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2016 年全国高考英语试卷之完形填空汇编
新课标Ⅰ卷 A Heroic Driver Larry works with Transport Drivers. Inc. One morning in 2009. Larry was __41__along 165 north after delivering to one of his 43 noticed brake and he got closer, he found 44 45 47 42 . Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on.

vehicle upside down on the road. One more look and he 46 vehicle. Larry pulled over, set the

shooting out from under the

the fire extinguisher (灭火器). Two good bursts from the extinguisher and the

fire was put out. The man who had his bright lights on emergency call. They vehicle. 51 50 48 and told Larry he had 49 an

heard a woman?s voice coming from the wrecked (毁坏的)

the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window. 52 54 until the emergency personnel arrived, 53 she thought

They told her to stay the car was going to not move 55

. Larry told her that he had already put out the fire and she should

she injured her neck. 56 and let them go

Once fire and emergency people arrive, Larry and the other man to work. Then, Larry asked the the other man go. One thing is 59 57 if he was needed or 58

to go. They let him and

—Larry went above and beyond the call of duty by getting so close to 60 most likely saved the woman?s life. C.traveling C. employers C. As C. that C. water C. removed C. took charge of C. came in C. made C. finally C. Passing C. away C. and C. fall apart

the burning vehicle! His 41. A. walking

B. touring

D.rushing D. customers D. If D. his D. steam D. abandoned D. controlled D. came over D. confirmed D. even D. Approaching D. calm D. but D. crash

42. A. passengers B. colleagues 43. A. Since 44. A. each 45. A. flames 46. A. used B. Although B. another B. smoke B. disabled

47. A. got hold of B. prepared 48. A. came down B. came through 49. A. returned 50. A. then 51. A. Starting 52. A. quiet 53. A. for 54. A. explode B. received B. again B. Parking B. still B. so B. slip away

55. A. as if

B. unless

C. in case

D. after D. set out D. driver D. free D. checked D. promise

56. A. stepped forward B. backed off C. moved on 57. A. woman 58. A. forbidden 59. A. for certain 60. A. patience 【答案】 B. police B. ready C. man C. asked

B. for consideration C. reported B. skills C. efforts

41-45 CDCBA 46-50 BADCA 51-55 DBDAC 56-60 BBDAC 【解析】 试题分析:本文是一篇记叙文主要介绍了 Larry 在送货回来的路上遇到了一辆着火的汽车。 他 不顾个人安危,勇敢地拿起灭火器去救火,灭火后他才发现原来汽车里还有幸存的人员,他 的行为挽救了他人的生命。 41.C 考查动词辨析及语境理解。故事发生的时候他在沿着公路行驶。故选 C。 42.D 考查动词辨析及语境理解。Larry 是送货司机,由此推断他应该是在给客户送完货后回 去的路上。故选 D。 43.C 考查连词辨析及语境理解。Since 自从,由于;Although 尽管; As “当…时候;If 如 果;根据语境判断当他走近的时候,他又发现了另一辆汽车。故选 C。 44.B 考查代词辨析及语境理解。Each 每个;another 另一个; that 那个; his 他的;根 据前句 Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on,可知当时有一辆亮着大灯的车,由此判 断他又发现一辆损毁的汽车。 45.A 考查名词辨析及语境理解。 根据第一段末句 the fire was put out 可知当时汽车是着火了。 Flame 火苗;smoke 烟;water 水;steam 蒸汽。故选 A。 46.B 考查形容词词辨析及语境理解。根据第二段中 a women?s voice coming from the wrecked vehicle, 可知汽车是毁坏了的, used 使用; disabled 残废的; removed 被移除了的; abandoned 被遗弃的。故选 B。 47.A 考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据后句可知他下车去灭火。Get hold of 拿起;prepare 准 备;take charge of 负责;control 控制。故选 A。 48.D 考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据 and told Larry he had _48__ an emergency call 可知,那 个司机走了过来和 Larry 说话。 Come down 下来; come through 经历; come in 进来; come over 走过来。故选 D。 49.C 考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据下文警察来了可知这个司机打了电话报警。Return 归 还; receive a call 接到电话;make a call 打电话; confirm 确认。 故选 C。 50.A 考查副词辨析及语境理解。根据语境判断他们听到车内有人发出的声音。Then 那时; again 再次;finally 终于;even 甚至。故选 A。


51.D 考查动词辨析及语境理解。 根据上文可知汽车着火了, 情况很危险, 由此推断当时 Larry 离汽车远, 所以他是走近了之后才看到车内的那位女士。 Start the car 发动汽车; park a car 停 放汽车;pass a car 路过汽车;approach a car 走近汽车。故选 D。 52.B 考查形容词辨析及语境理解。根据本段末句 she should not move 可知,Larry 让这名女 士不要动。Quiet 安静的;still 不动的;away 远离的;calm 沉着的;故选 B。 53.D 考查连词辨析及语境理解。根据后句可以推断这位受困的女士想从汽车里出来,而; Larry 不让她动,怕她伤到脖子,这两句话之间是转折关系。故选 D。 54.A 考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据后句内容判断这位妇女害怕汽车会爆炸,故选 A。 55.C 考查短语和介词辨析及语境理解。根据上文可知 Larry 害怕她脖子会受伤,前后句之间 是假设关系。故选 C。 56.B 考查动词短语辨析及语境理解。根据后句内容可以推断他们为了不妨碍警察救人,都 退到后面。Stepped forward 迈步向前;backed off 退后; moved on 继续前行;set out 出发; 根据句意选 B。 57.B 考查名词辨析及语境理解。根据上文 Once fire and emergency people arrived 可知是救援 的警察赶到现场。woman 妇女;police 警察;man 男人; driver 司机;故选 B。 58.D 考查形容词辨析及语境理解。 根据后句可知警察让他离开了,由此判断 Larry 询问警察 他是否可以离去。Forbidden 被禁止的;ready 有准备的; asked 被问到的; free 自由的。 Be free to do sth 自由地做某事。故选 D。 59.A 考查短语辨析及语境理解。 根据上文可知 Larry 救人的事实是确定无疑的。 for certain 确 定无疑; for consideration 以供参考; report 报道;check 核实;故选 A。 60.C 考查名词辨析及语境理解。Patience 耐心;skill 技能;effort 努力;promise 承诺;根据 从上文可知 Larry 的努力挽救了别人的性命。 故选 C。 考点:考查故事类短文阅读


新课标Ⅱ卷 Hundreds of people have formed impressions of you through that little device(装置)on your desk. And they?ve never actually 21 you. Everything they know about you device, sometimes from hundreds of miles away. 22 through this 24 from

23 they feel they can know you

the sound of your voice. That?s how powerful the 25 is. Powerful, yes, but not always 26 . For years I dealt with my travel agent only by phone. Rani, 27 , got me rock-bottom prices on airfares, cars, and 29 another agent.

my faceless agent whom I?d never met

hotels. But her cold voice really 28 me. I sometimes wished to One morning, I had to 30

an immediate flight home for a family emergency. I ran into 32 my madness, sympathetically jumped up. 34

Rani?s office 31 . The woman sitting at the desk, She gave me a 33

smile, nodded while listening patiently, and then printed out the

immediately. “What a wonderful lady!” I thought. Rushing out 35 I called out over my shoulder, “By the way, what?s your name?” “I?m Rani,” she said. I turned around and saw a 36 woman with a big smile on her face waving to wish me a 38 .

