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2012 年长沙市雅礼中学理科实验班招生试题 英语 (本卷原名:长沙市雅礼优生毕业测试卷)
考生注意:本卷满分 120 分,考试时间 90 分钟,请将答案写在答题卡上。
一.单项选择(每题 1 分,共计 20 分) 1.His father possesses a factory, which does most of the most of the pollution to this river. A.paper—make B.paper—making C.papers—made Dpaper—made 2.The letter “b”in the word “doubt” is A.sound B.silent C.silence D.sounded 3.——I knocked into a tree when I went to the railway station for my friend. -----I suppose you too fast. A.drive B.are driving C.drove D.were driving 4.-----What should I do ,doctor? Healthy,you should take more exercise. A.Keep B.Keeping C.To keep D.Having ketp 5.-----Have you found the information about famous people you can use for the report? , -----Not yet.I ll search some on the Internet. A.which B.who C.what D.whom , 6.-----Oh,Mary s not here these days .Is she ill? ----Her mother told me that she was in hospital. , , A.I am afraid so B.I hope not C.I don t mind D.I don t think so 7.It looks like a television .Do you think so ? -----Yes,I . A.understand B.know C.mean D.agree , 8.-----I don t know how to use this machine. , ----It doesn t matter .Here is the . A.instruction B.direction C.information D.advertisement 9.He go to sleep his father came back. , , , , A.won t;unless B. doesn t;until C.didn t;until D. didn t;when 10.She can solve the problem, is often the case. A.It B.As C.That D.Which 11.-----Did you enjoy yourself at the party? , ----Yes.I ve never been to one before. A.a more excited B.the most excited C.a more exciting D.the most exciting 12.The telephone four times in the last hour,and each time it for the student doing a part-time job. A.has rung;was B.has been ringing;is C.rang;had been D.had rung;was , , 13.—They re really nice.I ll these two. ---Anything else?


---No,that s all. ? A.buy;How much is it B.get;How much dose it cost C.take;How much do they come to D.want;How much is that altogether 14.—Do you know ? —They moved here soon after their son was born.. A.when would the Smiths move here B.when the Smiths moved here C.the Smiths would move here D.when the Smiths would move here 15.— What does Tom often do at school? —He often plays football after school? A./;/ B./;the C.the;/ D.a;a 16.—What do you think of store shopping in the future . —Personally,I think it will exist along with home shopping but . A.will never replace B.would never replace C.will never be replaced D.would never be replaced 17.Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon ,or it is convenient to you . A.whenever B.however C.whichever D.wherever 18.Not until , settle the problem. A.he returns;can we B.he returns;we can C.does he returns;we can D. does he can;we can , 19.I ll go to the library as soon as I finish what I . A.was doing B.am doing C.have done D.had been doing 20.English is a language shared by several diverse cultures,each of uses it somewhat differently. A.which B.what C.them D.those

二、完形填空(每题 1 分,共计 20 分) A Happy Memory to Lift you Up I hear some actors keep sad memories to help them with scenes where they might need to cry.I , think we should each try to find the opposite to 21 us up every day.I m saying this because I just 22 mine! I had some work in Glasgow today.I was on such a 23 schedule that I had no time for myself all day. Walking across the square,I fished(取出) some 24 from my pocket.There was 25 someone at the exit selling The Big Issue ,a magazine helping homeless folk 26 a living. At the exit I saw 27 selling The Big Issue .Her clothes were 28 and she obviously , hadn t had a bath for quite a white. As I 29 ,I saw she was,also rocking from side to side.At first I thought maybe she was , trying to keep 30 against the biting wind.But she wasn t .She was moving in time to a , tune.I couldn t 31 her,but I could see her lips 32 . As I got closer ,I saw a white cane(拐杖)hanging from her elbow(肘)and noticed she had sunken(凹陷的) 33 .She was blind ,drity and living on the 34 . I came cloer and


