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一、名词性从句 用适当的连接词完成下列短文 I am going to tell you an unbelievable thing that happened in my restaurant today. This afternoon a poorlydressed gentleman came into my restaurant.Nobody knew __1__ he was.We wondered __2__ he was so hungry.We were surprised __3__ he finished two orders of food in a very limited time.We doubted __4__ the man was able to pay the bill.The gentleman asked __5__ we would mind waiting for just a few minutes.Then we were shocked to see __6__ he took out of a letter and a million pound bank note.I asked Mr.Clements __7__ it was genuine.Mr.Clements said it was true because two of this amount had been issued by the Bank of England this year.He thought __8__ the gentleman showed them couldn't be a fake.__9__ a gentleman with a million pound bank note was in rags and ate in our small restaurant was a big puzzle to all the people there.I really couldn't describe __10__ excited I was. 答案 8.what 1.who 2.why 3.that 4.whether/if 5.whether/if 6.that 7.whether/if

9.Why 10.how

根据上下文和括号里的提示,用名词性从句完成句子 Dear,teachers and classmates, Good morning! What I want to talk about today is 1._________ ____(为了健康快 乐地成长我们能做什么) Firstly , it's wellknown 2.________________________________( 态度决定一 切).If we have a positive attitude towards life,we can face whatever difficulty bravely that we will run into in life and try to overcome it.What's more ,we should study hard to enrich our knowledge.The reason is 3.________________________(我 们能适应变化,更好地生活) when we have power.Also,I think it's a good idea 4.________________________( 我 们 应 该 结 交 一 些 好 朋 友 ) , who can share happiness and sorrow with us.Last but not least,we are supposed to do exercise regularly.It can help us to keep fit. To sum up,I believe 5.________________________________(只要我们能把上 面的事情做好),we will grow up happily and healthily.Don't you think so? That's all.Thank you.

答案 1.what we can do to grow up happily and healthily 2.that attitude decides everything 3.that we can adapt to changes and enjoy life better 4.that we should make some good friends 5.that so long as we do all the things above well 二、定语从句 用适当的连接词完成下列短文

Do you know the man __1__ wrote this book ?He was Jason , one of the engineers __2__ came from Russia in the 1950s.He worked in the same factory __3__ my father once worked.When he came to China,the first thing __4__ he did was to visit the factory __5__ did research on trolleybuses and found out the reason __6__ China was so backward in it.Then he spent every minute __7__ he could spare to help China develop transportation.__8__ is mentioned above,Jason was a foreigner __9__ made great contributions to our country and was a kind man __10__ we should say thanks. 答案 1.who 2.who 3.where 4.that 5.which/that 6.why 7.that 8.As

9.who/that 10.to whom

Ⅰ.根据上下文和括号中的提示,用定语从句完成句子 In our school,there are various kinds of activities,1.________________(我们非 常 喜 欢 它 们 ) . Playing football and reading stories are my favorites 2.________________( 它 们 对 我 有 许 多 好 处 ) . Besides building my body and enriching my knowledge,they also free me from the heavy work or study. From my point of view,if there is an activity 3.________________(是你感兴趣 并适合你),you should participate in it,4.________________(它不仅能使你的学校 生活丰富多彩,还能提高你的交际能力). 答案 1.which we enjoy very much and suits you 2.which do me lots of good 3.which interests

4.which will not only enrich your school life,but also improve your

ability to communicate with others

Ⅱ.完成句子 1.—How do you like the book? —It's quite different from the one ________(我上周读的那本). 2.—Do you have anything to say for yourselves? —Yes,there is one point________ (我们必须坚持). 3.—Where did you have the discussion with Professor Snow? —It was in the classroom________(我们昨天上生物课). 4. Soon children in the camp had many new friends, ______ (他们分享食物), stories, and projects.

5. ________ (正如报告所显示的那样), teenager problems are often connected with family life education. 6. The road construction is based on the agreement, ______ (它的一个目标) is to ensure its completion on time. 7.Meizhou Island is such a beautiful place of interest ________ (每一个 人都喜欢参观的). 8 . ________( 我 们 众 所 周 知 ) , our government has spared no efforts to control food prices. 9. Gone are the days________ (我们一 起 度 过 的 ) in the mountainous village. 10 . With the development of agriculture,the people______ (在

他们的村庄 ) I taught are now living a happy life. 答案 1.that/which I read last week 2.that/which we must insist on 3.where we had a biology lesson yesterday 4.with whom they shared food 5.As is shown in the report 6.one of whose purposes 7.as every one likes to visit 当先行词被 the same, such, so, as 等 词修饰时,一般用 as 引导定语从句。 as 在从句中充当主语或宾语成分。 He is so clever a boy as we all like. so / such … that …引导结果状语 从句,that 在从句中不充当成分; He is so clever a boy that we all like him. 8.As is known to us 9.when we spent together 10.in whose village

that 引导的同位语从句与定语从句的区

别。 同位语从句用于解释前面名词的内容, 从句本身是一个非常完整的句子,引导 词 that 只起引导作用,不在句中作任何 成分,一般不可省略。定语从句对其前 的名词即先行词加以限制和修饰,从句 本身不够完整,因此关系词在定语从句 中通常作主语、宾语或表语等成分。 When the news came that the war broke out, he decided to serve in the army.(that 引导的是同位语从句,that 不可省略) 当战争的消息传来时,他决定参军。 As a matter of fact, the news (that/which) he told me yesterday is true.(that/which 引导定语从句,也可以省略) 实际上,他昨天告诉我的消息是真的。

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