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闵行区 2013 学年第一学期九年级质量调研考试 英语试卷
(满分 150 分,考试时间 100 分钟)
考生注意:本卷有 7 大题,共 94 小题。试题均采用连续编号,所有答案务必按照规定 在答题纸上完成,做在试卷上不给分。

Part 1

Listening (第一部分 听力)

班级__________ 姓名_________

I. Listening Comprehension (听力理解) (共 30 分) A. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片) (6 分)






1. ______ 2. ______

3. ______ 4. ______

5. ______

6. ______

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听 到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案) (8 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 7. A) Comic strips. B) Novels. C) Story books. D) Science fiction. ) 8. A) Cloudy. B) Rainy. ) 9. A) On Saturday morning. C) On Sunday morning. )10. A) Ten. )11. A) By bus. )12. A) In an office. B) Twenty. B) By taxi. B) In a bar. C) Sunny. D) Windy. B) On Saturday afternoon. D) On Sunday evening. C) Thirty. D) Forty. C) By underground. D) On foot. C) In a restaurant. D) In a shop. B) A doctor and a patient. D) Father and daughter.
英语试卷 第 1 页(共 12 页)

)13. A) A teacher and a student. C) A salesman and a customer.


)14. A) She didn’t have a watch. C) She forgot to set the alarm clock.

B) She didn’t hear the alarm clock. D) The clock went wrong.

C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断 下列句子是否符合你听到的内容, 符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示) (6 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( )15. Andy was on a trip in England in order to improve his English. )16. When Andy spoke to people face to face, he still had problems. )17. Andy missed his flight because he forgot his flight time. )18. If Andy took the next flight, he didn’t have to pay for another ticket. )19. When Andy came to know that his stay in England would be longer, he felt upset. )20. From the story we know Andy could spend another three days in England.

D. Listen to the dialogue and complete the following sentences (听对话,完成下列内容, 每空格限填一词) (共 10 分) 21. George went to ________ ________ some friends in Peace Forest. 22. It was raining a little when George and friends ________ ________ London. 23. George walked for about ________ hours through the woods in the ________ sunshine. 24. When George returned to the bus, the sun was going down and it was _______ ________. 25. Mary and her parents had meat, ________, ________ and dessert for a meal.

Part 2

Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar

(第二部分 语音、词汇和语法)
Ⅱ. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案) (共 20 分) ( )26. Which of the following word matches the sound [se?f] ? A) seem ( B) safe C) sense D) seat

)27. Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation with others? A) Don’t put your feet on the seat! C) Could I have fish instead of ham? B) We reached Los Angeles late at night. D) What’s the meaning of this?


)28. The elderly businessman has managed to help ______ poor in west China. A) a B) an C) the D) /


)29. Some people in modern cities have no choice but to keep ______ dogs in small spaces. A) they B) them C) their D) theirs


)30. During his stay in America, he gained much ______ of local customs and cultures. A) advice B) knowledge B) for

C) idea C) since

D) message D) till


)31. I’m looking after Tom today. He’s been in my house ______ 9:00 this morning. A) at
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( (

)32. I don’t like this kind of watch. Will you show me ______ one, sir? A) other B) another C) the other D) the others )33. Johnson looked quite ______ because his son didn’t tell him the truth. A) angry B) gently B) eat B) funnier C) funny C) eating C) funniest D) quietly D)eats D) the funniest

( ( (

)34. Lily thinks she is too fat and refuses ______ as usual, which makes his parents worried. A) to eat A) funny )35. The movie Lost in Thailand is ______ one that I’ve ever seen these years. )36. The librarian said, ―These books ______ be removed from the reading room. Just read them here. That’s the school rule.‖ A) may not B) need B) was rebuilding B) doesn’t she C) mustn’t C) would rebuild C) had she D) can D) had rebuilt D) won’t she

( ( (

)37. The government ______ some school buildings for safety by the end of last year. A) is rebuilding A) did she Day every year. A) offer B) will offer C) are offered D) were offered )38. Amy hardly saw her friends during her stay in Paris, ______? )39. Free Film tickets ______ to children in some cinemas in Shanghai on Children’s


)40. When the detective interviewed the man, he denied ______ the expensive earrings. A) to steal B) stealing C) steals D) steal


)41. I ______ yet whether to take part in the coming English reading competition. A) won’t decide B) didn’t decide C) don’t decide D)haven’t decided


)42. Alice can sing as ______ as a professional singer. We are so proud of her. A) beautifully B) happily C) wonderful D) lovely


)43. You won’t feel happy at school ______ you get on well with your classmates. A) though B) when C) unless D) because


)44. – Hello, Jenny. You suitcase looks so heavy, let me give you a hand. – ______ I’m OK. A) That’s all right. B) No, thanks. C) Well done. D) Take it easy.


