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1.She wouldn't take a drink, much less could she stay for dinner. 2.He thought I was lying to him,whereas I was telling the truth. 3.How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week? 4.The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy. 5.Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency. 6.We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on. 1.Despite the fact that she is the only child in her family, she is never babied by her parents. 2.Mike didn't come to the party last night, nor did he call me to give an explanation. 3.The person sitting next to him did publish some novels, but he is by no means a great writer. 4.He has no interest in football and is indifferent to who wins to loses. 5.The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of problems in his absence. 6.This is the first time that he has made a speech in the presence of so large an audience. XI. 1.You are never too experienced to learn new techniques. 2.There remains one problem,namely,who should be sent to head the research there. 3.Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences. 4.Though he has had ups and downs,I believed all along that he would succeed someday. 5.I have some reservations about the truth of your claim. 6.She isn't particularly tall,but her slim figure gives an illusion of height. 1.It is a great pleasure to meet friends from afar. 2.It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice. 3.You must let me have the money back without fail by ten o'clock tomorrow morning. 4.Allow me to take part in this project: I am more than a little interested in it. 5.Everyone knows that he is special:He is free to come and go as he pleases. 6.Watching the unhappy look on her face,I felt as though she wishes to say something to me. 1.He spoke confidently,which impressed me most. 2.My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys. 3.I'm very grateful to you for all the help you have given me. 4.The bad light,coupled with the wet ground,made driving very difficult. 5.Being starved of funds,they had to cancel their plan to start a business. 6.They always lean on us whenever they are in trouble. 1. (Just) as a machine needs regular running, so does the body need regular exercise. 2. He learned to play the piano while studying in the United States. 3. To our disappointment, he turned down our invitation. 4. The reality is that, for better or worse, the world has changed with advance of new technologies. 5. Most of the female students in my class appear to be ill at ease when (they are) required to answer questions. 6. The local government took charge of the security for the sports meeting. 1.At the meeting they discussed, among other things, the present economic situation. 2.The more I learned about the nature,the more absorbed I became in its mystery. 3.The doctor recommends that those stressed people should try something new,interesting and challenging in order to give their negative feelings an outlet.

4.The teacher gives more homework to the student who has bad grades instead of cutting it down. 5.By contrast,American parents are more likely to attribute their children's success to natural talent. 6.One of a teacher's priorities is to stimulate students' interests and their creativity.

1.我认为他不会抢劫,更不用说暴力抢劫了. 2.男工平均工资每小时 10 美元,而女工才每小时 7 美元. 3.自然界的平衡一旦遭到破坏,就会带来很多不可预知的影响. 4.期终考试迫在眉睫,你最好多花点时间看书. 5.有趣的是,消费者发现越来越难以辨别某些品牌的原产国.其部分原因来自于全球化带来的影响,部分原因是由 于产地的变化. 6.最近一次调查表明,妇女占总劳动力的 40%. 1.尽管那项计划一开始就证明是不切实际的,但是他们还是坚持要实施. 2.我无法说服他接受这项计划,也无法使他认识到这项计划的重要性. 3.你是怎么把那么多东西塞进这个小行李箱的? 4.别人对他怎么看,他全不在意. 5.我能否指出你犯了个小错误. 6.他母亲让他开车慢一点儿,但是他从不把她的话放在心上. 1.应尽早告知年轻人:必须认真对待法律. 2.他现在面临一个重要决定,这个决定可能会影响他的整个前程. 3.即使在情况最糟糕的时候,你也必须保持镇静和信心. 4.人际关系的成功与否与双方相处是否融洽以及交流是否顺畅有很大关系. 5.他受到袭击,身受重伤,随后不治而亡. 6.他的举止至少在表面上像个正常人。 1.现如今,仅仅受过中等教育的人要想找份好工作越来越难了。 2.留得青山在,不怕没柴烧. 3.如果你对所购物品不满意,我们将很乐意退款. 4.我们对这块伟大的美丽的土地心怀感激之情,多年来它迎接了众多的人来这里的海滩游览. 5.让老师吃惊的是,没人自愿当班长. 6.那条狗忠心耿耿地继续在火车站等待主人,直到两年后死去. 1.飞机可能会晚点几个小时,要是那样,我们等着就没有什么意义了. 2.乔治常常说谎,因此当他说他考试得了高分时没人相信他. 3.初了附近位于十字路口的那家小工厂,一切都静悄悄的. 4.缺少睡眠的人会感到很难集中心思干活. 5.我安排人去机场接克拉克先生,然后带他去宾馆. 6.一到达山顶,游客们都高兴地大叫起来. 1. 足球之于意大利人,就像乒乓球之于中国人。 2. 教师没急着要班里同学现在作决定,而是要他们仔细考虑后再下决心。 3. 我不知道那是什么饮料,我喝了那么多;结果那些小伙子只能送我回家,因为我有点醉了。 4. 在中国北方,三月份往往多风。 5. 尽管如此,政府已经同意总支出增加 6.2%。 6. 信息被定义为通过陈述事实向大脑传达的知识,它可以有多种形式。

1.初了其他内容,他的研究还牵涉到发展中国家与爱滋病的斗争. 2.这些人明白了他们的服务越好,他们就挣得越多. 3.尽管父亲似乎忧虑不安,但苏珊感觉不到他在表情或行动上有什么变化. 4.能获得多少经济资助已成为学生选择上哪所学校的更重要的因素. 5.她已经减少了外出和买衣服的花费,但她还是没钱开始还债. 6.控制压力的方法之一是认识到生活中有很多事情是我们无法掌控的.

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