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From my perspective ,it is meaningless for middle school students to follow the fashion. First of all ,if a middle school student try to get up with the trend, he will have no time or energy to care for his schoolwork. Secondly, a middle school student usually doesn't have his own income.So if he wants to put on the newest clothes in time ,he will have to spend his parents' money ,which is quite a waste. Finally ,it is not to follow the fashion but to study hard that teachers and parents want their children to do ,if a student always keeps his eyes on the in-items, he may also affect others' mind ,which can result in a misled custom in the class that everyone pays much attention to the fashion. This is really serious, even destructive to the educational system. In a word, I don't think it is good for middle school students to follow the fashion My View on Following the Fashion Nowadays more and more young people prefer to follow the fashion. On this phenomenon, different people have different views. It is held that one should follow the fashion so as not to be despised or considered eccentric. But it is also held that one should have one's own judgment. Those who hold the first opinion think that society is progressing and one should adapt oneself to the constant change. In their opinion, if everyone always sticks to the old fashion, there won't be any change and naturally there won't be progress. In contrast, those who hold the second view think that one shouldn't follow the fashion without discrimination and one should have one's own judgment and characteristics. As for me, I agree with the latter opinion. Admittedly, one should be flexible and adapt himself to the situation, but this is not to say that one should follow the fashion without discrimination because the fashion may not be beneficial. We should consider whether the fashion is favorable or unfavorable. Moreover, one should have one's own characteristics. If everyone follows the same fashion, there will not be variety and the whole society will be monotonous. 我对赶时髦的看法
现在越来越多的年轻人喜欢赶时髦,对于这一现象,不同的人有不同的看法。有人认为为了不被轻视 或被认为古怪应该赶时髦,但是也有人认为应该有自己的判断。 那些持第一种观点的人认为社会在进步应 该使自己适应不断的变化。他们认为如果人人总是坚持旧的方式,就不会有变化,自然也就不会有进步。 比较起来,持第二种观点的人认为不应该不加辨别地赶时髦,应该有自己的判断和特点。 就我看采,我同意后者的意见。诚然,人应该灵活以适应形势,但是这并不是说应该不加辨别地赶 时髦,因为它也许没有益处,我们应该考虑它是有利还是不利,而且,应该有自己的特点。如果人人都赶 同样妁时髦,就不会有变化,整个社会就单调如二。

第一段:指出有些人认为年轻人必须让座,理由:老年人体弱易摔倒,年轻人有义务让座,尤 其是特殊人群专座。 第二段:指出有些人认为年轻人没有义务让座,理由:年轻人与老年人一样都买票,享有同等座位权 利;年轻人也会因工作劳累而体力不支。 第三段:给出自己的看法:年轻人是否必须让座看所坐的座位是否为老年人专座。 Is offering Seats Compulsory for Young Passengers? In recent years ,there have been many disputes about young's giving seats to the elderly on buses .Some people maintain that the elderly are physically weak and are more prone to falling and getting hurt when standing on a moving bus .Therefore, young people .especially those taking the priority seats ,have obligation to offer the seats to senior citizens to prevent potential hurt. Some people, however, think the other way .Young passengers, they say , pay for the bus trip ,so they enjoy the same right as senior citizens to use seats on the bus . Besides, many young riders, thought physically strong, can't escape being exhausted by a day's work and are in great need of the seats on buses too. Forcing them to give up the seats seems inhuman and unfair. In my view, whether it is compulsory for the young to give up their seats to needy riders depends on the kind of seats they take .In general, it is a moral requirement for young passengers on regular seats to do so .However, for those sitting on priority seats, it is a legal obligation.

辩论:中学生该不该追求时尚 - 我是正方一号辩手,我方赞成的观点是中学生应该追求时尚。 中学生可以追求时尚,首先要分析时尚的定义,时尚是事物发展的初期阶段,有着...
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碎影笑靥:我觉得,爱美之心人皆有之嘛,喜欢时尚可以啊,可是如果为了追求时尚做得 太过了就不好了,那么“时尚”穿给谁看呢?大家都还是学生,浪费钱财,浪费精力,...
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“时尚”的认识出现偏差:有些中学生染发;有些中 学生穿奇装异服;有些中学生认为追求名牌 = 追求时 尚,有的甚至提出“不是名牌就不穿”的口号;盲目 的追求韩流...
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