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云南省昆明市 2016 高考英语阅读练习(12)
阅读理解。 “Experience may possibly be the best teacher, but it is not a particularly good teacher.” You might think that Winston Churchill or perhaps Mark Twain spoke those words, but they actually come from James March, a professor at Stanford University and a pioneer in t he field of organization decision making. For years March( possibly be wisest philosopher of management) has studied how humans think and act, and he continues to do so in his new book The Ambiguities of Experience. He begins by reminding us of just how firmly we have been sticking to the idea of experiential learning :“Experience is respected;experience is sought;experience is explained.” The problem is that learning from experience involves(涉及)serious complications(复杂化) ,ones that are part of the nature of experience itself and which March discusses in the body of this book. In one interesting part of book,for example,he turns a double eye toward the use of stories as the most effective way of experiential learning. He says “The more accurately(精确的)reality is presented,the less understandable the story,and the more understandable the story, the less realistic it is.” Besides being a broadly knowledgeable researcher. March is also a poet, and his gift shines though in the depth of views he offers and the simple language he uses. Though the book is short, it is demanding;Don’t pick it up looking for quick, easy lessons. Rather, be ready to think deeply about learning from experience in work and life. ( ) 1. According to the text, James March is ____________.

A. a poet who uses experience in his writing B. a teacher who teachers story writing in university C. a researcher who studies the way humans think and act D. a professor who helps organizations make important decisions ( ) 2. According to James March, experience ______________. B. is easy to explain

A. is overvalued

C. should be actively sought D. should be inactively sought



) 3. What can we learn from Paragraph 3?

A. Experience makes stories more accurate. B. Stories made interesting fail to fully present the truth. C. The use of stories is the best way of experiential learning. D. Stories are easier to understand when reality is more accurately described. ( ) 4.What’s the purpose of this text?

A. To introduce a book. B. To describe a researcher. C. To explain experiential learning. D. To discuss organizational decision making. 【答案与解析】 【要点综述】文章介绍了 Jam es March 所著的一本名为 The Ambiguities of Experience 书。 本书针对人们生活中过分依赖经验这一现象作了分析实际上是告诫人们不可高估经验的作 用。 1.C 细节理解题。根据首段“For years M arch ( possibly be wisest philosopher of management) has studied how humans think and act,”可知。 2. A 推理判断题。 根据首段第一句及第 2 段“The problem is that learning from experience involves(涉及)serious complications(复杂化) ,...”可得知 March 认为人们高估了经 验的作用。 3.B 细节理解题。根据第 3 段“The more accurately(精确的)reality is presented,the less understandable the story,and the more understandable the story, the less realistic it is.”可判断正确答案为 B。 4.A 推理判断题。此题判断作者的写作意图。从首段最末一句“he continues to do so in his new book The Ambiguities of Experience.”及末段“Though the book is short, it is demanding;Don’ t pick it up looking for quick, easy lessons.”可推断出本文是 介绍 March 所著的这本书。


Diana Jacobs thought her family had a workable plan to pay for college for her 21-year-old twin sons: a combination of savings, income, scholarships, and a modest amount of borrowing. Then her husband lost his job, and the plan fell apart. “I have two kids in college, and I want to say ‘come home,’ but at the same time I want to provide them with a good education,” says Jacobs. The Jacobs family did work out a solution: They asked and received more aid form the schools, and each son increased his borrowing to the maximum amount through the federal loan (贷款) program. They will each graduate with $20,000 of debt, but at least they will be able to finish school. With unemployment rising, financial aid administrators expect to hear more families like the Jacobs. More students are applying for aid, and more families expect to need student loans. College administrators are concerned that they will not have enough aid money to go around. At the same time, tuition(学费)continues to rise. A report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education found that college tuition and fees increased 439% from 1982 to 2007, while average family income rose just 147%. Student borrowing has more than doubled in the last decade, “If we go on this way for another 25years, we won’t have an affordable system of higher education,” says Patrick M. Callan, president of the center. “The middle class families have been financing it through debt. They will send kids to college whatever it takes, even if that means a huge amount of debt.” Financial aid administrators have been having a hard time as many companies decide that student loans are not profitable enough and have stopped making them. The good news, however, is that federal loans account for about three quarters of student borrowing, and the government says that money will flow uninterrupted. 66. According to Paragraph 1, why did the plan of Jacobs family fail? A. The twins wasted too much money. B. The father was out of work. C. Their saving ran out. D. The family fell apart.

67. How did the Jacobs manage to solve their problem? A. They asked their kids to come home. B. They borrowed $20,000 from the school. C. They encouraged their twin sons to do part-time jobs. D. They got help from the school and the federal government. 68. Financial aid administrators believe that _______. A. more families will face the same problem as the Jacobses B. the government will receive more letters of complaint C. college tuition fees will double soon D. America’s unemployment will fall 69.What can we learn about the middle class families from the text? A. They blamed the government for the tuition increase. B. Their income remained steady in the last decade. C. They will try their best to send kids to college. D. Their debts will be paid off within 25 years. 70.According to the last paragraph, the government will A. provide most students will scholarships B. dismiss some financial aid administrators C. stop the companies from making student loans D. go on providing financial support for college students 【文章大意】这是一篇关于学费贷款的文章。 66.答案 B。根据文章第一段的 her husband lost his job 可以得出,双胞胎儿子好上学交学 费,丈夫事业,家庭陷入困境。 .



