students were asleep in class.

(2) vt. to obey; to act in accordance with 遵守,顺从 我们必须遵守交通规则。 We must __________________________ observe the traffic rules.

(3) vt. to hold or celebrate 举行(仪式等), 庆祝(节日等) 你们国家的人庆祝圣诞节吗? observe Christmas Day your country? Do you _______________________in

8.Only+状语+部分倒装 只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 can we learn English better Only in this way____________________. 到那时我才意识到我的错误。 did I realize my mistakes Only then________________________. 她母亲来帮她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的 计划。 Only after her mother came to help her was she allowed to begin her project. _______________
但Only+主语时不倒装 只有你了解我。 understand me. Only you_____________

I failed in the final examination last term D the importance of and only then ____ studies.

A. I realized
C. had I realized

B. I had realized
D. did I realize

C back home after the experiment. ?It was ___ A. not until midnight did he go

B. until midnight that he didn’t go
C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go

9. 现在完成进行时 have/ has been doing

表示过去某一时刻开始的动作或状态一直持 续到现在,甚至到将来,强调进行的过程或 表示到现在为止的一段时间内一再反复进行 的动作或存在的状态。
He has been lying in bed for two weeks. 他已经卧床两周了。(现在还躺着)

他累了。 一天来他一直在学习。(现在还在学习) He is tired. He has been studying all day. 这些天他不断地给我们的杂志写文章。 All these days ______________________ he has been writing articles to our magazine.

Tom _________________________________ has been phoning Alice every night
for several months.

Eg Anne has been painting the ceiling.
安一直在粉刷天花板。 Ann has painted the ceiling. 安把天花板粉刷完了。 She has been smoking too much recently. 她近来吸烟很厉害。 Someone has smoked all my cigarettes.


He has been reading since this morning. _____________________________________

B Now that she is out of a job, Lucy_____ going back to school, but she hasn’t decided yet.

A. had considered B. has been considering
C. considered D. is going to consider

B He went to Beijing in 1990 and ____

there ever since.
A. is working C. works B. has been working D. worked

他一直在写信。 ________________________________________ He has been writing a letter.
他已写了半个小时的信。 ________________________________________ He has written a letter for half an hour. ** 现在完成进行时指动作从过去某段时间到 现在一直进行着,而且有可能持续下去; 现在完成时强调的是一个完成的动作,说明 动作的结果。

5. argue (vi.) +with sb. about/over sth.

同某人辩论某事 他们正在和同学争论这个问题的解决方法。 are arguing with their classmates They _______________________________ about the solution to the problem. 他们正在争执战争是否正当。 They are arguing with each other ______________________________________ about the justice of the war.

argue (vt.) +n./clause(从句)/sb. to be… 我们据理力争我们应该得到更高的薪水。 that we should be paid more We argued ___________________________ .
他花钱的方式说明他很富有。 argues him to The way he spends money _______________ be rich. _______________

argue for/against 为、为反对……而辩论 工人们为争取罢工的权力而辩论。 argued for the right to strike . The workers __________________________ 一些人为反对自由贸易辩论。 argue against free trade Some people __________________________ .

6. inspire: encourage

adj: inspired / inspiring n. : inspiration eg: She was an inspiration to all of us. inspiring Her __________speech yesterday made inspired We are determined to learn us_________. from her and try to do our job better.

c poet at that time and his He was an ____

____ poems spread through all the country. A.inspired; inspired B. inspiring; inspired

C. inspired; inspiring D. inspiring; inspiring

7. Support 1) 支持 2)承受 3) 供养 我不知道美国人是否拥护新成立的政党。 I wonder if the Americans support the new political party _________________________. 我认为支持本地企业是很重要的。 I think it’s important to support local businesses __________________________ .
那张长椅承受不了4个人。 support four people That bench won’t __________________ .

Subject-verb Agreement


What is S-V agreement?
? 用动词的适当形式填空 am a teacher. (be) 1. I ____ 2. He _____ good at swimming. (be) is 3. You ____ are late for school again.(be) 4. They ______ have many new books. (have) 5. She _____ has two sisters.(have)

Ex 1 On P5
? Rule: 集体名词如: group, class, company, government, family, army, enemy, population, team, public, crowd, audience 等作主语时,如果强调整体,谓语用单数,如 果强调个体(其中的各个成员)就用复数

The team is the best in the league. 这个队在联赛中打得最好。 The football team are having baths. 足球队队员们在洗澡。

? Rule: every one, everybody, everything, any one, anybody, anything, no one, nobody, nothing, some one, somebody, something, (none除外)等不定代词及each, the other作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。如: Nothing in the box is mine.