safe trip. I was 37 ! Why had I thought she was cold? Rani was, well, so

Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport, I figured it all out. Rani?s 39 ---her warm smile, her nods, her ?I?m here for you? 40 ---were all silent signals that didn?t travel through wires. 21. A. accepted 22. A. came 23. A. Thus 24. A. rather 25. A. Telephone 26. A. direct 27. A. in person 28. A. annoyed 29. A. promote 30. A. arrange 31. A. for the fi rst time 32. A. expecting 33. A. shy 34. A. bill 35. A. hopefully B. noticed B. moved B. Yet B. also B. voice B. useful B. by myself B. interested B. train B. postpone B. at any time B. seeing B. comforting B. form B. disappointedly C. heard C. ran C. Then C. just C. connection C. easy C. in public C. discouraged C. find C. confirm C. from time to time C. testing C. familiar C. ticket C. gratefully D. met D. developed D. Indeed D. already D. impression D. accurate D. on purpose D. confused D. know D. book D. in good time D. avoiding D. forced D. list D. regretfully


36. A. careful 37. A. amused 38. A. calm 39. A. forgiveness 40. A. explanation

B. serious B. worried B. nice B. eagerness B. attitude

C. nervous C. helpless C. proud C. friendliness C. concept

D. pleasant D. speechless D. clever D. skillfulness D. Behavior

【答案】21. D 31. A 32. B

22. A 33. B

23. B 34. C

24. C 35. C36. D

25. A26. D 37. D

27. A 38. B

28. A 39. C

29. C 40. B

30. D

【解析】 试题分析:本文属于夹叙夹议类短文,以“我”在电话中与我的代理商 Rani 的交流中发现,她 比较“冷漠”,甚至有了换人的想法。后来实际生活中的一次接触让我发现原来的看法完全是 错误的,生活中的 Rani 是一个很善良体贴的人。以此告诉我们不要随意下结论,要全面思 考问题。 21.D 考查上下文串联。动词 accept 接受;notice 注意;hear 听说;听见;meet 遇见;根据 第一句可知很多人只是通过电话了解你,你们也许从来都没有见过面,只是通过电话交流。 故 D 正确。 22.A 考查动词短语。动词 move 移动;run 奔跑;develop 发展,开发;短语 come from 来自 于....;他们对你的了解来自于电话,因为你们之间的距离通常非常遥远,甚至在千里之外。 , 与 BCD 三项的动词语义不搭配。故 A 正确。 23.B 考查上下文串联。虽然你们之间的距离很远,但是他们只要通过你的声音,就可以了 解你。上下文之间是转折关系,所以使用副词 yet 串联前后语义。故 B 正确。 24.C 考查副词辨析。副词 rather 相当地;also 也;just 只是;already 已经;本句使用 just 表示强调,别人只要通过声音就可以了解你。故 C 正确。 25.A 考查上下文串联。根据 26 空后“only by phone”可知本文介绍的是电话,人们可以通过 电话了解你。故 A 正确。 26.D 考查上下文串联。形容词 direct 直接的;useful 有用的;easy 容易的;accurate 准确的; 本空前的 but 说明上下文之间是转折关系,电话虽然很强大,但是也并不是很准确。与 ABC 三项语义不搭配。故 D 正确。 27.A 考查介词辨析。介词 in person 亲自,by myself 靠自己;in public 当众;on purpose 故 意地;A 项与空前的 faceless 形成呼应,Rani 是代理人,但是我们从来没有碰过面。故 A 正 确。 28.A 考查上下文串联。空前的 cold voice 可知 Rani 在电话里的声音很冷漠,和让我很不高 兴,甚至想过要另外找一个代理人。说明我对他的声音很反感。故 A 正确。 30.D 考查动词辨析。动词 arrange 预定;postpone,推迟;confirm 确认;book 预定,因为家庭


中的紧急事情我要立刻预定回家的航班。动词 book 与 flight 相搭配。故 D 正确。 31.A 考查介词短语。短语 for the first time 第一次;at any t ime 随时;from time to time 时而 不时;in good time 及时,迅速;因为情况紧急,所以我第一次亲自来到 Rani 的办公室。故 A 正确。 32.B 考查动词辨析。动词 expect 期待,预料;see 看见;test 检测;avoid 避免;她看到了 我的着急,Rani 非常同情我,给了我安慰的笑容。动词 see 与上下文搭配一致。 33.B 考查形容词辨析。形容词 shy 害羞的;comforting 安慰的;familiar 熟悉的;forced 被 迫的;她看到我很着急,笑着安慰我。故 B 正确。 34.C 考查上下文串联。根据 30 空可知我要预定回家的航班的机票,本句中 Rani 很快帮我 把机票打印出来。故 C 正确。 35.C 考查上下文串联。副词 hopefully 充满希望地;disappointedly 感到失望地;gratefully 感激地;regretfully 遗憾地;对方如此迅速地帮我把机票打印出来,而且一直面带微笑,这 让我心存感激。故 C 项正确。 36.D 考查上下文串联。形容词 careful 细心的;seri ous 严肃的,认真的;nervous 紧张的; pleasant 令人愉快的;现实生活中的 Rani 富有同情心,待人热情大方。是一个令人愉快的相 处对象。所以当我转身时,看见的是与电话中完全不一样的 Rani。故 D 项正确。 37.D 考查上下文串联。现实生活中的她是如此的体贴大方,而我之前却认为她很冷漠,甚 至有了要另找代理的想法,我真是无话可说。说明电话中得到的印象有时很不准确。故 D 项正确。 38.B 考查上下文串联。在文章 28 空前 cold,以及之前我因为 Rani 很冷漠,但却没有想到实 际生活中的 Rani 是如此的美好善良。故 B 项正确。 39.C 考查名词辨析。 名词 forgiveness;谅解;eagerness;急切, friendliness 友好;skillfulness.熟练, 从 52-54 空内容可知 Rani 对我非常友好善良,并没有电话中的那种冷漠的感觉。故 C 项正 确。 40.B 考查名词辨析。名词 explanation 解释,attitude 态度,concept 概念,behaviour 行为, Rani 的善良友好的态度并没有从电话线中传递过去。B 项指 Rani 接待我的发好的态度。故 B 项正确。


新课标Ⅲ卷 When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team. That meant 21 Miller King, who was the best 22 at our school.

Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out. I carried my football everywhere for 23 .

Just before September, Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm. I went to see him after he came back from 24 . He looked very 25 , but he didn?t cry. 27 28 the home games from the bench.

That season, I 26 all of Miller?s records while he We went 10-1 and I was named most valuable player, was to blame for Miller?s 29 .

I often had crazy dreams in which I

One afternoon, I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller


going over a

fence—which wasn?t 31 to climb if you had both arms. I?m sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept 32 from. But even that challenge he accepted. I 33 34 him move

slowly over the fence. When we were finally

on the other side, he said to me, “You know, 35 .Thank you for filling in for 36 .”

