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Facility Management Reference Library CD, 2nd Edition

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Facility Management Reference Library CD, 2nd Edition
Description: This new edition gives you 11 complete books on one CD-ROM... Todays facility manager is faced with a cross-section of job responsibilities and functions. We are pleased to offer this comprehensive 11-volume Facility Management Reference Library on CD-ROM. With over 3,800 pages of text and graphics, this CD is an economical training, research and reference resource. This powerful information tool allows you to print, create custom documents, and easily find information you need. The CD contains the following 11 complete books in Adobe PDF format: Bioterrorism : a Guide for Facility Managers By Joseph Gustin In the current climate of terrorism, the facility manager is in a more critical position than ever before. Protecting the organizations building and its occupants from chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) attacks that are designed to disrupt and/or destroy business operation is becoming an increasingly important priority for facility managers. This book addresses CBR attacks, as well as other forms of terrorism concerns, such as mailroom security, bomb threats, etc., along with the necessary steps for prevention, how to assess vulnerability, how to improve emergency preparedness, and how to assure optimum response and recovery in the event of an attack. Examples of "lessons learned" and mistakes to avoid are also included. Cyber Terrorism: a Guide for Facility Managers By Joseph Gustin Recent viruses that struck computers worldwide not only made global headlines, but also cost businesses and personal users billions of dollars and man hours to recover data and fix networks. The Business Week headline asks the key question: "Epidemic: Crippling computer viruses threaten the info economy...Can they be stopped?" CNN report indicates that "63,000 viruses have rolled through the Internet, causing an estimated $65 billion in damage." Furthermore, a recent survey by Icsa Labs of firms with more than 500 PCs found they took an average of 23 person days to recover (data / functionality /loss of revenue due to denial of service) from each virus disaster Facility Managers Guide to Security: Protecting Your Assets By Robert Reid This book was written specifically to provide the facility manager with virtually all information needed to build and manage an effective security system for any type of facility. Topics include facility layout, distances and separation, fencing, access control, intrusion detection systems, pass key and key control systems, locks, hasps, gates, etc. Also explored are more sophisticated systems such as closed circuit TV, microwave transmitters, lasers, lighting, clear zone, computer access control, thumbprint and retinal scan access control, voice print analysis, and hand geometry. In addition, non-hardware aspects of security are examined, including security clearances and background checks, guards, rounds, shift work, training, and procedure development. Handbook of Facility Assessment By James Piper This practical guide is designed for facility and maintenance managers who are facing "repair or replace" decisions for their buildings. Filled with useful information and resources to aid in the decision process, this hands-on reference will show you how to accurately rate the condition of existing equipment and components, effectively assess your options, and avoid making costly mistakes. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided, along with forms listing specific criteria identified for rating each building component.

Water Quality & Systems: a Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition By Robert Reid This book was written to serve as a guide for facility managers and other building professionals who have the responsibility for water supply and wastewater drainage systems. Designed for on-the-job use, it will guide you step by step in achieving an optimally functioning system, while controlling both operating and maintenance costs - and keeping building occupants satisfied and productive. Youll learn the best approaches to keeping your water systems both safe and efficient, and also assuring that your are in full compliance with all applicable regulations. The book has been specifically formatted to provide the manager with the most important, most comprehensive amount of information in the least amount of time, thereby optimizing the readers investment in the information. Also included is the latest information on EPAs WAVE Saver program for the hotel/motel industry, as well as coverage of other regulations and codes. Disaster & Recovery Planning: a Guide for Facility Managers, Third Edition By Joseph Gustin The key to understanding the complexities of disaster preparedness and business continuity lies in focusing upon the issue of prevention, or mitigation. The newly revised fourth edition of this bestselling reference speaks to the issues of prevention, as well as "controlling" the effects of a disaster on a companys operations. A new chapter has been added on bioterrorism that addresses assessing and managing bioterrorism-related risk. In addition, statistics have been updated with various disaster/emergency declarations including those from Hurricane Katrina. The most recent statistical data on workplace violence is also provided, including new charts and tables. Other critical topics include coverage of regulator influence, effective mitigation strategies, enlisting the medias assistance in recovery planning, contingency planning, loss prevention, facility evacuation, employee training, chain of command, checklists, computer and data protection, bomb threat response, standby power, self-inspection, and more.

