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人教版高中英语必修Book3 Unit1

Book 3
Unit 1
Ⅰ.词汇与派生 1.belief [bI′li?f] n.信仰;信念→ 认为 2.satisfy [′s?tIsfaI] vt.使满意→ satisfaction n.满意 3.social [′s???l] adj.社会的;爱社交的→ society n.社会 4. celebration [|selI′breI?n] n.庆祝,祝贺→ celebrate v.庆祝 5. harvest [′hɑ?vIst] n.& v.收获,收割

Festivals around the world 基础落实

6.forgive [f?′ɡIv] vt.原谅,谅解 7.custom [′k?st?m] n.习惯;风俗 8.gain [ɡeIn] vt.获得,得到 9.award [?′w??d] n.奖品;vt.授予;判定 10.obvious [′?bvI?s] adj.显而易见的 11.gather [′ɡ?? n.&v.聚集;集合;搜集 ?]

12.starve [stɑ?v] v.饿死 13. fool [fu?l] vt.愚弄;vi.干傻事;n.愚人;adj.傻的 14. wipe [waIp] vt.擦 15. lead [li?d] v.领导 16. origin [′?rId?In] n.起源 17. arrival [?′raIvl] n.到达→ arrive vi.到达 18.admirable [′?dm?r?bl] adj.令人钦佩的→ admire vt.钦佩;赞赏

语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 It is obvious that beliefs differ in different societies. It is our custom to gather together to celebrate the arrival of a festival and the admirable gains of a rich harvest. But its origin is unknown.

Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1.turn up 出现;到场 turn down拒绝 2.st off 出发;动身;使爆炸 set about doing开始做 3. play a trick on搞恶作剧;诈骗 4. in Memory of 纪念;追念 in honour of为了纪念 5.dress up 盛装;打扮;装饰 make up 化妆,打扮

6.look forward to 期望 7.have fun with 玩得开心 8.keep one’s word 守信用 keep one’s promise 守诺言 9. hold one’s breath 屏住呼息 10.remind...of...使??想起??

Ⅲ.句式与运用 1.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find,especially during the cold winter months.那时, 特别是在冬季寒冷的日子里,如果难以找到食物,人 们就会挨饿。 句式分析 句式仿写 be+adj.+不定式。 这座房子住着很舒服。

The house is comfortable to live in .

2.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm.有些节日,是为了纪念死者或者使祖先得到满 足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给人们)提供帮助, 或者给人们带来危害。 句式分析 句式仿写 屉里了。 I left it either on the table or in the drawer. either...or...或者??或者??。 我不是把它放在桌子上,就是把它放在抽

3.China and Japan have midautumn festivals,when people admire the moon and in China,enjoy mooncakes. 中国和日本都有中秋节,这时人们会赏月,在中国,人 们会品尝月饼。 句式分析 句式仿写 when引导的非限制性定语从句。 我能有时间和孩子们度过一天的情况少。

Occasions are quite rare spend a day with the kids.

when I have the time to

4.Finding that Zhinüwas heartbroken,her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year.看到织女伤心欲绝,王 母娘娘最后决定让这对夫妻每年跨过银河相会一次。 句式分析 句式仿写 finding that Zhinü was heartbroken为现 不知道下一步干啥,他们只好等。 在分词短语在句中作原因状语。 Not knowing what to do next,they had to wait.

5.There was Hu Jin waving at him and calling,...那是胡 瑾在向他招手,?? 句式分析 句式仿写 在there be结构中常用分词、定语从句来作 这么冷的早晨,很少有人在等车。 主语的修饰语。 There were few people waiting for the bus on such a cold morning.

Ⅳ.高考源于教材 But she didn’t turn up. (教材原句)

Thousands of people________to watch yesterday’s match D against Ireland. A.turned on C.turned around B.turned in D.turned out



爱尔兰的比赛。turn on打开(电源、开关等);turn in上交, 递交;turn around转过身来;turn out结果为;证明是。由 句意知D项正确。

Ⅴ.单元知识活用 翻译句子 1.春节是我们最重要的节日,期间家人一起吃大餐并玩 得开心。(have fun with)

The Spring Festival is our most important festival during which the family have a feast together and have fun with each other.

