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1.Their effort paid off. 他们的努力有了回报。 2.Being excited,the old man only said returning home was wonderful. 非常激动,这位老人只是说回家的感觉太好了。 3.Many passers-by realized how important the environment is to us. 许多过路者意识到环境对我们来说是多么重要。 4.I was absorbed in reading when a loud noise was heard from the next door. 我正在专心读书,突然从隔壁传来很大的声音。 5.To my surprise,the woman driver didn't stop but drove off as quickly as she could. 让我吃惊的是,这名女司机并没有停下车,反而快速地驾驶车辆逃跑了。 6.He was crossing the street when a yellow car made a right turn into Park Road. 他正在过马路,这时一辆黄色汽车向右拐进入公园路。 7.They each gave a speed telling us what they would do when they were elected. 他们每个人都发表了演讲,阐述当选后他们将做些什么。 8. We offered congratulations to him on his becoming our monitor. 我们祝贺他当选为我们的班长。 9. It is among the greatest inventions of the ancient times and still beneficial to modern human beings. 这是古代最伟大的发明之一, 至今对现代人都很有好处。 10. Not only they look beautiful, but they are tasty if cooked in a proper way. 它们不仅看起来漂亮, 只要烹饪方法适当, 还很美味可口。 11. It is my close companion as well as my best friend. 既是我的亲密伴侣,也是我最好的朋友。 12. Cold as it was, nobody felt cold in the white world. 尽管天气很冷, 但是没有人在这白色的世界中感觉到寒冷。 13. Standing at the top of the hill, we found how beautiful the city looked. 我们站在山顶上, 发现城市看起来是多么美丽啊! 14. The scenery was beautiful, so were the people there. 草原上的景美, 人也美。 15. We were attracted by the beautiful scenery the moment we arrived in the great Prairie. 我们一到达大草原就被那里的美景给吸引了。 16. Though a little fat, she doesn't seem disgusting. 虽然稍微胖一点,但她并没有给人讨厌的感觉。 17. So thoughtful is she to others that she enjoys much popularity in the family. 她对家人如此体贴,在家里她深受欢迎。 18. What fun it was to stay out and enjoy such a comfortable summer night! 待在外面享受舒适的夏日夜晚是多么快乐之事啊! 19. Her hair is straight and long, hanging down to her shoulders. 她的头发又直又长, 披散到肩上。 20. She is a girl with a charming face and bright eyes 她是一个脸颊迷人、浓眉大眼的姑娘。 21.Whenever they have difficulties, she is always ready to help. 每当他们有困难时,她总是乐意帮忙。 22.Such was Premier Zhou, a kind, wise and simple great man. 这就是周总理,一位友善、智慧、朴素的伟人。 23.He passed away in 1976, leaving no wealth or no money to his family.

他于 1976 年去世,没有给家庭留下任何财产和金钱。 24.In the clear sky the bright moon seems like a big diamond, giving off brilliant light. 在晴朗的天空中,皎洁的月亮像一颗巨大的钻石,散发着耀眼的光芒。 25.Shanghai is among the most attractive cities in the world. 上海是世界上最有吸引力的城市之一。 26.My hometown is located in the mountains,where visitors can enjoy green mountains and clear waters. 我的家乡位于山区,在那里游客可以欣赏到青山绿水。 27.South of the small mountain lies a modem school for the disabled. 小山的南面是一座为残疾人建设的现代化学校。 28.What an attraction the busy market is! 这座繁忙的集市多么吸引人啊! 29.Jingyang Lake is a beautiful and a rich lake, attracting thousands of tourists every year. 晋阳湖是一个美丽富饶的湖, 每年吸引着成千上万的游客。 30.South of the city of Taiyuan lies Jingyang Lake. 晋阳湖位于太原市的南部。 31.Hearing their team won the final race, the crowd jumped with joy. 听到他们的队赢了决赛,人们高兴地跳了起来。 32.The majority of the students are engaged in having various of sports on the playground. 多数学生在操场上进行各种体育活动。 33.The sun had just risen, shining brilliantly. 初升的太阳光芒四射。 34.All that she should do is to devote more time to her lessons. 她应该做的就是利用更多的时间来学习。 35.And I'm looking forward to attending a key university in Australia. 我盼望着将来能在澳大利亚上一所重点大学。 36.Everybody agrees that I am the easiest person to get along with. 大家一致认为我是最好相处的人。 37.Second,I get along with others easily, which is especially useful for a volunteer. 其次,我善于交际,这对一名志愿者来说尤其有用。 38.I am willing to offer help no matter when somebody needs it. 无论何时有人需要帮助,我都愿意提供帮助。 