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A "suit" of a playing card is not a thing to be worn. 11/1/4 A 10% service charge is added at most high-end restaurants. 38/5/2 A book is more like the score of a piece of music than it is like a painting. 46/8/2 A canal in the north joins the Mississippi to the five Great Lakes-the world's largest inland water transportation route and the biggest body of fresh water in the world. 39/3/3 A carpenter's pencil is usually finished in bright red. 42/18/3 A cold knot came to my middle, right where that gun was pointed. 56/25/1 A combination of these can be used and sometimes is used in the same campaign. 45/2/3 A counterfeit will sound dull, while a real coin will have a definite ring to it. 27/12/4 A dozen or more campers along the river were buried deep beneath the great landslide. 24/3/1 A farmer wished to move a corncrib, so Abe picked it up placed it on the desired spot while four men, who had come with poles to help, looked on, surprised. 34/7/2 A few minutes later he ran from the park, a royal goldfish flopping inside the crown of his straw hat. 25/2/1 A few of many instances of such opportunities presented at the meeting illustrate this. 20/3/2 A few simple rules will keep you, not from all error, but from silly error. 37/1/2 A few years ago divers, working in a wreck under the Red Sea, several times sighted a wrasse 20 feet long. 48/12/4 A French zoologist, Professor Brouardel, has preliminary evidence that some marine animals of the abyss thrive in the blackness without any discernible action of photosynthesis. 48/16/1 A given event will be "seen" in several different ways by as many witnesses. Some see more than others, but few see everything that is within the range of their vision. 58/19/4 Oh, the things that I should see if I had the power of sight for just three days! 58/20 A good way of ridding yourself of certain kinds of dogmatism is to become aware of opinions held in social circles different from your own. 37/4/1 A Handful of History 11/ A Japanese firm created a great deal of excitement in Thailand by including game cards in its detergent boxes, and consumers could not resist buying more and more in search of the winning cards, Likewise, most gas stations in Thailand at one time gave free washcloths with a gas fill-up. 45/7/4 A jar-full of goldfish was then taken on a long sea trip back to London in 1665. 25/8/4 A Knave is usually a person who gets into trouble. 11/11/2 A land of heavy forests (311 million hectares) and barren deserts, of high-peaked mountains (McKinley rises to 6,300 meters) and deep canyons, America also enjoys bountiful rivers and lakes. 39/3/1 A little later, though, the Greeks and Romans began to put pictures of famous people on their coins. 27/4/1 A long line of workers, each carrying two baskets of earth hung from a bamboo pole, filled the roadway. 32/11/4 A look at a globe is perhaps the best way to appreciate the significance of this peculiar continent. 55/4/1 A man of charisma has many friends. His power lies in his ability to give. 3/2/4 A man who knew him well in Indiana said he had often seen Lincoln grasp a barrel of cider and lift it to his face as if to drink. 34/8/3 A multitude of separations are accomplished by distillation, but its most important and primary function in the refinery is its use for the separation of crude oil into component fractions. 44/6/2 A new definition adopted by the AMA in 1985 is used as a basis for the definition of international marketing given here: international marketing is the multinational process of planning and executing the conception,pricing,promotion,and distribution of ideas,goods,and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. 31/1/1 A New Definition of Marketing 31/ A piece of the universe where great things happen-birth, life and death; mating and feeding before our eyes. 25/12/3 A pilot project in southwest England is introducing cars running on E85 (a fuel made of 85 percent bioethanol) within the local police force. 53/14/2 A player holds the colored side up to prevent an opponent from seeing the dotted numbers side. 45/9/4 A polyester shirt or dress,nylon socks or stockings,and acrylic sweater-a raincoat of PVC(polyvinyl chloride)? 16/3/4 A popular idea is that a check,will,or other legal paper written in pencil is not legal. 42/8/1 A professional degree will result in an average annual income of about twice that of college graduates (or six times the income of a high school dropout). 43/4/2 A push from government 53/14/5 A puzzled look mixed with fear came over his face. 41/27/3 A recent government ruling could force oil companies to equip their gas stations similarly. 53/15/1 A single such stamp has been sold for as much as $6,500.Few people have ever even seen a copy. 8/8/4 A small boy lay flat on his stomach in the royal garden of the King of Hawaii. 25/1/1 A small roll of paper fits in the center of the pencil and is drawn out through a slit in the side. 42/7/2 A sonic boom is the loud crash and shaking that happens when a jet plane goes faster than the speed of sound. 35/9/2 A special kind of chemical energy is nuclear energy,sometimes called atomic energy. 33/14/1 A succession of visitors to Britain would go back to report to their countries on the technological and commercial innovations they saw there. 50/3/3 A survey of executives conducted by Stimulus, Canada's leading advertising journal, revealed a shift from media advertising to sales promotion. 45/6/2 A thousand? Or is it as old as man? 35/3/3 A tiny instant later, and it would have hit one of us. 10/8/3 A two-or-three-minute recording is enough. 26/10/2 A vacant lot beside a store was the site chosen for the match. 34/4/1 A very brave woman is the Queen of Hearts. 11/8/2 A very common sedimentary rock is called shale, which is a soft rock and was obviously formed by being deposited on the sea bed. 36/2/12 A wide range of compounds is possible, many are being manufactured, and we are now progressing the stage in which a sizable group of products is being prepared from the heavier fractions of petroleum. 54/9/3

A World without Oil 16/ A writer has found a small deposit of manganese ore and rock specimens flecked with uranium or stained green by copper. 55/10/4 About a century and a half later,in 1564,a high wind blew over a heavy oak tree near Cumberland,England. 42/10/1 About dark four detectives from Oklahoma City arrived, and they took us to the Oklahoma City jail. 56/29/2 About every mile, block-houses were built to house the soldiers who guarded it. 32/12/3 About nine wooden lead pencils are sold here for every one of all other varieties(原文varities) of writing tools. 42/17/4 About noon Robey came back,and the same clerk was on duty. 8/3/1 About the same time, I heard a pistol. 56/23/2 Above all, let us shrink from no strife, moral or physical, within or without the nation, provided we are certain that the strife is justified; for it is only through strife, through hard and dangerous endeavor, that we shall ultimately win the goal of true national greatness. 23/3/5 According to a POPAI (Point-of- Purchase Advertising Institute) -Du Pont study of shopping behavior in the United States, almost 70 percent of all non-food purchases in supermarkets are generated by in-store decisions. 45/6/4 According to government mandate in the Lion City, tipping is not permitted. 38/9/1 Actually, it would be ridiculous to expect a counterfeiter to put the wrong picture on a bill. 27/11/6 Actually, love is a part of every culture, not just American culture. 6/5/4 Actually, most successful speakers are nervous before making a speech. 21/4/2 Actually, the ice accumulation is less than it was perhaps 1,000 years ago. Its seaward flow is not so voluminous as it once was, and as a result there are patches of bare rock here and there along the coast and inland. 55/9/1 Additional transfer included the Alaska, Bonneville, Southeastern, and Southwestern power marketing administrations from the Interior Department and the Navy oil reserves and oil shale reserves from the Department of Defense. 29/4/3 After 22 years of marriage, I've discovered the secret to keeping love and intimacy alive in my relationship with my wife, Peggy: I started dating another woman. 9/1 After a while, a boy and a girl may decide they want to go steady. 6/4/4 After all, there were lots of dogs in our neighborhood. 41/20/6 After he had beaten Armstrong at New Salem, Lincoln added to his reputation by proving that wrestling was not the only sport in which he was good. 34/12/1 After scientific and technical feasibility was determined, projects would be transferred to the assistant secretary for resource applications or to the assistant secretary for conservation and solar applications, who had specialized expertise in commercialization and energy markets. 29/3/7 After some time, I sat up. "You're out of shape," I told myself. "You've got to work up to things bit by bit. 41/6/1 After years of apparently harmonious marriage, however, rifts began appearing. 51/8/1 Again, as in 1971, Nixon cautioned that America's energy challenge could become an energy crisis if current trends continued unchecked. 28/1/4 Again, it was the letter S, and it traveled 1,800 miles from England to New-foundland, Canada. 59/22/3 Again,at one time or another,you may have found that all such animals hear. 15/5/1 Agricultural tools invented about 10,000 years ago helped people learn to grow enough food to feed large populations. 59/2/3 Alberta also produces more coal than any other province. 22/4/9 Alberta is a most popular place for people to go to on their vacations because of its beautiful scenery. 22/1/4 Alberta is also rich in forest resources, coal and oil. 22/4/6 Alberta is located in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. 12 o'clock at Noon in Edmonton is 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 22/7 Alberta is located in the western part of Canada and is the westernmost among the Prairie Provinces. 22/1/1 Alcoholics and drug addicts who are not yet rich are unlikely candidates for becoming so. 43/8/2 Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, were working on something they called the multiple telegraph. 59/16/2 All activities of the Federal Energy Administration and the Energy Research and Development Administration were distributed among appropriate assistant secretaries, administrators, and the director of the Office of Energy Research. Also, limited functions were transferred from the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation. 29/4/2 All honor must be paid to the architects of our material prosperity; to the great captains of industry who have built our factories and our railroads; to the strong men who toil for wealth with brain or hand; for great is the debt of the nation to these and their kind. 23/2/4 All mirrors," says George Macdonald, "The commonest room is a room in a poem when I look in the glass." 13/5/4 All of these are based on petroleum products. 16/3/5 All of these eventually led to the later inventions radio and the television and of electronics after them. 59/12/2 All of us have read thrilling stories in which the hero had only a limited and specified time to live. 58/1/1 All of us stared. We were ready for the blow. But no one fired! 10/20/2 All over the world millions of people take part in different kinds of sports. 5/1/3 All owe their origin to the oil known as petroleum(Latin/Greek 'petra',rock,and Latin 'oleum',oil),found deep in the earth. 16/2/2 All rules were now forgotten. 34/5/6 All these studies and lists are symbols of a learning process that is accelerating, reinforcing the lessons of success and failure. 50/6/5 All things can be conquered by diligence. 2/2/1 All this comes down to one point: work is helpful to health. 4/1/3 All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at table tennis can do this successfully. 5/3/4 All this time, you've been thinking one thing: "How much should I tip this guy?" 38/1/4 Almost always the remains of shells, and other proofs of sea life, are found close to the oil. 36/2/11 Almost everything we know or think we know-about the sea is open? 48/15/1 Almost no able-bodied person in China escaped the call to work. 32/8/2

Already scientists are proposing some fascinating solutions. 16/5/2 Already we have seen tremendous advances in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,and many people see nuclear energy as the future answer to almost all of our energy need. 33/14/3 Also , it is extremely difficult to respond satisfactorily to words you didn't hear. 57/13/4 Also he made use of many miles of walls already built. 32/14/6 Although he did not abandon hope for an energy department, the President, turned to immediate, interim solutions to the organizational problem. 28/2/3 Although Iran is a net exporter of oil, it is a net importer of refined products. 49/8/2 Although Iran says its nuclear program will not be on the agenda, the U.S. is sure to broach the subject and to search for any slack in Tehran's bargaining position. 49/15/2 Although it has a population of only 3.26'million, about one fifth of the population of Shanghai, it ranks also 4th in population among Canadian provinces. 22/2/2 Although much of South America, parts of Africa and all of Australia lie south of the equator, most of the world's land lies north of the line. 55/4/3 Although the best season for traveling is the summer months of June, July and August, many tourists are attracted to the first rate skiing ground at the resorts of Banff and Jasper. 22/6/3 Although there are only a limited number of Indians living on reservations now, two hundred years ago they were the only inhabitants in what is now called Alberta. 22/3/5 Although we know much more now, we find that, somehow, for every answer new questions spring up. 14/9/2 Although young children are not able to understand the complex relationship of man to his environment, they can be educated in this aspect and learn how to respect nature and gain a simplified understanding of the importance of a healthy ecological environment. 30/1/3 Always present was the danger from the north. 32/6/2 America has long been known as a "melting pot," for it is a nation of immigrants from all over the world. 39/6/1 American pencil makers turn out their product by the millions. 42/3/1 American young people see a dare as a time just to have fun. They don't always have a romantic interest in mind. 6/4/2 Americans are always on the move. 39/9/1 Americans know no romance is perfect, but still they try to find the ideal person. 6/5/3 Americans smoke six thousand million cigarettes every year (1970 figures). 19/1/1 Americans view dating differently from people in other culture. 6/4/1 America's early settlers were attracted by the fertile land and varied climates it offered for farming. 39/4/1 America's Luckiest Stamp Find 8/ An air ship powered by energy from the sun has been suggested. 16/5/7 An aquarium is a picture window of the underwater world. 25/12/2 An earthquake in Japan in 1923 took 160,000 lives. 24/4/6 An enemy shell had ripped a hole in the floor of the airplane. 10/3/2

An Epoch-making Toast


An illustration may make the point clear. 46/4/5 An Introduction to Distillation 44/ An Introduction to Petrochemicals 54/ An observer, looking at the earth from another planet, would be likely to call it Oceanus. 48/2/2 An old song says that "love makes the world go around." 6/1/1 An Olympic runner wins a medal. 27/6/6 An unprecedented cooperation is developing among nations so that earth scientists will no longer look at our planet in the old, fragmented way. 20/2/3 Ancient and medieval authors knew all about unicorns and salamanders; not one of them thought it necessary to avoid dogmatic statements about them because he had never seen one of them. 37/2/7 And all this gives expression to the spirit of unremitting self-improvement embodied in China's cultural tradition. 60/10/5 And as bad as this quake was, many have been worse. 24/4/2 And can you think of anything more infuriating than to be given the same treatment? 57/13/3 And even small towns have a coffee shop serving simple meals, drinks of all kinds--and excellent, freshly-made coffee. 18/6/2 And for a long while, it did its job. 32/15/2 And from San Francisco to New York, in cheap or medium-priced restaurants, hamburgers will be on all the menus, in company with steaks, fried chicken and seafood. 18/4/3 And he did it," said his friend, "with the greatest ease." 34/8/4 And I'd outfit myself in a pair of white shorts, sneakers and a sweat shirt. 41/3/2 And if a limited supply cut failed to ease international pressure, Iran could up the ante by cutting off supplies to a U.S ally. 49/9/3 And if Aycock is right, maybe it kept me or both of us from getting killed. 56/32/4 And if you ever hunted frogs in your childhood,you know how softly you had to tread!Moreover,it seems absurd that birds should sing and frogs croak, 15/5/3 And it is not a pencil.The "lead" is actually graphite from the Greek word "to write." 42/2/2 And- it is the story of millions of Chinese who worked-and died'-to build it. 32/2/2 And most crucially, it does not produce the farsightedness that will allow us all to live together-and grow together-on this world without causing war, chaos and catastrophe. For that we need wisdom. And no wonder Janet was surprised. She thought she had been listening in class the week before. 57/5/2 And now the jet came at us! 10/17/1 And people could work without ever getting tired. 50/2/5 And some will oppose competition policy and strong corporate governance laws: Let Darwinian survival work its wonders. 52/13/2 And the beauty of a rare edition or of a richly manufactured volume is like that of a painting or a statue. 46/7/4