Facility Managers Handbook By Joseph Gustin The "bricks and mortar" issues of facility management - HVAC, lighting, electrical, plumbing, space allocation, security and grounds maintenance - continue to be at the core the facility managers role. However, the processes involved in addressing these areas have become more complex. The proliferation of regulatory mandates, worker compensation issues, increased employee litigation, and violence in the workplace have redefined the role of the facility manager beyond "gatekeeper" to that of full-scale operations manager. Todays corporations, organizations, and business partnerships invest heavily in their physical plants. It naturally follows that they expect to maximize the return on their investment. Facility managers are seen as the catalysts for ensuring that optimal return. The Facility Managers Handbook address all of these issues, and provides a multitude of tested ideas, procedures and examples for successfully and cost-effectively managing facility operations. Written in a plain-language, reader-friendly style, it provides a panoramic view of the process by isolating the key areas the facility manager must address, including real estate, space and change management, indoor air quality, emergency preparedness and response planning, communications systems, regulatory mandates and more. A wealth of illustrations, tables and graphs are included to facilitate a clear understanding. Indoor Air Quality: a Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition By Ed Bas Indoor air quality has been both much debated and much feared in recent years. This guide provides a comprehensive account of indoor air quality hazards, their sources, and appropriate solutions. Written in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms, it is designed to be used as both a ready reference and training guide for managers of all types of facilities. Each specific type of indoor air hazard is addressed, including allergens, asbestos, formaldehyde and VOCs, radon, tobacco smoke, legionellosis and related illnesses, carbon monoxide, multiple chemical sensitivity, and toxic mold. The basics of proper ventilation and the relationship of the HVAC system to indoor air quality are fully explained. Fundamental procedures for maintaining good air quality, including filtration, control of humidity and moisture, and duct cleaning are examined in detail. A full chapter is devoted to recent developments and procedures for controlling toxic mold. Case studies, an HVAC glossary, and several helpful directories are also included.

Lighting Upgrades: a Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition By Damon Wood Green Lights lighting specialist Damon Wood takes you step by step through upgrading a lighting system, in either a retrofit or a complete redesign scenario, for the purpose of increasing both energy efficiency and productivity. Extremely well-organized and comprehensive in scope, this fully illustrated desk reference provides a virtual "crash course" on all aspects of lighting in the workplace. Going beyond the fundamental principles of quality lighting, the author also fully addresses lights impact on conservation, productivity and occupant safety. Topics examined in detail include lighting quality, upgrade strategies, lighting applications, current technologies, lighting economics, effective maintenance, lighting project implementation, and strategies for assessing energy and cost saving opportunities. Boiler Operators Handbook By Ken Heselton This book was written specifically for boiler plant operators and supervisors who want to learn how to lower plant operating costs, as well as how to operate the plant of all types and sizes more wisely. Going beyond the basics of "keeping the pressure up," the author explains in clear terms how to set effective priorities to assure optimum plant operation, including safety, continuity of operation, damage prevention, managing environmental impact, training replacement plant operators, logging and preserving historical data, and operating the plant economically. The book can also serve as an important reference for managers and superintendents who are interesting in reducing a facilitys operating expense.

Pump Users Handbook: Life Extension By Heinz Bloch and Allan Budris Now available in its fully revised second edition, this practical guide explains how you can achieve consistently superior run lengths, low maintenance expenditures, and unexcelled safety and reliability in all of your pump applications. Written by two practicing engineers whose combined 80year working careers included all conceivable facets of pumping technology, this handbook conveys in detail what facilities must do to rapidly accomplish both superior performance and low life-cycle cost for pumps of all types and sizes. Aimed at operating technicians, maintenance professionals, project engineers, reliability engineers and managers, the book is intended for every job function that comes in contact with process pumps. Utilities, power generation facilities, pulp and paper plants, consumer product manufacturers, pharmaceutical plants, mining operations, chemical and petrochemical plants, municipal works, oil and gas pipelines, and oil refineries are among those that can significantly profit from implementing the guidelines described in this unique, experiencebased text.


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