I didn?t tell you this during the season, but you did His words freed me from my bad

37 . I thought to myself, how even without an arm he 38 ahead of me. I was right to have

was more of a leader. Damaged but not defeated, he was 39 him. From that day on, I grew 21.A. cheering for 22.A.coach 23.A.practice 24.A.school 25.A. pale 26.A. held 27.A.reported 28.A.and 29.A. decision 30.A.stuck 31.A. steady 32.A.praise 33.A.let 34.A. dropped 35.A.fine

40 and a little more real. C. relying on C. teacher C. comfort C. hospital C. relaxed C. set C. organized C. but C. accident C. tired C. fun C. assistance C. had C. trapped C. quickly D. staying with D. player D. pleasure D. training D. ashamed D. tried D. watched D. thus D. sacrifice D. lost D. fit D. apology D. noticed D. safe D. normally

B. beating out B. student B. show B. vacation B. calm B. broke B. judged B. then B. mistake B. hurt B. hard B. advice B. helped B. ready B. wrong


36.A. us 37.A.memories 38.A.still 39.A. challenged 40.A.healthier

B. yourself B. ideas B. also B. cured B. bigger

C. me C. attitudes C. yet C. invited C. cleverer

D. them D. dreams D. just D. admired D. cooler

【答案】 21.B22.D23.A24.C25.A26.B27.D28.C29.C30.A 31.B32.C33.B34.D35.A36.C37.D38.A39.D40.B 【解析】 试题分析:文章是一篇与足球有关的故事。作者想成为球队里最棒的球员,并向最优秀的球 员 Miller 看齐。为了实现梦想,作者刻苦训练,在 Miller 受伤之后,作者脱颖而出,成为最 有价值球员。作者的表现得到了 Miller 的认可。 21.B 考查动词短语辨析。A. cheering for:为…欢呼,3. beating out 打败,c. relying on 依靠, D. staying with 和……待在一起。要想成为球队里的明星,就要打败最优秀的球员,故选 B。 27.D 考查动词辨析。A.reported 报告;B. judged 判断;C. organized 组织;D. watched 观看。 while he 27 the home games from the bench 受伤后的 Miller 坐在长凳上观看比赛, 故选 D。

28.C 考查并列连词。A.and 和;B. then 然后;C. but 但是;D. thus 因此。I was named most valuable player 和 I often had crazy dreams 形成对比,作者虽然被封为最有价值球员,但是他 总是做噩梦,故选 C。 29.C 考查名词辨析。A. decision 决定;B. mistake 错误;C. accident 事故;D. sacrifice 牺牲。 让作者感到内疚的是,仿佛是自己应该为 Miller 的事故负责,作者觉得有点胜之不武,故选 C。 30.A 考查形容词辨析。 A.stuck; B. hurt; C. tired 劳累的; D. lost 丢失的。 saw Miller 30 going

over a fence 作者看到 Miller 在翻篱笆,只有一只手臂的 Miller 翻篱笆很困难,因此应该是 被卡在篱笆上了,故选 A。 31 B 考查形容词辨析. A.steady 稳定的;B.hard 困难的;c. fun 有趣的;D.fit,合适的,傀康的。 手臂健全的人翻篱笆不费吹灰之力,故选 B。 31.考查名词辨析。A.praise 表扬;B advice 建议;c. assistance 帮助;D. apology 道歉。作者认 为 Miller 最不愿接受作者的帮助,the last,最不可能的,故选 c。 32.B 考查动词辨析。 A let 让;B. helped 帮助;c had 有, 使;D. noticed 注意到。 根据 he accepted 可知 Miller 接受了作者的帮助,故选 B。 34 D 考查形容词辨析。A dropped Bready 准备好的;c.trapped 被困住的;D. safe 安全的。作者 和 Miller 两人成功翻过篱笆,故选 D。


35 A 考查副词辨析。A fine 够好,可接受;B wrong 错误地;c quickly 迅速 D normally 正常。 Miller 认为作者表现得很好,故选 A。 36 c 考查代词辨析。A us 我们;B yourself 你白己;c.me 我;D them 他们。Miller 感谢作者填 补了他的空缺,故选 c。 37.D 考查名词辨析。A memories 记忆;B ideas 主意;cattitudes 态度;D dreams 梦。得到了 Miller 的认可 Z 后,作者的噩梦也不见了踪影,故选 D。 38 A 考副词辨析。A still 仍然;B also,也;c. yet 然而,还没;D just 刚刚仅仅。Miller 虽然受 伤了,但却不会被打败,作者认为 Miller 仍然是最强的,故选 A。 39 D 考查动词辨析。A challenged 挑战;B cured 治愈;c invited 邀请;admired 敬佩,欣赏。作 者认为白己敬佩 Miller 没有做错,故选 D。 40 B 考查形容词比校级。从那天起,作者长大了许多,更重视自己的存在了,故冼 B。 考点:生活故事类短文阅读


北京卷 A Race Against Death It was a cold January in 1925 in North Alaska. The town was cut off from the rest of the world due to heavy snow. On the 20th of that month, Dr.Welch 36 a Sick boy, Billy, and knew he had diphtheria,

a deadly infectious(传染的)disease mainly affecting children. The children of Nome would be 37 if it struck the town. Dr.Welch needed medicine as soon as possible to stop other kids from getting sick. 38 , the closest supply was over 1,000 miles away, in Anchorage. 39 was already full of ice, so it couldn`t 40 roads. Jet airplanes and big trucks

How could the medicine get to Nome? The town`s come by ship. Cars and horses couldn?t travel on the didn?t exist yet.

41 January 26, Billy and three other children had died. Twemty more were Nome`s town officials came up with a(n) 43 . They would have the medicine sent by

42 . 44

from Anchorage to Nenana. From there, dogeled( 狗 拉 雪 橇 )drivers—known as “mushers”—would 45 it to Nome in a relay(接力).

The race began on January 27. The first musher, Shannon, picked up the medicine from the train at Nenana and rode all night. 46 he handed the medicine to the next musher, Shannon`s

face was black from the extreme cold. On January 31,a musher named Seppala had to 47 a frozen body of water called Norton

Sound .It was the most 48 part of the journey. Norton Sound was covered with ice,which could sometimes break up without warning.If that happened,Seppala might fall into the icy water below.He would 49 ,and so would the sick children of Nome.But Seppala made it across. A huge snowstorm hit on February 1.Amusher named Kaasen had to brave this storm.At one point,huge piles of sonw blocked his 50 .He had to leave the trail (雪橇痕迹)to get around them.Conditions were so bad that it was impossible for him to 51 the trail again. The only

hope was Balto,Kaasen?s lead dog, Balto put his nose to the ground, 52 to find the smell of other dogs that had traveled on the trail.If Balto failed,it would mean disaster for Nome.The minutes passed by.Suddenly, Balto began to 53 .He had foung the trail.

At 5:30 am on February 2, Kaasen and his dog 54 in Nome. Within minutes,Dr.Welch had the medicine.He quickly gave it to the sick children.All of them recoverd. Nome had been 55 36.A.examined 37.A.harmless . C.interviewed C. fearless D.cured D.careless

B.warned B.helpless


38.A.Moreover 39.A.airport 40.A.narrow 41.A.From 42.A.tired 43.A.plan 44.A.air 45.A.carry 46.A.Though 47.A.enter 48.A.shameful 49.A.escape 50.A.memory 51.A.find 52.A.pretending 53.A.run 54.A.gathered 55.A.controlled

B.Therefore B.station B. snowy B.On B.upset B.excuse B.rail B.return B.Since B.move B.boring B.bleed B.exit B.fix B.trying B.leave B.stayed B.saved

C.Otherwise C. harbor C.busy C.By C. pale C.message C. sea C. mail C. When C. visit C.dangerous C. swim C.way C. pass C. asking C. bite C. camped C.founded

D.However D.border D.dirty D.After D.sick D.topic D.road D.give D.If D.cross D.foolish D.die D.destination D.change D.learning D.play D.arrived D.developed