2.小孩尤其期盼春节,因为他们能得到压岁钱。(look forward to) Children especially look forward to

the Spring Festival because they can get lucky money from adults.
3.孩子们盛装打扮,一起玩耍。(dress up) Children dress themselves up and play


4.大人们相互原谅所做的错事。(forgive sb.for doing sth.) Adults forgive each other for offending. 5.今年春节,我的父母很守信用,给我买了一辆新自行 车。(keep one’s promise)

my parents kept their In this Spring Festival, promise that they bought a new bike for me.

连句成篇——用适当的关联词或句将上述句子连接成文 The Spring Festival is our most important festival, during which the family have a feast together and have fun with each other. Children especially look forward to it because they can get lucky money from adults,dress themselves up and play together. It’s also a good time for adults who can chat and forgive each other for offending. To my happiness,in this Spring Festival,my parents kept their promise that they bought a new bike for me.

考点探究 重点单词 1.trick n.诡计,恶作剧;窍门;vt .欺骗,诈骗 play a trick/tricks on/upon sb.捉弄某人 be up to one’s old tricks 故伎重演 trick sb. into doing sth.哄骗某人去做某事 trick sb. out of sth.骗取某人某物

(1)Some politicians often use this trick. 一些政客常用这个伎俩。 (2008·全国Ⅱ,阅读理解 C) (2)The girls were always teacher. 这些女孩子总是捉弄她们的老师。 (3)Watch out for Joe;for he is up to his old tricks again. 小心乔,他又要耍旧花招了。

playing tricks on


2.remind vt .提醒;使想起 remind sb. to do sth.提醒某人做某事 remind sb.of ...提醒某人??;使某人想起?? remind sb.that...提醒某人?? (1)She reminded me that I hadn’t written to mother. 她提醒我还没给母亲写信。 (2)That reminded me of the happy days I had spent there. 那件事使我想起我在那里度过的快乐日子。

3.admire vt .钦佩;羡慕;赞美

admiration n.钦佩;羡慕 admirable adj.可钦佩的
admire sb.for sth.因某事钦佩某人 admire sb. as ...钦佩某人是?? express admiration of 表示赞美、夸奖

(1)Fight in the snow with your kids,walk beside a stream or climb to a high place and admire the view. 和你的孩子们在雪地里打雪仗,在小溪边散步,或者 爬上高地去欣赏风景(都是一种乐趣)。 (2)I have to admire Wang Nan for her persistence. 我不得不佩服王楠那种坚韧的精神。 (3)The school is widely admired for its excellent teaching. 这所学校教学优秀,远近称誉。

4.apologize v.道歉

apology n.道歉
apologize to sb. for sth.因为某事向某人道歉 apologize to sb.that...向某人道歉?? make an apology to sb.for sth.因某事向某人道歉 owe/give/offer sb.an apology应向某人道歉

(1)The fact that she never apologizes says a lot about what kind of person she is. 她从不道歉这个事实就清楚地表明了她是一个什么样的 人。 (2)I apologized to her for stepping on her foot. 我因踩了她的脚而向她道歉。 (3) I made no apology for what I said—it was a fair comment. 我没有为自己说过的话道歉,我的评论是公正的。

对点训练 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.He reminded (提醒) me to take an umbrella along. 2.There was a sheriff (县治安官) none of us kids liked. One night,two of my friends and I decided to play a

trick (恶作剧) on him.