39.It's high time that we considered this problem and tried to settle it. 我们早就该考虑并解决这一问题了。 40.It's required that we should borrow only five books every time. 要求我们每次只能借阅 5 本书。 41.We are proud that we have a great number of high quality teachers. 令人自豪的是,我们有一大批高素质的老师。 42.Its natural resources are very adequate, especially in minerals, wood and sea products. 它的自然资源非常丰富,尤其在矿产、木材、海产等方面。 43.We also have a swimming pool, which is open all day and free of charge. 我们还有一个游泳池,全天免费开放。 44.By doing so,we offer thanks to our parents for what they have done for us. 这样做,我们感谢父母为我们所做的一切。 45.As a rule,children are given some lucky money to buy what they like. 作为惯例,孩子们会得到一些压岁钱用来买他们所喜欢的东西。 46.Students have to pass a series of examinations before entering a university. 学生必须参加一系列考试才能上大学。 47.Compared to the paper cards, electronic cards have the advantage of convenience and cheapness. 与纸卡相比,电子卡具有方便和便宜的优点。

48.Pandas are so valuable that they are considered to be the national treasure of China. 熊猫如此珍贵,被认为是中国的国宝。 49.The big stone arch is made up of over 1000 stones, each of which is 30 centimeters thick and weighs as much as one ton. 该桥由 1000 多块石头建成, 每块石头厚约 30 多厘米,重达 1 吨。 50.Zhaozhou Bridge is over 50 meters in length and 9 meters in width. 赵州桥长 50 多米,宽 9 米多。 51.If you are interested in the training courses, you can refer to the poster related. 如果你对培训课程感兴趣,你可以查阅相关海报。 52.It's requested that everyone keep quiet and not make any noise in the reading room. 要求每个人在阅览室要保持安静、不要喧哗。 53.It's a great honour for me to act as your guide. 很荣幸给你们当导游。 54.Each coin has two sides.The changes also have some had effect on our daily life. 事物都是一分为二的,这些变化也对我们的日常生活产生了不良影响。 55.As can be seen from the picture, nearly all the students in this class are short-sighted. 从图画中可以看出,班里几乎所有的学生都近视。 56.The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most. 调查显示,超过一半的学生最喜欢阅读新闻。 57.From 2006 to 2007, the meat consumption dropped a little to 22%, while the comsumption of fruit and vegetables increased a little to 22%. 从 2006 年到 2007 年,肉食消费稍微下降为 22%,而水果和蔬菜的消费稍微上升为 22%. 58.It is widely believed that eating food in a healthy way is of significance. 人们广泛地认为健康饮食是非常重要的。 59.If we don't use English, we won't create a good atmosphere for English learning. 如果不使用英语,我们就不会创造一个英语学习的良好氛围。 60.Only in this way can they find better jobs after graduation. 只有如此,他们才可以在毕业后找到更好的工作。 6l.If so, there will be no possibility that you can get close to the nature. 如果这样,你将不可能去密切接触大自然。 62.However, 60% of the students are against the idea of having mobile phones. 然而,有 60%的学生不赞同带手机。 63.They are so young that they still lack in the ability of self control. 他们如此年轻还缺乏自控能力. 64.In my opinion, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools. 我的观点是,作弊不对,因为这违反了校规。 65.What we should do is to get high marks by working hard at our lessons instead of cheating in exams. 我们应该做的是通过努力学习而不是通过作弊来获得高分 66.They hold the belief that learning English from childhood is helpful to his/her future development. 他们认为,儿童时开始学英语对孩子的未来发展有益。 67.One of the advantages is that studying abroad helps know better about the foreign culture. 其中一个优点是,在国外学习可以更好地了解外国文化。 68.In a word,I am strongly against the advice of building more low-price hospitals. 总之,我强烈反对建更多的平价医院的建议。 69.Most of us consider it wise to take practical measures to protect our traditional culture. 我们中多数都认为采取实际措施来保护传统文化是很英明的。 70.However, others, especially the youngsters, are fond of this way. 然而,有些人,尤其是青年人喜欢这种方式。 71.60% of the students are strongly for the idea that we should carry on space exploration, thinking it's worth doing so.

