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2014高三人教英语一轮总复习必修二 Units 3~5质量过关检测 (1)


Units 3~5 质量过关检测
时间:120 分钟。

本卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。共 150 分。

第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共 115 分) 第一部分:听力(满分 30 分) 略

第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D、四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选 项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 21.(2013· 东北三省第一次大联考)New iPhone goes on sale on Friday with ________ as bigger screen and 4G wireless technology,

________ company seeks to keep its competitiveness. A.a; a C.the; the B.a; the D.the ;a

答案:B 考查冠词。句意:因为 New iPhone 公司想保持其竞 争性,周五,新苹果手机开始销售,其屏幕比以前大了而且使用了 4G 无线网络技术。第一空表泛指;第二空特指开发出 New iPhone 的这家公司。 22.(2013· 杭州市一检)—Sunday is a public holiday,______ children should get close to nature. —But most of them have several lessons to attend. A.where C.in which B.which D.when

答案:D 考查定语从句。句意:——周日是一个公共假期,此 时孩子们应该去亲近大自然。 ——但是他们大多数都有好几个课程需 要学习。先行词是 holiday,从句部分缺少状语,所以选表示时间的

关系副词 when。 23.(2013· 高三武汉市部分学校联考)The reporter said that the survivors greatly ________ the firefighters' rescue after the big fire. A.charged C.harmed B.appreciated D.solved

答案:B 考查动词。句意:新闻记者说火灾过后,幸存者们非 常感激消防队员的营救。 appreciate“感激, 鉴赏”; charge“指控”; harm“伤害”;solve“解决”。 24.(2013· 忻州市第一次联考)The new storybook is written in ________ easy English ________ beginners can understand it. A.such; that C.such; as B.so; that D.too; that

答案:A 考查句型。句意:这本新故事书是用如此浅显的英语 写的以至于初学者都可以理解。第一空中心词是名词 English,所以 填 such;第二空 beginners can understand it 句子完整,所以填 that 而非 as。 25.(2013· 开封市一模)It is reported that another new school ________ at present in the poor mountain area. B.is building D.is being built

A.are building C.are being built

答案:D 考查时态。句意:据报道,在贫穷的山区,一所新校 正在被建设。由句意可知,选现在进行时的被动语态。C 项主谓一致 错误。 26.(2013· 西安市长安区第一次质检)Qiu Jie is working harder than ever, hoping to ________ line games. the time he has wasted playing on

A.take up C.call up

B.bring up D.make up

答案: D 考查动词短语。 句意: 丘杰现在工作比以前努力多了, 他希望把浪费在网络游戏上的时间弥补过来。 make up“弥补”; take up“拿起,从事,占据”;bring up“养大”;call up“使想起”。 27. (2013· 厦门市质检) In winter, elderly people should be looked after with great care because they are ________ weather changes. A. familiar C. accustomed B. sensitive D. devoted to severe

答案:B 考查形容词。句意:在冬天,应该小心地照顾老年人, 因为他们对恶劣天气的变化很敏感。由句意可知,选 sensitive,be sensitive to...“对??敏感”。be familiar to...“被??所熟知”;be accustomed to...“习惯于??”;be devoted to...“奉献,投入”。 28. (2013· 高三武汉市部分学校联考)Plenty of ________ has been paid by the government to safety issues of the children on school buses. A.concentration C.influence B.attention D.attraction

答案:B 考查名词。句意:校车安全问题已经引起了政府的充 分重视。pay attention to“注意”。 29 . (2013· 南 九 校 联 考 )The victory ceremony was held 豫 yesterday.The three policemen ________ with medals for their bravery. A.were honored C.had honored B.are honored D.honored

答案:A 考查时态和语态。句意:昨天召开了庆祝胜利大典。 那三名警察因为勇敢而被授奖章。 由句意可知, 用被动语态, 排除 C、 D 两项;再由第一句的时态可知,应该用一般过去时,所以排除 B 项。 30.(2013· 淄博市期末)The with an ________ of satisfaction. A.expectation C.expression B.imagination D.appreciation boy looked at his Christmas gift

答案:C 考查名词。句意:那个男孩带着满意的表情看着他的 圣诞礼物。 由句意可知, expression, 选 意为“表情”; expectation“期 望”;imagination“想象”;appreciation“欣赏,感激”。 31. (2013· 嘉兴 市基 础测试 )Where did you pick up ______ news that the pop star, whose new song was quite a hit last year, would give ________ concert? B.不填;the D.不填;a