through the 35 of the traffic and the crowd I heard her 36 the immortal(永恒的) line ,“…and I think to myself,what a wonderful world!” , I bought her 37 magazine for twice what I d originally intended.She 37 me,then she picked up her stuff and went tapping off along the pavement — 39 singing! So,I have my happy 39 for the day.And I think it will stay me a long long time.Feel free to borrow it if you like. 21.A.build B.give C.pick D.lift 22.A.explained B.found C.invented D.described 23.A.tight B.perfect C.free D.short 24.A.tickets B.keys C.change D.paper 25.A.barely B.sometime C.never D.usually 26.A.understand B.earn C.offer D.compiete 27.A.someone B.anyone C.everyone D.no one 28.A.well-known B.sold C.ragged D.packed 29.A.stayed B.approached C.disappeared D.escaped 30.A.fearless B.calm C.still D.warm 31.A.see B.admire C.hear D.trust 32.A.moving B.closing C.changing D.falling 33.A.ears B.eyes C.mouth D.nose 34.A.roofs B.stages C.streets D.trains 35.A.cost B.bottom C.window D.noise 36.A.writing B.singing C.recording D.retelling 37.A.last B.next C.only D.extra 38.A.served B.recognized C.thanked D.considered 39.A.yet B.thus C.also D.still 40.A.memory B.childhood C.adventure D.birthday

三、阅读理解(41—53 小题,每题 2 分;54—62 小题,每题 3 分,共计 50 分) 【A 阅读下面的短文,请根据短文内容从每题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 It has been thought and said that Africans are born with musical talent.Because music is so important in the lives of many Africans and because so much music is performed in Afreica,we are inclined to think that all Africans are musicians .The impression is strenghtened. When we look at ourselves and find that we have become largely a society of musical spectators.Music is important to us ,but most of us can be considered consumers rather than producers of music .We have records,television,concerts,and radio to fulfill many of consumers rather than producers of our musical needs.In most situations where music is performed in our culture it isnot difficult to distinguish the audience form the performers,but such is often not the case in Africa .Alban .. .. Ayipaga,a Kasena semiprofessional musician from northern Ghana ,says that when his flute and drum ensemble is performing,“Anybody can take part” 。This is true ,but Kasena musicians recognize that not all people are equally able to take part in the music.Some can sign along with the drummers,but relatively few can drum and even fewer can play the flute along with the


ensemble.It is fairly common in Africa for there to be an ensemble of expert musicians surrounded by others who join in by clapping ,singing or somehow adding to the totality of musical sound .Pertormiance oftenn take place in an open area (that is ,not on a stageg) and so the lines between the performing nucleus and the additional performers ,active spectators,and passive .. . .. . . spectators may be difficult to draw from our point of view. 41.The difference between us and Africans in music is that . A.we are musical performers and they are semiprofessional musicians B.most of us are consumers while most of them are producers of music C.most of us are passive spectators while they are active spectators D.we are the audience and they are the additional performers 42.The underlined word ―such‖ refers to the fact that . A.music is performed with the participation of the audience B.music is performed without the participation of the audience C.people tend to distinguish the audience from the performers D.people have records,television sets and radios to fulfill their musical needs 43.The author of the passage implies that . A.all Africans are musical and therefore much music is performed in Afeiica B.not all Africans are born with musical talent although music is important in their lives C.most Africans are capable of joining in the music by playing musical instruments D.most Africans perform as well as professional musicians 44.The underlined word ―nucleus‖probably refers to . A.musicians famous in Africa B. musicians at the center of attention C. musicians acting as the center in a performance D.active participants on a musical performance

【B】 阅读下面的短文,请根据短文内容从每题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 , Last week was Road Safety Week at Jason s school .All the students had to take part in a talk on road safety which was given by a police officer.The following is what the police officer said. , ―Most traffic accidents shouldn t happen .They happen because people are careless.A frequent cause of traffic accidents is speed.Some people drive too quickly.This means that if they have to stop suddenly,they can not stop quickly enough to avoid(避免)hitting other vehicles(车辆)or people.You need to remember this when you are crossing the street or walking along the sidewalk(人行道)。 , It s not only drivers who cause accidents,however.People on foot——pedestrians,and bike reders often cause accidents,too Pedestrians sometimes walk out into the street without looking .You should always look in both sides before stepping into the street. ―Do any of you ride a bike?Bike riders can cause accidents by changing direction suddenly or without warning other road users.Before you turn left,for example ,you should cheek behind you , to make sure there aren t any cars,trucks or buses coming .You should show with your left hand to , tell that you want to turn left.You shouldn t turn until the street is clear.The rules of the road are , very simple, If you learn them and obey (服从) them,you shouldn t have any accidents any more.‖