60%的学生强烈支持进行太空探险这一想法, 认为非常值得去做。 72.When it comes to getting news, the Internet has more advantages over traditional newspapers. 说到获取信息,网络比传统的报纸有更多的优势。 73.It is my opinion that students should place their study, health and safety before other things. 我的观点是,学生应该将学习、身体健康、安全放在首要位置上。 74.As a student, it's always right to focus on his or her studies. 作为学生, 把精力集中在学习上总是正确的。 75.Now that health is so important, what should we do to keep fit? 既然健康如此重要,我们应该如何才能保持身体健康呢? 76.Most importantly,we can better understand and get close to the fascinating nature. 最重要的是,我们可以更好地了解和接触神秘的大自然。 77.We must try to persuade smokers, especially young smokers, give up the bad habit. 我们要规劝烟民,尤其是年轻的烟民戒烟。 78.Traveling by train costs only 250 yuan while traveling by air will take us 900 yuan. 乘火车旅行只花费 250 元,而乘飞机则要花费 900 元。 79.Each person chooses his own way of traveling according to his or her taste. 每个人会根据自己的喜好选择旅游方式。 80.Since noise is a serious problem, measures must be taken to control it. 由于噪音是一个严重的问题,应该采取措施来控制噪音。 81.At the same time, students can start with small things, such as collecting used items for recycling and saving water. 同时,学生们应该从小事做起,比如收集用过的物品以便循环使用或者节省一些水。 82.We are supposed to keep in mind that it's our duty to do something to protect our environment. 我们应该牢记:采取行动保护环境是我们的职责。 83.In no case shall we ignore the protection of our environment. 我们绝不应该忽视对环境保护。 84.How can you hope for help if you don't help others? 如果你不帮助别人,又怎么希望得到别人的帮助呢? 85.In a way failure is also a kind of success, from which you can at least get valuable experience. 从某种意义上来说,失败也是一种成功,至少从中你获得了宝贵的经验。 86.There is no doubt that human beings will answer for their foolish actions sooner or later. 毫无疑问,人类迟早将会因自己的愚蠢行动而受到惩罚。 87.Never give up your hope, and believe that you will be cured of your cancer. 一定不要放弃希望,相信能彻底治愈你的癌症。 88.I will surely make every effort to do the work well if I am offered the position. 当然,一旦我得到这份工作,我会竭尽全力把它做好。 89.The travel agency has to make sure that such occurrences won't take place any more. 旅行社必须确保类似事情不再发生。 90.How I miss the happy time I spent together with your family in your great country! 我多么怀念和你全家人在贵国度过的幸福时光! 91.Some of us taught some drivers and conductors English,while others cleaned the buses. 我们中有人去教司机和售票员学英语,而另外一些清洁公共汽车。 92.We have leamed a lot from what we did today: sharing with others all you have makes you happy. 我们从今天所做的事情中学到了很多,那就是与他人分享你拥有的一切会使你感到幸福。 93.It wasn't until twelve o'clock that all American students left our school. 直到十二点钟, 所有的美国学生才离开我们学校。 94.We will be punished sooner or later unless we live harmoniously with nature. 我们迟早会受到惩罚,除非我们与大自然和谐相处。 95.It has been decided that a music week should he organized in order to enrich their life. 为丰富他们的生活,已经决定将要组织一次音乐周活动。

96.Make sure that you are not late for this activity. 确保此次活动不要迟到。 97.There is no doubt that you will have a lot of fun at the party. 毫无疑问,晚会会令人很快乐的。 98.Attention,please./May I have your attention?请注意! 99.Whoever feels interested in activities like that is requested to sign up on line. 要求凡是对此类活动感兴趣的人进行网上报名。 100.I'd like to enquire about the information of traveling in this city. 我想咨询一下到这个城市旅游的信息。 101.I would be very grateful if you can work out an itinerary as soon as possible. 