A.the;the C.the;a

答案:C 考查冠词。句意:你是从哪里得到了这个消息——去 年新歌卖得很火的那个明星要举办一场音乐会?由句意可知, 第一空 的 news 是特指;第二空 concert 为泛指。 32. (2013· 高三武汉市部分学校联考)To the great ________ of the citizens, no one else was infected with H1N1 except the 12 confirmed cases. A.relaxation C.surprise B.disappointment D.relief

答案:D 考查名词。句意:令市民很感欣慰的是,除了 12 例 已经确认的 H1N1 的病例外,没有人受感染。to one's relief“令人感

到欣慰的是”;to one's disappointment“令人感到失望的是”;to one's surprise“令人感到吃惊的是”。 33 . (2013· 山 市 期 末 )The government ________ great 唐 importance to nuclear energy. A.compares C.attaches B.applies D.contributes

答案: 考查动词。 C 句意: 政府非常重视核能。 attach importance to...“认为??重要”。 34. (2013· 唐山市期末)The speech was so boring that his patience ________ soon after it began. A.gave out C.gave off B.gave up D.gave away

答案:A 考查动词短语。句意:这场演讲如此令人厌烦以至于 演讲一开始他就失去了耐心。give out“耗尽,用光”;give up“放 弃”;give off“散发出”;give away“捐赠”。 35 . (2013· 春 市 五 校 联 考 )This kind of glasses made in 宜 Shanghai ________ comfortably. A.is worn C.wearing B.wears D.are worn

答案:B 考查语态。 句意: 这种产自上海的眼镜戴起来很舒服。 某些可以和 well, easily, smoothly 等副词连用的不及物动词如 read, write, wash, clean, draw, burn, cook, sell, lock, open, shut 等,且主语 是非生命的名词或代词,用主动结构表被动含义。 例如:This kind of book sells well. 这种书卖得很好。 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)

中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (2013· 淄博市期末) I was invited to attend a presentation at the Kentucky School.That evening I found gratitude(感恩)had amazing __36__ to change our attitude...and our life. The young musician Mr. Patrick was __37__ onto the stage in his wheelchair and began to play the piano.His fingers danced across the keys as he __38__ beautiful music. He then began to sing as he played, and it was wonderful.But what shocked me most was his __39__ smile. Patrick was born with no eyes and an illness in the legs, which __40__ him lame for life.However, as a child, he was __41__

with artificial eyes and placed in a wheelchair.Before his first __42__,he discovered the piano.When his mom hit any note on the piano, and within one or two __43__,he'd get it.By his second birthday, he was playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.His father was __44__.“We might not play baseball, but we can play music together.” When Patrick was at the University of Louisville, his father __45__ classes with him.He was also a part of the 214member

marching band!He was a blind, wheelchairbound trumpet player; and he and his father did it together.His father __46__ the night

shift(夜班)in order to accompany his daytime band practice.Patrick says, “My dad's my __47__.” “But even more than his __48__ musical talent, it was Patrick's” attitude of gratitude“that __49__ my soul.On stage, between songs, he talked to the audience about his life and about how __50__ he was with a great father.When his performance was over,

Patrick and his father were on the stage together.The crowd rose to their feet and __51__ for over five minutes.

We all face misfortune in our lives.__52__,it's not the hardship but how we __53__ to it that will determine the joy and __54__ times, do we spend too

happiness in our lives.During much time feeling __55__

for ourselves, or can we, with

gratitude, learn how to dance in the rain? 文章大意:心怀感恩,幸福一生。 36.A.knowledge C.wisdom B.quality D.power

答案:D 那天晚上,我发现感恩拥有改变我们的态度??人生 的神奇“力量”。 power“力量”; knowledge“知识”; quality“质 量”;wisdom“智慧”。 37.A.rolled C.allowed B.held D.dragged

答案:A 年轻的音乐家 Patrick 先生被“推到”舞台上,开始 弹奏钢琴。 roll“滚动”; hold“召开”; allow“允许”; drag“拖”。 38.A.wrote C.made B.provided D.gave

答案:C 在他“弹奏”美妙音乐的时候,他的手指在琴键间来 回翻飞。make the music“弹奏音乐”。 39.A.strange C.bitter B.magic D.friendly

答案: 但是最令我震惊的是他的“神奇的”微笑。 B magic“神 奇的”; strange“奇怪的”; bitter“痛苦的”; friendly“友好的”。 40.A.took B.led