)45. – I think keeping pet dogs isn’t a good idea. Dogs create a lot of mess. – ______ In my opinion, it can help you become a more responsible person. A) I think so, too. C) That’s a good idea. B) So do I. D) I don’t agree with you.


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Ⅲ. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each can only be used once (将下列单词或词组填入空格。 每空格限填一词, 每词只能填一次) (共 8 分) A. spend D. nobody B. join E. true C. in time

Jess really felt very happy. When he arrived at his seat in the classroom that morning, he found an invitation on his desk. It was from several of his classmates asking him to activity. Why were they asking him now? Jess thought 47 46 them on a camping trip. This was the first time he was asked to take part in an out-of-school seemed to like him. In fact, he had been so lonely that he drowned his feeling with food. As a result, he had put on a lot of weight, and this gave the kids something more to make fun of him. Cindy, who was standing near Jess when he read the invitation, went out quickly to tell the others that the trick had worked. Everyone was pleased that Jess thought that was But there was no camping trip. The whole thing was made up. At first Cindy thought it was fun, but later, when Jess told her that he was going to buy a sleeping bag with his savings, Cindy had a second idea. She knew that Jess’s family had little money, and she hated to see him could she do now? A. ideas D. imagine B. common E. such as C. only 49 his savings on something he would never use, but her close friends also hated her to tell Jess the truth. They would be angry with her. What 48 .

Every morning my father buys a newspaper on his way to work. Every evening my mother reads magazines at home. And every night, I look at the posters with photos of David Beckham and Yao Ming on my bedroom wall before I go to sleep. Can we 50 life without paper or print? Paper was first created about 2, 000 years ago, and has been made from silk, cottons, bamboo, and since the 19th century, from wood. People learned to write words on paper to make a book. But in those days, books could 51 be produced one at a time by hand and they were expensive and rare. Because there weren’t many books, few people learned to read. Then printing was invented in China. When printing was developed greatly at the beginning of the 11th century, books could be produced more quickly and cheaply. Then more people learned to read. After that, knowledge and 52 spread quickly. Today information can be received online, downloaded from the Internet rather than found in books, and information can be kept on CD-ROMs or machines, 53 MP3 players. Computers are already used in classrooms, and newspapers and magazines can already be read online. So will books be replaced by computers one day? I am not sure.


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Ⅳ. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单 词的适当形式完成下列句子,每空格限填一词) (共 8 分) 54. I could suggest many different _________, but anyway, here are just a few. (method) 55. My friends and I will soon begin our _________ trip to Australia. (five) 56. Tony was rather _________ to see Cassie standing by the front door. (surprise) 57. I am not quite sure whether I can make the model ship all by _________? (me) 58. Kent and his wife have _________ opened a new company in south California. (recent) 59. The elderly woman is living a busy and _________ life in the countryside. (colour) 60. Scientists say some animals will soon _________ because of the serious pollution. (appear) 61. If you don’t give up climbing the mountain, you will _________ sooner or later. (successful) V. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。62-67 题, 每空格限填一词。68 题注意句首大写) (共 14 分) 62. Linda and Mary have watched some Japanese cartoons before. (改为一般疑问句) _________ Linda and Mary watched _________ Japanese cartoons before? 63. Jill has worked as a manager in the Sports Club for two years. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ has Jill worked as a manager in the Sports Club? 64. We watched an exciting football match on TV last night. (改为感叹句) _________ _________ exciting football match we watched on TV last night! 65. He was too excited to sleep after the speech contest. (保持句意基本不变) He was _________ excited that he _________ sleep after the speech contest. 66. Who will take care of your pet dog while you’re away in Canada? (保持句意基本不变) Who will _________ _________ your pet dog while you’re away in Canada? 67. Jessie asks. Did the ancient Greeks win the battle through a trick? (合成宾语从句) Jessie asks _________ the ancient Greeks _________ the battle through a trick. 68. interested in, people, are, few, cormorant fishing, in the modern world, young (连词成句) ___________________________________________________.

