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牛津高中英语模块9 Unit 2 Task - Project 语言点及词组整理 上学期

Language points
in Task

1. divorce

n. vt. vi.

? David's parents got a divorce / got divorced / divorced when he was six.

她即将(和丈夫)离婚。 她即将(和丈夫)离婚。
? She's divorcing (her husband).

你是已婚,单身还是离婚? 你是已婚,单身还是离婚?
? Are you married, single, or divorced?

2. born borne
? I was born in Hong Kong. ? a newly-born baby 新生儿 ? He was born to do this / be a politician.

天生适合从事... 天生适合从事...
? He was born into a noble family.

出生在...家庭背景 出生在...家庭背景 borne (bear, bore, borne) : give birth to 她已经为他生了一个可爱的女儿。 她已经为他生了一个可爱的女儿。
? She has borne him a lovely daughter.

3. mercy


? He showed no mercy to his enemies. = He had / took no mercy on his enemies. = He treated his enemies without mercy. ? After the boat's motor failed, they were at the mercy of the weather.

任凭...的摆布(而无力保护自己) 任凭...的摆布(而无力保护自己) 的摆布
adj. a merciful person be merciless to sb. (cruel)

4. sponsor

vt. n.

? The bank had offered to sponsor him at university. ? UN-sponsored / US-sponsored / government-sponsored projects ? Eastman Kodak is a major sponsor of the Olympics.

5. corrupt adj. vt.

corruption n. ion

6. charge


? The man arrested last night has been charged with murder / theft. 指控, ( be accused of ) 指控,控告 ? The restaurant 40英镑的酒水钱 the 饭店收了我们40英镑的酒水钱 饭店收了我们 charged us ?40 for wine. ? charge rent / a fee / interest ...

7. sentence

vt. n.

? receive an eight-year prison sentence ? be sentenced to three years in prison

8. withdraw

vt. vi.

(withdrew, withdrawn) 收回,撤销,提款 收回,撤销, ? She withdrew a document from her briefcase. ? I'd like to withdraw ?500 from my account. ? A knee injury forced Joyner to withdraw from the tournament. ? He refused to withdraw his remarks.

9. furnish


furnish sb. / sth. with sth. ? a room plainly furnished with a bed and a desk ? be simply / fully / comfortably / elegantly furnished ? The house was fully furnished and equipped. (≠be decorated)


n [U]

10. renew


? renew one's passport / contract / license / membership 续期,续办 续期, ? renew a friendship / acquaintance

恢复友谊 / 交往
? renew a book renewal n. ? the renewal of our annual licence renewed adj. 重新产生的 ? ~ interest / confidence / enthusiasm

Phrases on P27 :
? ? ? ? 生孩子 give birth to / borne a child 离婚 get a divorce / get divorced / divorce 装修得很优雅 be elegantly decorated ...很仁慈 对...很仁慈 show mercy to / have (take) mercy on ... ? 被指控...的罪行 被指控... ...的罪行 be accused of / be charged with ... ? 对...不忠实 be unfaithful to ... ...不忠实

Phrases on P27:
? 起航去... set sail to ... 起航去... ? 叛国罪 the crime of betraying one’s country one’ ? 舒适地生活着 live comfortably / live a comfortable life ? 将他配备了家具的住处扩大 have his furnished accommodation enlarged ? 为...腾出空间 make room for ... ...腾出空间 ? 去...旅行 make a trip to ... ...旅行 ? 撤销/恢复死刑 cancel / renew death sentence 撤销/

Language points
in Project

1. remains
? prehistoric remains


? She fed the remains of her lunch to the dog. ? the remains of a young woman

2. be equal to ...
? The rent was equal to half his monthly income. ? The architecture here is equal to any in the world. (be as good as...) ? be equal to the task / challenge

能胜任的,能应付的 能胜任的,
? I hope that he will prove equal to the challenge.

3. be open to ...
对...开放的 ...开放的
? be open / closed to the public ? be open to criticism

? be open to suggestions


4. line


为了看赛跑,成群的人排在街道旁 。 为了看赛跑,
? Crowds of people lined the streets to watch the race. ? The street was lined with small shops. ? a tree-lined avenue 林荫道 ? (a gold-covered statue, a snowcapped mountain) line (sb.) up 排成行,排成列 排成行,

5. be native to ...
这些鱼原产于北美。 这些鱼原产于北美。 原产于北美
? These fish are native to North America. ? native language / tongue 母语

? native New Yorker = a native of New York

6. in terms of
在...方面;从...方面来说 ...方面 方面; ...方面来说
? Did the experiment find any differences in terms of what children learned? ? In the long term, alcohol causes high blood pressure.