C.forced 答案:D

D.left 腿上的疾患“使他”瘸了。leave 在此表示“使处

于??状态”。 41.A.fitted C.associated B.connected D.filled

答案: 小时候, A 他被“安”上了假眼, 坐在了轮椅上。 fit“安 装”;connect“连接”;associate“连接,联系”;fill“充满”。 42.A.place C.performance B.birthday D.attempt

答案:B 此处与 44 空前的“birthday”照应。 43.A.memories C.tries B.words D.notes

答案:C “尝试”一两次,他就学会了。 44.A.confused C.interested 答案:D 父亲“欣喜若狂”。 45.A.listed C.attended B.found D.organized B.amused D.overjoyed

答案:C attend classes“上课”。 46.A.worked C.refused B.found D.cancelled

答案:A work the night shift“上夜班”。 47.A.dream C.music B.hero D.song

答案:B 父亲是“我”的“偶像”。hero“英雄,偶像”。

48.A.unbearable C.unconditional 答案:B

B.unbelievable D.unreasonable


恩态度“感动”了我。unbelievable“令人难以置信的”。 49.A.touched C.freed 答案:A B.calmed D.felt touch“感动”;calm“使平静”;free“使自由”;

feel“感到,感觉”。 50.A.satisfied C.blessed B.concerned D.laughed

答案:C 有这样一位父亲真是“上帝保佑”。 51.A.cheered C.shouted B.whispered D.laughed

答案:A 观众站起身来,“欢呼”了 5 分钟。cheer“欢呼”; whisper“低语,耳语”;shout“喊叫”;laugh“笑”。 52.A.Therefore C.However B.Otherwise D.Besides

答案:C 我们一生都会遭受不幸。“但是”,不是苦难而是我 们“应对”苦难的方式会决定我们一生的幸福。 53.A.see C.agree 答案:B put“放”。 54.A.happy C.tough B.modern D.usual B.react D.put react“ 应 对 ” ; see“ 看 到 ” ; agree“ 同 意 ” ;

答案:C 在“苦难的”时期,我们是否花了太多的时间“顾影 自怜”。tough“困难的,苦难的”;happy“高兴的,幸福的”; modern“现代的”;usual“通常的,往常的”。 55.A.great C.hopeful 答案:B B.sorry D.proud

feel sorry for...“对??感到难过”。

第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A (2013· 盐城市摸底) Listening to a favorite song might promote the brain's ability to respond to other stimuli(刺激) in people with chaos of consciousness. Music has been shown to have a beneficial influence on cognitive(认知) process in healthy people and those who have brain damage. For example, daily music therapy can help to increase cognitive recovery. Fabien Perrin at the University of Lyon, France, and colleagues recorded brain activity in four patients while they were reading a list of people's names, including their own names. Before the list, they listened to either their favorite music—chosen by family or friends—or “musical noise”. The team then repeated the experiment with ten healthy volunteers. In all four patients, playing the music rather than musical noise promoted the quality of the brain's response to their own names, bringing it closer to the brain response of the healthy volunteers to hearing their names. The work was presented at the Association for

the Scientific Study of Consciousness meeting in Brighton, UK, last month. Perrin has two theories about what's going on. “Listening to preferred music excites our memory of ourselves—so it could make it easier for the response to the information such as our own names,” he says. “Another theory is that music promotes awareness, so maybe it temporarily increases consciousness and recognition of one's own names becomes easier.” “The familiar music might be causing an emotional arousal effect, and once the patient with brain damage is aroused, there is a small window that opens for increased communication and the brain responds to the name,” suggests Carsten Finke, an expert at Charite Medical School in Berlin, Germany, who was not involved in the study. So is Perrin's music waking some form of consciousness in the people with brain damage? “I haven't come across any responses like this to music before and it's too early to conclude that it has any therapeutic effects in these patients,” says Adrian Owen at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. 文章大意: 本文是一篇科普说明文, 法国一大学教授和他的同事 发现听喜欢的或熟悉的音乐能对脑部受损的人的认知能力提升有帮 助。 56.What did Fabien Perrin find about the four patients in the experiment? A.Their cognitive recovery was increased after listening to music noise. B.They responded to music noise more quickly than to their

favorite music. C.Their consciousness and recognition of music noise became easier. D.They could react to their own names better after listening to their favorite music. 答案:D 细节理解题。根据第三段第二句 Before the list, they listened to either their favorite music—chosen by family or friends—or ‘musical noise’” 和 第 四 段 第 一 句 “In all four