And the car that finally stopped was just the same as a loaded gun. 56/1/3 And this shift is happening around the world. From Thailand to South Africa to Slovakia to Mexico, countries are far better managed economically than they have ever been. 50/5/5 And we are losing out in ways both large and small ,which is too bad when we realize that good listening can be very valuable indeed. 57/1/3 And we will endeavor to ensure sustainable development by boosting production, improving people's life and protecting the environment. 60/6/7 And where there is shale there is likely to be oil. 36/2/13 And, if they slow down, there may be fewer errors but it can sound unnatural. 26/2/2 And, incidentally, it is a chronic complaint of wives that their husbands do not notice new dresses, new hats, and changes in household arrangements. 58/18/3 Andy was standing by the garage with his trumpet. 41/26/1 Animals such as dogs and cats also have conspicuous outer ears,but few of us probably ever stopped to think whether there might be such a thing as a middle and inner ear beneath those pointed tips. 15/3/1 Another said that the moon material would explode as soon as an astronaut's boot touched it. 14/3/3 Antarctica is a very large area of the earth's surface, but-until recent years-was the least studied. 55/3/2 Antarctica seems a vast basin of rock, filled and overflowing with a load of ice. 55/8/1 Antarctica stood in splendid-even awesome-isolation from the rest of the world for countless years. 55/5/1 Ants don't carry calendars around with them any more than fiddler crabs possess real wrist watches. 47/9/1 Any act that promoted ethnic harmony and national unity will receive the warm welcome and support of the Chinese people. 60/11/8 Any legal document which does not specify otherwise can be legally signed in pencil. 42/8/3 Any richer mix than that and cars must undergo a relatively inexpensive adaptation to replace rubber and aluminum parts, which would be eroded by bioethanol. 53/13/3 Any vehicle on a mission in the southern half of the heavens remains continuously "visible" to an antenna at the pole. 55/15/2 Anyway, Why take the risk? 57/11/4 Apart from the scientific statistics, it might be helpful to look at what smoking tobacco actually does to the human body. 19/5/1 Apparently few others did,because "insurance" has stayed with us until today. 35/2/4 Are they destined to die for the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live because we have the vision to build a new world? 12/6/2 Aristotle could have avoided the mistake of thinking that women have fewer teeth than men, by the simple device of asking Mrs. 37/2/2 Aristotle to keep her mouth open while he counted. 37/2/3 Aristotle, however, was less cautious. 37/2/6 Armstrong put an end to that. 34/6/3 Armstrong was not to be handled so easily and they shoved each other all over the lot. 34/5/2 Armstrong was the leader of a gang of rough men from Clary's Grove, a strip of land three miles from the village. Lincoln was a newcomer, almost a stranger. 34/3/2 Arturo Toscanini revered Brahms, but Toscanini's score of the C-minor Symphony was so thoroughly marked up that no one but the maestro himself could read it. 46/8/4 As a general guide, S$1 should be adequate for baggage-lugging service. 38/9/6 As a life environment, the sea is a kind of land turned upside down. 48/4/1 As a matter of fact,Charles Babbage,over one hundred years ago,felt that "assurance" was a better term. 35/2/3 As a result, their spoken English might not improve. 26/3/4 As a signatory to the Kyoto pact on climate change, Britain must reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2010. 53/8/2 As an ancient Chinese motto puts it, "As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement." 60/10/2 As China develops rapidly and steady headway is made in China-U.S. cooperation, more and more Americans are following with great interest China's progress and development. 60/1/3 As China has moved towards a market economy, it has developed some of the problems that have plagued the developed countries: special interests that clothe self-serving arguments behind a thin veil of market ideology. 52/12 As each stretch was finished, they hauled down the wooden mold and moved on. 32/11/6 As further proof,the experiment was repeated-only this time the same hive of bees had its alarm set in New York and was flown to Paris. 47/4/1 As Hawking's computer voice declared during the final scene in a BBC TV show, "I have a beautiful family, I am successful in my work, and I have written a best seller. One really can't ask for more." 51/11/2 As I drove to her house, I actually had a case of predate jitters! 9/4/1 As I think of her, I think of all the children in the world, in Asia, in Africa, in Europe, in the Americas, most of whom were born since the date of the foundation of the People's Republic of China. 12/5/4 As I turned onto Willow Road, a half-dozen eight-year-olds ran out and settled into a steady trot beside me . 41/10/5 As it traces the course of Hawking's life, it pauses occasionally to prepare the reader for the mind-boggling complexities of relativity theory and the even more bizarre notions of quantum physics-twin pillars on which Hawking has constructed his theories-which he is currently attempting to unite in an all-encompassing theory. 51/9//2 As life is full of strife and conflict. We need friends to support and help us out of difficulties. 3/3/1 As long as he was headed in the direction I wanted to go, I was willing to ride. 56/8/6 As motorists scrambled for a place in line, in some states matching their license plates to the date on an odd-or-even system, the era of energy affluence ended. 28/6/5 As only a small number were French Canadians, who migrated to Alberta from the eastern part of Canada, the major language spoken in the province is English, with the exception of a few bilingual towns north of Edmonton. 22/3/4 As such, any promotional activities that do not fall under the other three activities of the promotion mix are considered sales promotion. 45/1/1 As the accolades and awards poured in for Stephen, Jane-competent and intelligent herself 'began to resent living in his shadow. 51/8/2 As the demand for gasoline increased, conversion processes were developed because distillation could no longer supply the necessary quantities. 44/5/3 As the news of his find spread,many people said that other such sheets had been found. 8/6/2 As the smoke is breathed in, all these components form deposits on the membranes of the lungs. 19/5/4 As time passed, civilization became much more complicated. 27/5/2 As to space research, there is no place on earth better suited than the South Pole for certain kinds of observation. 55/14/1

As we discuss our differences, neither of us will compromise our principles. 12/4/3 As we have noted, choosing to become rich requires sacrifices that many people quite rationally have chosen not to make. 43/9/3 As with most inventions, Morse borrowed from the ideas of many others in making his telegraph. 59/14/1 As you head for your bus,train or car,all of which use petroleum products in the form of fuel to move them and lubricants to keep them in working order,take a look in the mirror. 16/3/3 As you said in your toast, the Chinese people are a great people, the American people are a great people. 12/3/1 Ascham, in "The Schoolmaster", tells a touching story of his last visit to Lady Jane Grey. 13/3/2 Asia, with its multiplicity of cultures and customs, is a particularly difficult terrain. 38/2/4 at both ends. The questions themselves may be wrong, and many of the answers are under challenge. 48/15/2 At exactly 3:15 p.m. New York time - a precise 24 hours after having been fed in Paris - the bees swarmed out of their hive. 47/3/2 At first it stood for the rich traders who found and sold such gems. 11/4/4 At five-star hotels, one or two ringgit will suffice a porter. 38/6/4 At hotels, porters ask for a few hundred rupiah for each bag. 38/5/5 At least as long as business and industry,educational institutions and the U.S. Government continue. 42/19/2 At lower-end establishments, don't feel compelled to tip. 38/6/5 At manufacturers wholesale prices this business amounted to $35 million in 1957-not including mechanical pencils. 42/17/3 At moderately priced restaurants, 5,000 rupiah should do it. 38/5/3 At once I said to myself, "This looks like a good place !" And I fell, panting, to the earth. 41/5/4 At restaurants, even if a service charge is included, custom dictates adding another 5%-10% to the bill. 38/7/2 At restaurants, Singaporeans tend not to leave tips. 38/9/3 At that time, animals were pictured on the coins. 27/3/2 At that time, gasoline was a minor, but more often unwanted, product. 44/5/2 At the next town I thought I might make a hurried departure. 56/12/2 At the precise moment that they took wing,a colony of the same species that my wife was watching near the bottom of the mountain,also sent its queen on a wedding flight. 47/9/6 At the same time we can understand the need of being ready to help those who do suffer such trouble. 24/10/6 At the signal Armstrong went after Lincoln with the rushes of a maddened bull, trying to knock him off his feet, but Abe held him off with his arms. 34/4/3 At the time there was a rumbling sound, something like a huge truck would make. 24/1/2 At the urging of Roy L. Ash, director of the Office of Management and Budget, Nixon established the Energy Policy Office, which combined and expanded the responsibilities of the Special Energy Committee and the National Energy Office. 28/2/4 At this very moment, through the wonder of telecommunications, more people are seeing and hearing what we say than on any other such occasion in the whole history of the world. 12/2/2 At times my heart cries out with longing to see all these things. 58/10/1 Austin expected to be shot on the spot. Instead, the king sent a runner for fresh water. 25/4/1 Austin lowered a bent pin attached to a piece of string. 25/1/3 Austin told of his crime. He had stolen the fancy goldfish. 25/3/2 Aycock later said that he'd never have been caught if he hadn't thought that my waving that handkerchief out the window during the shooting was funny. 56/32/1 Back in the early days of the Chinese nation, the Chinese already advocated that "harmony is most valuable." 60/11/2 Bad?" 10/5 Bangkok 37/3 Be very wary of opinions that flatter your self-esteem. 37/6/1 Because of health problems, my mother worries about the days ahead. 9/8/7 Because of the great weight pressing down on them, these layers tend to fold downward at weak spots, and this finally causes an actual break in the crust. 24/6/6 Because of this, people would sometimes put pictures of their own ancestors on their coins. 27/4/3 Because speechmaking is a form of power, it carries with it heavy ethical responsibilities. 21/6/1 Becoming a Child of Nature: It's a Twofold Task ofParents and Children 30/ Becoming Wealthy: It's Up to You 43/ Before you leave to go to work or school,just examine your surroundings. 16/1/5 Being able to save and accumulate considerable wealth is not automatic. 43/3/1 Bell and Watson had everything set for their first test of the invention. 59/18/2 Bell had decided that the first words over his phone should be from Shakespeare. 59/18/4 Bell had his phone in one room and Watson had his in another. 59/18/3 Besides projecting long-term energy trends, the administration was expected to develop systems for estimating national fuel reserves and reporting the financial status of energy producing companies. 29/7/4 Besides, there is another rule that contributes to one's accomplishments, that is, punctuality. 2/5/1 Besides, work gives one a sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. 4/3/1 Better to turn off the radio, shut the door on competing noises, if possible, If not, guard against your tendency to listen to distracting sounds. 57/18/4 Between 1978 and 2005, China's GDP grew from $147.3 billion to $2.2257 trillion. 60/4/3 Biology is applied to geology in several ways, notably through the study of fossils(paleontology),and is especially significant in establishing biostratigraphic zones for regional stratigraphical correlation. 40/6/1 Biology, and especially biochemistry, is important in studying the transformation of plant and animal tissues into kerogen during burial and the generation of oil or gas that may be caused by this transformation. 40/6/5

Birds also have built-in timepieces which send them off on fall and spring migrations. 47/11/1 Birds are even more mysterious,because here we do not even see an outer ear. 15/4/1 Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual. 13/1/1 Books, indeed, endow us with a whole enchanted palace of thoughts, there is a wider prospect, says Jean Paul Richter, from Parnassus than from a throne. 13/5/1 Both men and women, nine times out of ten, are firmly convinced of the superior excellence of their own sex. 37/6/2 Both the heaving of the ground and the noise were very frightening but lasted not quite 45 seconds. 24/1/3 Britain Accelerates toward Cleaner Future-with Wheat 53/ Britain's biggest energy producer, BP, says it is "looking at" introducing bioethanol, but none of its 1,300 gas stations throughout the United Kingdom sell the product yet. 53/10/2 Bud ashtrays, bar towels, coasters, football pennants, and similar items were offered for sale. 45/3/7 Businesspersons may use the term "promotion" when they actually mean "sales promotion." 45/1/3 But a great book, rich in ideas and beauty, a book that raises and tries to answer great fundamental questions, demands the most active reading of which you are capable. 46/10/5 But a sleek Italian restaurant may require a 10% contribution. 38/8/3 But after a lapse of 40 years, it now has more than 1,060,000 inhabitants. 22/5/3 But ants show amazing accuracy as to the day of the year. 47/9/2 But apparently the words had bounced right off her ears, Why? How had she listened wrong? 57/5/3 But as Hobbes was writing those words, the world around him was changing. Put simply, human beings were getting smarter. 50/1/4 But at age 21 he developed the first symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disorder that would inevitably render him paralyzed and incapable of performing most kinds of work. 51/2/3 But at local restaurants, there's no need to add a gratuity. 38/6/3 But at present many more Albertans are farmers, who raise millions of tons of wheat, oats and barley, the also plant sugar beets and potatoes in the southern part of the province. 22/4/2 But Chin built palaces for them just like those they had left. 32/4/4 But decentralization raises problems of its own. 52/9/3 But does it ever occur to you to use your sight to see into the inner nature of a friend or acquaintance? 58/17/2 But essentially their argument is a simple one. 55/17/2 But even if they are as strange as Greek to you, you should try to listen and understand. 57/14/4 But even if you never give another speech in your life, you still have much to gain from studying public speaking. 21/1/3 But even in viewing the most spectacular sights the eyes are lazy. 58/19/2 But few messengers reached the Wall. 32/10/5 But for the immediate future the great value of Antarctica may lie in other lines of research-from the common cold to problems of outer space. 55/12/1 But he can be stubborn, abrasive and quick to anger, terminating a conversation by spinning around and rolling off, sometimes running one of his wheels over the toes of an offender. 51/5/4 But his day was yesterday, and he was destined for greater things. 34/2/3 But his voice must compete with , say, your favorite song on the radio. 57/18/2 But I am denied that deeper understanding of them which I am sure would come through sight of them through watching their reactions to various expressed thoughts and circumstances, through noting the immediate and fleeting reactions of their eyes and countenance. 58/15/7 But I cannot really picture their personalities by touch. 58/15/5 But I suppose we really shouldn't expect anything better from someone who grew up in a log cabin, hoofed to a oneroom schoolhouse and never made it to college. 17/9 But I think that you can see what his name means. 11/12/5 But I'd asked for the ride, and there was no point in getting hot under the collar because I didn't think the way he did. 56/17/3 But if the U.S. were to impose punitive measures-either through the United Nations Security Council or with a smaller coalition of nations--Iran would probably retaliate. 49/9/2 But if we can find common ground to Work together, the chance for world peace is immeasurably increased. 12/3/3 But in fact sports and games can be of great value, especially to people who work with their brains. 5/2/2 But in their conflict over Iran's nuclear program, both seem willing to use oil as a political weapon. 49/1/2 but it should be remembered that many common petrochemicals can be made from other sources, and the terminology is therefore a matter of source identification. 54/7/2 But it was none of my business. 56/8/5 But it was not until around 1400 A.D.that graphite,the main part of the modern pencil,first appeared.And for a long time it was used without any covering. 42/9/3 But it was not until many years later that American pencils began to sell as well as European brands. 42/16/2 But its course of national development has been an arduous one. 60/3/2 But long before then the world will have to decide on its priorities. 16/4/2 But managing a market economy is no easy task. 52/15/2 But now that remote land area is so attainable and so important that it has become the subject of an international treaty which protects it from national rivalries yet leaves it open to all for exploration and use. 55/1/2 But now, the farmer hopes his wheat might literally become the driving force of his 1,400-acre Friar Maine farm in southern England. 53/2 But on the road he heard a horse and carriage. It stopped. He was caught. 25/2/2 But on the whole, a knowledge-based world will be a healthier and richer world. 50/8/6 But once we learn what they are and how to fight them, we are well on our way to getting rid of wasteful listening habits. 57/19/2 But our debt is yet greater to the men whose highest type is to be found in a statesman like Lincoln, a soldier like Grant. 23/2/5 But quakes may often be felt in level country, too, because the waves which come from the center of a quake run often for thousands of miles. 24/8/3 But raising of pet fish goes back to the early days of the Sung Dynasty in China, about 900 A.D., 25/7/2