【答案】 36.A37.B38.D39.C40.B41.C42.D43.A44.B45.A46.C47.D48.C49.D50.C 51.A52.B53.A54.D55.B 【解析】 试题分析:文章讲述了一个人们接力运送药物来救患病儿童的感人故事。1925 年 1 月份的 阿拉斯加北部极其寒冷,由于大雪,诺姆小镇与外界隔绝了。雪上加霜的是,那里的孩子患 上了一种致命的传染病--白喉。为了拯救孩子们,人们接力运送药品到诺姆。最终,人们通 过狗拉的雪橇把药物送到了诺姆。 39.C 考查名词辨析。 A.airport 机场; B.station 车站; C. harbor 港口; D.border 边境。 根据“so it couldn?t come by ship”可知,这里指港口结冰,故选 C。 40.B 考查形容词辨析。A.narrow 狭窄的;B. snowy 被雪覆盖的;C.busy 繁忙的;D.dirty 脏 的。根据第一段可知,大雪覆盖了道路,汽车和马都不能通行,故选 B。 41.C 考查介词辨析。 A.From 从, 自; B.On 在......上面; C.By 通过, 在......之前; D.After 在...... 之后。By+时间,与完成时连用,后跟过去的时间,用过去完成时;跟将来的时间,用将来 完成时,故选 C。


42.D 考查形容词辨析。A.tired 劳累的;B.upset 难过的;C. pale 苍白的;D.sick 生病的。四 个孩子相继去世,还有 20 几个患病,故选 D。 43.A 考查名词辨析。A.plan 计划;B.excuse 借口;C.message 信息;D.topic 话题。当地的官 员想到了一个计划,故选 A。 44.B 考查名词辨析。A.air 空气;B.rail 栏杆,铁轨;C. sea 海洋;D.road 道路。根据下一段 “from the train at Nenana”可知,药物被用火车运到 Nenana,故选 B。 45.A 考查动词辨析。A.carry 运送,携带;B.return 返回,归还;C. mail 邮寄;D.give 给。 然后再由乘坐狗拉的雪橇的人把药物接力送到诺姆,故选 A。 46.C 考查时间状语从句。A.Though 虽然;B.Since 因为,自从;C. When 当;D.If 如果。当 他把药物交给下一个人时,他的脸已经被冻得乌青,故选 C。 47.D 考查动词辨析。 A.enter 进入; B.move 移动; C. visit 拜访; D.cross 穿过。 根据“Norton Sound was covered with ice”可知,Norton Sound 是一片冰冻的水域,Seppala 必须穿过这片水域, 故选 D。 48.C 考查形容词辨析。 A.shameful 惭愧的; B.boring 令人厌烦的; C.dangerous 危险的; D.foolish 愚蠢的。 根据“which could sometimes break up without warning”可知, 这是旅途最难的一部分, 故选 C。 49.D 考查动词辨析。A.escape 逃跑,B.bleed 流血,C.swim 游泳,D. die 死亡。如果掉进寒 冷的水中,Seppala 会被冻死,诺姆的病童们也会去世,故选 D。 50.c 考查名词辨析。A. memory 记忆,3. exit 出口,C.way 道路,D. destinatian 目的地。根 据下一句可知,有的地方被大雪档住了去路,Seppala 不得不绕道行驶,故选 C 51.A 考查动词辨析。A. find 找到;B. fix 固定,安装,C. pass 通过,D. change 改变。当时的 天气状况极差,Seppala 找到雪橇轨道是不可能的,只能靠他的狗,故选 A。 52.B 考查动词辨析。A.pretending 假装;B.trying 努力;C. asking 问,要求;D.learning 学会。 Seppala 的雪橇狗努力嗅着其它狗的味道,故选 B。 53.A 考查动词辨析。A.run 跑;B.leave 离开;C. bite 咬;D.play 玩耍。Seppala 的雪橇狗找 到了轨道,开始奔跑起来,故选 A。 54.D 考查动词辨析。A.gathered 聚集;B.stayed 保持;C. camped 露营,借住;D.arrived 到 达。arrive in sp 到达某地,这里指终于到达诺姆,故选 D。 55.B 考查动词辨析。A.controlled 控制;B.saved 拯救; C.founded 建 立 ;

D.developed 发展。所有的孩子得到了救治,诺姆活了下来,故选 B。 考点:人物故事类短文阅读


四川卷 Lainey finished third grade. She had good grades and could read 21 grade level, but she

did not like to read. On a family car trip, her Aunt Dede pulled out a copy of Harry Potter, as a surprise for her 22 . But Lainey took one look at it, 23 her eyes, and said, “Borring!” 24 the

Aunt Dede, a teacher, had read the book to her students, and they loved it. youngest children in the class were then 27 25 by the story. They 26

with great interest and

joined in grand conversations about Harry`s adventures. 28 ? Have you read it? ” asked Aunt Dede. 29 .” complained Lainey.

“How can you say it`s

“No, it`s too long and it doesn`t have any “Oh, that`s where you are you just have to read the words to 30 31

;there are lots of pictures. Every page is full of pictures; them. It`s like magic.” 32 from the back seat.

“Nice try , Aunt Dede,”Lainey replied

Another 33 was in order. “Well, if you don?t want to read it, give it34 .Maybe your mom would 35 hearing the story.” The book sailed through the air to Aunt Dede and she began to read it aloud. By the end of the first chapter,36 were coming from the back seat:“Please read a little37.” Lainey is an example of an 38reader. As shown here, Lainey can become 39 about reading when 40 with literature on topics that interest her, and when the people around her model involvement in the reading process. 21.A.within 22.A.daughter 23.A.opened 24.A.Even 25.A.surprised 26.A.read 27.A.suspectedly 28.A.amazing 29.A.pictures 30.A.crazy 31.A.see 32.A.sourly 33.A.idea 34.A.away 35.A.enjoy B.on B.niece B.dried B.Still B.annoyed B.told B.anxiously B.boring B.stories B.foolish B. match B.patiently B.try B.out B.admit C.to C. student C.rolled C. Just C. puzzled C.listened C.calmly C.ridiculous C. adventures C. wrong C.show C. eagerly C.belief C.in C. mind D. above D.friend D.shaded D.Yet D.attracted. D.wrote D.enthusiastically D.humorous D.conversations D.different D.recognize D.shyly D.behavior D.back D.finish


36.A.decisions 37.A.more clearly 38.A. Unpleasant 39.A.astonished 40.A. presented