3.His honesty earned the admiration (赞美) of his friends. 4.We have to admire (称赞) the way he handled the situation. 5.You’d better apologize (道歉) to her

yourself,because it’s your fault.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.They had earned a lot of money together,so her partner tried to trick her________ her share. C A.into B.on C.out of D.for

解析 句意为:他们在一起挣了很多钱,因此她的同伴 试图骗取她的份额。trick sb.out of sth.骗取某人 某物。








contributions ________ the country. A A.admire;for;to C.respect;on;for B.admire;at;to D.respect;on;at


admire sb.for sth.因某物羡慕某人;


3.The sight of the clock________ me that I was twenty C minutes late for the interview. A.informed C.reminded B.noticed D.suggested



钟”;remind sb.that...提醒某人??。

D 4.—Have you made an apology ________ him ________
breaking his MP5? —Yes,I did yesterday. A.for;to B.to;to C.for;for D.to;for 解析 make an apology to sb.for doing sth.因做某事向某


5.We all ________ her ________ her wisdom. B A.admired;to B.admired;for C.admired;in D.admired;at 解析 admire sb.for sth.因某事/物羡慕某人。

重点短语与句型 1.in memory of纪念;追念 have a good/poor memory for...对……记忆力好/差 in search of寻找 in support of支持 in honor of为表达敬意 in the hope of抱着??的希望

in praise of赞扬?? in favor of支持 in place of代替 in case of万一,以免 in need of需要 in terms of从??方面来说;以??的措词

(1)She has a good memory for dates. 她对日期有很好的记忆力。 (2)The committee came out in favour of the minister’s proposals. 委员会决定支持部长的建议。

2.turn up出现,到场;调高(音量) turn away不准进入;拒绝;打发走 turn down拒绝;(声音等)调小 turn out 生产,制造;证明是;结果是 as it turned out果然如此 (1)She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall. 她出现在我在康沃尔的家门口了。 (2)The hall was full,and hundreds of fans had to be turned away. 大厅内挤满了人,数百名歌迷不得不被拒之门外。

3.hold one’s breath屏息;屏气

take/draw a deep breath深呼吸 out of breath气喘吁吁
catch one’s breath屏息;歇口气 in the same breath同时;异口同声地

(1)Alice held her breath .In the soft light inside the car,something moved. 艾丽斯屏住呼吸。在车内柔和的光线中,有东西在动。 (2)We held our breath while Mr.Evans read the exam results. 埃文斯先生宣读考试成绩时,我们都屏息静听。 (3)When he dashed back,he was already out of breath . 当他冲回来时,已经是上气不接下气了。

4.have fun玩得开心,作乐,玩乐 (1) for/in fun=out of fun开玩笑地,不是认真的 for the fun of it为了取乐/好玩/消遣

good/great fun有趣的人或事物 What fun it is...??多么有趣 (2)
make fun of sb. laugh at have fun enjoy oneself have a good time



(1)For me it was like a holiday because we were going to

have fun all day long.
对我来说,这就像一个假期,因为我们打算高高兴兴地 玩一整天。 (2)I’m not saying it for/in fun. 我讲这话不是开玩笑的。 (3)So don’t feel sorry for the disabled or

make fun of them.

5.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm.有些节日,是为了纪念死者,或者使祖先得到满 足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给人们)提供帮助, 也有可能带来危害。 句式提取:either...or... either...or...连接句子中两个并列的成分,意为“或 者??或者??;不是??就是??”;若连接两个 主语时,其谓语动词应与最近的一个主语在人称和数 上保持一致,即取“就近原则”。

(1)It is either reflected or absorbed by the gases in the upper atmosphere. 它要么被大气层上部的空气反射要么被吸收。 (2)When the girl is happy,she either sings or dances. 那个女孩高兴时,不是唱就是跳。 (3)Either you or I am going there tomorrow. 明天要么你去那里,要么我去那里。

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.I found it didn’t work either in ringing or in sending short messages. (2008· 湖北) (2009· 四川) c.It should be wise not to do anything that may hurt your mother’s feelings but to follow the following suggestions. but also a public one. (2009· 陕西) (2007· 天津) d.Protecting our eyesight is not only a personal concern b.The climate here is neither too hot nor too cold.