But somehow that didn't help much. 56/13/4 But the ad for this program said that it would correct "stylistic errors". 17/2/2 But the Bush administration fears that Iran might use its nuclear program to assert political dominance in the region and sell nuclear material and expertise to other states, and possibly to terrorist groups. 49/12 But the council is increasingly unlikely to impose them. 49/13/2 But the majority stock their tanks with "tropicals"-guppies and gouramies, bettas and angelfish, or others of the more than 150 kinds. 25/5/4 But the playing cards stand for famous knights in history. 11/11/3 But the pressures on local government officials to deliver economic growth and jobs will be enormous. 52/11/1 But the San Francisco quake caused more damage because it struck in a place where there were so many people living. 24/4/4 But the soul of a book can be separated from its body. 46/8/1 But there are a number of incremental steps Iran can take that would rattle those who depend on affordable energy without sinking its own economy. 49/7/1 But there are only a few collectors of this type. It costs $50 or more to set up a good salt water aquarium. But there is a snag. Experts warn that biofuels are very expensive to produce-roughly twice as costly as gasoline-and can only become viable with generous government subsidies. 53/9 But they also give expression to the progress of the times. 60/8/4 But this act of purchase is only the prelude to possession. 46/4/3 But those who have never suffered impairment of sight or hearing seldom make the fullest use of these blessed faculties. 58/6/4 But what sends birds northward again in the spring? 47/12/0 But when an enterprising scientist placed a fiddler crab in darkness,he was amazed to find that the color of the crab's shell kept ticking off the time with the same accuracy. 47/7 Yet another startling fact was revealed: the crab's shell reached the darkest color about 50 minutes later each day. 47/8/1 But whereas outside the USA Coke tends to be a young person's drink, inside the USA anybody of any age or income can drink it without embarrassment on any occasion. 18/1/2 But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it. 12/4/4 But with the demands of my job and three kids, I never got around to seeing her much beyond family get-togethers and holidays. 9/2/4 But you do not own the beefsteak in the most important sense until you consume it and get it into your bloodstream. 46/4/7 But, [Use "But" sparingly to start a sentence.] in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. 17/7/1 But, however this may be, when we read we may not only (if we wish it) be kings and live in palaces, but, what is far better, we may transport ourselves to the mountains or the seashore, and visit the most beautiful parts of the earth, without fatigue, inconvenience, or expense. 13/2/3 But, if they make a lot of mistakes, they may find it difficult to get their ideas across. 26/4/3 But, said she, "I wist that all their pleasure in the park is but a shadow to the pleasure I find in Plato." 13/3/6 By 221 B.C. he had succeeded. 32/3/4 By accident, they allowed two points of their experiment to become stuck together. 59/16/3 By centralizing the most important data-gathering activities, the Energy Information Administration would provide comprehensive data and timely analysis for the President, the Department, Congress, and the public. 29/7/2 By choosing an area to work on, you can isolate problems and help yourself overcome them. 26/7/9 By direct observations and many experiments,biologists have discovered that practically all animals have some sense of hearing or vibration. 15/6/1 By increasing or lessening the hours of darkness in each day,the scientists have been able to turn plant growth off and on like an electric switch. 47/13/3 By itself, marriage seems to provide a stable institutional setting that promotes greater earnings, which affords greater savings. 43/7/2 By law, the Department would be led by three principal officers: the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Under Secretary. 29/3/2 By mixing refined graphite powder with clay,then heating it,he produced a firm hard lead. 42/14/2 By November 1973 oil supplies were critically low, creating the most acute shortages of energy since World War II. 28/4/2 By one means or another,man has been writing for thousands of years. 42/9/1 By placing individual objectives at one end of the definition and organizational objectives at the other,the definition stresses a relationship between a consumer and an organization. 31/2/2 By present-day standards,however,it was far from satisfactory for writing. 42/11/4 By September 1973 the President, while asserting the Nation was not yet in an energy crisis, continued to stress America's energy problem. 28/3/1 By setting a good example for your children, you are not only giving them a good model to imitate, you are also helping them to increase their chances for survival. 30/9/1 By the late 18th century the fish were widely popular in England and soon the goldfish bowl was seen in many homes. 25/8/5 By the time I got to the end of our block, my legs had turned to stone. And I felt as if somebody had lit a campfire in my chest! 41/5/1 By the time the higher elevations are reached, such strange notions as Einsteinian curved space-time and the quantum uncertainty principle, heavy meals indeed, seem not so difficult to digest. 51/10/2 By then, China's economy will be better developed and its democracy will be further enhanced. 60/5/6 By tinkering with the clocks of plants and animals,scientists may learn more about the fascinating way our bodies work. 47/14/5 California recently passed New York as the most populous state, although New York City (population: 8 million) and Chicago (3 million) are still larger than California's largest city, Los Angeles. 39/9/4 Call it a best-practice world. 50/6/4 Can we afford to use so much of our limited petroleum supplies for private motoring? 16/4/3 Can you identify and correct any errors? 26/10/4 Can't even hold him in the sight," the gunner said. 10/15 Carbon, which is a very important part of living things on the earth, is rare on the moon. 14/6/3 Carbonate sediments, in general, and reefs, in particular, can only be studied profitably with the aid of a detailed knowledge of the ecology of modern marine fauna and flora. 40/6/4 Careful monetary policy has tempered the boom-and-bust economic cycles of the industrial world, producing milder recessions and fewer shocks. 50/6/3 Cars kept speeding by. Without knowing it, I was playing a dangerous game. 56/1/2

Centuries ago, the Chinese already pointed out that "people are the foundation of a country; when the foundation is stable, the country is in peace." 60/9/2 Chairman Mao has written, "So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; / The world rolls on, / Time presses./Ten thousand years are too long, /Seize the day, seize the hour!" 12/8/1 Check the eyes on the picture, too. 27/8/5 Chemical Energy 33/12/4 Chin could think of only one way to stop the raids. 32/7/1 Chin was ambitious. He set out to bind the states into an empire-his empire. 32/3/3 China firmly pursues a strategy of opening-up for mutual benefit and win-win outcomes. 60/12/8 China is a large country, and it could not have succeeded as it has without widespread decentralization. 52/9/2 China is about to adopt its 11th five-year setting the stage for the continuation of probably the most remarkable economic transformation in history, while improving the well-being of almost a quarter of the world's population. 52/1/1 China realizes that it has entered a phase of economic growth that is imposing enormous-and unsustainable-demands on the environment. 52/3/1 China's 11th five-year plan provides a roadmap for that response. 52/15/4 China's Roadmap 52/ China's role in the world and the world's economy has changed, and the plan reflects this, too. 52/7/1 Cigarette smoking is believed by most research workers in this field to be an important factor in the development of cancer of the lungs and cancer of the throat and is believed to be related to cancer of the bladder and the oral cavity. 19/3/1 Close!" somebody said. "Too close!" 10/23 Coal-much of it of poor quality-has been found at many points along the 2,000 mile mountain system known as the Great Antarctica Horst. 55/10/3 Coca-Cola is the best-selling soft (non-alcoholic) drink in the world. 165 million "Cokes" are sold every day, from the equator to the Arctic. 18/1/1 Coke is not the only "cola" drink. 18/2/1 Cola drinks contain caffeine from the kola nut and are the only soft drinks which are stimulating as well as refreshing. 18/2/3 Collect some rocks and point out that some rocks are minerals, others may be used for decorations, like marbles used in building houses, and still other rocks are used to build roads. 30/3/5 Collecting tropical fish dates back to World War Ⅱ in this country. 25/7/1 College costs have been rising steadily relative to family income level for more than a decade. 43/5/5 Colonel Green was out of the city,and no one else wanted to bid on the sheet for fear that Robey's might not be the only upside-down sheet. 8/6/1 Communities across the Nation reduced holiday lighting and implemented various schemes for pumping short supplies of gasoline. 28/6/4 Compared with five years ago, three of five firms had moved to spend more of their advertising budget on such nonmedia alternatives as trade shows, point-of-purchase displays, and publicity. 45/6/3 Confusion about what it means to own a book leads people to a false reverence for paper, binding, and type-a respect for the physical thing-the craft of the printer rather than the genius of the author. 46/5/1 Congressional action, including approval of the conference report, was completed by August 3. 29/1/2 Consider the abyssal valley called the Marianas Trench, lying west of Guam. 48/10/1 Consider the cases of Turkey and Brazil. 50/5/2 Constancy makes success a certainty. 2/4/1 Consumers, on the other hand, may view rebates, mail-in coupons, and money-back guarantees with suspicion, thinking that something must be wrong with the product. 45/8/3 Conte found the answer in 1795. 42/14/1 Controlled fire and the wheel are two such inventions which allowed our ancestors to live a better life in safety. 59/2/2 Cosmetics such as face creams,lipsticks and hair preparations are often based on petroleum. 16/2/4 Countless billions of minute sea creatures and plants lived and sank to the sea bed. 36/2/4 Court records reveal every day how inaccurately "eyewitnesses" see. 58/19/3 Critics often speak of "the rich" with none-too-subtle disdain, as if those at the very top of the income ladder are all dishonest people or as if becoming rich is difficult and means others must become poorer. 43/1/1 Cruel masters with whips kept the workers on the job. And those who got sick were left to die. 32/8/5 Cut off from English pencils.he was stuck with his own impure French graphite. 42/13/2 Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight; silence would teach him the joys of sound. 58/7/2 David beat Goliath and became a king. He probably never thought that he would have a place in playing cards. 11/6/5 David is the person who killed the giant Goliath. 11/6/3 Daydream Listening: You can think about four times as fast as the average person speaks. 57/8/1 Declaring that the Nation's energy demands had grown so rapidly that they now outstripped available supplies, the President amended his 1971 proposal for a cabinet department by requesting Congress to establish a department of energy and natural resources with responsibility for energy policy and management as well as research and development. 28/1/5 Deeply religious, she was also offended by his apparent atheism. 51/8/3 Definitely not green cheese. 14/6/1 Department of Energy Established 29/ Department of Energy Organization and Structure 29/2/4 Detailed knowledge of the mineralogical composition of rocks is important at many levels. 40/2/2 Detailed knowledge of the mineralogy of reservoirs enables estimates to be made of the rate at which they may lose porosity during burial, and this detailed mineralogical information is essential for the accurate interpretation of geophysical well logs through reservoirs. 40/2/5 Devotion means to set our heart on one thing at a time and give up all other thoughts. 2/3/1 difference. 27/1/4 Do not most of you seeing people grasp casually the outward features of a face and let it go at that? 58/17/3

Do you always try some new language even though it might not be correct? 26/6/5 Do you avoid putting pollutants in the air by never burning your leaves? 30/8/1 Do you avoid walking on fresh grass? Do you conserve water and energy? 30/8/4 Do you know where the pictures on money came from? 27/2/1 Do you stop anyone from carving in the bark of trees? 30/8/3 Don't think so. It missed the control cables-went out through the top." 10/6 Don't sacrifice understanding for speed. 26/9/6 Don't spend time thinking about other mistakes. 26/7/8 During a time of heavy rain or snow, plants help to absorb the moisture. 30/4/7 During the process of drilling, gas and oil at great pressure may suddenly be met, and if this rushes out and catches fire, the oil well may never be brought into operation at all. 36/4/5 Each of us was thinking the same thing. If that shell had hit us half a second sooner, it might have hit the pilot. 10/8/1 Each one was grooved to half the thickness of a pencil lead. 42/15/4 Each year, one in every five Americans leaves home and job to find new ones somewhere else. 39/9/2 Each year,an ant nest sends out winged,young queens on mating flights. 47/9/3 Earlier, after trashing another scientist's notion that the 19th century theory of thermodynamics could be applied to black-hole theory, he recanted and began applying it himself. 51/6/4 Earth scientists are beginning to live what they once considered an impossible dream. 20/1/1 Earthquake experts say that the Yellowstone quake of 1959 was about as bad as the one which hit San Francisco in 1906. 24/4/3 Earth's Last Frontier: The Sea 48/ Earthworms feel vibrations in the soil,fish can be trained to respond to certain tones,male mosquitoes are attracted by the sound of the female,and frogs will respond to a tape recording of their own voices. 15/6/2 Ecology, the study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment, is also important in petroleum geology. 40/6/3 Effective speakers adjust their voices to the larger audience and work at avoiding distracting physical mannerism and verbal habits. 21/3/7 Eighteen months later, he sheepishly admitted his mistake. 51/6/3 Einstein's Inspiring Heir 51/ Electrical energy usually has to be changed to another form before it actually does what we want it to do. 33/12/1/ Emperor Chin knew that the men he had defeated would want to overthrow him. 32/4/1 Energy technologies would not be divided by fuel type, such as fossil, nuclear, or solar, but grouped under assistant secretaries according to their evolution from research and development through application and commercialization. 29/3/3 Energy-the kind of magic we can't live without. 33/15 Engineer to pilot," his voice said, "we've been hit." 10/4 Engineers say that the Great Wall is one of the greatest works of man. 32/15/1 Engrossed as Hawking is with his work, the authors say, "ALS is simply not that important to him." 51/5/1 Enough land to "feed the machine"? 53/18/3 Ensuring the right to survival and development remains China's top priority. 60/9/7 Entomologist Albro T.Gaul once jotted down in his notebook that a particular species of ant in northern Massachusetts began its wedding flight at a certain day and time. 47/10/1 Ethical speakers use sound means to achieve sound goals. 21/6/2 Europe, the major source of immigration, began sending colonists to America in the early 17th century. 39/7/1 Even deeper lies the inner ear,the organ with which we "hear". 15/2/2 Even in cases where political constraints make it difficult to push far-reaching reforms, as in Brazil, Mexico or India, governments still manage their affairs sensibly, observing the Hippocratic oath not to do any harm. 50/5/6 Even many of the more backward parts of China have been growing at a pace that would be a marvel, were it not for the fact that other parts of the country are growing even more rapidly. 52/4/1 Even now, raising cattle is still one of the leading branches of economy. 22/4/1 Even though earthquakes happen every day, an occurrence like the Madison River landslide does not happen very often. 24/10/4 Even though this may have been confusing at times, it's easier than trading animals for things that you need. 27/4/4 Even with all this wealth, Chin lived in fear. 32/6/1 Even young children realize that an ocean filled with garbage is not good for sea life. 30/6/2 Every 200 yards or so, towers 35 to 40 feet high were built. 32/12/1 Every day one reads of a new study comparing nations in everything from Internet penetration to inflation. 50/6/4 Every man will certainly become strong and wise if he does do. 2/5/4 Every morning for three weeks, Mondays through Fridays, I burst from my house and ran toward the Emerson place. 41/8/1 Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single-handed. 3/2/1 Evidence shows that the jobless are in poorer health than the job-holders. An investigation shows that whenever the unemployment rate increaser by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly by 2%, 4/1/2 Excerpt from President Hu Jintao's Yale Speech 60/Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends. Excited by his find,Robey shopped other branch post offices for more sheets with inverted centers but found none. 8/4/1 Extrapolate that across all of Britain's farmland and you get enough bioethanol to account for 5 percent of all fuel used annually by British motorists-a target the government wants hit by 2010. 53/6/1 Eyeing Earth:From Cloud Top to Seabed 20/ Fake Listening: You pretend to be giving close attention . 57/13/1 Families of the workers sent messengers with food and clothes. 32/10/4