阅读理解。 Goldie's Secret She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall. No way could I have sent her away. No way, not me anyway. Maybe someone had kicked her out of their car the night before. "We're moving house.'; "No space for her any more with the baby coming." "We never really wanted her, but what could we have done? She was a present." People find all sorts of excuses for abandoning an animal. And she was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. I called her Goldie. If I had known what was going to happen I would have given her a more creative name. She was so unsettled during those first few days. She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's. But eventually at the end of the first week she calmed down. Always by my side, whether we were out on one of our long walks or sitting by the fire. That's why it was such a shock when she pulled away from me one day when we were out for a walk. We were a long way from home, when she started barking and getting

very restless. Eventually I couldn't hold her any longer and she raced off down the road towards a farmhouse in the distance as fast as she could. By the time I reached the farm I was very tired and upset with Goldie. But when I saw her licking (舔) the four puppies (幼犬) I started to feel sympathy towards them. "We didn't know what had happened to her," said the woman at the door. "I took her for a walk one day, soon after the puppies were born, and she just disappeared." "She must have tried to come back to them and got lost," added a boy from behind her. I must admit I do miss Goldie, but I've got Nugget now, and she looks just like her mother. And I've learnt a good lesson: not to judge people. ( ) 1. How did the author feel about Goldie when Goldie came to the house? A. Shocked. ( B. Sympathetic. C. Annoyed. D. Upset. .

) 2. In her first few days at the author's house, Goldie AI felt worried C. ate a little B. was angry D. sat by the fire


) 3. Goldie rushed off to a farmhouse one day because she A. saw her puppies C. wanted to leave the author


B. heard familiar barking D. found her way to her old home . C. importance D. complexity


) 4. The passage is organized in order of A. time B. effectiveness

阅读技巧:夹叙夹议,叙为议服务,议为叙指导。把握了这句话就把握了阅读此类文章的真谛。 叙述不分重点关注人物,情节的变化;议论一定看清楚作者想表明的道理。 答题技巧:本篇题目由 3 个细节题和一道文章结构题组成,难度都不大。细节题要求学生 把握文章中的原文,做合理推断和转述。比如 57 题,将 unsettled 理解成 worried。文章结构 题基本属于送分题,要求学生作答,此篇记叙文按照时间顺序发展。 56.B 情绪推断,较难题。此推断题的难点在于,原文没有直接的形容词表述,要求学生通过具 体的描述总结。原文第 2 段 She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's.划线句子表明作者同情被遗弃的小狗,希望帮助 它高兴起来。

57.A 细节题, 较难题。 要做对此题主要要排除 C 项的干扰, 原文第 2 段 She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. hardly ate anything 的表述与 ate little 是 不一样的。前者是几乎什么都不吃,后者是吃得少,此错误选项属于"改变否定/肯定的程度"。 58.D 原因推断题,简单题,通过原文第 4 段的描写可得正确答案。 59.A 问文章的行文结构,简单题,此篇记叙文按照时间顺序发展。

完形填空 One famous artist Sheikh went back to his hometown. He hadn’t seen one of his friends for many years, who was a 1 and needy man. When Sheikh asked about him, he was told by people that the man he was 2 3 to pay a visit to his friend. 4 talking with his friend, Sheikh asked him the 5 for the change in his s ome was a rich man and no longer poor. Sheikh

situation. The man replied that he had been so poor that he was forced to 6

properties(财产)that belonged to him, like furniture(家具). By selling these things, he had 7 some money enough to start a 8 with. 9 , he saw a poor lady 10

As he was on his way back to his house with the

by the road. The man asked the lady the reason, and she 11 and her children were 12 . Hearing this, the man felt 13

that her husband died for her, and on seeing

that she 14 the money more than himself, he gave all the money to her. He 15 ho me and spent the ni ght, sad and 16 for his family. The next morning, 17 he was summoned(召唤)to the house of a rich man. He was 18 which he wanted to sell

told by the rich man that he had six thousand bags of

quickly and the man could buy it at a 19 price on loan(借用)from him. The poor man did so and sold the rice 20 . He took some more bags several days later and in this way he was able to make much more money. Soon he became rich. 【文章大意】著名艺术家 Sheikh 的一个朋友曾经是非常贫困的人, 他卖掉家产想做一些小本

生意。但他在途中遇到一个死去丈夫的妇人带着饥饿的孩子 , 他把所有的钱都给了她。他的 善心得到了一个富人的信任, 以低价借给他六千袋大米, 让他去卖, 不久他变得很富有。 1. A. clever B. rich C. lazy D. poor