6.It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave...很明显,咖啡店的经理在等 李芳离开?? 句式提取:It is+adj./n.+that从句 句式中的it是形式主语,真正的主语是that引导的从句。 常用于这一句式的形容词:possible,strange,natural, important... 常用于这一句式的名词:a pity,a fact,an idea,an honour,no wonder... 当形容词为important/necessary/possible/better/best等, 名词为suggestion/advice/proposal时,that从句的谓语动 词常用should+动词原形,而should可以省略。

(1) It is obvious to the students that they should get well prepared for their future. 很明显对学生们来说,他们应当为未来做好充分的准备。 (2) It’s certain that he will live to 90. 他一定能活到90岁。 (3)It’s a good idea that we will go skating this Sunday. 本周日我们去滑冰,这是个好主意。 (4)It is necessary that we (should) master at least one foreign language. 我们有必要掌握至少一门外语。

对点训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 turn up,in memory of,turn out,hold one’s breath, have fun 1.It is said that the famous businessman founded the charity in memory of his late wife. 2.We invited her to dinner but she hasn’t turned up yet.

3.The actress who had been highly thought of

turned out to be a great disappointment. 4.The whole country held its breath to see
who would win the election. 5.It is a pleasant day for a picnic.I am sure we Will have fun .

Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.不是你对,就是我对。 Either you or I am right. 2.这是真的吗,当雨停的时候,这里会和夏天一样热?

Is it true that when the rain stops, it will be as hot as in summer here?

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—Things in the market are getting more expensive now. —It’s________ to________. B A.certain;rise up C.sure;raise B.certain;go up D.sure;be raised up that the prices will continue



go up,故选B项。

2.—What are you reading,Tom? —I’m not really reading,just________ the pages. C A.turning off B.turning around C.turning over D.turning up 解析 由语境可知,下句句意为:我不是在真的阅读,

只是在随便翻翻。turn over翻转,符合句意。

3.They started off at once________ the missing girl. B A.in praise of B.in search of C.in favor of D.in place of 解析 由the missing girl“失踪的女孩”可知,应选in

search of“寻找”。

4.—We will go to Beijing for our holidays next week. —________ B A.Go ahead,please. C.Good luck. B.Have fun. D.Help yourself.





5.Eric came running into the room,________. A A.out of breath B.under his breath C.in the same breath D.taking a deep breath 解析 由前面running into the room可知,应是


6.I’m either to be given a chance or________ there. C A.go C.to go B.going D.gone


either...or 连接两个并列成分,either 后为不

定式,or 后也应是不定式。

完美写作与写作训练(1) 我们先来看一下近几年高考英语写作的评分标准当中第五 档(很好)的要求:“覆盖所有主要内容;应用了较多的语法结 构和词汇;语法结构或词汇方面有些许错误,但为尽力使用较 复杂结构或较高级词汇所致;应用简单的语句间的连接成分, 使全文结构紧凑;达到了预期的写作目的。”从中我们可以看 到在写作中运用高级词汇和较多的语法结构是提高写作档次的 重要标准。

一、如何使用高级词汇 1.择词要准确、贴切。 在选择词语时,要避免用上位词来代替下位词,特别是 形容词和副词。如 good 是上位词,而要描写一个人不能只 说 He is a good man.而应该用相应的下位词来表达更准确 的意思。如:wonderful,kindhearted 等。同样地,描写 某 人 的 长 相 , 也 不 能 只 用 goodlooking , 而 应 该 选 择 handsome,attractive,slim 等词汇,使之具体化,更贴切、 更形象。

2.避免重复、富有变化。 在一段话或一篇文章中有时需要表达同样的意思,这时可 以选用不同的词汇来表达,以避免重复和单调,从而使文章富 有变化。但不要绝对化,有时适当的重复是必要的。 The Beijing Olympic Games show that China can do something big and splendid.Also,they show that China has been becoming increasingly strong and powerful.They indicate that we Chinese people can do anything successfully as long as we hold together.

