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(Keys) 单选: CBADB 完形: ADADC 阅读: DBD 一、【词汇】 21. go ahead 去做吧 congratulations 祝贺你 22. feel like doing sth 想要做某事 24. with 有;具有;带有 26. so what 那有怎么样 28. set up a girl with red hair 一位红发女郎 pardon 请再说一次 really 真的吗 what for 为了什么 set about 开始着手 (后面接动名词 doing) set down 写下,记下 cheers 举杯敬酒的用语 come on 加油;得了吧!加油 16-20: CADAC 31-35:DBCDA 49-52: ABCA 21-25: ABCBD 36-40: BCBDB 53-56: CBAC 41-45: ADBAC 57-60: DBBA

set off 出发;使…爆炸;引发,激发 建立,成立,设立

【巩固练习】 (1) ----------- John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month. ------------Oh, _________! A. cheer up A. set out B. well done B. set about C. go ahead C. set off D. congratulations D. set up (2) Armed with the information you have gathered, you can_______ preparing your business plan. (3)--------- May I open the window to let in some fresh air? --------- ___________ A. Come on --------A.S o what 二、【语法题】 23. 考点:定语从句 Please send us all the information _________ you have about the candidate for the position. A. that B. which C. as D. what 【解析】 本题定语从句的先行词是 all the information, 后面的定语从句 you have about the candidate for the position 中动词 have 后面缺少宾语,所以使用关系代词 that/which;当指物的先行词前面有 all 修饰的时候,要使用关系代词 that。关系代词 在下列情况下只能用 that 引导的定语从句 1) 先行词是不定代词 B. Take care C. Go ahead! D. Hold on! (4)------- Andrew won’t like it, you know. ? I don’t care what Andrew thinks! B. So where C. So why D. So how

all, few, little, much, something, nothing, anything 等。 All that we have to do is to practise every day. 2)先行词被序数词或形容词最高级所修饰。 The first lesson that I learned will never be forgotten. 3)先行词被 all, any, every, each, few, little, no, some, 等修饰。 I have read all the book (that) you gave me. 4)先行词被 the only, the very, the same, the last 修饰时。 He is the only person that I want to talk to. 5)先行词既有人又有物时。 They talked of things and persons that they remembered in the school. 【举一反三】The old town has narrow streets and small houses _____are built close to each other. A. they B. where C. what D. that 27. 【考点】部分倒装句 No sooner ________ stepped on the stage than the audience broke into thunderous applause. A. had Mo Yan B. Mo Yan had C. has Mo Yan D. Mo Yan has 【解析】本题中的固定句式 no sooner… than…一…就…;当否定词放在句首的时候,主句中要 使用部分倒装的形式。主句使用过去完成时,从句用一般过去式。即:No sooner+ had +主语+ done…than……did. Hardly+had+主语+done when …did 【举一反三】(1)—Did Linda see the traffic accident? —No, no sooner ____________ than it happened. A. had she gone B. she had gone C. has she gone D. she has gone (2) Hardly ______ he got out of the court ______ the reporters raised a lot of questions to him. A. had … when B. had…than C. did…when D. has…than (3) Not until he left his home ______ to know how important the family was for him. A did he begin B had he begun C he began D he had begun 30. 【考点】非谓语动词用法 ________ the difficult maths problem, I have consulted Professor Russell several times. A. Working out B. Worked out C. To work out D. Work out 【解析】不定式做目的状语的用法,在非谓语动词中通常只有不定式才可以表示目的状语。 【举一反三】(1) — I hope to take the computer course. — Good idea. ____ more about it, visit this website. A. To find out A. helping B. Finding out B. having helped C. To be finding out C. helped D. Having found out D. to help (2) Group activities will be organized after class _____ children develop team spirit.