patients, playing the music rather than musical noise promoted the quality of the brain's response to their own names, bringing it closer to the brain response of the healthy volunteers to hearing their names.”可知本题选 D。 57.From Adrian Owen's words, we can infer that ________. A.music can increase consciousness B.preferred music can excite one's memory of his own C. music has no therapeutic effects on people with brain damage D.more research should be done to confirm the influence of music 答案:D 推理判断题。根据最后一段“I haven't come across any responses like this to music before and it's too early to conclude that it has any therapeutic effects in these patients,”可知本题选 D。 58.What does the passage mainly tell us? A.People with brain damage like listening to music. B.Familiar music could help people with brain damage. C.People with brain damage can recognize their own names. D.Everyone can increase cognitive recovery through music.



伤的人有益处。第一段就是文章的主题句。可知本题选 B。 B (2013· 豫南九校联考) I've been asked a million times why I've chosen to put up with all the inconvenience of working the road all these years when I could have easily written songs for a living, and enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable existence.My reply is:Nobody applauds when you write a song. What else would cause a person to pack his belongings and ride away from his family in order to lead such a nomadic (流浪的) existence? I mean,entertainers don't cure cancer or anything. I once rode all night and half a day through a snowstorm only to arrive in a town where we were booked to perform to find our concert had been canceled because of the weather.A handful of people hadn't heard the news, however, had managed somehow to make and their way to the concert hall. We were cold, tired and hungry. But there was something in the eyes of those few fans who had shown up that told us how badly they wanted to hear the music they knew we could play if only we would. There was certainly no place else for us to go.

The_entire_town_was_held_prisoner_by_the_storm. Why not drink some coffee and pick a little country music? When our show was over,an elderly lady approached the stage.“You don't know how much this evening has meant to me,” she said. “Thank you for playing and singing for such a small crowd. Today is the first time I've smiled since my husband died. Your music has helped me to forget my problems for a while.”

Okay,so entertainers don't cure cancer.But maybe, every once in a while, we cure some other things that are almost as important. 文章大意: 作者本来能够过上安逸的写歌生活, 但是却选择了流 浪歌手的生活。 他以自己的一次经历告诉我们: 他不后悔自己的选择。 59.What is the first paragraph mainly about? A.What the author's hobby is. B.How the author makes a living. C.Why the author leads a nomadic life. D.Where the author goes to find inspiration. 答案:C 主旨大意题。由第一段内容可知,作者本来能够过上 安逸的写歌生活,但是却选择了流浪歌手的生活。 60.Why did the author decide to give a performance for a small crowd? A.He was impressed with the crowd's desire for music. B.He tried to encourage some cancer patients. C.He was moved by an elderly lady. D.He wanted to earn some money. 答案 : A 细节 理解题 。由第四段第二 句话 “But there was

something in the eyes of those few fans who had shown up that told us how badly they wanted to hear the music they knew we could play if only we would.”可知,作者被小镇上观众的热情感动了。 61.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 probably means “________”. A.There was a prison in the town B.The entire town was damaged by the storm C.The performance was intended for prisoners

D.The whole town was cut off from the outside world 答案:D 猜测词义题。由画线词前一句话“There was certainly no place else for us to go.”可知,暴风雪把该镇与外部隔绝了。 62.Which of the following opinions will the author probably agree with? A.Music is powerful. C.Time is precious. B.Everyone is equal. D.Life is hard

答案:A 推理判断题。由最后一段第二句话“But maybe, every once in a while, we cure some other things that are almost as important.”可知,作者认为音乐可以帮助治疗人们的心灵。 C (2013· 洛阳市统考) LONDON ( Reuter)—Ecotourism is causing a lot of damage to wildlife and may be endangering the survival of the very animals people are flocking(蜂拥而至) to see, according to researchers. Biologists and conservationists are worried because polar bears, dolphins, penguins and other creatures are getting stressed and losing weight and some are dying. “Evidence is growing that many animals do not react well to tourists in their backyard,” New Scientist magazine said. The immediate effects researchers have noticed are changes in behavior, heart rates, or stress hormone levels but they fear it could get much worse and over the long term could endanger the survival of the very wildlife they want to see. Although money produced through ecotourism, which has been growing at about 10 percent—30 percent a year, has major benefits for poor countries and people living in rural areas, the Swissbased