3.表达新颖、寻求亮点。 选词时适当选用别人使用较少的词, 可以使自己与众不同, 从而取得出奇制胜的效果。例如可以用 increasingly important 代替 more and more important,用 challenging 代替 difficult。

4.短语替词、展示实力。 如果能用短语代替单词,一方面会使文章生动,另 一方 面则会展示你的实力,这会使阅卷老师对你刮目相看,从而提 高文章的档次。 (1)The boy was aware of the danger and began to run away.(同义词realized) (2)I have made up my mind to study English better this term.(同义词decided) (3)I have no idea how to enlarge my vocabulary.(同义词don’t know) (4)We will take the matter into account/consideration . (同义词consider)

5.巧用习语、引人入胜。 语言是文化的载体,习语又是语言的精华。恰当地使用它, 会给文章增色,加强文章的感染力,从而引人入胜。 (1)He promised to show us around the city,but soon he ate his words. (2)Many families used to struggle to make ends meet. (3)He has been a laughing stock of the class. (4)Why did she turn a deaf ear to what I said?

6.引用谚语。 和汉语一样, 英语中也有大量谚语。 若能在写作中恰当运用, 会给文章增色不少。 (1)Time and tide wait for no man. (2)Actions speak louder than words. (3)He who laughs last laughs best. (4)It is no use crying over spilt milk. (5)Practice makes perfect.


1.The house is good .Look at the sofas,tables and so on. wants to get along with him. without hesitation.

kindhearted stepped

2.Terry is such a good boy that every student 3.He tried to keep calm,so he went out

4.The boss is bad .He will become angry without

ill-tempered any reason. 5.The boy looked at his father until he disappeared
in the distance. in no time.

gazed freezing

6.It is cold this winter.A drop of water will freeze

7.He is a nice student.He often makes us laugh and

humorous 8.She decorated her bedroom well . wonderfully
we have much fun with him. 9.The house is on the second floor,with two bedrooms,a bathroom and a kitchen. flat 10.Peter is good to others.He always gives away things to those in trouble.


Ⅱ.用正确的固定短语替换画线部分(注意不得改变句意),并写 在句后的横线上 1.The club has twenty members.

is made up
of/consists of

2.It seems that he wants to study the strange mark.

make a study of
3.The dog sensed danger and ran away. 4.He said he would help me if necessary.

was aware of

give me a hand/do me a favor 5.Surprisingly ,the little girl knows so many things. To our surprise

6.They advised me on how to solve the problem.

gave me some advice
7.The man is jobless and he feels weary. out of work 8 . When I saw up. the horse , I began to cheer

caught sight of


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人教版高中英语必修3unit1单词 - 1. take place 1) 发生
人教版高中英语必修3 Unit1 知识点归纳.doc
人教版高中英语必修3 Unit1 知识点归纳_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中英语必修3 Unit1 知识点归纳,重点词汇、重点短语归纳 ...
人教版高中英语必修三 unit1 reading 公开课课件 (共28....ppt
人教版高中英语必修三 unit1 reading 公开课课件 (共28张PPT) - 人教课标版必修3 Reading Warm-up 重要传统节庆 元旦(1月1日)---...
人教英语必修三 book3 unit1 workbook_图文.ppt
人教英语必修book3 unit1 workbook_英语_高中教育_教育专
人教版英语必修三 Unit 1 Reading 课件_图文.ppt
人教版英语必修三 Unit 1 Reading 课件_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。 ...Practice ① Books of this kind ___ sell (sell) well in the bookstore...
人教版高中英语必修一(Unit1-3)测试题 - 单元检测:(Unit1-3) 一. 单词: (20’) 英译汉: 1 be concerned about 2 ignore 3 gratefu...
高一英语人教课标必修3第1单元 warming up课件_图文.ppt
高一英语人教课标必修3第1单元 warming up课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1 Festivals around the world Warming up @ How many festivals have we had in ...