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计算机专业英语测试题 一、 词汇测试题(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) (一).Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese (共 10 分,每题 1 分) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Cyber cafe microcomputer ROM Object-oriented programming utility program system specification database administrator

8.modulator-demodulator 9. client/server model 10.spreadsheet program (二).Translate the following terms or phrases from Chinese into English (共 10 分,每题 1 分) 1.中央处理器 2.广域网 3.超级计算机 4.电子商务 5.计算机安全 6.计算机文化

7.网站 8.域名 9.数据库管理系统 10.软件工程

二、 完型填空题(每空 1 分,共 20 分) Fill in each of the blanks with one of the words given in the list following each paragraph, making changes if necessary:

1. Computer hardware is the computer and consists of the

involved in the

of a

that can be physically handled.

The function of these components is typically divided into three main categories: , , and . Components in

these categories connect to central

, specifically, the computer ’s that provides

unit (CPU), the electronic

the computational ability and control of the computer, via wires or circuitry called bus. microprocessors function output storage equipment input circuitry component processing

2. In the relational model, data is organized in two-dimensional called . There is no or structure

imposed on the data. The tables or relations are, however, related to each other. The (RDBMS) database management system is a

the data so that its external

of relation or tables. This does not mean that data is stored as tables: the physical way in which the hierarchical relation data table 三、 英译汉题(每题 10 分,共 20 分) Translate the following passage from English into Chinese: 1. The field of computer science has grown rapidly since the 1950s due to the increase in their use. Computer programs have undergone many changes during this time in response to user need and advances in technology. Newer ideas in computing such as parallel computing, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence, have radically altered the traditional concepts that once determined program form and function. In parallel storage view network of the data is independent of the is logically organized. set organize relational

computing parts of a problem are worked on simultaneously by different processors, and this speed up the solution of the problem. Another type of parallel computing called distributed computing use CPUs from many interconnected computers to solve problems. Research into artificial intelligence (AI) has led to several other new styles of programming. 2. High-level languages are commonly classified as logic




languages. The most common high-level languages today are procedure-oriented languages. In these languages, one or more related blocks of statements that perform some complete function are grouped together into a program module, or procedure, and given a name such as “procedure A”. If the same sequence of operations is needed elsewhere in the program, a simple statement can be used to refer back to the procedure. In essence, a procedure is just a mini-program. A large program can be constructed by grouping together procedures that perform different tasks.

四、 汉译英题(20 分)

最著名的互联网例子是因特网。 因特网起源于 20 世纪 60 年代初的研究项目。其目标是发展一种能将各种计算机网络 连接起来,使它们运行时能够成为一个不因局部灾难而崩溃 的互联系统。最初的大多数工作是由美国政府通过国防部高 级研究计划局 (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) 发起的。随着岁月的推移,因特网的开发从一个国防项目转 变成一个学术研究项目。如今,它在很大程度上是一个商业 项目,连接着全世界的广域网、城域网和局域网,涉及数百 万台计算机。
五.写作题(20 分)

下面是一篇论文的引言,请根据引言写出该论文的摘要,不超过 200 个单词。 The following paragraphs construct the introduction of a paper. Please write an abstract according to the introduction for the paper, the number of words in the abstract should be less than 200 words:

A New


Algorithm for EZW

With the fast development of Internet technology and multimedia technology, digital communication technology has brought us much convenience and efficiency. But because the amount of multimedia especially image data is very big and its transmitting speed is very

limited, the transmission of multimedia has become the bottleneck of the further application of these technologies. The economical and technological condition also shows that this problem can not be solved just by hardware technology. Hence, it is necessary to apply data compression technology to reduce the amount of multimedia data and improve its transmitting speed, in order to make digital communication technology be applied more widely and to bring society more efficiency Image compression technology originates from Shannon’s information theory in 1940s. Under this theoretical frame, several lossless encoding schemes have been developed, such as Run-length encoding, Huffman encoding, Arithmetic encoding, Dictionary encoding, etc. But the compression ratios of these lossless schemes are still very low, they can not meet most requirements of image storage and transmission. Hence, many people have widely studied lossy compression schemes, they have tried to increase compression ratio through removing the redundant information and details not sensitive to vision. In this respect, KL Transform, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and other transforms have been developed early or late. But these techniques have their own drawbacks. For