45.The main idea of the story is that . A.knowing the rules of the road can keep you from having accidents. B.it was Road Safety Week at Jasons school. , C.it s not only drivers who cause traffic accidents. D.some people have accidents because they drive too quickly. 46.Why do most traffic accidents happen? . A.Because people stop their cars suddenly. , B.Because people don t know the rules. , C. Because people don t care if they have an accident. D. Because people are careless. 47.How can bike riders cause accidents? . A.By crossing the road without warning other road users. B.By turning suddenly or without warning other road users. C.By making sure there arent any cars coming. D.By showing suddenly or without warning other road users. 48.The word ―frequent‖in the passage means in Chinese. A.频繁的 B.偶尔的 C.所有的 D.鲜有的 49.Which of the following is the best title of this passage? . A.Road Safety Week B. Safety Report C. Safety First D. Safety and Accidents

【C】 阅读下面的短文,请根据短文内容从每题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 On March 24,2006,the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter returned the first images taken from , 1,547 miles above the surface of the planet by it s super high-resolution cameras.These cameras , are the most powerful photographic equipment ever to be trained on the Red planet in NASA s search for water and life. The black-and-white photos,taken by three cameras show deep channels and surface piecse.The resolution of the test images is comparable to those taken by the less powerful cameras of three other orbiters now circling Mars.NASA scientists will use the images to adjust the cameras.and will later combine the images to create a brother view and to dd color. The spacecraft ,which reached orbit on March10,is to map about I percent of the Martian surface which may be used for future landings by robotic probes and human astronauts.Over the , next seven months, the orbiter will dip into Mars atmosphere and gradually change its orbit into a , near-circle about 185 miles above the planet s surface .In this lower orbit ,scientists can see surface objects as small as I meter wide. ―Now we have an idea that water is probably rich on Mars in the form of ice,‖McEwen,a , mission sicentist of planetary science,said。 “it s not a matter of finding water on Mars any longer but of learning its importance in climate change…….and clearly it has been inportant in shaping the landscape.‖ , The orbiter s first task is no find landing sites for the Phoenix Mars Lander,which is set to


arrive on Mars in May 2008,and for the 2009 arrival of the Mars Sicence Laboratory.This laboratory is a largerversion of the twin roboric geologists Spirit and Opportunity,which have been , exploring the planet s surface since 2004. 50. How many orbiters are circling around Mars at the moment? A.There B.Five C.Six D.Four 51.What will the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter NOT do in the future? A.To lower its orbit. B.To map the whole surface of Mars for future landings . C.To send back clearer pictures for the future space missions. D.To dip into the atmosphere. 52.What does ―it‖in Paragraph 4 refer to? A.Water B.Climate change C.Mars D.The Mars orbiter 53.What would be the best title of the passage? A.Traces of water are found on Mars. B.Cameras contribute much to space missions. C.The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sends back first images. D.New discoveries from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

As American friend of mine who was high up in a big corporation had worked out a way of heading a good of e-mails before most of us bad ,even heard of the concept. If any information he was sent was vital enough ,his back of response would ensure the sender rang him up,if the sender , , wasn t important enough to have his private numbers the communication couldn t be that important ,my friend is now even more senior in the same company so the strategy must work. Almost every week now there seems to be a report suggesting that we are all being driven , , crazy by the bother of e-mial..He this is the case ,it s only because we haven t developed an appropriate in dealing with it. Firstly.You junk nothing with an exclamation mark on , a string of capital letters ,or from my address,you don t recognize on feel confident about. , , Secondly ,e-mail don t and have to be answered.Because e-mail is so easy ,there s a tendency for correspondence to carry on for ever ,but it is permissible to stop an discussion or to accept a point of information sent by a colleague without acknowledging it. Thirdly, a reply e-mail thoughts have to be the same length as the original.We all have e-mail pals who send long,chatty e-mails,which are nice to receive,but who then expect an equally long reply .The chart of e-mail can consist in the simple,incomplete sentence ,totally regardless of the of the bread of the letter meat by post.You are perfectly within the bounds of politeness in responding to a marathon e-mail with a better reply. 54.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 3 with a proper sentence .(within 10 words) 55.What advice is given in the last paragraph? (within 10 words) 56.For what purpose does the author mention his American friend in Paragraph 1 ? (within 10 words) 57.Franslate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chincse.