7. mark


mark sth. with sth. / mark sth. on sth.

Joe的盒子有蓝色三角形的记号。 Joe的盒子有蓝色三角形的记号。 的盒子有蓝色三角形的记号
? Joe’s box was marked with a blue triangle. = A blue triangle was marked on Joe’s box.

她的最新小说标志着 她的最新小说标志着她作为作家 标志着她作为作家 的转折点。 的转折点。
? Her latest novel marks a turning point as a writer. ? I've got a pile of exam papers to mark.

8. exposure
exposure to the sun


expose vt.
暴露在光线下,马铃薯会变绿。 暴露在光线下,马铃薯会变绿。
? Potatoes turn green when exposed to light.

9. since

prep. adv. conj.

自从被迫离开后他就没有回来。 自从被迫离开后他就没有回来。
? He hasn't been back since he was forced to leave / being forced to leave . (before, after, since + doing / being done) ? We've been friends (ever) since we were at school together. ? They left town and haven't been here since.

10. invest
invest ... in ...


Williams在股票上投入了所有积蓄。 Williams在股票上投入了所有积蓄。 在股票上投入了所有积蓄
? Williams invested all his savings in stocks.

我在这个项目上投入很多时间和精力。 我在这个项目上投入很多时间和精力。
? I've invested a lot of time and effort in the project.

investment investor

11. deadline


申请的最后期限是5 27日 申请的最后期限是5月27日。
? The deadline for applications is May 27th.

他们设定了 11月5日的最后期限。 11月 日的最后期限。
? They've set a deadline of Nov 5th. meet / miss a deadline

12. message
这部戏有着重要的寓意 这部戏有着重要的寓意。 寓意。


? The play has a serious message. get the ? The campaign is trying to __________ message across / send the message _________________________________ (传达这个信息) to young people that 传达这个信息) drugs are dangerous.

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 追溯到 date from ... / date back to ... ? 最令人印象深刻的文化遗产 the most impressive cultural remains ? 等同于,胜任 be equal to 等同于, ? 对死后生活的保障 insurance for the afterlife ? 北京西北50公里处 北京西北50 50公里处 northsit 50 kilometres (to the) north-west of beijing ? 对公众开放 be open to the public

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 保存完好 in good condition / be well preserved ? 其它陵寝分列两边 with the other tombs placed on either side ? 增加了它的气势宏伟 add to its impressiveness ? 原产于 be native to ... ? 铺着优质砖 highbe covered with high-quality bricks ? 位于南京郊区 be located in the suburbs of Nanjing

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 在建筑方面 in terms of architecture ? 历时247年 历时247 247年 over a length of 247 years ? 占地78平方公里 占地78平方公里 78 take up / cover 78 square kilometres ? 5个皇帝的遗体 the remains of five emperors ? 标志着陵寝的入口 mark the entrance to the tombs ? 受到很大的关注 be given serious attention

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 近几十年来 in recent decades ? 遭受到几个世纪风吹日晒的破坏 suffer damage from centuries of exposure ? 故意的破坏 deliberate destruction ? 自发掘以来 since being unearthed ? 在国家政府的保护之下 under the protection of the state government ? 投入资金修复 invest money in restoring it

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 如期完成修复 meet the deadline for completing restoration ? 国际认可 international recognition ? ... 的主要部分 part and parcel of ... ? 向每个人传达...的信息 get the message 向每个人传达... ...的 across / send the message to everyone that ... ? 引起必要的的关注来保护... 引起必要的的关注来保护... bring needed attention to protecting ...

Phrases on P30-31 : P30? 促进了旅游业的发展 lead to increased tourism ? 另一个重要的资金来源 another important source of funds ? 珍惜和保护这些历史遗迹 treasure and protect these monuments

Sentences — location:
? Most of the Ming Tombs can be found north50 miles north-west of Beijing … ? It is located in Zunhua, 125kilometres east of Beijing. ? Xiling sits about 100 kilometres to the west of Beijing in Yixian, Hebei Province.

Sentences — inversion :
? Adding to the impressiveness and beauty of Changling is the Ling'en which… palace, which… ? Buried there are the remains of five emperors, their wives and other royal families members.

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