B. requests B.longer B. Innocent B.worried B. concerned

C.comments C. louder C.unwilling C. confused C.disturbed

D.promises D.more carefully D.independent D.excited D.replaced

【答案】21.D 22.B 23.C 24.A 25.D 26.C 27.D 28.B 29.A 30.C 31.A 32.A 33.B 34.D 35.A 36.B 37.C 38.C 39.D 40.A 【解析】 试题分析:本文通过 Lainey 的故事告诉人们如何让孩子喜欢阅读。 21.D 考查介词。A. within 在一之内,B. on 在一上面;C.to 朝着,D. above 超过,在一之上。 句意:她成绩好,读书超过他的年纪水平,但是她不喜欢读。故选 D。 22.B 考查名词。A.daughter 女儿;B.niece 侄子;C. student 学生;D.friend 朋友。根据“姑 姑拿出一本哈利比特”,可知是“给她侄子一个惊喜”,故选 B。 23.C 考查动词。A.opend 打开;B.dried 哭;C.rolled 滚动;D.shaded 遮蔽。句意:Lainey 看了它一眼,转动着眼珠,说“令人厌烦”。故选 C。 24.A 考查副词。A.Even 甚至;B.Still 仍然;C. Just 仅仅,只是; D.Yet 然而。句意:Aunt Dcde,一位老师,曾给她的学生读过这本书,他们喜欢它。甚至班里最小的孩子也被故事 吸引。故选 A。 25.D 考查动词。A.surpriesd 使惊讶;B.annoyed 烦恼;C. puzzled 疑惑; D.attracted 吸 引。句意:甚至班里最小的孩子也被故事吸引。故选 D。 26.C 考查动词。A.read 阅读;B.told 告诉;C.listened 听;D.wrote 写。根据上文可知“孩子 们带着极大的兴趣听这故事”。故选 C。 27.D 考查副词。 A. suspectedly 怀疑地; B.anxiously 焦虑地; C.calmly 冷静地; D.enthusiastically 充满热情地。听玩故事后,孩子们充满热情地加入到关于哈利波特冒险的谈话中。故选 D。 28.B 考查形容词。 A. amazing 令人惊讶的; B.boring 厌烦的; C.ridiculous 荒谬的; D.humorous 幽默的。根据第一段最后一个单词,可知此处意思是“你怎么能说它是令人厌烦的呢”?故选 B。 29.A 考查名词。A.pictures 图画;B.stories 故事;C. adventures 冒险; D.conversations 谈 话。句意:它太长,也没有图画。根据文章第一句可知他是一个三年级的孩子,当然喜欢看 图画。故选 A。 30.C 考查形容词。A.crazy 疯狂的;B.foolish 愚蠢的;C. wrong 错误的;D.different 不同 的。根据空格下句“有许多图画,每页都有图画”。可知你说没图画是你“错了”。故选 C。


31.A 考查动词。A.see 看见;B. match 匹配;c.show 展示;D.recognize 认出。句意:只是你必须 读单词才能看见它们。故选 A。 3?.A 考查副词。A . sourly 怪怪地,酸酸地,B. patiently 耐心地,C. eagerly 热切地,D.shyly 害羞地。句意:Lainey 怪怪地说,试一次。故选 A. 33.E 考查名词。A . idea 主意,想法,B.try 尝试,c.belief 信念,D.behaviour 举止,行为。 句意:又试了一次。故选 B。 34.D 考查副词。A.away 离开;B.out 外面;C.in 在---里面;D.back 向后地。句意:如果 你不想读它,把它还回去。give back 归还,故选 D。 35.A 考查动词。A.enjoy 喜爱;B.admit 承认;C. mind 介意; D.finish 完成。句意:或许 你的妈妈喜欢听这个故事。故选 A。 36.B 考查名词。A.decisions 决定;B. requests 请求;C.comments 评论;D.promises 许诺。 句意:第一章快读完的时候,请求从后面的座位传来,“请再大点声读”。故选 B。 37.C 考查副词。 A.more clearly 更清晰; B.longer 更长;C. louder 更大声;D.more carefully 更细心地。句意:请求从后面的座位传来,“请再大点声读”。故选 C。 38.C 考 查 形 容 词 。 A. Unpleasant 不 愉 快 的 ; B. Innocent 无 辜 的 ; C.unwilling 不 愿 意 的; D.independent 独立的。根据上文可知“Lainey 是一个不情愿的读者”。故选 C。 39.D 考查过去分词。 A.astonished 吃惊的;B.worried 担忧的; C. confused 困惑的;D.excited 兴奋的。正如上面所示,Lainey 关于阅读能变的兴奋。故选 D。 40.A 考 查 动 词 。 A. presented 赠 送 , 提 出 , 呈 现 ; B. concerned 牵 挂 ; C.disturbed 干 扰; D.replaced 代替。 句意: 当提供给他感兴趣的话题时, Lainey 关于阅读能变的兴奋。 present 提出,呈现。故选 A。


浙江卷 During the war,my husband was stationed at an army camp in a desert in California.I went to live there in order to be 21 him. I hated the place .I had never 22 been so unhappy . My

husband was ordered out on a long-term duty,and I was left in a tiny shack(棚屋) alone. The heat was 23 -almost 125 0F even in the shade of a cactus(仙人掌)。 24 a soul to talk to . The wind 25 with sand , sand ,

blew non-stop ,and all the food I ate ,and the evry air I breathed,were sand !

I was so sorry for myself that I wrote to my parents. I told them I was


and coming

back home.I said I couldn?t stand it one minute longer. I 27 be in prison! My father answered my 28 with just two lines-two lines that will always sing in my 29 - two lines that

completely changed my life : Two men looked out from prison bars One saw the mud ,the other saw the stars I read those two lines 30 what was good in my present 31 I was ashamed of myself. I made up my mind I would find out ; I would look for the stars. 32 amazed me. They gave me presents of their

I made friends with the natives,and their favorite artworks which they had 33

to sell to toueists . I studied the delightful forms of the for seashells that had been left there millions of

cactus .I watched for the desert sunsets,and 34 years ago when the desert had been an ocean 35 What brought about this had changed my amazing 39 38 36

change in me ? The desert hadn?t changed , 37

I had .I

And by doing so ,I changed an unhappy experience into the most

of my life . I was excited by this new world that I had dicovered I had looked out 40 the stars C. near C. then D. beyond D. still D.unbearable D.Such D. charhed D.getting up D.had better D.letter D. memory D.noe and then

of my self-creatded prison and 21. A. off 22. A. before 23. A. inflexible 24. A. Only 25. A. covered 26. A. catching up 27. A. ought to 28. A.request 29. A. comparison 30. A. over and over

B. behind B. already

B. incomprehensible C. uncontrollable B. Not B. filled B. keeping up B. might well B. call B. imagination B. by and by C. Many C. buried C. giving up C. would rather C. question C. consideration C. up and down


31. A. company 32. A. movement 33. A. refused 34. A. asked 35. A. floor 36. A. shocking 37. A. as 38. A. attitude 39. A. vacation 40. A. sought

B. occupation B. reaction B. failed B. hunted B. surface B. challenging B. but B. principle B. operation B. counted

C. situation C. guidance C. managed C. waited C. rock C. puzzling C. for C. identity C. affair C. found

D.relationship D.purpose D.happened D.headed D.level D.astonishing D.or D.standard D. adventure D.reached

【语篇解读】这是一篇记叙文。作者讲述自己为了离丈夫近一些,住在他所在的沙漠的军营 里,寂寞的生活和艰苦的生活条件让作者难以忍受,她写信告诉父母要回家。父亲给他的信 中就两行字,就是这两行字使作者改变了自己对人生的态度。 21.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文的 I went to live there,可知,作者去住在丈夫的军营为了靠近丈夫。A. 远离;B.在……后面;C.靠近;D.超过。故选 C。 考点:考查介词辨析。 22.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 I was left in a tiny shack(棚屋) alone.可知,作者以前从没有感觉这么不 开心。A.以前;B.已经;C.然后;D.仍然。故选 A。 考点:考查副词辨析。 23.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据 almost 125F,可知炎热让人无法忍受。A 不灵活的;B.无法理解的;C.不能控制 的;D.不能忍受的。故选 D。 考点:考查形容词辨析。 24.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 a desert 和 alone,可知,没有一个人可以交谈。A.仅仅;B. 没有;C. 很多;D.这样。故选 B。 考点:考查副词辨析。