【E】 阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的字数要求) 。 , , [1]Hello.It s one of the first words we learn as babies ,yet it s one of the last ones we think to use , as adultsThat s unfortunate ,because saying hello is more than just saying hello-it is recognition of , another s worth..How might the worlenange-how might we change –if we mastered this word?To , , find out,I spent one mouth saying hello too every person I met .Here s what I ve learned. [2]It can boost (促进)prcductivity.In one of the few studies ever done on this subject ,Allan Allday,an assistant professor of special education at Oklahoma State University.had middle school teachers greet their students individually each morning .This exchange of greetings raised the kids productivity.School went from impersonal ,and that resulted in more class participation and better grades. [3]Enironments influence friendliness,One study found that people in the city were kiss likely to one hands with a stranger than those in the countryside.And ,researehers say.plear envirouments generally encourage more smiles and hellos than unpleasant oncs,My expenrience was similarl.Whatever the reason ,my urban hellos were answered far less often than my rural one.Similarly,people in vacation spots,like the Jeros hore ,were far feiendlier than those hurrying work downtown. , , [4] It s a form of universal health insurance . It s impossible to say hello without smiling And smiling has been shown to loweer blood pressure ,relieve stress and boost happiness.Apparetly,a smile creates a similar effect in the recipient(接受者)。 [5]So maybe we can make the world a better place by .After a mouth of doinp it .I feel lighter and more connected and I have a better sence of well-being. 58.What dose the author say about the adults according to Paragraph 1?(within 8 words) 59.Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one? Teachers and students got friendlier so that the students because more activein in learning and scored higher in tests. 60.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 5 with proper words.(withn 5 words) 61.○ 1 2 ○ 3 ○

62.Translatc the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 Chinese.

四.短文改错(每小题 1 分,共计 10 分) One stormy evening,my sister called say that She will be working late and planned to catch the late to home .As she hurried from the bus stop she had an uncomfortable feeling that somebady was following her.Look around,she noticed someone in the distance holding a umbrella.

63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68.


Panic-stricken,she ran all way home“Quick, Lock the door,‖she called to her mother.“there are a dreadful man following me.‖“I know‖,my , mother replied on a smile .“It s you father with your umbrella and raincoat.‖

69. 70. 71. 72.

五、书面表达(共计 20 分) 请用英语写一篇 100 词左右的短文,简要描述漫画内容,并结合生活实际,就漫画主 题发表感想,题目自拟。 参考词汇:公民道德——civic virtue


2012 年长沙市雅礼中学理科实验班招生试题 英
一、单项选择(每小题 1 分) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

二、完形填空(每小题 1 分) 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

三、阅读理解(41—53 小题每题 2 分,54—62 小题每题 3 分) 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

54.(within 10 words) 55. (within 10 words) 56. (within 10 words) 57.

58. (within 8 words) 59.

60. (within 5words) 61. (within 8 words)○ 1

2 ○

3 ○

62. 四.短文改错(每小题 1 分) One stormy evening,my sister called say that 63. She will be working late and planned to catch 64. the late to home .As she hurried from the bus 65. stop she had an uncomfortable feeling that 66. somebady was following her.Look around,she 67. noticed someone in the distance holding a umbrella. 68. Panic-stricken,she ran all way home“Quick, 69. Lock the door,‖she called to her mother.“there 70. are a dreadful man following me.‖“I know‖,my 71. , mother replied on a smile .“It s you father with 72. your umbrella and raincoat.‖ 五.书面表达(20 分) 请将作文写在问卷上,即试卷第 7 页(答题卡左侧)



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