如果你能够尽快提供一份旅行日程安排,我们将非常感激。 102.Owing to a small population, this city doesn't seem too crowded or noisy. 由于人口较少,这座城市似乎不那么喧嚣和拥挤。 103.Not only have I made progress in oral English,but also I have made many British friends. 我不仅英语口语有了进步,而且还结交了许多英国朋友。 104.It is one of the most convenient neighbourhoods in this large city. 这是这座大城市中最便利的小区之一。 105.We will appreciate it if you cnn provide us with many high quality articles regularly. 如果你能给我们定期提供大量的优质稿件,我们将非常感谢。 106.Anyone who is willing to, please send your resume in Chinese and English within two months. 有意者在两个月内将中英文简历邮寄过来。 107.Whoever are interested in this position are welcome to contact with us. 凡是对该职位感兴趣的人欢迎和我们取得联系。 108.I will be greatly thankful to you if you would be kind enough to return it to me in time. 如果你能及时送还我将不胜感激。 109.The person who lost it can claim it at the classroom of Class4, Senior2. 请失主前往高二年级四班教室认领。 110.We heartily hope that you will be present at the meeting and give advice on how to learn English well. 我们衷心地希望你能出席会议并就如何学好英语提出意见。 111.Personally, I think it a good idea for us senior 3 students to have daily exercise. 我个人认为,高三的学生每天锻炼是个好主意。 112.It's worthwhile to have/having regular exercise every morning for us students. 对学生来说,每天早晨有规律的锻炼很值得。 113.Wish you pleasant work and a happy life in China. 祝在中国工作顺利, 生活愉快。 114.Only in this way can we have enough energy to study better. 只有这样,我们才能有充足的精力去更好地学习。 115.Let's start right now and spare no effort to do a little bit every day, every hour, and every minute! 让我们马上行动起来,时时刻刻做好每天的事情。 116.As a young student, it's our duty to help those in need. 作为一名青年学生,帮助需要帮助的人是我们的职责。 117.It is because of the poverty that many senior students can't afford to go to university. 就是因为贫穷,许多高中生无法上大学。 118.As a result,the terrible fire kept buring for 33 hours, causing a heavy loss to the city. 结果,大火持续燃烧了 33 小时,给这座城市带来了重大损失。 119.Therefore,the yearly income of the peasants is larger and larger year by year. 因此,农民的年收入逐年增加。 120.In the school yards stands a two-story teaching building. 校院里建起了一栋两层的教学楼。

121.The accident occurred so suddenly that it had been some time before the other people in the street understood what was happening. 事故发生得如此突然,以至于了一会儿之后人们才意识到所发生的事情。 122.It was evident that the young man hadn't obeyed the traffic rules. 很明显,这个年轻人没有遵守交通规则。 123.Luckily, nobody was killed in the robbery although one of the clerks was slightly hurt. 幸运的是,这次抢劫案中无人遇难,尽管有一名职员受了轻伤。 124.Just as a popular saying goes,"Every coin has two sides."Also he has his own weaknesses. 正如一句流行语所说:任何事情都是一分为二的。他也有自己的缺点。 125.According to the statistics shown in the first chart, more accidents have happened this year. 根据第一个图表的数据,今年发生的事故更多。 126.The table shows/ indicates/ reveals that women are more likely to be infected with AIDS. 图表显示妇女更有可能感染艾滋病。 127.It can be seen/ concluded from the figures that these lakes are still seriously polluted. 从这些数字可以看出/得出结论这些湖泊仍然受到严重污染。 128.Nowadays there is a growing concern for the safety of the daily food. 现在人们越来越关心日常食品的安全。 129.There is an old proverbs which says “Where there is a will, there is way.” 有句古老的谚语说“有志者事竟成” 。 130.Anyway, the true meaning of our life is not its length, but its value. 毕竟,生命的真正意义不在长短,而在于价值。

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