Fancy goldfish, too, are collected more now. 25/11/2 Female smokers are thought at to be less affected because they do not breathe in the smoke so deeply.) 19/3/3 Few of us want to be poor listeners or even realize that we are -until we meet up with situationa which show us . 57/3 Few people had , until recently .Now it is being proved that most of us aren't letting our ears do all they should to help us. 57/1/2 Few people who drop out of high school will be rich. 43/3/4 Fifty-seven years ago, the Chinese people succeeded in winning liberation after protracted and hard struggle and founded New China in which people became their own masters. 60/4/1 Fighter. Eleven o'clock low. Coming in fast." 10/11 Filters and low tar tobacco are claimed to make smoking to some extent safer, but they can only marginally reduce, not eliminate the hazards. 19/7/3 Finally these people were saved, many of them by helicopter. 24/3/3 Find the problem. 26/6/1 Finger-printing, lineups, then back to the cell. Next morning my door opened. 56/29/3 Fire insurance became more popular after the fire in London in 1666. 35/6/3 First I should like to gaze long upon the face of my dear teacher, Mrs. Anne Sullivan Macy, who came to me when I was a child and opened the outer world to me. 58/14/2 First Marconi sent the Morse code letter S a distance of 300 feet. 59/21/1 First of all, the pictures on American bills are in the shape of an oval; so if you see a one-dollar bill with the picture of George Washington in a circle, you can be certain that it's not a real bill. 27/8/4 First, Antarctica is bound to have mineral resources comparable to those of other great continents. 55/10/2 First, cooperation should be enhanced for mutual benefit in energy development and utilization. 1/5/1 First, it keeps you awake. (And I don't mean merely conscious; I mean wide awake.) 46/9/2 First, public speaking is more highly structured than conversation. 21/3/2 First,it makes it clear what is to be exchanged is not restricted to tangible products(goods) but can include concepts and services as well. 31/3/4 Fish collectors pay from 19 cents for a guppy to $100 or more for hard-to-breed fish. 25/6/1 Florida and California are famous for their citrus fruits and tropical avocados; the cool rainy northeastern states for apples, pears, berries and vegetables. 39/4/3 Fluency can be simply defined as "being able to communicate ideas without having to stop and think too much about what one is saying"; speaking accurately means "speaking without errors of grammar and vocabulary". 26/1/2 Focus on one problem at a time. 26/7/1 Following the end of the Apollo space program, the National Geographic Society published an excellent set of articles about the moon. 14/2/1 For 500 years northern barbarians had raided the farms of the Chinese. 32/6/3 For a lot of farms, it was barely economic to grow wheat any more," he says. "This is just what we need-a new market. Hopefully it can soak up all the surplus and raise prices." 53/4 For a twenty, you should look for the picture of Andrew Jackson, and on a fifty-dollar bill, you'll see a picture of Ulysses Grant. 27/11/4 For dessert you will be offered apple pie, cheese cake, chocolate layer cake, ice cream and ice cream sundaes. 18/4/6 For example, a dime may not have ten cents' worth of silver in it. 27/6/2 For example, have you ever awakened early to watch the sun rise? 30/2/2 For example, most children are familiar with rocks. 30/3/2 For example, rich Americans buy cars that are on average only slightly more expensive than those less wealthy Americans buy. 43/2/4 For example, the manufacture of products from the lower boiling portion of petroleum automatically produces a certain amount of higher boiling components. 44/3/2 For example, the porosity of sandstones tends to be facies related, whereas in carbonate rocks this is generally not so. 40/2/4 For example, the sulfonated and sulfomethlated materials and their derivatives have satisfactorily undergone tests as drilling mud thinners, and the results are comparable to those obtained with commercial mud thinners. 54/10/1 For example, the various reactions of petroleum heavy ends, in particular the asphaltenes, indicate that these materials may be regarded as chemical entities and are able to participate in numerous chemical or physical conversions to, perhaps, more useful materials. 54/9/5 For HK$10 hotel porters should do it at all but the nicest hotels where a new HK$20 bill may be more acceptable. For instance ,your teacher is giving you some background material on American history . 57/9/1 For instance, can you describe accurately the faces of five good friends? 58/18/1 For instance,a certain kind of tadpole can tell the depth of the water it is swimming in by the pitch of a tone which is produced by its own lungs. 15/7/4 For Malcolm Shepherd, managing director of a company created last year to make bioethanol from farm produce, this could make all the difference. 53/16/2 For man,too,seems to follow daily rhythms. 47/14/2 For more than 3,000 years, ships were powered by sails. 59/4/1 For most of humankind life was as the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes famously described it in 1651-"solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." 50/1/3 For most-those without the requisite luck, inheritance, special talents, or good ideas-becoming rich means getting an education. 43/3/3 For one thing,the graphite's hardness could not be changed. 42/11/5 For overseas markets,the process may call for a modified product. 31/5/3 For purpose here, promotion is a broad term that encompasses sales promotion as well as the other three promotional activities. 45/1/4 For some strange reason, about 75 percent of all pencil sold for general use are finished in yellow. 42/18/2 For that matter, history and music professors can expect to earn a lot less than their students who major in business. 43/6/4 For the full story, see the September, 1973, issue of National Geographic. 14/2/3 For there creatures to become oil, it was necessary that they should be imprisoned between layers of rock for an enormous length of time. 36/2/6 For they are its three largest consumers. 42/19/3 For those who have enough psychological imagination, it is a good plan to imagine an argument with a person having different bias. 37/5/1

For those who work with their brains, the practice of such skills is especially useful. 5/3/5 Ford and Saab have produced "flex fuel" cars that can run on either boiethanol or normal petrol, or any combination of the two. 53/14/1 Foremost also had to convince these resellers not to store other products in the freezers and not to unplug freezer units at night to save electricity. 45/4/4 Forty miles deep in the earth is the edge of the outer crust of the earth, and there it is so hot that instead of hard rock there is material much like the hot lava that a volcano erupts. 24/6/2 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. 17//5/1 Fourth,the definition acknowledges that place or distribution is just part of the marketing mix and that the distance between markets makes it neither more nor less important than other parts of the mix. 3/6/1 Frederick." 56/5 Friends who are near to me I know well, because through the months and years they reveal themselves to me in all their phases; but of casual friends I have only an incomplete impression, an impression gained from a handclasp, from spoken words which I take from their lips with my finger tips, or which they tap into the palm of my hand. 58/16 From caregiver to cared-for, from cared-for to caregiver, our relationship bad come full circle. 9/6/6 From Facts & Figures USA by USICA 39/10/4 From its starting point below sea level, it climbs west for nearly 1500 miles. 32/1/2 From our perspective, becoming rich is really a matter of choice. 43/9/1 From protection against enemies to social security to sonic booms,insurance has come a long way. 35/10 Oil 36/ From that time to the present, sails have been used only for pleasure and sporting boats. 59/7/3 From the above we can come to the conclusion that the more you work the happier and healthier you will be. 4/4/1 From the sound of that siren, the police car was right on our tail. 56/25/3 From them they obtained different shaped and colored fish. 25/8/2 From there the workers cut out two trenches, 25 feet apart. 32/9/2 Full ownership comes only when you have made it a part of yourself, and the best way to make yourself a part of it is by writing in it. 46/4/4 Fulton worked in France and England for a number of years, perfecting his ideas. 59/5/1 Gas stations at supermarkets in the region are preparing to install E85 pumps to supply the new fleet. 53/14/3 Gas that comes off the oil later is condensed into paraffin. 36/6/5 Gasoline, kerosene, fuel oils, Lubricating oils, waxes, asphalts, and the like are excluded from the definition of petrochemicals, since they are not, in the true sense, chemical compounds but are in fact intimate mixtures of hydrocarbons. 54/6/2 Gathering momentum as a fellow at Cambridge, Hawking calculated that the Big Bang, which gave birth to the universe, must have created tiny black holes, each about the size of a proton but with the mass of a mountain. 51/4/1 Gee, Dad," he said excitedly, "did we see the craziest thing on the way home! 41/27/1 Geography of USA 39/ Geologists, in contrast to some nongeologists, believe that knowledge of the concepts of geology can help to find petroleum and, furthermore, often think that petroleum geology and petroleum exploration are synonyms, which they are not. 40/7/1 Geologists, scientists who study rocks, indicate the likely places to the oil drillers. 36/3/1 Geology itself is firmly based on chemistry, physics, and biology, involving the application of essentially abstract concepts to observed data. 40/1/2 Geology, in general, and petroleum geology, in particular, still rely on value judgements based on experience and an assessment of validity among the data presented. 40/1/4 George II controlled the graphite by declaring it a crime to ship it out of the country. 42/10/3 German researchers later perfected the method. 42/14/3 Gifts are given to doctors, and doctors' wives are taken on shopping tours. 45/5/4 Give yourself time!" 41/6/2 Goldsack's roughly 250 acres could yield enough wheat to produce a million miles' of car fuel. 53/5/2 Good conversations, if not friendship, have been sacrificed to this habit. 57/13/5 Gradually, however, research is isolating all other possible factors and proving them to be statistically irrelevant. 19/4/4 Gratuity is customary in this money-mad metropolis. 38/4/1 Great mountains help subdue the winds; a spur of the Gulf Stream and part of the Japan Current temper the frigid airs of this polar region. 55/7/2 Great sums of money have been spent, for example in the deserts of Egypt, in 'prospecting' for oil. 36/5/6 Greater emphasis will be put on addressing issues affecting people's livelihood, overcoming imbalances in development and resolving key problems that have occurred in the course of development. 60/6/4 Greenhouse gases, for example, are global problems. 522/10/1 Grigsby's friends thought Lincoln had no right to interfere and told him so. 34/11/1 Grinding low grades of graphite to remove impurities,pencil makers elsewhere found difficulties. 42/12/1 Growth arguments will be advanced to counter strong social and environmental policies: Higher gasoline taxes, for example, will kill our nascent auto industry. 52/13/3 Guglielmo Marconi was born in Bologna, Italy, the year the telephone was invented. 59/19/1 Had Lincoln lived today, he would be a football coach's dream, a great tackle, a speed end, a genius at quarterback. 34/2/1 Half-An-Ear Listening: Often other sounds compete for your attention-and win, Your father gives you a list of errands. 57/18/1 Halfway home, I remembered that Cuddles was usually chained to his doghouse, so I slowed down. 41/25/1 Halfway through reciting the entrees, I glanced up and saw Morn looking at me, a wistful smile on her lips. 9/6/4 Hamburgers and hot dogs are perhaps the best known American foods. 18/4/1 Hard Work Is Good for Health 4/

Have you ever gone out after a rainfall and delighted in the scent of the fresh air? 30/2/4 Have you ever held a seashell to your ear and heard the roar of the ocean? 30/2/6 Have you ever seen a counterfeit coin? 27/12/1 Have you ever shared the above experience with your children? 30/2/8 Have you ever stopped smoking? Do you respect plant life? 30/8/2 Have you ever stopped to observe a setting sun, a star-filled sky, or an October moon? 30/2/3 Have you ever stopped to think how your life would change if the world ran out of oil? 16/1/1 Have you ever taken time to listen to the song of the birds, the trees' rustling in the wind or the music of the crickets? 30/2/5 Have you ever tasted fresh berries, melon or spring water? 30/2/7 Have you ever thought of listening as something you could do right or wrong ? 57/1/1 Having a fine library doesn't prove that its owner has a mind enriched by books; it proves nothing more than that he, his father, or his wife, was rich enough to buy them. 46/5/3 Hawking can also be wrong. 51/6/1 Hawking's choice of career was most fortunate, for himself as well as for science. 51/2/1 He "invented" the telegraph while he was still a college student at Yale, but it was thirty-four more years until the first telegraph system began operating between Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington D.C. . 59/13/2 He also expressed hope that Congress would quickly authorize the Department of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Research and Development Administration. 28/3/3 He also had the hardest schedule of business activities of any man I know. 46/11/3 He and his mother had just got back from his lesson. 41/26/2 He becomes more appreciative of the meaning of life and its permanent spiritual values. 58/4/2 He came from a poor family, but he had a good mind and he studied all of the great inventions of the day. 59/19/2 He can communicate only through a voice synthesizer, which he operates by laboriously tapping out words on the computer attached to his motorized chair. 51/1/3 He cannot dress or feed himself, and he needs round-the-clock nursing care. 51/1/2 He certainly does not dwell on his handicap. 51/5/2 He changed the tracks from wood to steel and made the locomotive much larger. 59/9/3 He circled around me, barking, and refused to leave. 41/21/3 He did not do so because he thought he knew. 37/2/4 He didn't answer, and I made a note of where the door handle was. 56/12/1 He does not need to grow his own food. 27/5/4 He does not stand for anyone person like some of the other cards. 11/12/4 He drove on without saying anything for a while, a slight frown on his face as if he were thinking. 56/6 He experimented for years in his own laboratory, and while he was still a young man, he invented wireless telegraphy. 59/20/2 He expressed his surprise that she had not joined them. 13/3/5 He fought for control of the car. 56/21/4 He found her sitting in an oriel window reading Plato's beautiful account of the death of Socrates. 13/3/3 He found that he could no longer support himself by growing his own food. 35/5/2 He glanced at me as he pulled back on the road. 56/3/4 He glanced in the rear mirror and gave the Buick the gas. 56/20/2 He got up, pushed his friends aside and grabbed Lincoln's hand. 34/6/4 He had a two or three days' growth of beard. 56/3/1 He had little competition in the running high jump. 34/12/3 He had some help from a mine owner, and by July 25, 1814, he was ready. 59/9/4 He had taken the car. 56/31/3 He hadn't said anything for a while. Suddenly he glanced my way. 56/10/5 He has used that tool with consummate skill. 51/3/1 He hit sixty coming out of the business district with that siren coming closer behind us. 56/20/5 He instantly identified it as a coelacanth, a species believed extinct for 60 million years. 48/14/5 He invariably read with a pencil, and sometimes, when he picked up a book and pencil in the evening, he found himself, instead of making intelligent notes, drawing what he called "caviar factories" on the margins. 46/11/4 He is a very skilled man. 36/4/2 He is almost totally paralyzed, speechless and wheelchair-bound, able to move only his facial muscles and two fingers on his left hand. 51/1/1 He is sometimes used as an extra card. 11/12/2 He knew he was too tired to read, and was just wasting time. 46/11/6 He later learned that another entomologist in New Jersey,260 miles away,observed a wedding flight by the same species of ant,on the same day,and at exactly the same time! 47/10/2 He later wrote a rhyme about another Grigsby son, William, noted for his ugly face and bald head. 34/9/4 He like the idea and decided that he could build a better one. 59/9/2 He looked at other sheets and found that none was well centered. 8/2/4 He makes a series of points. You try to memorize them, But while you are busy planting facts A, B, and C in your mind, repeating them over and over, you are losing out on facts D and E. Better to look for main ideas, You will find them more useful and easier to recall latter. 57/15/3

He mentioned Clinton another time or two as we drove along. 56/8/2 He must have run the whole two miles from the mental hospital." 41/17/2 He reached for the new sheets and handed one to Robey. 8/3/2 He retreated a few steps to the grocery building, braced himself against the wall and told them to come and get him if they dared. 34/6/2 he said. "Energy issues should not be politicized, still less should countries willfully resort to force in tackling energy issues." 1/11/2 He sent a message across the England Channel to France two years later, and in the same year he sent the first message from a ship to the shore. 59/21/4 He shows you how to turn on the lights and adjust the air-conditioner. 381/3 He sometimes becomes more powerful than any other card. 11/12/3 He started to read a line from the play Hamlet. "To be or not to be; that is the question." Instead, Bell spilled some acid on his coat. 59/18/5 He turned down the first offer of $500 from a Washington stamp shop owner and took the sheet to New York. 8/5/2 He urged the international community to strengthen policy coordination and improve mechanisms for monitoring the international energy market and responding to energy emergencies. 1/7/1 He was afraid it would burn his skin, so he called over the telephone, "Mr. Watson, come here; I want you!" it would not be the last time that someone made an emergency phone call! 59/18/6 He was driving a nice car. I expected him to look better. 56/3/3 He was going somewhere at a pretty good clip. 56/10/3 He was one of the most powerful kings in Europe after Julius Caesar of Rome. 11/5/6 He was particularly interested in the idea of a wireless telegraph. 59/19/3 Marconi studied books by many inventors, including Heinrich Hertz, who discovered what we now call radio waves, and Michael Faraday, the inventor of the dynamo for producing electrical energy. 59/20/1 He was responsible for our first system of communication based on electricity. 59/15/2 He was stripped to the waist, revealing a huge chest overlaid with hard muscle. 34/1/3 He went on to demonstrate that the entire universe could have sprung from a singularity and, in his 1966 Ph.D. thesis, wryly noted that "there is a singularity in our past." 51/3/4 He won foot races in the village streets. 34/12/2 He would be a one-man track team. As a baseball player, he would be a home-run hitter. 34/2/2 He would try to awake their dormant and sluggish faculties. 58/11/3 Heat Energy 33/2/5 Helping children to gain such an appreciation and understanding can be an exciting adventure which is available to all that are willing to explore and use their senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and heating. Her father and mother were hunting in the park, the hounds were in full cry and their voices came in through the open window. 13/3/4 Her hair was curled, and she was smiling. 9/5/2 Here is a firmly fixed point, in contrast to the drifting floes that cover the North Pole; from it all directions are north, and during the six months of darkness the stars circle around a point directly overhead. Here is a lasting record of one man's desire for power-and the work of unknown millions. 32/16/6 Here it's completely uneconomic," he says. "Oil prices would have to be astronomically high to make it worthwhile." 53/19/2 Here soldiers with bows and arrows were left to defend the Wall. 32/12/2 Here they chained heavy logs and dragged them into place to make a mold for the Wall. 32/11/2 Here, again, the rational man will admit that the question is one to which there is no demonstrably right answer. Here, in shorter form, are some questions and answers from one of these articles. 14/2/2 He's got fields of the stuff down on his farm, but as a cash crop there was one big problem: it didn't generate much cash. Rock bottom prices saw to that. 53/1/2 Hey, mister," said one, "my little brother can run faster than this, and he's only six." 41/11 Hi! I am Don (Debbie). What can I get you folks?" 18/6/5 Hints to Improve Spoken English 26/ His 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, has sold 1.7 million copies around the world. 51/1/5 His arms were like the limbs of a tree. 34/1/4 His children and relatives might move away to another city,and there might be no way of earning enough money. 35/5/3 His face dark with anger, Lincoln grasped Armstrong by the throat, lifted him clear of the ground, shock him as thought he were a rag and threw him so hard that he lay stunned. 34/5/7 His muscles were long and smooth, like those of a panther. 34/1/6 His sister, Sarah, married into the Grigsby family. 34/9/2 His succinct, synthesized voice comments are often laced with humor, he enjoys socializing with his students and colleagues, attends rock concerts and Sometimes takes to the dance floor at discos, wheeling his chair in circles. His tall opponent was 22-year-old Abraham Lincoln. 34/1/8 His turning south toward Chickasha, right after I'd said that was the way I wanted to go, struck me as more than a little odd. 56/13/5 History and music professors can expect to earn less than accounting professors. 43/6/3 History from King David to Queen Elizabeth is all on the front of playing cards. 11/13/2 History has glamorized the gold rushes to California and Alaska, and the silver finds in Nevada. 39/5/2 Hong Kong 38/4 Hot dogs sausages between bread rolls-can be bought in snack bars and from hot dog stands on street corners. 18/4/2 Hotel porters should be rewarded with 20 pesos per bag. 38/7/3 Hotel staff is the one exception to the no-tipping rule. 38/9/5 Hotel staff won't be overly offended if you don't tip. Gratuity is not expected in taxicabs. 38/10/4 How Americans Eat and Drink 18/