World Conservation Union and some governments fear not all projects are audited (审计) and based on environmentally friendly policies, according to the magazine. “The transmission(传播) of disease to wildlife, or small changes to wildlife health through disturbance of daily life or increased stress levels, while not obvious to the casual observer, may translate to lower survival and breeding ,”said a professor in New Zealand. Scientists have noticed that bottleneck dolphins along the northeastern coast of New Zealand become nervously excited when tourist boats arrive. Similar changes in behavior have been observed in polar bears and yelloweyed penguins in areas visited by ecotourists are producing smaller babies. Conservationists are now calling for more research into the effect of ecotourism on animals and say the industry must be developed carefully. They also want studies done before new ecotourism projects are started.“The animals' welfare should be very important because without them there will be no ecotourism,” said Rochelle Constantine of the University of Auckland in New Zealand. 文章大意:生态旅游正在危害野生动植物。 63.What's the text mainly about? A.Many animals are dying because of lack of money. B.There will be no ecotourism without animals. C.Ecotourism could endanger the survival of the wildlife. D.More research should be done on ecotourism. 答案:C 主旨大意题。由文章第一段可知,全文讲的是生态旅 游对野生动植物的危害。

64.We may learn from the text that ________. A.ecotourism must be developed properly B.polar bears are losing weight without enough food C.all the poor countries have stopped ecotourism D.money produced through ecotourism should be spent on wildlife 答案:A 细节理解题。由最后一段第一句话可知,生态旅游的 发展已经使很多野生动植物陷入了灭绝的境地, 所以我们应该合理发 展生态旅游。其他三项都不对。 65.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the text? A.Many animals do not react well in their backyard. B.Polar bears in areas visited by ecotourists are producing smaller babies. C. Ecotourism has been growing at about 10percent—30 percent a year. D.Studies should be done before new ecotourism projects are started. 答案:B 细节理解题。B 项在文中找不到依据。 66 . What Rochelle Constantine said in the last paragraph implies that ________. A.they must develop ecotourism B.animals have rights to live their own life C.animals are people's good friends D.people should take good care of wildlife 答案:D 推理判断题。由最后一段第一句话可知,我们应该合 理发展生态旅游,即好好照顾野生动植物。

D (2013· 西安市长安区第一次质检) The round- lock availability that cell phones have brought to thepeople's lives may be taking_a_toll_on family life, a new study

suggests.The study, which followed more than 1300 adults over 2 years, found that those who consistently used a mobile phone throughout the study period were more likely to report negative “spillover” between work and home life—and, in turn, less satisfaction with their family life. Spillover actually means that the line between work and home began to become unclear. Work life may invade home life—when a parent is taking jobrelated calls at home, for instance—or family issues may start to take up work time.For example, a child may call Mom at work, telling her “the microwave exploded” , explained Noelle Chesley, an assistant professor of society at the University of WisconsinMilwaukee and the author of the study. The problem with cell phones seems to be they are allowing for ever more spillover between work and home. This may be especially true for working women, the study found. Among men, consistent use of mobile phones seemed not to allow more work issues to creep (潜入)into family time.But for women, the spillover tended to go in both directions—being “connected” means that work cuts into home time, and family issues come into work life. Cell phones seem to be opening more lines for stressful exchange among family members.But there may be ways to control the spillover, according to Chesley. Employers, she said, should look at their policies on contacting employees after working hours to make

sure their expectations are “reasonable”.For their part, employees can decide that cell phones go off during family time, Chesley said. 文章大意:手机搅乱了人们的生活。 67.Which of the following can replace the underlined phrase “taking a toll on” in Paragraph 1? A.Explaining. C.Extending. B.Protecting. D.Damaging.

答案:D 猜测词义题。由下文可知,使用手机会给家庭生活带 来“伤害”。 68.The example “the microwave exploded” in Paragraph 2 is used to ________.

A.show the microwave is of poor quality B.indicate how dependent the child is C.indicate family issues affect work hours D.show work time creeps into family life 答案:C 推理判断题。所举例子证明前面的观点“family issues may start to take up work time”。 69.What is the main idea of this passage? A.Cell phones offer 24hour availability. B.Cell phones get life and work mixed. C.Women don't use cell phones in an effective way. D.Men are better at dealing with family problems. 答案:B 主旨大意题。由文章大意可知,全文讲的是手机使人 们把生活和工作混淆了。 70 . What is the author's attitude towards round- clock theavailability of the cell phone?