Part 3

Reading and Writing (第三部分 读写)

Ⅵ. Reading comprehension (阅读理解) (共 50 分) A. Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案) (12 分) A subway is not just an important form of transport. It is also a window for other people to learn about local cultures. Beijing, China The Beijing Subway was opened in 1969 and is the oldest subway system in China. It has added some modern technologies. All stations now have touch-screen maps. In some stations, people can also see traditional Chinese cultures. For example, on the walls of a few stations of Line 8, there are some pictures of blue and white porcelain(青花瓷).


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Stockholm, Sweden The system of the Stockholm Subway has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground. The first subway line for Stockholm was opened in 1950. The Stockholm Subway is well-known for its decoration of the stations. It is called the longest art gallery in the world. Over 90 percent of its stations are decorated with paintings. A few stations are decorated with red bedrocks(岩床). This makes you feel as if you are in a cave. London, UK The London Underground or the Tube is the oldest subway in the world. It was opened in 1863. During World War II, it was used to protect people from German plane attacks on London. Now, it is a symbol of the city. There is no air conditioning in the trains, so it is very hot in summer. New York, US The New York City Subway has the most extensive public transportation system in the world, with 468 stations. It is also one of the world’s oldest public transit systems. The New York City Subway runs 24 hours a day. It has an express train on almost every line. You can get to your destination promptly. The trains themselves are full of fun; you will see people doing moonwalk dances like Michael Jackson, playing the guitar and singing. 69. The ______ is called the longest art gallery in the world. A) Beijing Subway B) Stockholm Subway C) London Underground D) New York City Subway 70. The London Underground ______. A) is also called the Tube B) is the symbol of the UK C) was well protected during the war D) was opened in 1969 71. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A) Michael Jackson used to dance in the New York City Subway. B) Tourists feel cool when they take the London Underground in summer. C) Several stations of the Stockholm Subway are built in caves. D) Some stations of the Beijing Subway are decorated with pictures of porcelain. 72. In Paragraph Five, the underlined word ―promptly‖ probably means ______. A) finally B) carefully C) quickly D) safely 73. The passage mainly shows the ______ of different cities. A) great changes B) long history C) local cultures D) public transports 74. We may read the passage from a ______. A) travel magazine B) science book C) newspaper report D) picture book B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词语 完成短文)(12 分) The Vieira family moved to the United States in 1981. At that time, they decided to
英语试卷 第 6 页(共 9 页)

stop speaking Spanish at home and only communicate in English. This was because they were now living in an English-speaking country. Now the Vieira children are adults, and they sometimes travel to Spain to 75 their family and friends. But they cannot communicate with them. Unfortunately this is common. When people move to new countries, they often leave their own customs and mother language behind. This is a 76 because there are many benefits to knowing more than one language. One advantage of speaking more than one language is that you can communicate directly with more people around the world. You do not have to depend on others to talk for you, so you’re more 77 . People who know only one language must use others to help them communicate. 78 , speaking a second language also allows people to experience other cultures and customs more effectively. Local expressions, vocabulary and even jokes can have a powerful effect on a person’s understanding of another culture. So, knowing more than one language 79 your knowledge of other cultures. Finally, having more multi-language speakers improves relationships between countries. If people from different countries can communicate well, the world can become closer. Countries will then have more respect for each other and better understand each other’s problems. The benefits of knowing more than one language are clear. In fact, there are no disadvantages. It is very sad that many people don’t try to learn another language. It is even worse when people let themselves forget their 80 . ( ( ( ( ( ( )75. A) invite )76. A) conclusion )77. A) independent )78. A) For example )79. A) affects )80. A) family members C) close friends B) visit B) change B) excited B) In a word B) increases C) help C) gift C) bored C) What’s more C) proves B) happy childhood D) mother language D) complain D) mistake D) interested D) In this way D) disturbs

C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当 的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给)(14分) Chuck Wall teaches management and human relations at Bakersfield College. He walked into the class one day and told his students that their homework was to perform one act of random (任意的) kindness. His students did not c 81 understand the homework and didn’t know what to do, but the professor would not answer their questions. He encouraged his students to work it out by themselves. One week later, the students entered the classroom excitedly to share their s 82