How Americans View Love 6/ How Animals Hear 15/ How can we be sure that we can develop both? The following tips could help. 26/5/3 How far is that from Clinton?" 56/7 How I Lost Four Ounces in Three Weeks 41/ How joyful and relaxing it is to have a game of table tennis after a day of study at school! 5/1/2 How long did it take to build the Wall? 32/14/1 How much easier, how much more satisfying it is for you who can see to grasp quickly the essential qualities of another person by watching the subtleties of expression, the quiver of a muscle, the flutter of a hand. 58/17/1 How old is insurance? 35/3/1 How to Avoid Foolish Opinions 37/ How to Learn with Success 2/ How was it possible, I asked myself, to walk for an hour through the woods and see nothing worthy of note? 58/9/1 How was your date?" my wife asked when I got home that evening. 9/7/1 However, as is the case with the latest trends in changing crude oil types, it must also evolve to meet changing technological needs. 54/3/2 However, even more importantly, you can help them by example to learn to respect their environment. 30/7/2 However, I was exhausted when I reached home, and I flung myself down on the front steps to recover. 41/25/2 However, if you're eating at a downscale restaurant a tip is not necessary. 38/3/4 However, in all probability, educated Americans Will be richer at retirement simply because they will be able to save more along the way and because they are likely to be smarter and can achieve a higher rate of return on their savings. 43/4/5 However, nicotine consumption is not diminished by the latter forms, and current research indicates a causal relationship between all forms of smoking and cancer of the mouth and throat. 19/7/2 However, that rule is changing as American-style eateries introduce Western ways. 38/10/3 However, the ancient Greeks and Romans used coins of a definite value like our dime or quarter. 27/3/1 However, the majority of crude oils, and this applies to the heavier, more viscous petroleums, which are processed by distillation, are usually separated into the lighter fractions (gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, and gas oil) and the bottom or, as it is more generally called, the reduced crude. 44/7/2 However, the rate of return on a college education has been rising as well, making the investment a good deal. 43/5/6 However, there are amphibious penguins and seals and a rich marine life, ranging from the minute organisms called plankton to the biggest creature the world has ever known, the blue whale. 55/5/4 However, they will not discover the beauty and uses of rocks unless you help them. 30/3/4 However, you can try to help your children realize that rain is vital to life. 30/5/2 However,energy comes in many forms. 33/2/2 However,most flights take place within a definite period of time. 47/10/4 Hu also explained China's energy strategy that can be summarized as follows: Give high priority to conservation, rely mainly on domestic supply, develop diverse energy resources, protect the environment, step up international cooperation of mutual benefit and ensure the stable supply of economical and clean energies. 1/12/1 Hu pledged that China, as a major energy consumer and producer, 1/13/1 Humans were no longer searching for ways simply to fit into a natural or divine order; they were seeking to change it. 50/2/3 Hundreds of them may fly out of a single nest in the soil. 47/9/4 Hunters know that birds are attracted by artificial calls,and fishermen emphasize that you should be as quiet(原文quite) as possible if you don't want to go home empty handed. 15/5/2 I am arguing that books, too, must be absorbed in your bloodstream to do you any good. 46/4/8 I am delighted to have cool waters of a brook rush through my open fingers. 58/9/8 I am not sure that the king had very much the best of it. Imagination is sometimes more vivid than reality. 13/2/2 I believe in an all-wise and all-loving God,named by whatever name,and that the individual's highest fulfillment,greatest happiness,and widest usefulness are to be found in living in harmony with his will. 7/13 I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living. 7/8 I believe in the sacredness of a promise, that a man's word should be as good as his bond, that character-not wealth or power or position-is of supreme worth. 7/11 I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 7/5 I believe myself that hedgehogs eat black beetles, because I have been told that they do; but if I were writing a book on the habits of hedgehogs, I should not commit myself until I had seen one enjoying this unappetizing diet. I believe that ~e rendering of useful service is the common duty of mankind and that only in the purifying fire of sacrifice is the dross of selfishness consumed and the greatness of the human soul set free. 7/12 I believe that every fight implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty. 7/6 I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world;that it alone can overcome hate;that right can and will triumph over might. 7/14 I believe that the law was made for man and not man for the law; that government is the servant of the people and not their master. 7/7 I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living and that economy is a prime requisite of a sound financial structure, whether in government, business, or personal affairs. 7/9 I believe that troth and justice are fundamental to an enduring social order. 7/10 I can detect laughter, sorrow, and many other obvious emotions. 58/15/3 I can make black pop and sell it in bottles," he continues, "but can I take on Coca-Cola? 53/12/1 I can only "see" through my finger tips the outline of a face. 58/15/2 I can't get enough of these stories. They are important to me, a part of my history. We also talk about the future. 9/8/6 I contend, quite bluntly, that marking up a book is not an act of mutilation but love. 46/2 I could have lost more than that by letting Cuddles chew on me for a few seconds! 41/28/4

I didn't hear any more shots. I guessed he'd decided against running. 56/28/2 I didn't know, I told him. It was quite a ways, since Clinton is west of Oklahoma City and Frederick is about 150 miles southwest. 56/8/1 I do not know what it is to see into the heart of a friend through that "window of the soul", the eye. 58/15/1 I ducked down as low as I could, knowing one of those slugs could connect at any minute. 56/25/6 I even had my foot on the porch step when Cuddles burst from his doghouse like a fire engine answering an alarm. 41/24/5 I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf. 58/9/3 I feel the delightful, velvety texture of a flower, and discover its remarkable convolutions; and something of the miracle of Nature is revealed to me. 58/9/6 I felt a hand dig into my shoulder and then I was jerked from the car. 56/28/3 I figured the cops were after him for speeding, and I thought he was stupid to try to outrun them. 56/21/6 I found myself staring at that beard again. 56/11/2 I found this very profitable in diminishing the intensity of insular prejudice. 37/4/3 I grabbed the dashboard to brace myself and I watched the speedometer climb. 56/20/4 I guess he sensed that, because he started to talk. 56/14/1 I guess I'd better go practice my trumpet, huh, Dad!" He did not stay for an answer. 41/27/4 I guess most of the crew forgot about that jet that had us in its sights. But I have never forgotten it. 10/24/2 I guess that was the first thing I saw. 56/3/2 I guess you'll have to stay in Chickasha tonight." 56/18/3 I had a white handkerchief in my pocket, and I jerked it out and started waving it out the window on my side. 56/25/8 I had forgotten that the neighborhood children would not be in school that day. 41/9/3 I had gone through my first minutes of combat. 10/1/2 I had heard once that collies love children. 41/22/4 I had just turned the corner when something the size of a watermelon shot out at me. 41/20/2 I had lost four ounces. 41/28/3 I have friends in high positions and friends in the rank and file. Some are rich and in power. Some are relatively poor and without power. Some are like myself, 3/4/2 I have often thought it would be a blessing if each human being were stricken blind and deaf for a few days at some time during his early adult life. 58/7/1 I have so much living to do," she told me once. "I need to be there while my grandchildren grow up. I don't want to miss any of it." 9/8/8 I have sometimes been led actually to change my mind as a result of this kind of imaginary dialogue, and, short of this, I have frequently found myself growing less dogmatic and cocksure through realizing the possible reasonableness of a hypothetical opponent. 37/5/3 I heard the siren again, closer. 56/23/1 I hope this will help you again a better understanding of China. 60/2/3 I hoped he would stop now. 56/21/5 I jogged in glory across the lawn. 41/24/2 I knew now he wasn't running from any speeding ticket. 56/25/2 I know how she met my father there, and how they nurtured a trolley-car courtship through those difficult times. 9/8/5 I know my friends from the feel of their faces. 58/15/4 I know their personalities, of course, through other means, through the thoughts they express to me, through whatever of their actions are revealed to me. 58/15/6 I learned that the Buick driver, one Kenneth Paul "Lucky" Aycock, a former convict, had been released from the Oklahoma county jail in Oklahoma City only a week before on $5,000 bond on a narcotics charge. 56/31/1 I limped on for another hundred yards. 41/5/2 I made some answer or other and let it go, but the stopped after that. 56/17/4 I made the big push on Saturday. 41/9/1 I might have been incredulous had I not been accustomed to such responses, for long ago I became convinced that the seeing see little. 58/8/3 I moved closer to the door on my side. 56/13/6 I must forget to go downtown after school for Mother, If only my bike was fixed! 57/9/3 I often complain about how quickly time flies. Spending time with my morn has taught me the importance of slowing down. 9/9/2 I particularly want to pay tribute, not only to those who prepared the magnificent dinner, but also to those who have provided the splendid music. Never have I heard American music played better in a foreign land. 12/1/2 Mr. Prime Minister, 1 wish to thank you for your very gracious and eloquent remarks. 12/2/1 I pass my hands lovingly about the smooth skin of a silver birch, or the rough shaggy bark of a pine. 58/9/4 I pointed to my shorts and trotted on. 41/22/5 I preach to you, then, my countrymen, that our country calls not for the life of ease, but for the life of strenuous endeavor. 23/3/1 I realize that the world I am describing is the world of the winners. 50/7/1 I sat right where I was, weak, half-sick with relief that he'd wrecked the car before we'd stopped some of those bullets. 56/28/1 I saw the sharp, hairpin turn, and I knew he was going too fast to make it. 56/25/10 I see him!" the left waist gunner said." It's a jet-one of those new Me 262's!" 10/14 I set out into the dark, sure that I would finally reach the Emersons'. 41/20/1 I should like to see in her eyes that strength of character which has enabled her to stand firm in the face of difficulties, and that compassion for all humanity which she has revealed to me so often. 58/14/6 I should want not merely to see the outline of her face, so that I could cherish it in my memory, but to study that face and find in it the living evidence of the sympathetic tenderness and patience with which she accomplished the difficult

task of my education. 58/14/5 I should want to see the people whose kindness and gentleness and companionship have made my life worth living. 58/14/1 I shouted and sent him back to the Barts' front lawn, but I could feel a rising fear. 40/20/5 I speak,of course,of free men who have a choice,not condemned criminals whose sphere of activities is strictly delimited. 58/1/3 I staggered off the road into a clump of underbrush and dropped like a sack of bricks. 41/14/2 I stood in the cold rain near Oklahoma City, trying to thumb a ride home for the weekend. 56/1/1 I stood up and walked home. 41/7/1 I suppose that would depend upon what you mean. 35/3/4 I tell her about my trials at work and brag about the kids and Peggy. Morn fills me in on family gossip and tells me about her past. 9/8/3 I tend to fill my calendar to the brim as I struggle to fit family, career and friendships into my life. 9/9/1 I thought it would be nice to spend some time with you," I said. 9/3/4 I told my lady friends 1 was going out with my son, and they were all impressed," she said as she got into my car. 9/5/3 I typed it into the computer. 17/4/1 I used to be the menu reader when you were little," she said. I understood what she was saying. 9/6/5 I want to persuade you to "write between the lines." Unless you do, you are not likely to do the most efficient kind of reading. 46/1/3 I want to persuade you to do something equally important in the course of your reading. 46/1/2 I wanted to make time on the trip home. I made plans to stop at the next town. 56/10/2 I wanted to see how much lighter I was after three weeks' work. 41/28/2 I wanted to see what the program would say about one of my favorite pieces of writing. 17/3/3 I was beginning to think maybe he had a screw loose, but he sounded all right now, and I began to relax. 56/14/2 I was nervous, but I led the parade onward. 41/22/1 I was no more than halfway up the block when I sensed that I had an audience. 41/10/1 I was still resting there ten minutes later when I heard children's voices. 41/15 I waved. Most likely, they were admiring my brisk pace. 41/10/3 I went a bit further every time. 41/8/2 I whirled around, and he jerked a gun from his coat, driving with one land. 56/23/3 I who cannot see find hundreds of things to interest me through mere touch. 58/9/2 I will never forget my old friends, and I'll keep making new friends. 3/5/1 I will not be cold and indifferent to my poor friends, and I will shoe concern for them, even if it is only a comforting word. 3/5/2 I wish to preach not the doctrine of ignoble ease but the doctrine of the strenuous life; the life of toil and effort; of labor and strife; to preach that highest form of success which comes not to the man who desires mere easy peace but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, of from bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph. 23/1/2 I wouldn't mark up a painting or a statue. Its soul, so to speak, is inseparable from its body. 46/7/3 I, naturally, should want most to see the things which have become dear to me through my years of darkness. 58/13/1 I'd have the right clothes, so I wouldn't look silly. 41/3/3 I'd just finished a four year hitch in the Navy, and now I was studying hard. 56/17/2 If a coin feels greasy, that's one of the first signs that it's not real. 27/12/2 If all the continents and mountains were bulldozed flat, the earth would be covered by water more than 12,000 feet deep. 48/2/3 If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do. 37/3/3 If any one would make me the greatest king that ever lived, with palaces and gardens and fine dinners, and wines and coaches, and beautiful clothes, and hundreds of servants, on condition that I should not read books, I would not be a king; I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books than a king who did not love reading." 13/4/3 If asked to define it,however,we'd probably respond with something like "Well,it's-uh-well,you know-electricity." 33/1/2 If children discover the beauty of nature while they are young, they will respect nature and try to preserve it when they are older. 30/1/1 If China saves less-and if, as officials have announced, it pursues a more diversified policy of investing its reserves-who will finance the US trade deficit of more than US$2 billion a day? 52/8/2 If each of them learns to go all out for his team and not for himself on the sports field, he will later find it natural to work for the good of society and for the good of his country. 5/4/4 If he was interested in going to Clinton, he was certainly taking an odd way. 56/8/4 If I can get so much pleasure from mere touch, how much beauty must be revealed by sight. 58/10/2 If I were the president of a university I should establish a compulsory course in "How to Use Your Eyes". 58/11/1 If Iran cut 200,000 to 300,3000 barrels a day, oil markets would react not only to the fall in supply but also to fears of what Tehran might do next. 49/7/2 If it's fluency, try to focus on it. 26/7/6 If Lincoln Had Used a Computer 17/ If not, waiters will appreciate you tacking on the 10% yourself. 38/3/3 If one of their new jets hits you, just start shooting and hope that you hit him. You won't get a chance to aim. 10/16/1 If our two peoples are enemies, the future of This world we share together is dark indeed. 12/3/2 If progress in using atomic power to drive machines is fast enough, it is possible that oil-driven engines may give place to the new kind of engine. 36/8/4 If reading is to accomplish anything more than passing time, it must be active. 46/10/1 if someone asks you out on any kind of date, and you don't want to go, you may politely say, "No, thanks." 6/3/4