【解析】选 D。词汇复现题。由第二段中 The man replied that he had been so poor that he was forced to 他是穷人, 故选 D 项。 2. A. living with C. asking about B. waiting for D. listening to some properties that belonged to him, like furniture. 可知

【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。由此句的前半句“When Sheikh asked about him. . . ”可知 此处指 Sheikh 打听的人, 故选 C 项, ask about 询问, 打听; live with 和??住在一起; wait for 等待; listen to 听。 3. A. decided B. forgot C. refused D. tried

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。由后文可知, 他去了那个朋友家, 此处应该指他决定去拜访这位 朋友, 故选 A 项, decide 决定; forget 忘记; refuse 拒绝; try 尽力。 4. A. Until B. Before C. After D. While

【解析】 选 D。 逻辑关系题。 根据前后句的逻辑关系可知这两句应该是同时进行的, 故选 D 项, while 当??的时候; until 直到; before 在??之前; after 在??之后。 5. A. message B. reason C. time D. plan

【解析】选 B。词义辨析题。由句意可知, Sheikh 是问他状况改变的“原因”, 故选 B 项。 message 信息; time 时间; plan 计划。 6. A. sell B. make C. keep D. find

【解析】选 A。词汇复现题。由下一句 By selling these things, he had______some money enough to start a 项。 7. A. saved B. collected C. paid D. wasted with. 可知他把属于他的财产, 像家具之类的卖(sell)了, 故选 A

【解析】选 B。词语辨析题。由句意可知, 卖了家具之后筹集了一些钱, 故 B 项合适。save 节省; collect 筹集; pay 付款; waste 浪费。 8. A. travel B. business C. family D. lesson

【解析】选 B。背景常识题。由常识可知, 他卖了一些财产, 应该是想做一些小本生意来改变 状况, 故选 B 项, start a business 意为“开始做生意”。

9. A. money

B. news

C. hope

D. furniture some money enough

【解析】选 A。词汇复现题。由 By selling these things, he had to start a 10. A. crying with. 可知此时应该是带着钱回家, 故选 A 项。 B. walking C. sleeping

D. standing

【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由后一句提到的 The man asked the lady the reason, and she that her husband died and her children were 应该是在路边大哭, 故选 A 项。 11. A. believed B. explained C. shouted D. imagined . 可知这个妇人丈夫死了, 这种情况

【解析】选 B。前后照应题。由此空前面的 The man asked the lady the reason. . . 可知 他问她原因, 这个妇人应该是给出解释, 故选 B 项, explain 解释; believe 相信; shout 呼 喊; imagine 想象。 12. A. hungry B. dangerous C. crazy D. angry

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。由前文她在大哭, 她的丈夫死了, 及后文他给她钱可推知, 她的 孩子们应该在挨饿, 故选 A 项, hungry 饥饿的; dangerou s 危险的; crazy 疯狂的; angry 生 气的。 13. A. sadness B. interest C. shame D. pity

【解析】选 D。固定搭配题。feel pity for 为固定搭配, 意为“怜悯某人”。sadness 悲伤; interest 兴趣; shame 羞耻。 14. A. took B. needed C. owned D. earned

【解析】选 B。词义辨析题。由句意可知, 他看到她比自己更需要钱, 于是把所有的钱都给了 她, 故选 B 项。take 意为“需要”时, 通常用 it 作形式主语, 指做某事需要多长时间; own 意为“拥有”; earn 意为“挣钱, 获得”, 均不合语境。 15. A. drove B. returned C. left D. stayed

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。由时间发展的顺序及后面的“spent the night, sad”可知他应 该是回到了家里, 故选 B 项。return 返回; drive 开车; leave 离开; stay 停留。 16. A. worried B. pleased C. excited D. frightened

【解析】选 A。前后照应题。准备做生意的钱给了他人, 回到家后应该是为自己一家的未来感 到担心, 故选 A 项, worried 担心的; pleased 高兴的; excited 兴奋的; frightened 害怕的。 17. A. happily B. surprisingly C. carelessly D. unluckily

【解析】 选 B。 逻辑推理题。 此处指他受到一个富人的召唤, 这件事情应该是“令人吃惊地”,

故选 B 项, surprisingly 令人吃惊地; happily 幸福地; carelessly 粗心地; unluckily 不 幸地。 18. A. rice B. meat C. vegetables D. clothes

【解析】选 A。词汇复现题。由本段倒数第三句中的“sold the rice”可知这个富人有六千 袋大米要出售, 故选 A 项。 19. A. low B. fair C. high D. right

【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由富人对他的信任, 以及后文他把大米卖了变富了, 可知这个富 人应该是低价把大米贷给他卖, 故选 A 项, low 低的; fair 中等的, 公平的; high 高的; right 正确的。 20. A. slowly B. quickly C. hardly D. finally

【解析】选 B 。前后照应题。由后文的“He took some more bags several days later. . . ” 可知几天后又多带了几袋大米, 可知他的大米卖得快, 故选 B 项。

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