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One student gave away blankets to the homeless. Another reported on helping an old man cleaning the house, and another student had been trying to f 83 a long, lost friend. Students were energized (给予活力) by the homework and wanted other people to be kind too. And luckily, the local businesses provided them with some money and materia ls . W ith the s 84 of them, the students made stickers to put on cars that invited people to do something kind for others. They sold the stickers and decided to donate the money to a center for the blind―not surprising as Professor Wall is blind. Since then, kindness activities have been very p 85 in schools around the world. Many schools organize a Random Acts of Kindness Week, around November 13th, to celebrate World Kindness Day. Some schools use each day of Random Acts of Kindness Week to perform different kind acts, such as making a new friend, helping someone, doing community service, or r 86 money for a charity. Students learn to consider other people and think about how small actions can make the world a b 87 place. D. Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题) (12 分) Nadim and Anneena got a magic key one day. And the magic key would bring them and their friends into some amazing adventures. On a hot summer day, Nadim and Anneena came to play at Biff and Tim’s house. Nadim had a model book—a book which has lots of shapes and you press out the shapes, then fold and glue them to make a model. They read about the great country Egypt and decided to make a model of it. Tim found some glue. Then Nadim pressed out the shapes and the others began to fold them. First they made the pyramids. Anneena had a difficult shape to fold. “This is a sphinx(狮身人面像).” She said. They pressed out some tiny trees and people. Biff glued them all on a piece of paper. It made the scene of Ancient Egypt. At last, the model was finished. The children were pleased with it and laughed happily. Their happy laughters brought their dog, Sam, in. He stepped on the model with his big paws. He knocked over a tree and crushed the sphinx. ―Oh, Sam.‖ everyone yelled. Sam looked unhappy because he knew he made the children upset. Suddenly, the magic key began to glow(发红光). The key took them back to Ancient Egypt. They were standing by a pyramid. The pyramid was still being built. Far off they could see two more pyramids. ―That’s amazing!‖ said Nadim, ―I didn’t think the pyramids were so big and they were made with such big blocks of stone.‖ “Look over there!‖ gasped(喘气)Anneena. She pointed to a huge stone sphinx. ―Let’s go and look at the sphinx.‖ She said. They all began to run towards it. But Sam didn’t. He had seen a cat. He chased it. It jumped up to some blocks of stone. Sam jumped up, too. But the cat ran too fast for him to follow and that made Sam rather disappointed. Then he had another problem. He couldn’t get down. So he barked and barked. All the Egyptian slave workers saw them. They talked in a strange language. Nadim and his friends were frightened, They didn’t know what to do. But to their great surprise, all the people there put their hands together and
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raised them in the air. Then they sank down on their knees. They bowed to Sam. Just as the Egyptians were catching them, the magic key glowed again and brought them back home. What an exciting adventure! 88. Did Nadim and Anneena get a magic book one day? ____________, _______________________________. 89. Where did Biff glue the tiny trees and people? ____________________________________________. 90. How did children feel when they finished the model? They ________________________________________. 91. How did the ancient Egyptians make the pyramids? The ancient Egyptians ___________________________. 92. Why couldn’t Sam catch the cat? _____________________________________________. 93. What do you think of the story? Please give a proper title to the passage. (In less than eight words) I think ________________. _____________________. VII. Writing (作文) (共 20 分) 94. Write a passage on “A happy memory in my Junior High School” in at least 60 words according to the given situation (以“我初中时期的一次快乐的回忆”为题,写一 篇不少于 60 词的文章。) 提示:初中时期留给我们很多快乐的回忆,你可以结合学习或生活中的某一个情景或具 体事例,例如:一次班会、一次活动等等,谈谈初中时期曾经留给你的一次快乐的回忆。 Phrases for reference(以下短语仅供参考): a spring outing take part in a class meeting play with a party be happy

(注意:短文中不得出现任何人名 、校名及其它相关信息 ,否则不予评分 。) ........... ......... ......