Ex 2 on P5

Rule: None 作主语时,谓语动词可用单数也可以用复 数;但在代表不可数的东西时总是看作单数,因而谓 语动词要用单数。

Exercise and Rules
1. The teacher with two students _____ was at the meeting . (was / were) A waiting 2. A woman with a baby in her arms _____ for the bus in the rain. A.was B.were C.has D.have 3. E-mail, as well as the telephones, _____ A an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play

? Rule:单数主语即使后面带有由with, along with, together with, like, but except, besides, as well as, more than, no less than, rather than, including, in addition to 引导的短语,谓语动词仍用单数。如: My sister together with/along with/with/as well as/besides my parents has gone to Beijing. The book, including ten science stories, sells well.

Exercise and Rules
3. Reading English papers and magazines ___helpful is to our study of English. (is/ are) is of no matter. (is /are) 4. Whether he comes or not ____ is 5. To say ___ (is/are) is one thing; to do ___another. 6. Listening, speaking, reading and writing ____four are skills for English study. (is/are) 7. Where to find the plant and what to do with it _____still the problems to settle. (is/are) are

? Rule:单个不定式(短语)、动名词(短 语)或从句作主语时谓语用单数; 多个时看作复数

Exercise and Rules
8.Many a boy ______ C made such a funny experiment. A. have B. are C. has D. is 9.Every means _______ been tried since then. A A. has B. were C. was D. has been is invited to our 10.Each actor and (each) actress____ school. (is /are) 11.Every boy and (every) girl _____ has got a toy train. (has/have) 12.No teacher and no student _____ agreesto have classes on Sunday. (agree/agrees)

? Rule:连接的并列主语被each,every、no 修饰或many a+ 名词,谓语动词用单数 ? Rule:each of +复数代词,谓语动用单数

Exercise and Rules
are gone for an outing. 13.A number of the students____ (is/ are) 14.The number of the students_____ is increasing year after year. (is/are) ? Rule: A number of + 复数名词,表许多的…谓语用复数,

The number of +复数名词,表…的数量谓语用单数。

Exercise and Rules
15. 70 percent of the surface ___covered with water. is (is/are) 16. 70 percent of the farmers ____ have improved their living conditions. (have/has) was pleasant.(was/were) 17. The rest of his journey _____ 18. The rest of the girls ____ are fond of music.( is /are) 19. All of your work ___well done.(is/are) is 20. All of your answers _____ are correct.(is/are)

? Rule:all (some, a lot, plenty, any, part, the rest, most, …percent, 分数,half)+ of+ 名词,谓语动词 根据of后面的名词决定,如果of后面是可数名词单 数或不可数名词,谓语用单数;如果of后面是名词 复数,谓语用复数形式,

意思一致Exercise and Rules
21.The poor_____to are be helped.(is/are)
22.The beautiful _____ is not always good.(is/are)

? Rule:the + adj. / p.p 结构作主语指人时, 谓 语动词用复数, 但如果指事物或抽象概念时, 用 单数谓语动词.

就近一致Exercise and Rules 21. There ___ three chairs, a desk and a computer in the are
room. (is / are ) 22.There ___ is a desk, a table and three chairs in the room. (is / are ) ? Rule:用here,there, where等引导的倒装句 中,谓语动词与靠近它的主语在数上一致。

Exercise and Rules
is from Canada. (is /are) 23. Either the girl or the boy ___ 24. Not only the door but also the windows ___ are open. (is /are) 25. Neither you nor I _____ know the answer. (knows/know) 26. Not you but I ____wrong. (am/ are/ is) am 27.You or he ____ is to take part in the competition. (is/are)

? Rule: 由either…or,neither…nor…,not only…but also…,not…but…,or连接两个主 语,谓语动词通常和邻近的主语一致。

? We Chinese ____ a hard-working people. A.is B.are C.is being D.are being
此题应选B。这里应注意的是:我们通常说的是主谓一致 (即谓语与主语保持一致),而不是表谓一致(即不是谓 语与表语一致),本题意为:我们中国人是一个勤劳的民 族。

并列主语中谓语应与哪个保持一致 ?
1. You or he ___ to blame. 你或他有一人要受责备。 2. ___ you or he to blame? 受责备的是你还是他? A.is,Is B.are,Are C.is,Are D. are,Is 答案:C,就近一致

是否and连接的主语,谓语都用复数 ?
1. 2. 3. 4.