If someone maintains that two and two are five, or that Iceland is on the equator, you feel pity rather than anger, unless you know so little of arithmetic or geography that his opinion shakes your own contrary conviction. 37/3/4 If successful-and, so far, China has almost always surpassed even its own high expectations-these adjustments may impose enormous strains on a global economic system that is already unbalanced by the US' huge fiscal and trade deficits. 52/8/1 If Tehran believes that a U.S. or Israeli air strike against one of its nuclear facilities is likely, it might well stage military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf to remind the world that it can obstruct the flow of 20 percent of the planet's oil supply at the strategically vital Strait of Hormuz. 49/10/2 If that were true, he asked provocatively, "What place, then, for a creator?" 51/8/5 If the Bush administration decides it cannot use the UN process to compel Iran to back down, it will probably look for other levers of political and economic coercion, including attempts to recruit a "coalition of the willing" that is prepared to temporarily cut energy and other commercial ties with Tehran. 49/14/1 If the hive were flown to New York between feedings,which time would the bees follow-Paris' or New York's? 47/2/5 If the latter cannot be sold as, say, heavy fuel oil, they accumulate until refinery storage facilities are full. If the matter is one that can be settled by observation, make the observation yourself. 37/2/1 If the people and the newspaper seem mad, perverse, and wicked, remind yourself that you seem so to them. 37/4/5 If the petroleum geologists' view of oil generation and migration are not accepted, then present exploration methods would need extensive modification. 40/7/3 If the rise of science marks the first great trend in this story, the second is its diffusion. 50/3/1 If the same decision-making pattern is prevalent outside the United States, sales promotion should prove to be just as indispensable. 45/6/5 If the service is good, add another 10% to the bill, up to HK$100 in an especially nice restaurant. 38/4/3 If the service is superb, tack on an extra 1,000 or so. 38/5/4 If the two sides can't agree on who would be punishing whom by playing the oil card, the likelihood of diplomatic resolution may be even more remote than is commonly accepted. 49/3 If there is reason to believe that a bill is not real, there are other signs to us, though. 27/9/2 If they (oil companies) fail to fulfill the quota, they will have to pay penalties," he notes. "The obligation will open up forecourts (gas stations) to the biofuel industry." 53/17 If they are disappointed at one place, the drillers go to another. 36/5/5 if they could not even hear their own voices. 15/5/4 If they mean to you what they mean to me, they may perhaps be helpful also to our sons for their guidance and inspiration. 7/3 If they were,he would not be able to make a living as an actor. 35/8/6 If this soaks up that surplus then it could add eight or nine pounds to the price of wheat," enthuses Goldsack, estimating that this would be worth about J 10,000 ($17,445) a year to his investment-starved farm. 53/7 If twins had been born to the family insured,the company would have had to pay a certain amount of money to the parents. 35/8/2 If we don't use the insurance,the companies keep the money. 35/1/5 If we recognize and try to conquer them, we can step up our listing ability by about twenty-five percent and thereby greatly increase our chances for success in our daily lives. 57/6/2 If we scrape a fender or injure ourselves at work,We know that there is some sort of payment that we can get through insurance. 35/1/3 If we stand idly by, if we seek merely swollen, slothful ease, and ignoble peace, if we shrink from the hard contests where men must win at hazard of their lives and at the risk of all they hold dear, then the bolder and stronger peoples will pass us by and will win for themselves the domination of the world. 23/3/3 If we study day after day, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. 2/4/3 If we wrote down the names of all the things people have invented since the beginning of the world, we would have a very long list. 59/1/1 If with the oncoming darkness of the third night you knew that the sun would never rise for you again, how would you spend those three precious intervening days? 58/12/2 If you are a man, you can point out that most poets and men of science are male; if you are a woman, you can resort that so are most criminals. 37/6/4 If you are at a hotel restaurant, expect a 10% service charge. 38/6/2 If you are at a Korean barbecue joint, there's no need to add anything extra. 38/8/2 If you are at a top-end hotel, international standards apply, so expect to pay 500-1,000 won per bag. 38/8/4 If you are comfortably cool in a tropical climate,your air conditioning unit may also depend on oil-fed generators. 16/1/7 If you cannot travel, seek out people with whom you disagree, and read a newspaper belonging to a party that is not yours. 37/4/4 If you decide that I am right about the usefulness of marking books, you will have to buy them. 46/3/3 If you go to an English comer or an English club, try to change the types of activities you take part in so that you practice both fluency and accuracy. 26/8/2 If you had asked an economist 20 years ago how to think about these two countries, he would have explained that they were classic basket-case, Third World economies, with triple-digit inflation, soaring debt burdens, a weak private sector and snail's-pace growth. 50/5/3 If you have a problem with the third person singular, try to concentrate on when you make such errors. 26/7/7 If you have ever seen a snail shell,you know how a cochlea looks. 15/8/3 If you have plants and allow your children to help you water them, this will help them to start recognizing the importance of water to life. 30/5/4 If you know these, maybe you know the pictures on a ten, twenty or even a fifty dollar bill. 27/1/3 If you let the words enter your mind, you may be surprised to discover that they make sense. 57/14/3 If you make a mistake in these, speaking fast will only make it worse. 26/9/5 If you show your children by your actions that you respect the environment in which you live, this will start them on this path. 30/7/4 If you watch Americans on Valentine's Day, you can believe it. 6/1/2 If your respect for magnificent binding or typography gets in the way, buy yourself a cheap edition and pay your respects to the author. 46/8/6 If you're not near an airport used by jets,you may not need to worry about sonic booms,but some people do suffer damage in this way. 35/9/4 If you're not sure of a ten-dollar bill, check the picture of Alexander Hamilton. 27/11/3 If you're not sure, someone could give you a "phony" bill with the wrong picture and you'd never know the

If you're staying at one of Bangkok's many five-star establishments, expect to tip the porter 20 to 50 baht, depending on how many bags you have. 38/3/5 If, like most of mankind, you have passionate convictions on many such matters, there are ways in which you can make yourself aware of your own bias. 37/3/2 If, when you've finished reading a book, the pages are filled with your notes, you know you read actively. 46/11/1 If,for instance,the steam engine or turbine is connected to a generator,the mechanical energy can become electrical energy,which can become heat energy(for the electric stove),mechanical energy(for the washer),etc. 33/7/2 I'lI go out with you again," my mother said as I dropped her off, "But only if you let me buy dinner next time." I agreed. 9/6/10 I'll never be sure. I don't know what held the fire of our own gunners. But the sky changed from a rain of hate to a blue sky of hope. 10/26 I'm familiar with computer programs that correct spelling through the use of built-in dictionaries. 17/2/1 I'm not fat," I told my neighbor, "but I would like to lose a little-about ten pounds." 41/1 I'm studying bookkeeping," I told him. 56/15 Imagine a chart that begins when man first appeared on the planet and tracks the economic growth of societies from then forward. 50/1/1 Imagine receiving a cow as change for something you have just bought! 27/4/5 In 1827, Harrison Grey Dyer used a form of the telegraph on long Island, New York, but he gave up the idea. 59/14/2 In 1853 the world's first public aquarium-The Regent's Park Fish House- was opened. So far, home aquarium contained only goldfish or other local plant life. 25/9/1 In 1897, he sent a signal a distance of nine miles in England. 59/21/3 In 1905, when he was only thirty-one years old, he sent a signal from England to the United States-a distance of 3,000 miles. 59/22/5 In 1951, the British Challenger expedition sounded6 33,640 feet at one place in the trench. 48/10/2 In 1957 the Soviet ship Vitiaz sounded 300 feet deeper at another place nearby, and later the Russian vessel found a spot 225 feet deeper than that. 48/10/3 In 1982 a successful oil finder from Midland, Texas, admitted to not using geologists because when his competitors hired them, all it did was to increase their costs per barrel of oil found. 40/8/2 In 1985, for example, he brashly proclaimed that when and if the universe stopped expanding and began to contract, time would reverse and everything that had ever happened would be rerun in reverse. 51/6/2 In 246 B.C., Chin, at the age of 13, became king of one of the many states in China. 32/3/1 In a charming letter to a little girl, he says, "Thank you for your very pretty letter, I am always glad to make my little girl happy, and nothing pleases me so much as to see that she likes books, for when she is as old as I am, she will find that they are better than all the tarts and cakes, toys and plays, and sights in the world. 13/4/2 In a history that spans more than five millennia, the Chinese nation has contributed significantly to the progress of human civilization. 60/3/1 In a personal sense, I think of my eldest daughter whose birthday is today. 12/5/3 In a pleasing symmetry, the amount of wheat required would be around 3 million tons, roughly equal to the excess produced each year that is unwanted by the domestic market. 53/6/2 In a sense, they were prisoners. 32/4/3 In a steam engine,the chemical energy of fuel is changed to heat energy;the heated water,now steam,forces the pistons to move. 33/6/1 In a steam turbine,the steam pushes against blades. 33/6/2 In a televised address the energy emergency on November 7, 1973, President Nixon launched Project Independence to achieve energy self-sufficiency by 1980. 28/5/1 In addition, a complete refining installation must include the following: all necessary non-processing facilities; adequate tankage for storing crude oil, intermediate, and finished products; a dependable source of electrical power, material-handling equipment; workshops and supplies for maintaining a continuous 24 h/day, 7 day/week operation; waste disposal and water-treating equipment; and product-blending facilities. 44/4 In addition, a total shutdown would harm many of Iran's friends, though it would also increase oil income for those who are net exporters of oil (such as Russia and other OPEC members). 49/6/2 In addition, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's authority to regulate oil pipelines came from the Interstate Commerce Commission. 29/5/4 In addition, these compounds may also find use as emulsifiers for the in situ recovery of heavy oils. 54/10/2 In all this barrenness and cold, what is there of value? 55/10/1 In American money,that would be nearly half a million dollars. 35/7/6 In an industrial process called electrolysis,it changes to chemical energy. 33/12/3 In any case, people usually tip 15% of the check. 18/6/7 In between the rows of logs they dumped the soil. 32/11/3 In both cases,mechanical energy results. 33/6/3 In china in 1920 an earthquake took 200,000 lives. 24/4/7 In contrast, in the northern hemisphere, the lands lying above the sixtieth parallel of latitude include much of Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska, all of Greenland and Iceland, with a total population of several million. 55/7/1 In conversation, almost without thinking about it, you employ a wide range of skills. 21/2/3 In effect,it excludes industrial marketing,which involves a transaction between two organizations. 31/2/3 In fact it is surprising just how big a part our two listening ears play in our success in school, in our careers. in our relations with family and friends. 57/1/4 In fact, a refinery is essentially a group of manufacturing plants that vary in number with the variety of products produced; refinery processes must be selected and products manufactured to give a balanced operation: that is, crude oil must be converted into products according to the rate of sale of each. 44/3/1 In fact, speaking fluently involves not only speed. 26/9/3 In fact, unsaturated hydrocarbons, which are not usually present in virgin petroleum, are nearly always manufactured as intermediates during the various refining sequences. 54/8/4 In fact,the industry now supplies 370 different types and styles in more than 70 different colors and in 18 degrees of hardness. 42/4/2 In general, the more Westernized the place is, the more likely you'll be expected to leave a gratuity. 38/3/1 In its broadest application geophysics makes a major contribution to understanding the earth's crust and, especially through the application of modern plate tectonic theory, the genesis and petroleum potential of sedimentary basins. 40/4/2 In Japan, if you leave a couple of coins on the table, the waiter may chase after you to return your forgotten change. 38/2/2 In learning, the work of a diligent fool doubles that of a lazy wit. 2/2/4 In modern society, people attach more importance to relations and connections. 3/2/3

In most cases it is certainly good value for money. 18/4/5 In most cities, large and small, you can eat Mexican or Italian food. 18/6/1 In New York, on the other hand, if you leave less than 15%, your reservation might not hold up next time. 38/2/3 In one part of the upper reaches of the Madison River, a whole mountain began shifting, then came crashing down to fill the deep valley and dam the great river with millions of tons rock and trees. 24/2/2 In one way or another, all of our lives are affected by their inventions. 59/3/2 In one way they give us an even more vivid idea than the actual reality, just as reflections are often more beautiful than real nature. 13/5/2 In Order to get Thai middlemen to carry Foremost's dairy products, the company used leasing and conditional sales contracts to provide small retail outlets' and restaurants with freezers for $1 if contract terms were met. 45/4/3 In other ways, of course, the moon is very different. 14/5/1 In particular in the 160 years and more since the Opium War in 1840, the Chinese people have fought courageously and unyieldingly to rid themselves of poverty and backwardness and to realize national rejuvenation, thus profoundly changing the destiny of the Chinese nation. 60/3/3 In San Francisco 700 person lost their lives. 24/4/5 In seconds the jet's cannon would fire. In seconds it would all be over. 10/19/1 In seconds..Then I noticed that it had not yet fired a single shot. 10/20/1 In several ways,it carefully describes the essential characteristics of international marketing. 31/3/3 In simplest terms,this is the energy of a moving object. 33/11/1 In some cases oil comes out of the ground without any drilling at all and has been used for hundreds of years. 36/3/2 In some cases,following this approach may result in foreign needs being satisfied in a new way (i.e.,a brand new product is created specifically for overseas markets). 3/5/4 In some places gas and oil come up to the surface of the sea from its bed. 36/2/8 In speaking to you, men of the greatest city of the West,men of the State which gave to the country Lincoln and Grant, men who preeminently and distinctly embody all that is most American in the American character, 23/1/1 In spite of all we have learned from space flights, the moon is still a riddle from the distant past-and will be for a long time to come. 14/9/1 In spite of it all, I might have kept on running, but that evening I climbed onto the scales. 41/28/1 In spring I touch the branches of trees hopefully in search of a bud, the first sign of awakening Nature after her winter's sleep. 58/9/5 In stories the doomed hero is usually saved at the last minute by some stroke of fortune, but almost always his sense of values is changed. 58/4/1 In such circumstances,of course,the tropical parts of the world would have a head start in the race to find new energy sources. 16/5/10 In table tennis, the eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass this information on to the brain. 5/3/3 In terms of volume, most of the natural gas produced is used for fuel, although a substantial amount is used as raw material for the synthesis of various types of chemicals. 54/1/5 In that case the demand for oil will fall, the oilfields will gradually disappear, and the deposits at the North Pole may rest where they are for ever. 36/8/5 In that spirit, I ask all of you present to join me in raising your glasses to Chairman Mao, to Prime Minister Chou, and to the friendship of the Chinese and American people which can lead to friendship and peace for all people in the world. 12/9 In the early days people made payments by the weight of their silver or gold. 27/2/2 In the early stages of exploration certain general conclusions as to the distribution and quality of potential reservoir could be made from their gross lithology. 40/2/3 In the early stages of refinery development, when illuminating and lubricating oils were the main products, distillation was the major and often only refinery process. 44/5/1 In the fall of the year the short days and long nights cause the "clocks" in migratory birds to undergo a kind of "winding" in preparation for their spring return and breeding. 47/12/3 In the heart of the continent it is almost as high as the summits of the Alps, yet soundings show that in places that rock floor is below sea level. 55/8/2 In the human and all other mammals,the macula has developed into an organ which can easily be seen. 15/8/1 In the immediate future, the president predicted, the United States might face energy shortages and increased prices. 28/1/3 In the internal-combustion engine of a car,an electric spark explodes gasses in the cylinder;the heat energy moves the pistons,becoming mechanical energy to move the car. 33/5 In the island of Trinidad the oil is in the form of asphalt, a substance used for making roads. 36/3/3 In the kitchen and the bathroom you will probably see some plastic fittings such as tiles and working surfaces;polystyrene cups;curtains made from synthetic materials;disinfectants and detergents. 16/2/1 In the line-up, he'd admitted robbing Dick Colbert at a used car lot in Oklahoma City. 56/31/2 In the next 15 years, we will strive to make new progress in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way that will benefit China's one billion and more population. 60/5/4 In the northern part, like the Indians who lived there before them, the hunters trap such fur-beating animals as squirrels, beavers and foxes. 22/4/5 In the past these data were basically observation and subjective, but they are now increasingly physical and chemical, and therefore more objective. 40/1/3 In the regard, efforts should be made in the following three priority areas, Hu said. 1/4/1 In the second place, reading, if it is active, is thinking, and thinking tends to express itself in words, spoken or written. 46/9/3 In the spirit of frankness which I hope will characterize our talks this week, let us recognize at the outset these points: We have at times in the past been enemies. 12/4/1 In the toaster,it changes to heat;in a tiny wrist watch or a subway train or a 75,000 horse-power industrial motor,it changes to mechanical energy. 33/12/2 In the world of international marketing,governments,quasi-government agencies,and profit-seeking and nonprofit entities are frequently buyers. 31/2/4 In their lessons at school, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as selflessness, courage, discipline and love of one's country, but what is learned in books cannot have the same deep effect on a child's character as what is learned through experience. 5/4/2 In this way,both groups got what they needed-protection from enemies. 35/3/6 In Washington,D.C.,W.T.Robey,a man interested in stamps,decided to buy a sheet of the new stamps and so went to the New York Avenue branch post office in Washington. 8/2/2 In winter, it is much colder and in the north, the temperature can drop to 20 degrees below zero. 22/6/2 Indeed, atmospheric distillation may be terminated with a lower boiling fraction ("cut") if it is thought that vacuum or steam distillation will yield a better quality product or if the process appears to be economically more favorable. 44/8/2 Individual research and development projects in solar, geothermal, fossil, and nuclear energy were placed under the assistant secretary for energy technology. 29/3/6