听力文字和参考答案(一) Part 1


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I.A. 1. The detective has spent a lot of time studying the case. (D) 2. My mother always read story books to me when I was a little boy. (F) 3. Emma thinks it’s wonderful to hold lovely pet dogs in her arms. (A) 4. Nowadays people depend on computers more than they realize. (B) 5. Sandy and her friends went to the city center for sightseeing last weekend. (E) 6. Not enough sleep and unhealthy diet can cause some memory problems. (H) B. 7. M: Do you like story books or comic strips? W: I prefer story books to comic strips. Q: Which kind of books does the girl like better? (C) 8. M: We’re going to have a football match this weekend. How about the weather? W: The weatherman says it will be rainy today, cloudy on Saturday, and sunny on Sunday. Q: What’s the weather like on Saturday? (A) 9. M: What do you usually do at weekends? W: I usually go to church on Saturday morning, walk in the garden on Saturday afternoon and read newspapers in the evening. I spend Sunday morning playing tennis with friends. I don't like to rest all day without doing anything. Q: When does the woman usually walk in the garden? (B) 10. W: Do all the students in your class live at school? M: No, one-fourth of them live at home. And the others live at school. W: And how many students are there in your class? M: Forty altogether. Q: How many students live at home? (A) 11. W: How are we going to get home? It's so late that the buses and the underground have all stopped running. M: Then we have to call a taxi home now. W: All right. Q: How will they go home? (B) 12. M: Kate, how do you like this dress? It looks perfect. W: I'm afraid the color is too light. It easily gets dirty, Peter? M: Then how about this one? W: Great. How much is it? M: I am not sure, we may ask the shop assistant over there. Q: Where does the dialogue most probably take place? (D) 13. M: Why didn’t you come to school this morning, Kitty? W: I couldn’t sleep well last night. I had a stomachache and now still feel quite uncomfortable. M: I’m sorry to hear that. You’d better go to see a doctor right now. W: All right. Q: Who might the two speakers be? (A) 14. M: You are late again, Miss Smith. Don't you have a watch or something? W: Yes, I thought that I had set the alarm clock for seven o'clock, but it rang an hour later. Q: What does the woman mean? (D) C. Andy was still traveling in England when he realized he had to make sure his flight home with the airline company. He was visiting England in order to improve his English. When he was speaking to people face to face, he had no difficulty understanding what they said. However, when he was speaking on the phone, he still had a problem. Andy called the airline and the clerk told him that his plane was leaving at nine o’clock in the morning three days later. Since Andy was leaving in three days, he visited as many places as he could. He thought that it would be a long time before he had enough money again. He wished he could come back and spend a year in England.
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The final day arrived and Andy left early for the airport. When the clerk looked at the ticket, he was greatly surprised, ―Why, sir, but your flight was at nine o’clock in the morning, and now it is eight in the evening.‖ Andy asked, ―Oh, my god. Now will I have to pay for another ticket? I thought it would be at nine in the evening.‖ ―No, Sir. But the next flight will be in three days.‖ Andy smiled as he realized that now he could go on with his trip in England. 15. T 16. F 17. F 18. T 19. F 20. T D. W: Just now you were telling about your trip. Where did you go, George? M: I went to walk with some friends in Peace Forest, Mary. W: Did you enjoy yourself? M: Oh, yes. It was raining a little when we left east London, but the sun was shining when we got to the forest. W: What did you do there? M: We walked for about two hours through the woods in the warm sunshine. Birds were singing in the trees, and all kinds of flowers were growing everywhere. W: Hm! It’s really great. Did you have a picnic in the forest? M: Yes, we took sandwiches with us. We had a rain as we were eating, but it soon stopped. When we got back to the bus, the sun was going down, and it was getting dark. W: It must have been a lovely day, George. I was lazy yesterday. I just stayed at home. M: You had a good meal with your parents, didn’t you? W: Yes, we did have a great meal. We had meat and fish. We also had some fruit and dessert. M: Oh, it’s time to leave now. I enjoyed having tea with you. Thank you very much. Goodbye. W: Goodbye. 21. walk with 22. left, east 23. two/ 2, warm 24. getting dark 25. fish, fruit Part 2 Ⅱ. 26. B 27. C 28. C 29. C 30. B 31. C 32. B 33. A 34. A 35. D 36. C 37. D 38. A 39. C 40. B 41. D 42. A 43. C 44. B 45. D Ⅲ. 46. B 47. D 48. E 49. A 50. D 51. C 52. A 53. E Ⅳ. 54. methods 55. fifth 56. surprised 57. myself 58. recently 59. colourful 60. disappear 61. succeed Ⅴ. 62. Have, any 63. How long 64. What an 65. so, couldn’t 66. look after/ care for 67. whether / if, won 68. Few young people are interested in cormorant fishing in the modern world./ In the modern world, few young people are interested in cormorant fishing. Part 3 Ⅵ. A) 69. B 70. A 71. D 72. C 73. C 74. A B) 75. B 76. D 77. A 78. C 79. B 80. D C) 81. completely/ clearly 82. stories 83. find 84. support 85. popular 86. raising 87. better D) 88. No, they didn’t. 89. On a piece of paper. / He glued them on a piece of paper. 90. felt pleased / happy/ pleased and happy. 91. made the pyramids with big blocks of stones. 92. Because the cat ran too fast for him to follow. 93. it’s exciting (interesting, amazing…) Egyptian adventure./ An exciting adventure( in Egypt). (Any reasonable answer is OK.) Ⅶ. Omitted.


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2014年1月上海市闵行区初三物理一模试题及答案 - ???密○???封○???
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