25.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 a desert 可知,作者吃的食物,呼吸的空气都充满了沙子。A.覆盖;B. 填满;C.埋葬;D.负责,要价。故选 B。 考点:考查动词辨析。 26.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 coming back home,可知,作者写信给父母,告诉他们她要放弃。A. 赶上; B. 维持; C. 放弃;D.起床。故选 C。 考点:考查动词短语辨析。 27.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 I said I couldn?t stand it one minute longer,可知,我宁愿在监狱里。A. 应该;B.不妨,最好;C.宁愿;D.最好。故选 C。 考点:考查短语辨析。 28.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 I wrote to my parents,可知,作者的爸爸回复了作者的信,只有两行字。 A.请求;B.电话;C.问题;D.信。故选 D。 考点:考查形容词辨析。 29.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据句意:这两行字将永远在我记忆里唱响一这是永远改变我的生活的两行字。A. 对比;3.想象;G.考虑;D.记忆。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析。 30.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 I was ashamed of myself.可知,作者一遍又一遍地读这两行字。A.一遍 又一遍;B.不久;C. 上上下下; D. 不时。故选 A。 考点:考查短语辨析。 31.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 I would look for the stars,可知,作者决定要发现在现在的环境中好的 东西。A.公司,陪伴;B.占据,职业;C.环境; D. 关系。故选 C。


考点:考查名词辨析。 32.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 They gave me presents of their favorite artworks which they had 33 to

sell to toueists .可知,作者和当地人交朋友,他们的反应让作者很惊讶。A.运动;B.反应; C.指导; D.目的。故选 B。 考点:考查名词辨析。 33.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析: 根据句意: 他们给我最喜欢的艺术作品的礼物, 这些作品是他们拒绝卖给游客的。 A.拒绝;B.失败;C.设法完成;D.碰巧。故选 A。 考点:考查动词辨析。 34.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 far seashells that had been left there millions of rears ago 可知,作者寻找几 百万前留下的贝壳。A.问;B.打猎;C 等待;D.前往。hunt far 寻找。故选 B 考点:考查动词辨析和短语搭配。 35.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 millions of years ago 可知,几百万年前,沙漠曾经是海床。A.地板; B.表面;C.岩石;D.水平。故选 A。 考点:考查名词辨析。 36.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 two lines that completely changed my life :,可知,这里是:什么造成我 这样令人惊讶的改变?A.令人震惊的;B.有挑战的;C.令人困惑的;D.令人惊讶的。故选 D。 考点:考查形容词辨析。 37.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据句意:沙漠没有改变,但是我变了。表示转折关系。A.正如,因为,随着; B.但是;C.因为;D.或者。故选 B。 考点:考查连词辨析。 38.【答案】A 【解析】


试题分析: 根据下文 I changed an unhappy experience into the most amazing 可知, 虽作者改变 了自己的态度。A.态度;B.原则;C.身份;D.标准。故选 A。 考点:考查名词辨析。 39.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析: 根据上一段内容可知, 作者将不愉快的经历变成最令人惊叹的人生冒险。 A.假期; B.手术;C.事务;D.冒险。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析。 40.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文工 I would look far the stars.可知,作者从自己创造的监狱向外看,发现了 星星。A.寻找 B.数数,重要;C 发现;D.到达。故选 C。 考点:考查动词辨析。


江苏卷 Years ago, a critical event occurred in my life that would change it forever. I met Kurt Kampmeir of Success Motivation Incorporation for breakfast. While we were ___36 ,Kurt asked me, “ John, what is your 37 for personal growth? Never at a loss for words, I tried to find things in my life that might him about the many activities in which I was 39 . And I went into a 38 40 for growth. I told about how hard I patiently, but

worked and the gains I was making. I must have talked for ten minutes. Kurt 41 then he 42 smiled and said, “You don?t have a personal plan for growth, do you?” . 44 process.” 46

“No, I 43

“You know,” Kurt said simply, “growth is not a(n) And that?s when it 45

me. I wasn?t doing anything

to make myself better. And

at that moment, I made the 48 .

47 : I will develop and follow a personal growth plan for my

That night, I talked to my wife about my


with Kurt and what I had learned. I 51


her the workbook and tapes Kurt was selling. We sale. He was offering a 52

that Kurt wasn?t just trying to make a

for us to change our lives and achieve our dreams. 53 the resources. But

Several important things happened that day. First, we decided to more importantly, we made a commitment to 54

together as a couple. From that day on, we 55 decision. While too

learned together, traveled together, and sacrificed together. It was a many couples grow apart, we were growing together.

36. A. working 37. A. suggestion 38. A. appeal 39. A. involved 40. A. lecture 41. A. calculated 42. A. eagerly 43. A. admitted 44. A. automatic 45. A. confused 46. A. on loan 47. A. comment

B. preparing B. demand B. look B. trapped B. speech B. listened B. gradually B. interrupted B. slow B. informed B. on purpose B. announcement

C. thinking C. plan C. call C. lost C. discussion C. drank C. gratefully C. apologized C. independent C. pleased C. on sale C. decision

D. eating D. request D. qualify D. bathed D. debate D. explained D. finally D. complained D. changing D. hit D. on balance D. arrangement

48. A. life 49. A. contract 50. A. lent 51. A. recalled 52. A. tool 53. A. provide 54. A. grow 55. A. difficult

B. progress B. conversation B. sold B. defined B. method B. buy B. survive B. random

C. performance C. negotiation C. showed C. recognized C. way C. give C. move C. firm

D. investment D. argument D. offered D. declared D. rule D. deliver D. gather D. wise

【答案】36-40.DCDA B 41-45.BDAAD 【解析】

46-50.BCABC 51-55. CCBAD

36.D 考查上下文串联。根据 36 空前“for breakfast",可知我在吃早饭的时候遇见了 Kurt,当 我们正在吃饭的时候,他问我对个人成长有什么样的计划。故 D 项符合上下文串联。 37.C 考查上下文串联。根据 42 空后问题“对于个人成长你并没有计划,是吧?” 可知 Kurt 在问我个人成长计划是什么。故 C 项正确。 38.D 考查动词短语辨析。动词 appeal 呼吁,吸引(通常与 to 连用) ;look for 寻找;call for 需要,需要;qualify for 有资格,能胜任;当 Kurt 提出这个问题的时候,我努力找出一些个 人生活中与成长有关的事情。与 ABC 三项的语义不搭配。故 D 正确。 39.A 考查形容词短语。本句是定语从句,介词 in 提前至关系代词 which 之前。形容词短语 be involved in 参与...; 卷入...; be trapped in 被困在...中; be lost in 沉浸于...; be bathed in 被 ... 笼罩;我告诉他很多我所参加的活动。根据句意可知 A 正确。 40.B 考查名词辨析。我在发表关于自己如何努力工作并取得了很大的成就的演讲。与讨论、 争论及讲课无关。故 B 正确。 41.B 考查上下文串联。我讲了十几分钟自己的个人努力及成就,Kurt 在耐心的听我说。故 B 正确。 42.D 考查副词辨析。终于;耐心地听我讲了很长时间,最后他笑着对我说:对于个人成长 你并没有计划,是吧?故 D 正确。 43.A 考查动词辨析。"Kurt 笑看对我说:对于个人成长你并没有计划,是吧?”这是一个否定的 反义疑问句,在回答的时候“no”翻译为“是的”。说明我承认自己并没有个人成长计划。故 A 项正确。 44.A 考查形容词辨析。 形容词 automatic 自动的, slow 缓慢的;independent 独立的, changing 不断变化的;Kurt 告诉我成长并不是一个自动的过程,一定要有计划性,有计划的个人成长 才是有效的成长。从那以后我意识到自己在这方面的缺乏并作出改变。BCD 三项与语义不 搭配。


45.D 考查动词辨析。 Kurt 的话触动了我, 我的确没有有意识地做一些事情让自己变得更好。 故 D 项正确。 46.B 考查介词辨析。介词 on loan 暂借,出借的;on purpose 故意地;on sale 降价出售;on balance 总之;他的话让我意识到自己的确没有有意地做一些让自己更好的事情。故 B 项正 确。 47.C 考查上下文串联。根据文章 55 空 It was a 55 decision.可知我做出了一个决定:要