31. 【考点】it 特殊用法

I’d appreciate ________ if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come. A. it B. you C. one D. this 【解析】本句是 it 的特殊用法。有语法家称为:无所指 it;常见用法为 make it 成功了;got it 明 白了 hate it; like it; love it; appreciate it。 本句句式:I would appreciate it if/when…如果…我感激不尽…; 【试题延伸】it 被称为模糊 it,在句中没有意思,但是不能省略。 I hate it when it is hot。我讨厌天气太热。 (1) I'd appreciate_____________if you would like to teach me how to use the computer. A. that B. it C. this D. one (2) —Do you like _____ here? —Oh, yes. The air, the weather, the way of life. Everything is so nice. A. this 33. 【考点】虚拟语气 We would rather our daughter ________ at home with us, but it is her choice, and she is not a child any longer. A. would stay B. has stayed C. stayed D. stay 【解析】would rather 后面的从句要使用虚拟语气,如果从句表示与现在将来相反,所以使用一 般过去时,如果与过去相反,要使用过去完成时。 【举一反三】George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he_______ more on its culture. A. focus 三、【完形填空】 【文章大意】本文讲述了母亲节那一天我和儿子去超市,在出口出看见了一位老人摔倒在地。儿 子给她买了花表示同情。而我在这一天我收到了母亲节最好的礼物。 29. A. Specifically 特别地 B. Particularly 尤其地 C. Interestingly 有趣地 D. Fortunately 幸运地 40. A. checking with 核对 B. looking after 照顾 【词组归纳】 in shock 震惊 come up with 提出 【长难句解析】 As we were leaving, we realized that only minutes earlier an eldly woman had fallen over at the entrance and hit her head on the ground. 【翻译】当我们正要离开的时候,我们意识到几分钟之前,一位老人在入口处摔倒,头部摔到了 地板上。 四:【任务型阅读】 help out 帮助拜托困境 regardless of 不顾,不管,不考虑 thanks to 多亏了 C. operating on 做手术 D. paying for 付钱 很棒的 42. A. respectful 尊敬的 B. cheerful 兴高采烈的 C. successful 成功的 D. wonderful B. focused C. would focus D. had focused B. these C. that D. it

71. 信息转换:The book How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1937, is among readers worldwide.

→根据第一段第四行 How to Win Friends and Influence People took its place in publishing history as one of the all-time international best-sellers. 72. 信息转换:The name of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People became a used phrase in English. →根据第二段第二行 How to Win Friends and Influence People became such a phrase, quoted, paraphrased (解释), used in different contexts from political cartoons to novels. 73. 单复数转换:The book was translated into almost all 74 信息转换: ▲ for revising the book his book How to Win ▲ . →根据第二段第四行 The book itself was translated into almost every known written language. 75 原词再现:Changing currents made Dale Carnegie constantly __▲ Friends and Influence People. →根据第三段 This brings us to the logical question: Why revise a book that has proven and continues to prove its universal appeal? 76 原词再现:Many names of then well-known people are no longer (76) today. →根据第五段 Many of the names of famous people in the book, well-known at the time of its first publication, are no longer recognized by many of today’s readers. 77 词性转换:Some examples and phrases are out of (77) a Victorian novel. 78 原词再现:In terms of content and style, the revised edition remains unchanged, with a few more (78) ▲ examples replacing old-fashioned ones. →根据倒数第二段 We have not “changed” How to Win Friends and Influence People except to make a few removals and add a few more contemporary examples. 79 词性转换:More and more people are receiving (79) increasing numbers each year. 80 词性转换:More and more people are reading and studying the book and putting its principles into (80) ▲ . →根据最后一段 And other thousands are reading and studying How to Win Friends and Influence People and being inspired to use its principles to better their lives. 【答案】 71.popular 72.widely/frequently/commonly 73.languages 74. Reasons 75. improve/revise/update 76. recognized/recognized 77. date 78. contemporary/ modern 79. training 80. practice / use ▲ in Carnegie courses. →根据最后一段 Thousands of people all over the world are being trained in Carnegie courses in ▲ . →根据第五段 Certain examples and phrases seem as strange and dated in our social climate as those in ▲ by many readers ▲