A.Curious. C.Opposed.

B.Positive. D.Objective.

答案:D 推理判断题。纵观全文,作者没有提到自己的态度, 使用它的态度是“客观的”。 E (2013· 江西省重点中学协作体一联) One of the world's richest men has taken a close interest in one of man's most basic functions: visiting the toilet.Bill Gates's charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is looking for inventors to design the loo of the future, which, they hope, would improve sanitation for millions of people around the world. So, what's wrong with the traditional flush toilet? Firstly, it wastes a huge amount of potential drinking water.Secondly, they are more likely to cause pollution.This is a real problem in many areas of the developing world, where, according to United Nations estimates, unsafe sanitation causes half of all hospitalizations.Younger people are particularly at risk.Illnesses which cause diarrhea are responsible for the deaths of about 1.5 million children a year.Finally, standard lavatories simply aren't practical in remote areas. The challenge set by Bill Gates was to come up with a latrine which works without running water, electricity or aseptic tank(化粪 池).It also needed to operate for less than 5 cents.28 designs were displayed at the recent Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Seattle, USA.Among them was one which turned human waste into electricity using microwaves, another which converted human waste into charcoal, and yet another which used urine for flushing. But the winner was a solarpowered design which generated hydrogen gas and electricity. The team from the California Institute

of Technology(CIT)picked up a prize of $ 100,000. But clearly Bill Gates doesn't feel he's flushing money down the toilet.After the Seattle event he said, “We, couldn't be happier with the response we've gotten,” Gates has even pledged $370m more to the future toilet project.They hope to field test more prototypes over the next three years. 文章大意:希望为人们改进卫生设备,比尔· 盖茨给发明新马桶 的人付钱。 71.Why is Bill Gates paying people to invent new toilets? A.Because he wants to test people's sense of creativity. B.Because he wants to improve sanitation for many people. C.Because he thinks the traditional ones are out of fashion. D.Because he can't design this kind of things himself. 答案: 细节理解题。 B 由第一段最后一句话“...which, they hope, would improve sanitation for millions of people around the world.”可 知,盖茨给发明新马桶的人付钱是他希望为人们改进卫生设备。 72. Which of the following is NOT a problem with the traditional flush toilet? A.They waste too much water. B.They might cause diseases. C.They are not always practical. D.They are too complicated to use. 答案:D 细节理解题。由第二段可知,没有提到 D 项。 73.The underlined word “latrine” in the third paragraph might have similar meanings to the word “ ”in the text. A.loo B.sanitation



答案: 猜测词义题。 A 由几处划线词的语境可知, 项与 latrine A 意思接近,都与卫生设备有关。 74.The team from CIT won the prize because their design ________. A.can change human waste into electricity B.can turn human waste into charcoal C.can produce power with solar energy D.can use urine for flushing 答案:C solarpowered 细节理解题。由倒数第二段“...the winner was a design which generated hydrogen gas and

electricity.”可知,获得奖项的是使用太阳能产生能量的一个设计。 75. If someone “flush money down the toilet” , they are ________. A.showing off their wealth B.being angry with their work conditions C.wasting money for nothing D.expressing their great determination 答案:C 猜测词义题。所在句句意为“很清楚,盖茨不觉得自 己在浪费金钱”。 第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共 35 分) 第四部分:书面表达(满分 35 分) (2013· 长春市一调) 假定你是李华,是一位高中生。iPad 已经成为你们中学生的新 宠。用 iPad 既可以听音乐,阅读电子书,又可以玩电子游戏。请你 用英语给某英语报社写一封信,谈谈中学生使用 iPad 的情况。信的

内容包括以下要点: 1.积极因素; 2.负面影响; 3.看法建议。 要求: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.信的开头和结尾已为你写好。 Dear Editor, I am a senior high school student, named Li

Hua._______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua [范文借鉴] Dear_Editor, I'm_a_senior_high_school_student,_named_Li_Hua. Now it's a fashion for many students to have iPads. Using an iPad, we can listen

to music, download a lot of learning materials and read them on the screen. Apparently, it's helpful to our study, especially to our English listening. Some students, however, bring their iPads to classroom listening to music with earphones or even playing video games, which makes the teacher and other students greatly annoyed. In my opinion, classroom is a place for students to study in, and concentration is awfully needed for us. Therefore, we should make good use of iPads to help achieve academic success. Furthermore, the school should make a rule to guide the students to use iPads in a proper way. Yours_sincerely, Li_Hua

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