(is/are) are Both bread and sugar ____sold out. The worker and the writer are __ from Beijing. The worker and writer ___ is from Wuhan. Bread and butter ___ is a daily food in the West.

由and 连接的并列成分指的是同一概念,兼具身份 或匹配出现,谓语用单数。 由 and 连接的两个并列成分表示两个不同的概念, 谓语用复数。


When we grow up we need food to give us nutrition. But the most important thing that we couldn’t do without is the love from our parents ,our friends and the ones we loves ,Similarly, a person’s success couldn’t leave the love to others. Knowledge is the food that a man should absorb(吸收 ) while love is the sunshine, a success should show love to others.

Before the lesson please tell us something about Lin Qiao zhi.
Date: 林巧稚


Home place: Xiamen,Fujian china Occupation: a specialist in women’s illness Work:

Gynecologic oncology


Fast reading
1.what was the writer’s problems?
2.what did he decided to do at last? Why ? 3. Which words can we find in the text used to describe Lin Qiaozhi ? 4. What are Lin Qiaozhi’s achievements mentioned in the passage?

What was the writer’s problems?

The writer did not know which subject to choose to study at university among English, biology and chemistry.
2.what did she decided to do at last? Why ? She chose to study at medicial college, because she was moved by Lin Qiaozhi and wanted to help others just like Lin Qiaozhi.

3. Which words can we find in the text used to describe Lin Qiaozhi ?

hard work determination good nature kindness consideration

4. What are Lin Qiaozhi’s achievements mentioned in the passage?
1.write down three of Lin Qiaozhi’s achievements after reading the passage
She got a medical training for her a.--------------------------------------------career. She became a specialist in women’s b.---------------------------------------------disease. She had made sure that about 50,000babies c.---------------------------------------------------were safely delivered to their mothers.

Careful Reading 2. Answer the following questions
1.For whom and for what purpose did Lin Qiaozhi write a book about how to look after babies? She wrote a book for mothers in the countryside who were not able toLin getQiaozhi a hospital easily 2.Which period did live in? . 3.Was it easy a woman to get medical She lived for in the early twentieth century.education at that time? Give a reason. It was not easy for a woman to get medical education at that time for education was for men first and women second.

4.What do you think are the important qualities a good doctor should have?

I think a good doctor should be kind,patient and have a good knowledge of diseases and ways of cures

Finish the summary.
One day,the writer did some research on Lin Qiaozhi—a in women’s diseases.He specialist found something about this great woman: she did her to study medicine best and wrote a book for the women in the and devoted all her countryside life to her patients and medical career.She won from people.After getting this information,the writerrespect decided to study at medical school and get training to help other people. medical

Explain the following phrases.

Do some research on sth. Death rate Get a medical training Can’t wait to do sth. Deliver a baby Devote … to

做某方面的研究 死亡率 学医 迫不及待要做某事 接生 投身于……

Language points
1. was to change 属于 “be +不定式”
的结构,此处表示“不可避免的,命中 注定的事”。

e.g. They were sure that he was to become a very famous person.


She is to go to Raoping tomorrow.

e.g. You are to do your homework

before you have lunch.

In such dry weather, the flowers
B will have to be watered if they___.

A. have survived

B. are to survive
C. would survive D. will survive

It was a book explaining how to cut the death rate from having and caring for babies by following some simple rules for keeping babies clean and healthy.
一本介绍如何在妇女怀孕到护理婴儿的过程中,通过 一些使婴儿保持清洁的简单规则来降低死亡率的书。

现在分词做定语,修饰book, 相当与 一个定 语从句 which explained how

2. explaining explain后接名词、代词、从句、wh-+to

She explained to us why she was late.
explain不能跟双宾语结构, 不能说explain sb. sth. 而只能说explain sth. to sb. 或explain to sb. sth.