A. 考查广告应用类阅读 【文章大意】 本文讲述了世界森林覆盖面积, 淡水人均拥有量等等资源都受到全球变暖的影响以 及中国在这几个方面在世界上所处的位置。 56. 【答案】D 【试题解析】 细节题。 根据第三列 Freshwater resource, cubic kilometers per person (2011) WORLD AVERAGE 6,122 可知人均淡水是 6,122 cubic kilometers 故 D 正确。 57. 【答案】B 【试题解析】细节题。根据第二列 1. BRAZIL 5,418 可知排名第一是巴西。故 B 正确。 58. 【答案】D 【试题解析】细节题。根据第一列中的 1. SURINAME 94.58 和第三列中的 3. Suriname 166,112 可知 Suriname 在前五名里出现了两次。故 D 正确。 B 【考点】考察历史知识类阅读 【文章大意】本文介绍了我的父亲为了帮助一位女学生动手术,而到 Des Moines 把女孩的母亲 发现的欧亨利的手稿卖掉的故事。 59. 【答案】A 【试题解析】 细节题。 根据文章第二段 1,2 行 She was cleaning out the attic (阁楼) one day when she came across an old dusty manuscript(手稿). On its top page were the words, “By O. Henry”.可知正 是她的母亲在打扫阁楼的时候发现了欧亨利的手稿的。故 A 正确。 60. 【答案】B 【试题解析】 细节题。 根据文章第二段 4,5 行 he knew that O. Henry had once lived in Houston. So it was possible that the famous author had gone to the beach and stayed in the Gainestown boardinghouse, and had written the story there and left the manuscript behind by accident.可知欧亨利有可能在 Gainestown boardinghouse 住过,留下了这个手稿。所以女孩的妈妈才可能会得到这个手稿。故 B

正确。 61. 【答案】C 【试题解析】推理题。根据文章第三段 Eventfully, he foud himself in Des Moines, meeting with Gardner Cowles, a top editor at the Des Moines Register. Cowles loves the story and bought it on the spot.可知我的父亲来到了 Des Moines 找到了一位买家愿意购买这个手稿,说明这是欧亨利的手 稿。也就是说 My father visited an O. Henry expert at Columbia University in New York, who authenticated the story as O. Henry’s.中的这位专家确认了能够手稿的确是欧亨利的。故 C 正确。 62. 【答案】A 【试题解析】细节题。根据文章第三段 1,2 行 My father then set out to sell it. Eventfully, he foud himself in Des Moines, meeting with Gardner Cowles, a top editor at the Des Moines Register. Cowles loves the story and bought it on the spot.可知父亲要到 Des Moines 来卖欧亨利的手稿的。 故 A 正确。 【长难句解析】 My father visited an O. Henry expert at Columbia University in New York, who authenticated the story as O. Henry’s. 【翻译】我的父亲去拜访了纽约哥伦比亚大学欧亨利的专家,他证明了这个故事是欧亨利的。 【分析】 本句中的 who authenticated the story as O. Henry’s 修饰先行词 O. Henry expert, 这是一个 非限制性定语从句。非限定性定语从句起补充说明作用,缺少也不会影响全句的理解,在非限定 性定语从句的前面往往有逗号隔开, 如若将非限定性定语从句放在句子中间, 起前后都需要用逗 号隔开。 需要注意 which 引导的非限定性定语从句是用来说明前面整个句子的情况或主句的某一 部分。 在非限定性定语从句中,关系词不能用 that。 C 【考点】考察社会生活类阅读 【文章大意】本文讲述的是生活发生和健康之间的联系,美国人很注意饮食但是仍然很胖,而法 国人消耗了更多的食物,但是仍然很瘦。这主要是生活方式的问题。 63. 【答案】C 【试题解析】细节题。根据文章第二段第一行 According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a health expert, the French see eating as an important part of their life style.可知在 Dr. Joseph Mercola 看来,法国人把吃