Inside was a letter signed by King Kalakaua giving Austin the right to fish in the royal park for the rest of his life. 25/4/4 Instead of going on to next town, though, he turned south on the first road we came to leading to Chickasha. 56/13/1 Instead of heading to the bakery, Goldsack's harvest will now go to a nearby plant for conversion into bioethanol-part of accelerating British efforts to introduce cleaner car fuel. 53/3 Instead you plan what you are going to answer, Anyone who refuses too often to listen to the other side of side if a question risks becoming narrow-minded-an exasperating and unattractive trait in the other fellow. 57/12/4 Insurance" is the term that we understand today. 35/2/1 Interference is anything that impedes the communication of a message, and the situation is the time and place in which speech communication occurs. 21/5/5 International cooperation should be promoted in R&D of key technologies in renewable energies, hydrogen power, nuclear power and other energy resources, and energy-saving technology should also be promoted, He said. 1/9/1 International nonprofit marketing,which has received only scant attention,should not be overlooked. 31/4/2 Inventions and Inventors 59/ Investigations of the weather's origins and patterns are being pressed. 55/13/1 Iran and the U.S. have agreed to face-to-face talks on the situation in Iraq. 49/15/1 Iran hopes its threats to withhold some or all of those exports will persuade the international community to back off. 49/2/2 Iran is the fourth-largest oil exporter in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Norway. 49/4/2 Iran is unlikely to use its oil weapon first. 49/9/1 Iran's threat to pull oil off the market is not an empty one, Iran's leaders-who want to visibly assert their defiance of the West, need domestic support for the regime, and divide international opinion-have only the country's energy exports with which to influence the outcome of the diplomatic conflict. 49/5/2 Iran's willingness to talk has more to do with efforts to convince a domestic audience that it has become the go-to power on regional issues and to show that U.S. attempts to stabilize Iraq aren't going well. 49/16/2 Is either side bluffing? 49/5/1 Is it any more becoming to you ? No thanks, you say, and decide to hear the other fellow out. 57/12/5 Is it false respect, you may ask, to preserve intact and unblemished a beautifully printed book, an elegantly bound edition? 46/7/1 Is the moon hot or cold? 14/6/4 Is the moon like the earth? 14/3/6 Is the room warmer than the cold air outside? 16/1/6 It also involves stress, pronunciation and intonation. 26/9/4 It also means they don't want to date anyone else. 6/4/6 It also works well with existing products that are highly competitive and standardized, especially when they are of low unit-value and have high turnover. 45/7/2 It began barking and wouldn't stop. 41/20/3 It came as a horrid shock to her to learn on the way to Sunday school' one morning that she was to have read certain chapters in the Bible and be prepared with a little talk on them that day. 57/5/1 It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a confidant, a partner, a playmate, an intimate colleague, etc. 3/1/2 It can be used with industrial selling too. 45/5/2 It can create amazing devices and techniques, save lives, improve living standards and spread information. 50/8/4 It can depend on the manner in which one has studied English in the past. 26/3/1 It can produce hate and seek destruction. Knowledge does not by itself bring any answer to the ancient Greek question "What is a Good Life?" 50/9/4 It carried more than £600,000 of insurance between 1793&1815. 35/7/3 It closely resembles the AMA's widely and easily understood definition. 31/3/2 It creates the possibility for change and improvement everywhere. 50/8/3 It didn't make too much sense to me. 56/8/3 It does not produce good sense, courage, generosity and tolerance. 50/9/5 It estimates that as many as 10 others will be required nationwide to satisfy British demand alone. 53/18/2 It genuinely wishes to enter into extensive cooperation with other countries. 60/12/9 It had thirty cars and 300 passengers, and it traveled 15 miles per hour. 59/10/5 It had thousands of rooms and separate apartments for the emperor's wives, some of the most beautiful women in the empire. 32/5/2 It has a built-in alarm clock that goes off exactly every 24 hours. 47/1/2 It has often been noted that those who live, or have lived, in the shadow of death bring a mellow sweetness to everything they do. 58/4/3 It has the lowest rank of the suits. 11/4/7 It has the same chemical elements as have the earth and the rest of the solar system but in very different amounts-more of some, less of others. 14/6/2 It has yet to give an exact figure, but industry insiders predict it will be around 3 percent. 53/15/3 It is a balancing act that must constantly respond to economic changes. 52/15/3 It is a society of democracy and rule of law, fairness and justice, integrity, fraternity, vitality, stability, order and harmony between man and nature. 60/11/5 It is a society where is unity between the material and the spirit, democracy and rule of law, fairness and efficiency, and vitality and order. 60/11/6 It is actually not worth very much, but it's the idea behind it that counts to him. 27/6/7 It is also rooted in the cultural heritages of the Chinese nation. 60/7/2 It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. 17/6/4 It is because work keeps people busy, away from loneliness and solitude. 4/2/2 It is considered dull work to catalogue fish. 48/14/2 It is easy to understand why earthquake are so feared. 24/4/8

It is easy to understand why man is so frightened by an earthquake. 24/9/1 It is estimated that 51% of American men smoke compared with 34% of American women. 19/1/3 It is for us, the living, rather [This word usually adds little and should be omitted.] to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which ["That" is almost always preferred in this situation, lf you really mean "which," then it usually needs to be preceded by a comma, See "Help" key for more information.] they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. 17/7/4 It is human, perhaps, to appreciate little that which we have and to long for that which we have not, but it is a great pity that in the world of light and the gift of sight is used only as mere convenience rather that as a means of adding fullness to life. 58/10/5 It is inclusive and is eager to draw on the strength of other civilizations to pursue peace and development through cooperation and play its part in building a harmonious word of enduring peace and common prosperity. 60/12/10 It is known that Chin used millions of workers. 32/14/5 It is known to be related to Bearger's disease, a narrowing of the small veins in the hands and feet that can cause great pain and lead even to amputation of limbs. 19/6/2 It is likely that in excess of 90% of the literally thousands of different basic organic chemicals employed today are derived from these sources. 54/2/2 It is more difficult to deal with the self-esteem of man as man, because we cannot argue out the matter with some non-human mind. 37/6/8 It is more than two and a half times the size of Sichuan province, Texas, in the southern part of the country, is second in size. 39/2/2 It is not too soon to help your children to appreciate, understand, and respect the environment in which they live. 30/9/2 It is one of the engineering wonders of the world. 32/1/4 It is one of the main timber producing provinces in Canada. 22/4/7 It is rather [This word usually adds little and should be omitted.] for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us: that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion; that we here highly revolve that these dead [Usually "these" should be followed by a plural noun.] shall not have died in vain; that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. [Problems detected: 13.] 17/7/5 It is the earth's 40 mile deep crust with which we are concerned when we seek the cause of earthquake. 24/6/3 It is the same old story of not being grateful for what we have until we lose it, of not being conscious of health until we are ill 58/6/6 It is the simplest,most convenient and least expensive of all writing instruments. 42/1/2 It is unlikely to find any. 49/16/1 It kept out the wild horsemen of the north for more than 1400 years. 32/15/3 It knifed through the spring air toward our plane. 10/18/3 It made posters, bunting, flags, pennants, T-shirts, and sweatshirts available to pubs and discos for promotional parties. 45/3/6 It made the round trip of 300 miles in 62 hours. 59/6/3 It makes the foolish wise, the poor rich, and the humble noble. 2/2/2 It may also have a core, as the earth does. However, the crust is almost four times thicker than the earth's crust. 14/4/3 It may be used to gain middlemen's support as well. 45/4/2 It means Hearts, Spades, Diamonds or Clubs. 11/1/5 It must be remembered, however, that ease of separation of a particular compound from petroleum does not guarantee its use as a petrochemical building block. 54/12/2 It never has been easier to get an education. 43/5/3 It produces a wonderful effect. 2/2/3 It pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and commits itself firmly to peaceful development. 60/12/5 It said, "Write better in 30days or your money back." 17/1/2 It seeks to accelerate its development by upholding word peace. 60/12/6 It seems certain that no human observers will ever get closer to the core of the earth than these men. 48/11/21 It sells more than 2.5 Million barrels a day and is believed to have about 10 percent of the world's proven reserves. 49/4/3 It stands for the expensive gems that you and I have seen in jewelry stores. 11/4/3 It swept in daring curves, climbed mountains, dropped into valleys, leaped rivers. 32/13/2 It takes a close look, but if you check the treasury seal, you'll see that the points on a counterfeit are not quite sharp enough. 27/9/3 It takes effort and time learn, But the results are sure to surprise and please you. 57/10/5 It then takes not one, but many shakes for the earth to heal the fault and settle. 24/7/4 It took another year to make it work perfectly, but by 1876 Bell was able to show the world his telephone. 59/17/2 It took some time to develop a central money-making business. 27/4/2 It usually imposes strict time limitations on the speaker, and it requires more detailed preparation than dose ordinary conversation. 21/3/3 It was a trick he did time and again. 34/8/2 It was about a yard from the engineer's feet. 10/3/3 It was across part of Yugoslavia. 10/10/3 It was an experiment to see if anyone could build a ship and operate it successfully as a business. 59/5/3 It was just noon on that 25th day of April 1945. 10/1/1 It was only the beginning. 59/10/2 It was something we had never heard of. Something they called a "jet." 10/16/3 It was the Barts' bulldog. 41/20/4 It was the only thing I knew to do try to show the cops shooting at us that I wasn't part of the deal. 56/32/3 It was the way I had to go to get home. 56/13/3

It was Watson's voice! 59/16/5 It was worked on in later years, mostly between 1380 and 1644. 32/16/2 It will take him years of the most painstaking instrument building, campaigns at sea, and every conceivable cross-check to establish the doubt. 48/16/2 It would allow movie studios, for example, to transmit a digital motion picture directly to theaters, where it could be shown in real time. 20/8/4 It would be a long, fiat line until the late 16th or early 17th century, when it would start trending upward. Before then the fruits of productive labor were limited to a few elites-princes, merchants and priests. 50/1/2 It would streak down to smash in the mountains below. 10/19/3 It's the old story: you can't judge a gift by the package . Better to judge him after you have heard him out. 57/17/4 It's all about the arithmetic," he says. "Energy comes from the sun. It's just a question of whether there's enough sunlight and enough land to capture it to produce sufficient volumes of energy." 53/20/2 It's basically outlawed at Changi Airport and officials encourage tourists not to add to the 10% service charge that many high-end hotels tack on to the bill. 38/9/2 it's closing in now..fast..fast..never saw anything so fast." 10/13/2 Its culture will be further enriched, the society will become more harmonious and the people will lead a better life. 60/5/8 It's difficult for young children to gain an appreciation of rain because rain to young children means that they can't go out to play. 30/5/1 It's difficult to divine what constitutes an appropriate tip in any country. 38/2/1 It's every traveler's nightmare. 38/1/1 Its forbidding climate and wild seas prevented the migration and development of land animals such as the Arctic regions know. 55/5/2 Its future growth will have to be based more on domestic demand than on exports, which will require increases in consumption. Indeed, China has a rare problem: excessive saving. 52/7/2 Its import and export volume went up from $20.6 billion to $1.4221 trillion and its foreign exchange reserve soared from $167 million to $818.9 billion. During this period, the number of its poor rural population dropped from 250 million to 23 million. 60/4/4 It's just the thing for those who are always looking for a scrap of paper. 42/7/3 It's like the half dollar in your pocket. 27/6/8 It's much simpler to carry a purse or a wallet than to exchange one thing for another. 27/4/6 It's not the money itself, but what it stands for, that gives it its value. 27/6/5 Its prime feature is an observatory in Parkfield, Calif, which has placed instruments nearly two miles deep into the Earth right up against the San Andreas fault to record every creep,rattle, and grind. 20/6/2 Its shape came from a French design with three leaves. 11/4/6 Its south borders on the U.S. state of Montana while its north borders on the Northwest Territories. 22/1/3 Its TV commercials on the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day were spots filmed in California with American actors. 45/3/4 It's what it will buy that counts, not its actual weight. 27/6/9 I've never detected one stylistic problem, much less 13. Shows how little I know. 17/8/2 I've taken some kidding about that, but it's fine with me. 56/32/2 I've Thumbed My Last Ride 56/ Jakarta 38/5 Joe Sisson, Chickasha police chief, and Officer Harold Kuku had heard the statewide alarm for the Buick and were waiting for it. 56/31/5 Judging by the ever-increasing demand for them,it appears that the lead pencil is here to stay. 42/19/1 Julius Caesar, by the way, is the King of Diamonds. 11/5/7 Just after "bombs away," a sharp blow rocked our plane. 10/3/1 Just as it did with electricity generation, the government has said it will order energy groups such as BP to ensure that a certain proportion of their products are made from renewable resources. 53/15/2 Just the two of us." "I'd like that a lot." She replied. 9/3/5 Just think how much time you save now by paying for things with a coin or bill. 27/2/3 Knowledge can produce equally powerful ways to destroy life, intentionally and unintentionally. 50/9/3 Knowledge of the chemistry of pore fluids and their effect on the stability of minerals can be used to predict where porosity may be destroyed by cementation, preserved in its original form, or enhanced by solution of minerals by formation waters. 40/2/6 Kuala Lumpur 38/6 Laid out by French architect Pierre L'Enfant in the late 18th century, it was the world's first city especially planned as a center of government. 39/10/2 Last of all the lubricating oils of various grades are produced. 36/6/6 Last summer,at the crest of my mountain,I watched an ant city prepare to send forth its young qeens. 47/9/5 Later, they start going on single dates--just one boy and one girl. Sometimes a boy and a girl will go to a movie. 6/2/3 Later, you find that half an ear wasn't enough, You didn't listen to your father's words closely enough to hear and remember them, You have to telephone home for a repeat performance, And you can't really blame your father for being irritated. 57/18/3 Learn the difference between fluency and speed. 26/9/1 Legislation creating the Department of Energy passed the Senate on May 18 and the House on June 3, 1977. 29/1/1 Let me state them: 7/4 Let us therefore boldly face the life of strife, resolute to do our duty well and manfully; resolute to uphold righteousness by deed and by word; resolute to be both honest and brave, to serve high ideals, yet to use practical methods. 23/3/4 Let us work hard and study well and live a happy and healthy life. 4/4/2 Librarians (or your friends) who lend you books expect you to keep them clean, and you should. 46/3/2 Life insurance is not really betting although it can be compared to it. 35/1/1

Like a snake, it winds across China. 32/1/1 Like Bangkok, many taxis are now metered, so you can just round up to the nearest ringgit. 38/6/6 Like Indonesia, tipping in Malaysia is confined to the pricier Westernized joints, which often add a 10% service charge to your meal or hotel room. 38/6/1 Like Japan and China, Taiwan is not a tipping society-even though much of the currency seems to come in coin form. 38/10/1 Like many students over the years, you too can develop confidence in your speechmaking abilities. 21/4/5 Like the earth, the moon is in layers, with a crust on the outside and a deep mantle below. 14/4/2 Likewise,services or intangible products are just as relevant to the definition,because airline flights,financial services,advertising services,management consulting,marketing research,and so on all play a very significant role in improving the trade balance of the United States. 31/3/7 Lincoln got his step-brother, John Johnston, as his proxy. 34/10/1 Lincoln pulled Grigsby off, raised him shoulder high and threw him aside as though he were a sack of meal. 34/10/3 Lincoln tried to lift his opponent off the ground and slam him hard on his back. 34/5/1 Lincoln's feats of strength became the talk of the nearby town of Gentryville. 34/7/1 Listeners react negatively to speeches loaded with slang, jargon, and bad grammar. 21/3/5 Listening Faults 57/ Lloyd's has become famous for some of the unusual things it has insured.For instance Lloyd has insured against the birth of twins. 35/8/1 London had to be rebuilt almost completely. 35/6/5