example, these techniques frequently cause artifacts, such as the blocking effect in JPEG. On the other hand, since 1990s,many new transmitting media represented by Internet have set new demand on the browsing and transmission of images, such as requiring embedded code stream and multiresolution code stream. This requires image compression algorithms to provide flexibly hierarchical coding structure for image quality and resolution and so on. But such flexibility can not be provided by DCT encoding scheme. In the late 1980s,the development of wavelet theory provided efficient tools for multiresolutional signal processing, and wavelet transform provided found basis for various hierarchical image encoding. The research of wavelet image compression has also shown that many characteristics such as multiresolution,

multi-quality control and embedded code stream required in modern applications all coincide with the hierarchical structure of wavelet image encoding. At greater compression ratio,the reconstruction quality of wavelet image compression is much better than that of DCT. Hence,in the new still image compression standard JPEG2000, wavelet image encoding is adopted as a key algorithm [4].In the domain of wavelet still image encoding, Embedded Image Coding

Using Zerotrees of Wavelet Coefficients (EZW) is one of the most efficient techniques [3,5]. Although EZW is a better encoding technique, its encoding speed is very limited, because the wavelet coefficients are numerous and the coefficient structure is very complex [2].Hence, it is necessary to use parallel computer systems to speedup the computation of encoding [1].This paper just introduces a high efficient parallel EZW implemented on a PRAM-CREW model. The computational complexity of the proposed algorithm is obviously lower than that of sequential EZW and many other existed parallel EZWs.

答案 一、 词汇测试题(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) (一)1.网吧 2.微型计算机 3.只读存储器 4.面向对象编程 5.实用程序 6.系统规格说明 7.数据库管理员 8.调制解调器 9.客户/服务器模式 10.电子数据表程序 (二)1.central processing unit 2. Wide Area Networks (WANs) 3.supercomputer 4.electronic commerce 5.compute security 6. cyber culture 7. Web site 8. domain name 9.database management system 10. software engineering

二、 完型填空题(每空 1 分,共 20 分) 1、 equipment function components control input output
microprocessors 2、 tables relations view set processing circuitry hierarchical storage network data relational



三、 英译汉题(每题 10 分,共 20 分) 1、由于计算机使用的增加,自 20 世纪 50 年代以来,计算机科学领域发展迅猛。 作为对用户需求和技术进步的响应,计算机程序在这一时期经历了许多变化。计 算领域的新思想,如并行计算、分布式计算和人工智能,从根本上改变了一度决 定程序形式与功能的传统概念。 在并行计算中,一个问题的组成部分由不同的处 理器同时处理, 这样就加快了问题的解决速度。 一种称为分布式计算的并行计算, 使用多个互连计算机的中央处理器来解决问题。 人工智能研究已经带了来其他几 种新的编程风格。 2. 高级语言通常分为面向过程的语言、函数式的语言、面向对象的语言或逻辑 语言。如今最常用的高级语言是面向过程的语言。在这些语言中,一个或多个相 关的执行某种完整功能的语句块被组织成一个程序模块或过程,并被给予诸如 “procedure A”这样的名字。如果程序中别的地方需要同一个过程,就可以用 一个简单的语句来调用该过程。实质上, 一个过程就是一个小小的程序。可以 将执行不同任务的过程组合起来构成一个大程序。 四、汉译英题(20 分) The most notable example of an internet is the Internet ,which originated from research projects going back to the early 1960s. The goal was to develop the ability to link a variety of computer networks so that they could function as a connected system that would not be disrupted by local disasters. Most of this original work was sponsored by the U.S. government through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Over the years, the development of the Internet shifted from a defense project to an academic research project, and today it is largely a commercial undertaking that links a worldwide combination of WANs, MANs, and LANs involving millions of computers.

五.写作题(20 分) 下面是一篇论文的引言, 请根据引言写出该论文的摘要, 不超过 200 个单词。
Abstract Digital communication technology has brought us much convenience and efficience,but because the amount of multimedia especially image data is very big and the transmitting speed of multimedia data is very limited, the further application of digital communication technology has been bottlenecked by the transmission of multimedia data.So it is urgent to develop data compression techniques,and a series of such techniques have been developed.Among these techniques, EZW is one of the best techniques.But its computational complexity is still very expensive.Although some

parallel EZWs have been developed,due to their illogical and uneven data partitioning,the potential of parallelism in EZW has not been adequately tapped.Hence, it is necessary to improve these parallel EZWs.This paper just proposes a new and efficient parallel EZW, its computational complexity is lower than that of many other existed parallel EZWs.

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