看成是生活发生的一部分。 而美国人认为吃是从其他的日常行为中挤出来的活动。 这是两者最大 的不同。故 C 正确。 64. 【答案】B 【试题解析】推理题。根据文章主题段第一段第一句 Why do Americans struggle with watching

their weight, while the French, who consume rich food, continue to stay thin?可知文章讨论的是为什 么美国人很注意饮食但是仍然很胖,而法国人消耗了更多的食物,但是仍然很瘦。这主要是生活 方式的问题。 在接下来的两段里, 进行了详细的说明。 也就说本文是关于生活方式和肥胖的关系。 故 B 正确。 65. 【答案】A 【试题解析】推理题。本文中作者把美国人的生活方式和法国人的生活方式进行了比较,把这两 个国家的肥胖率也进行了比较。照顾文章都是通过比较串联起来的。故 A 正确。 66. 【答案】C 【试题解析】推理题。本文讲述的是生活发生和健康之间的联系,说明这是从健康报道里摘录出 来的。不可能是电视采访,广告或者书评。故 C 正确。 【长难句解析】 1.They enjoy food and therefore spend a fairly long time at the table, while Americans see eating as something to be squeezed between the other daily activities. 【翻译】他们很喜欢食物,因此他们把很多时间都花在了餐桌上,然而美国人把吃看成是从其他 的日常活动中挤出来的活动。 【分析】本句中的连词 while 表示 “ 然而 …” ,是轻微的转折。另外句中有一个动词固定搭配 see…as…把…看成…; 2.In spite of all these differences, evidence shows that recent life style changes may be affecting French eating habits. 【翻译】 尽管有这些差异, 也有很多证据说明最近生活方式上的变化也许也许到法国人的饮食习 惯。 【分析】本句中的 in spite of 表示尽管…;后面要接名词或者动名词做宾语。动词 show 后面有 一个宾语从句 that recent life style changes may be affecting French eating habits。

D 【考点】考察教育知识类阅读 【文章大意】本文是一位母亲对于 sports day 的态度,详细说明 sports day 对学生产生不同的影 响。建议学校取消或者取代这项活动。 67. 【答案】D 【试题解析】细节题。根据文章第一段第 2 句 That morning, my 11-year-old had stomach pains, retching(干呕)into a bowl.可知我的儿子也有了胃部问题。故 D 正确。 68. 【答案】 B 【试题解析】 细节题。 根据文章第三段第 2 句 Some may say competition is character building; or it’s taking part, not winning, that’s important; or that’s a tradition of school life.可知现在 学校里仍然有 sports day 有很多原因,也许有人认为这可以塑造人的性格,也有人说重在参与。 也有人会说这是学校的传统。故 B 项也可能是其中的一个原因。故 B 正确。 69. 【答案】B 【试题解析】 推理题。 根据文章第二段 For the children who can fly like the wind, sports day cause no problem. For those who are overweight or just not good at sport, it is nightmare (噩梦) . Even for those who enjoy running but fall halfway down the track in front of the entire school and their parents, it can prove a disease.可知低于那些擅长运动的人来说, sport day 不会有问题。 但是对于那些肥胖的人, 这就会产生大问题的。故也许不同的学生会接受。B 正确。 60. 【答案】A 【试题解析】推理题。根据文章最后一段第一句 I wish that sports day could be abandoned and replaced with some other less competitive event.可知作者希望 sports day 被取代, 也就是作者对它持 有批评的态度,认为它对很多学生是没有好处的。故 A 正确。 【长难句解析】 For the children who can fly like the wind, sports day cause no problem. For those who are overweight or just not good at sport, it is nightmare(噩梦). Even for those who enjoy running but fall halfway down the track in front of the entire school and their parents, it can prove a disease. 【翻译】对于那些像风一样是人,运动日不会有问题。但是对于那些超重的人或者不擅长体育运 动的人,这就是噩梦。即使对于喜欢运动但是在全校和他们的父母亲面前在半途摔倒的学生,这 也可能是灾难。

【分析】本句中有多处定语从句 who can fly like the wind;第二个定语从句 who are overweight or just not good at sport 修饰先行词 those。

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