3. Be intended for

解释“为……而准备, 预定” e.g. The chair was intended for you but she took it away.

4. Why not do sth

e.g. Why not ask for leave?

5. carry on (with) sth.
carry on doing sth.


1. Carry on with your work while I’m
away. 2. Carry on working while I’m away.


Listening on Page7 1 Read the questions before you listen. True or false. 1. Girls often leave school earlier for family reasons. T 2. When there is very little money, the school often prevents girls F from training. 3. Girls don’t have a chance to run a F company.


4. When women have children, they have

to stop work.

5. Men have more chances to get to the


top of their career than women.
6. Men can do whatever they like.



What three problems do women have which do not apply to men?

1._______________________________________ They have more difficulty getting an _____ education. 2._______________________________________ They have more difficulty getting to the ___________________ 3._______________________________________ top of their chosen career. ___________________________

They have to give up their careers for the childcare and running the house.

prevents girls from training for 3 1. This _______ their chosen career _____ .
2. Most of the ________ and running the
house is the _______ of the mother.


Men do not have this pressure.
3. Think about what _________ they

have had to face. difficulties

Listening text
First, girls _________________going to have more difficulty

school and finishing school. Often if there
are boys in the family and there is very little money, the boys will get first ______to go to school. If girls do go to school, they often ____________ earlier to go to work or to stay



leave school

home for family reasons, while more

boys_____________________. This continue their studies
prevents girls from training for their

chosen career.
Secondly, the chances for girls to get

to the top of their chosen career are
fewer than for boys. Most people

who run companies are men. Women

need to prove they can run businesses
successfully. This situation will remain


if women are not allowed problem___________________________ to do so Finally, women have to stop _______.
their careers (even if only for a short time)

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高中英语人教版必修4课件:Unit1Women of achievement_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit1 Women of achievement 1.behave vi. & vt.举动;(举止或行为)表现 ( 教材...
高中英语Unit1Womenofachievement4Writing课件新人教版必修4 - Section Ⅳ Writing 写作指导 常用句型 针对训练 如何描写著名人物 描写...
2018版高中英语Unit1Womenofachievement4Writing课件新人教版必修4 - Section Ⅳ Writing 写作指导 常用句型 针对训练 如何描写著名...
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高中英语人教版必修4课件Unit1Women of achievement_高考_高中教育_教育专区。Unit1 Women of achievement 1 1.behave vi. & vt.举动;(举止或行为)表现 ( 教材...
高中英语_Unit1_Women_of_achievement全套课件_新人教版必修4 - Unit 1 Women of achievement Who is the lady in th...
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高一英语必修4 Unit 1.1《Unit 1 Women of achievement课件(新课标人教版-必修4) - 语文课件,数学课件,PPT课件,课件,方案计划报告PPT,单元测试,期...
高中英语人教版必修4课件:Unit1Women of achievement_图文.ppt
高中英语人教版必修4课件:Unit1Women of achievement_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit1 Women of achievement 1.behave vi. & vt.举动;(举止或行为)表现 ( 教材...
必修4-Unit1-Women-of-achievement[全套课件]_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区...新人教版必修四Unit1_Wo... 23页 1下载券 课文 必修4_Unit1_Women... 暂...
新人教必修4_Unit1_Women_of_achievement[全套课件]_政史地_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1 Women of achievement A Chinese saying goes: Women can hold up half...
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【成才之路】2014-2015高中英语 Unit 1 Women of achievement课件 新人教版必修4 - 高考复习资料!2016年高考,赵小征教育!习题,学习资料,模拟试卷,参考书...
2014高考英语一轮复习_Unit1_Women_of_achievement课件_新人教版必修4 - Unit 1 Women of achievement 【素材示例】 假如你叫李华,...
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2014高考英语总复习 Unit 1 Women of achievement课件 新人教版必修4_英语_高中教育_教育专区。教材复习篇必修四 Units 1~2 Unit1 Women of achievement Ⅰ.晨...
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2014版英语复习方略课件(人教版通用):必修4 Unit 1 Women of achievement_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 4 Unit 1 Women of achievement 【诵读积累】 ( 原创...
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2017.4.16 英语期中复习专题课件:Unit1 Women of achievement(新人教版必修4)(共107张PPT) - Ⅰ.高频单词必记 1. campaign n. ...