为我的生活做一个个人的成长计划。故 C 项正确。 48.A 考查上下文串联。可知这个计划是为个人成长计划,是与个人生活有关的计划。BCD 三项都属于 A 项的范围。故 A 正确。 49.B 考查上下文串联。名词 contract 合同,契约;conversation 对话;negotiation 谈判;协 商;argument 争论;根据文章前两段可知我和 Kurt 在吃早饭的时候,进行了一次关于个人 成长计划的谈话。故 B 正确。 50.C 考查动词辨析。我向妻子展示了 Kurt 正在出售的书和磁带。我们意识到他并不是想向 我们兜售自己的书,而是给了我们一个改变生活和实现梦想的方法。故 ABD 三项语义不搭 配。故 C 正确。 51.C 考查动词辨析。我们意识到他并不是想向我们兜售自己的书,而是给了我们一个改变 生活和实现梦想的方法。根据句意可知 C 项正确。 52.C 考查名词辨析。Kurt 给了我们一个改变生活和实现梦想的方法。B 项的介词搭配错误。 故 C 正确。 53. B 考查上下文串联。根据文章前一段可知我们意识到他并不是想向我们兜售自己的书, 而是给了我们一个改变生活和实现梦想的方法。 说明我们认可了他的观点, 所以我们购买了 他的书和磁带等资源。故 B 正确。 A 考查上下文串联。根据上文可知 Kurt 和我谈论的是个人成长的话题,我和妻子在他的影 响下承诺共同成长,一起进步。故 A 正确。 55.D 考查上下文串联。根据后句可知我和妻子一起成长。说明他的资源对我们有很好的作 用,我们做出的是一个明智的决定。故 D 项正确。 考点:考查记叙文阅读


天津卷 The journey my daughter Cathy has had with her swimming is as long as it is beautiful. Cathy suffered some terrible 16 17 became healthy. Two years ago, while Cathy was watching the Olympics, a dream came into her sweet little head—to be a swimmer. Last summer, she wanted to 18 hard and finally 19 and could hardly 21 it. The team practice, out local swim team. She practiced in her early childhood. After years of regular treatment, she

20 was a rough start. She coughed and choked

her first few weeks. Hearing her coughing bitterly one night, I decided to 23 to go!

22 her from it all. But Cathy woke me up early next morning, wearing her swimsuit I told her she shouldn?t swim after a whole night?s coughing, but she refused to she go . From that day on, Cathy kept swimming and didn?t 25

24 and insisted

a single practice. She had a 26

intention within herself to be the best she could be. My ten—year—old was growing and changing right before my eyes, into this 27 moments of 28 human being with a passion and a mission. There were

of course: often she would be the last swimmer in the race. It was difficult for 29 ---ever. But that didn?t stop her from trying.

Cathy to accept th at she wasn?t a

Then came the final awards ceremony at the end of the year. Cathy didn?t expect any award but was still there to 30 her friends and praise their accomplishments. As the ceremony was

nearing the end, I suddenly heard the head coach 31 , “The highest honor goes to Cathy!” Looking around, he continued, “Cathy has inspired us with her 32 and enthusiasm. 33

skills and talents bring great success, the most valuable asset(财富)one can hold is the heart.” It was the greatest 34 of my daughter?s life. With all she hade been this was the hour of true triumph(成功). 16. A. failure 17. A. usually 18. A. improve 19. A. increased 20. A. however 21. A. use 22. A. pull 23. A. afraid 24. A. take off 25. A. attend B. pressure B. finally B. train B. found B. therefore B. survive B. tell B. nervous B. set off B. miss C. loss C. firstly C. join C. created C. otherwise C. save C. hide C. ready C. give up C. ban D. illness D. frequently D. contact D. made D. instead D. waste D. fire D. free D. show up D. Start 35 in her ten years,


26. A. rich 27. A. trusted 28. A. frustration 29. A. beginner 30. A. cheer on 31. A. admitting 32. A. humor 33. A. Although 34. A. discovery 35. A. through

B. weak B.determined B. delight B.learner B. compete with B.explaining B. will B. Since B. choice B. under

C. firm C.experienced C. excitement C. partner C. respond to C.announcing C. honesty C. Once C. influence C. across

D. kind D. embarrassed D. surprise D. winner D. run after D. whispering D. wisdom D. Because D. moment D. around

【语篇解读】这是一篇记叙文。作者讲述自己十岁的女儿在童年遭受病痛之苦,在接受治疗 之后好转。之后决心做一个游泳选手,虽然身体不适,还是坚持训练,虽然经常是比赛后的 最后一名,但是一直不放弃。最后教练的一番话给予 Cathy 最大的奖励和肯定。 16.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文的 treatment,可知,Cathy 在童年的时候,得了可怕的疾病。A.失败; B.压力;C.损失;D.疾病。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析。 17.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 After years of regular treatment,可知,她最后健康了。A.通常;B.最后; C.首先;D.经常。故选 B。 考点:考查副词辨析。 18.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 a dream came into her sweet little head,可知,她想参加我们当地的游泳 队。A.提高;B.训练;C.参加;D.联系。故选 C。 考点:考查动词辨析。 19.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 She practiced hard,可知,她最后做到了。A.增加;B.发现;C.创造; D.使得。make it 做到,成功。故选 D。 考点:考查动词辨析和固定搭配。


20.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 was a tough start,可知,然而,游泳队的训练是个艰难的开始。A.然而; B.因此;C.否则;D.代替。故选 A。 考点:考查副词辨析。 21.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 she coughed and coughed,可知,她咳嗽,窒息,在前几个星期几乎不能 生存。A 使用;B.生存,c.拯救,节约,D 浪费。故选 B。 考点:考查动词辨析。 22.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据 Hearing her coughing bitterly one night,可知,我决定将她拉开。A.拉,B.告 诉,辨别,c.躲藏;D.解雇。故选 A。 考点:考查。 23.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据 wearing her swimsuit,可知,她穿着游泳衣准备走。A.害怕的;B.紧张的; C.准备好的;D.免费的,自由的。故选 C。 考点:考查形容词辨析。 24.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据 I told her she shouldn?t swim after a whole night?s coughing,可知,她拒绝 放弃,坚持要走。A.脱下,起飞;开始流行;B.启程,引发;C.放弃;D.出现。故选 C。 考点:考查动词短语辨析。 25.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据 keep swimming 可知,Cathy 一直在训练,没有错过一次训练。A.参加;B. 错过;C. 禁止; D. 开始。故选 B。 考点:考查动词辨析。 26.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文:Cathy 一直在训练,没有错过一次训练,可知,她的内心有坚定的意 志。A.富有的;B.虚弱的;C.坚定的; D. 好心的。故选 C。


考点:考查形容词辨析。 27.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 with a passion and a mission,可知,我十岁的女儿成长为一个有决心的 人。A.信任的;B.有决心的;C.有经验的; D. 尴尬的。故选 B。 考点:考查形容词辨析。 28.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 often she would be last swimmer in the race 可知,也有挫败的时候。A.沮 丧,挫败 B.高兴;C.兴奋;D.惊讶。故选 A 考点:考查名词辨析。 29.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析:根据上文 the last swimmer,可知,要 Cathy 接受她不是获胜者很难。A.初学者; B.学习者;C.伙伴;D.获胜者。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析。 30.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 praise their accomplishments 可知,Cathy 在那里为队友加油鼓劲。A. 向……欢呼, 为……鼓劲加油;B.和……竞争;C.回答;D.追赶。故选 A。 考点:考查动词短语辨析。 31.【答案】C 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文总教练说的话,可知,这里是总教练宣布的事情。A.承认;B.解释; C.宣布;D.低语,耳语。故选 C。 考点:考查动词辨析。 32.【答案】B 【解析】 试题分析:根据 enthusiasm 可知,教练说:是 Cathy 用她的意志力和热情激励了我们。A. 幽默;B.意愿,意志力;C.诚实;D.智慧。故选 B。 考点:考查名词辨析。 33.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据下文 the most valuable asset…可知,虽然技巧和才能带来巨大成功,但是一个


人能拥有的最珍贵的财富是心。A.虽然;B.自从;C.一旦 D .因为。故选 A。 考点:考查连词辨析。 34.【答案】D 【解析】 试题分析: 根据上一段内容可知, 教练说这番话的时候是我女儿生活中最好的时刻。 A.发现; B.选择;C.影响;D.时刻。故选 D。 考点:考查名词辨析。 35.【答案】A 【解析】 试题分析:根据句意:由于这十年她经历的时候,这是真正成功的时候。A.通过(内部) , 经历;B.在……下面;C.穿过(表面) ;D.在……周围。故选 A。 考点:考查介词辨析。


上海卷 In the 1960s, Douglas McGregor, one of the key thinkers in the art of management, developed the mow famous Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X is the idea that people instinctively 51 work and will do anything to avoid it. Theory Y is the view that everyone has the potential

to find satisfaction in work. In any case, despite so much evidence to the They believe, 53 52 , many managers still agree to Theory X.

, that their employees need constant supervision if they are to work 54 without consultation. This, of course,

effectively, or that decisions must be imposed from makes for authoritarian (专制的) managers. Different cultures have different ways of 55

people. Unlike authoritarian management,

some cultures, particularly in Asia, are well known for the consultative nature of decision-making—all members of the department or work group are asked to 56 to this process. This is

management by the collective opinion. Many western companies have tried to imitate such Asian ways of doing things, which are based on general 57 . Some experts say that women will

become more effective managers than men because they have the power to reach common goals in a way that traditional 58 managers cannot.

A recent trend has been to encourage employees to use their own initiative, to make decisions on their own without towards downsizing: 59 60 managers first. This empowerment (授权) has been part of the trend the number of management layers in companies. After de-layering 61 with just a top level of senior managers, front-line

in this way, a company may be

managers and employees with direct contact with the public. Empowerment takes the idea of delegation (委托) much further than has 62 been the case. Empowerment and delegation 63 that the overall business plan is being

mean new forms of management control to

followed, and that operations become more profitable under the new organization, rather than less. Another trend is off-site or 64 management, where teams of people linked by e-mail 65

and the Internet work on projects from their own houses. Project managers evaluate the

of the team members in terms of what they produce for projects, rather than the amount of time they spend on them. 51. A. desire 52. A. contrary 53. A. vice versa 54. A. outside 55. A. replacing B. seek B. expectation B. for example B. inside B. assessing C. lose C. degree C. however C. below C. managing D. dislike D. extreme D. otherwise D. above D. encouraging


56. A. refer 57. A. agreement 58. A. bossy 59. A. asking 60. A. doubling 61. A. honoured 62. A. economically 63. A. deny 64. A. virtual 65. A. opinion

B. contribute B. practice B. experienced B. training B. maintaining B. left B. traditionally B. admit B. ineffective B. risk

C. object C. election C. western C. warning C. reducing C. crowded C. inadequately C. assume C. day-to-day C. performance

D. apply D. impression D. male D. firing D. estimating D. compared D. occasionally D. ensure D. on-the-scene D. attractiveness

【答案】 51. D 61. B 52. A 62. B 53. B 63. D 54. D 64. A 55. C 65. C 56. B 57. A 58. D 59. A 60. C

【解析】 试题分析:本文是说明文,作者在第一段中提出道格拉斯· 麦克雷戈所提出的人性假设 理论中的 X 理论和 Y 理论,并介绍了现代社会中一种新型管理理论:授权管理及其作用。 51.D 考查上下文串联。根据后半句“....will do anything to avoid it”可知很多人为了避免工 作而愿意做任何事情,说明那些人大多数人生性都是懒惰的,都不愿意工作,他们尽可能地 逃避工作。故 D 项正确。 52.A 考查上下文串联。 短语 to the contrary 相反的; to the degree 在某种程度上; to the extreme 走向极端;在文章第一段中提到了 X 理论,大多数人都缺乏进取心和责任心,不愿对人和 事负责,没有什么雄心壮志,不喜欢负责任,宁可被领导。而 Y 理论认为大多数人愿意对 工作、对他人负责,人们愿意实行自我管理和自我控制来完成应当完成的目标。这是两种完 全相反的理论,尽管对于这两种完全相反的理论有很多的证据,很多管理人仍然同意 X 理 论。故 A 正确。 53.B 考查上下文串联。本句中 for example 表示举例说明;这些管理人仍然同意 X 理论,例 如他们认为如果要员工效率高,就需要给与他们不断的监督。这属于 X 理论的举例说明。故 B 正确。 54.D 考查上下文串联。根据后句“...makes for authoritarian managers....”可知这属于专制的 管理方法,他们的决定是来自上而下的,没有任何商量的余地。故 D 项“above 上面的”正 确。 55.C 考查上下文串联。 根据前段可知本文讨论的管理学的理论, 使用本句使用动词 “manage 管理” ,不同的文化中有不同的管理人的方法。而且和下文中亚洲、西方的管理方法形成呼


应。故 C 正确。 56.B 考查动词短语辨析。短语 refer to 提到,谈到;contribute to 做贡献;导致;object to 反对;apply to 适用于;亚洲人使用的是协商式的管理方法,所有人都被要求对管理的过程 做出自己的贡献。故 B 正确。 57.A 考查上下文串联。 名词 agreement 同意; practice 练习, 做法; election 选举; impression 印象;亚洲人使用协商式的管理方法,这种方法是建立在共同的协议基础之上的,西方人也 想学习这样的管理方法。故 A 正确。 58.D 考查上下文串联。根据前半句“....women will become more effective managers than men....”可知有些专家认为女性比男性管理更高效。因为女性更有亲和力,比男性管理人更 容易与别人达成一致的目标。故 D 正确。 59.A 考查上下文串联。根据前句“... encourage employees to use their own initiative...鼓励员 工使用自己的首创精神” ,也就是说在做出决定的时候不要请示上级经理,自己做出决定即 可。故 A 项正确。 60.C 考查上下文串联。根据前句“the trend towards downsizing 缩小规模的趋势” ,也就是 要减少管理层的数量,可以直接做出决定而不需要请示上级。故动词“reduce 减少”符合上 下文串联。 61.B 考查短语辨析辨析。动词 be honored with 被授予;be left with 留下,剩下;be crowded with 挤满;be compared with 与..相比;通过这种方法,公司只剩下高层管理者和前线的与 公众直接联系的一线管理人。省略了很多中央环节,提高了管理的效益。故 B 正确。 62.B 考查副词辨析。 副词 economically 经济地; traditionally 传统地; inadequately 不充分地; occasionally 偶 尔 地 ; 根 据 后 句 “ Empowerment and delegation mean new forms of management...”可知授权管理是一个新型的管理方法,与传统的管理模式不一样。故 B 正 确。 63.D 考查动词辨析。动词 deny 否认;admit 承认;assume 假定,设想;ensure 保证,确保; 授 权 管 理 是 一



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