Long sentences can be difficult to read and understand. Consider revising so that no more than one complete thought is expressed in each sentence. Passive voice: "are created." Consider using active. Usually a paragraph should have more than one sentence.] 17/5/2
Look at the design of the Spade on a card. 11/3/1 Look inside the medicine cupboard for more petroleum products,medical paraffin and petroleum jelly. 16/2/3 Looking into the water and very excited, young Austin Strong saw shapes of double-tailed goldfish- a recent gift from the Emperor of Japan to His Oceanic Majesty, King Kalakaua. 25/1/2 Looking over the other waist gunner's shoulder, I saw the enemy jet. 10/18/1 Macaulay had wealth and fame, rank and power, and yet he tells us in his biography that he owed the happiest hours of his life to books. 13/4/1 Make it a regular practice. 26/10/5 Making money was the true test, since shipbuilders would not invest their money unless they knew that they could make a profit. 59/5/4 Male cigarette smokers have a higher death rate from heart disease than non-smoking males. 19/3/2 Man uses the energy from some kind of fuel for everything from flying to the moon to thinking about it. 33/13/4 Manila 38/7 Many American families pride themselves on their cooking, and have deep freezers, where they store food they grow in their gardens or buy in the supermarket. 18/7/1 Many analysts say a supply cut could combine with other market pressures to quickly drive prices up to $80 to $100 a barrel. 49/4/4 Many children, through the examples, can begin to become more aware of man's relationship to his environment. 30/7/1 Many fish can die or become contaminated from the trash that is thrown into the ocean. 30/6/3 Many high achievers who love their careers feel that they are happiest when they are working hard. 4/2/4 Many live in Hawaii, more than two-thirds of whose people boast on Asian or Polynesian heritage. 39/7/5 Many matters, however, are less easily brought to the test of experience. 37/3/1 Many of them have become popular pets. They are called tropicals. 25/9/3 Many of those who have had, as we say, all that this world can give, have yet told us they owed much of their purest happiness to books. 13/3/1 Many people have tried, but they haven't been very good at it. 27/8/2 Many People knew how to built steamships, but the only ones they could build were small and impractical. 59/4/5 Many restaurants, in particular the great chain restaurant company, Macdonald's, specialize in fast food", food which is served at the counter ready "to go", or "to take out". 18/5/2 Many were, of course, but many were mistaken. 14/3/1 Marconi continued to improve his system. 59/22/4 Marconi was very successful with his invention. 59/22/1 Marconi's invention was the beginning of a new age. 59/22/6 Market economies are not self-regulating, They cannot simply be left on autopilot, especially if one wants to ensure that their benefits are shared widely. 52/15/1 Married couples not only earn more than non-married people, they tend to economize on the costs of running their households, allowing them to save and invest at higher rate. 43/7/3 Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea." 48/5 Matthews notes that the US and Brazil are world leaders in biofuel usage because of the formidable acreage at their disposal. 53/19/1 Maybe he is right, Maybe you are , But you can give him better argument on your viewpoint if you hear what he says. 57/12/6 Maybe he meant he was turning in another direction now. "I'll make it on in" I told him. 56/19/2 Maybe I can get Joe to come over Saturday and help me…Your thoughts drift on. 57/9/4 Maybe love does make the world go around. 6/5/6 Maybe they will go to a party at a friend's house. Or they might go out to eat. 6/2/4 Meanwhile, discussions are good practice for fluency, especially if you don't stop each time a mistake is made, 26/8/4 Meanwhile, in North America, the EarthScope project is establishing a continent-wide network of GPS locators, seismographs, and other instruments to study what's happening below the crust. 20/5 Meanwhile, Nixon established the Special Energy Committee of senior White House advisors, including special assistants for domestic, foreign, and economic affairs, and the National Energy Office, headed by Charles J. DiBona, to identify

issues and coordinate energy analysis between the various offices and agencies. 28/1/6 Meanwhile, the cost of self-education has fallen with the multitude of sources of knowledge and information available on CD-ROMs and the Internet. 43/5/7 Memory Test Listening: Some people think that trying to memorize a series of facts is good listening. 57/15/1 Men who had never held a tool in their hands were sent to the stone pits. 32/8/3 Middlemen were also allowed to participate in the sales-promotion program. 45/7/5 Millions continue to regard them as a very fine sight. 25/13/2 Misawa Homes promoted its House 55 by sending samples to U.S. Homes and Germany's Okal. Pfizer, like other drug firms, attracts drug wholesalers by sponsoring trips and other events. 45/5/3 Modern petroleum exploration is unthinkable without the aid of magnetism, gravity, and seismic surveys in finding potential petroleum traps. 40/5/1 Mom and I go out for dinner a couple of times a month. 9/8/1 Money making is much more complicated now than it has ever been. 27/7/1 Money, Real and Counterfeit 27/ Monroe developed machinery to make wooden slats. 42/15/3 Monroe's first American-made lead pencils-about 30 of them-were sold to a Boston hardware dealer in July,1812. 42/16/1 Month after month, year after year, the Wall progressed. 32/13/1 More knowledge of it is important for all mankind. 55/3/3 More of the cells in our skin and muscles divide during the night hours than during the day. 47/14/4 More progress will be made in science and education. 60/5/7 More research disclosed that a crab from Cape Cod,Massachusetts,reached its darkest color four hours earlier than the one taken from a beach on a neighboring island. 47/8/3 More specially, physical concepts are required to understand folds, faults, and diapirs, and hence their roles in petroleum entrapment. 40/4/3 More than half of the Albertans came from Britain. 22/3/2 More the 20 million Americans own pet fish. 25/5/2 Moreover, American disc jockeys were brought in to program American music nights. 45/3/8 Moreover, the binding legal contracts at the foundation of marriages, which reflect their personal commitments to each other, give the couple an added economic incentive to invest in the joint assets of the union. 43/7/4 Morse found that source of power, and he also invented a system for using the telegraph, the Morse code. 59/15/1 Morse was born in Massachusetts shortly after the Revolutionary War. 59/13/1 Morse's system linked most major cities in the United States and Europe, and it is still used today. 59/15/3 Most earthquakes are of this weak kind. Sometimes a break in the earth's crust comes about, which starts such a landslide as the which occurred in Madison Canyon. 24/7/3 Most lung cancer begins at this point. 19/5/6 Most of the world's great books are available today, in reprint editions, for a modest sum. 46/3/4 Most of these programs had been established during the 1973-1974 oil embargo under the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act and extended by subsequent legislation. 29/6/3 Most of us, however, take life for granted. 58/5/1 Most people outside China do not fully appreciate the extent to which its leaders, by contrast, have engaged in extensive deliberations and broad consultations (even with foreigners) its they strive to solve the enormous problems they face. 52/14/4 Most people who retire are still able to receive money that they have paid into the system during their working days. 35/4/5 Most petroleum products, including kerosenes, fuel oils, lubricating oils, and waxes, are fractions of petroleum that have been treated to remove undesirable components. 44/1/2 Most plant life grows in some form of soil. 30/4/3 Most restaurants automatically add a 10% service charge to the bill, but the surcharge often ends up in the pocket of the owner. 38/4/2 Most scientists agree that some of the moon was hot for at least a time. 14/7/1 Most taxicabs are metered, and rounding up to the next five pesos is a good rule of thumb. 38/7/4 Most will drink, inject, or smoke up whatever incomes they earn; their suppliers undoubtedly will get rich at the expense of their customers-the addicts. 43/8/4 Most young children love to play in dirt. 30/4/1 Movies, TV shows and books in America all picture people falling in love. 6/5/2 Mr. Prime Minister and all of your distinguished guests this evening: 12/ Mr. Shepherd's company, Green Spirit, is building one of Britain's first major bioethanol factories-where crops are turned into fuel-in southern England. 53/18/1 Much like many other marketing aspects, sales-promotion methods may have to be modified. 45/9/1 Murderers and thieves were made to work-the Wall became the empire's jail. 32/8/4 My arms were yanked forward. Handcuffs were snapped around my wrists. 56/28/4 My hunch was right. 41/21/1 My job was to drop chaff. 10/2/1 My mother clutched my arm, half out of affection and half to help her negotiate the restaurant steps. 9/6/2 My mother thinks anything out of the ordinary signals bad news. 9/3/3 My throat felt like brass. 56/25/5 Napoleon Bonaparte had a finger in the development of the modern pencil industry. 42/13/1 Natural gas and petroleum are in fact our chief sources of hydrocarbons. 54/1/2 Natural gas is quite variable in composition, but the major constituent (>60%) is methane. 54/1/3 Neither of us seeks the territory of the other; neither of us seeks domination over the other: neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world. 12/7/2

Networks of satellites already on orbit or soon to be launched are beginning to provide detailed observations of the workings of the atmosphere, ocean, and continental crest over the entire planet. 20/7/1 Never before has the world seen such sustained growth; never before has there been so much poverty reduction. 52/1/2 Never one to accept second best,Napoleon hired Nicholas Conte to solve the problem. 42/13/3 Never think of learning another subject while studying one subject. 2/3/2 Nevertheless, distillation has remained a major refinery process and a process to which just about every crude that enters the refinery is subjected. 44/6/1 Nevertheless, the main objective in producing chemicals from petroleum is the formation of a variety of well-defined chemical compounds that are the basis of the petrochemical industry. 54/12/1 New knowledge about nature's living clocks has practical applications. 47/14/1 New research by Dr.Albert Wolfson of Northwestern University seems to indicate that the timing of return flight is extraordinarily complex. 47/12/2 Next it was the O'Briens poodle and then a strange sheep dog. 41/21/4 Nice...nicer than I thought it would be," I said. She smiled her told-you-so smile. 9/7/2 Nicer restaurants do sometimes levy a 10% service charge. 38/9/4 Ninety-five years ago, the Chinese people launched the Revolution of 1911 that overthrew the feudal autocracy which had ruled China for several thousand years and opened the door to China's progress. 60/3/4 Nixon also proposed creating the Energy Research and Development Administration to develop the government's energy research programs and to work with industry in developing and fostering new energy technologies. 28/2/6 Nixon especially encouraged congressional enactment of four bills to provide for the construction of the Alaskan pipeline and deepwater ports, deregulation of natural gas, and new standards for surface mining. 28/3/2 Nixon pledged increased funding for energy research and development. 28/6/1 Nixon's proposal for a department of energy and natural resources stalled in Congress. 28/2/1 No country can long endure if its foundations are not laid deep in the material prosperity which comes from hard unsparing effort in the fields of industrial activity; but neither was any nation ever yet truly great if it relied upon material prosperity alone. 23/2/3 No great musician confuses a symphony with the printed sheet of music. 46/8/3 No ice cream in the world is more delicious than American ice cream. 18/4/7 No longer regional, the energy shortages became nationwide threatened virtually every sector of the economy. 28/4/4 No more talk. It was over. But it left a shaky feeling. 10/7/1 No one can tell for sure. 32/14/2 No one truly believed that ships run by steam power would replace the beautiful and colorful sailing ships. 59/4/6 No one, however, seems to have realized the importance of this oil until it was found that paraffin-oil could be made from it; this led to the development of the wells and to the making of enormous profits. 36/1/3 No sense in you getting us both killed!" I yelled at him. 56/22 No wonder that many people decided to try fire insurance after that. 35/6/6 No," I said. "I'm not going in that direction. I've got to go south, through Chickasha." 56/11/3 Nonetheless,the definition does offer several advantages. 31/3/1 Nor could any finds be evaluated effectively without geophysical wireline well logs to measure the lithology, porosity, and petroleum content of a reservoir. 40/5/2 Not being a rich man,Robey decided to cash in on his good fortune. 8/5/1 Not being self-sustaining, its function is to supplement advertising, personal selling, and publicity. 45/3/2 Not ours," came the answer, forward. "Never saw anything like it. 10/13/1 Not too far in the future, science will crack the water atom for nuclear energy, and, before then, power will be coming from harnessing tides and thermal exchanges under water. 48/18/2 Nothing is more valuable in the universe than human beings." 60/9/3 Now a person works for a certain amount of money so that he can pay for food and clothing. 27/5/3 Now an ordinary piece of light fiction, like, say, Gone 14h'th the Wind, doesn't require the most active kind of reading. 46/10/3 Now and then I have tested my seeing friends to discover what they see. 58/8/1 Now I know what it was like for her to work in a factory during World War II. 9/8/4 Now insurance companies are near the top of the list of the biggest business in the United States. 35/5/5 Now it is an ideal space tracking station. 55/15/1 Now that you know some of the signs of a counterfeit bill, what about the pictures? 27/11/1 Now the Arab oil embargo, subsequent long gas lines, and complex but fragmented energy projects and regulations demanded bolder action by the President. 28/4/3 Now there are companies that will insure people for damage caused by a sonic boom. 35/9/1 Now we are engaged [Passive voice: "are engaged." Consider using active.See "Help" key for more information.] in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. 17/6/1 Now you see how some suits of playing cards have more value or power than others. 11/5/1 Occasionally, however, there are inventions which change the way we live. 59/2/1 Occasionally, if I am very fortunate, I place my hand gently in a small tree and feel the happy quiver of a bird in full song. 58/9/7 Of course not. I'd no more scribble all over a first edition of "Paradise Lost" than I'd give my baby a set of crayons and an original Rembrandt! 46/7/2 Of course, I'd stop a few times along the route to rest. 41/8/4 Of course, public speaking is also different from conversation. 21/3/1 Of course, the blade has been made much shorter on the card. 11/3/4 Of course, to stay in school is not enough and they will learn something worth the time and effort. 43/5/2 Of course, were Iran to completely cut off its oil supply, it would badly damage its own economy. 49/6/1 Of course,it didn't make money all the time.For example,around 1975 the company paid a claim of £190,000. 35/7/5 Of course,we don't get it for nothing;we make payments to the companies. 35/1/4

Of course,you and I don't need that kind of protection today. 35/3/7 Of the 100 stamps first bought by Mr.Robey,stamp collectors are now able to account for 90. 8/8/1 Of what is the moon made? 14/5/4 Often this now can be done in minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks. 20/2/2 Oh, yeah!" I barked. "When he's as old as .. "But there my air ran out. I stopped talking in order to save my breath. 41/12 Oil companies want to get the benefit of vertical integration in their system; therefore, unless there is the regulatory and fiscal framework to stimulate it, it won't happen of its own accord;" Mr. Matthews adds. 53/13/1 Oil,or electricity from oil-fed generators may be keeping you comfortably warm. 16/1/7 On all these counts, the scientists justify their voyages to Antarctica and the vast sums needed. 55/17/1 On April 18, 1973, six months before renewed conflict in the Middle East, President Nixon noted that the United States, with 6 percent of the world's population, consumed one-third of the world's energy. 28/1/2 On August 11, 1807, the first commercial steamship traveled up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany. 59/6/2 On behalf of all of your American guests, I wish to thank you for the incomparable hospitality for which the Chinese people are justly famous throughout the world. 12/1/1 On September 27, 1825, the first full passenger railroad went into operation. 59/10/4 On the continent itself are a few insects, some lichens and mosses, but nothing else that is land supported. 55/5/3 On the night of August 17, 1959, at about 20 minutes before midnight, the ground in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park began shaking violently. 24/1/1 On the other hand, any act that undermines China's ethnic harmony and national unity will meet their strong opposition and resistance. 60/11/9 On the other hand, I need to point out that, despite the success in its development, China remains the world's largest developing country, with per capita GDP ranking behind the 100th place . 60/5/1 On the other hand, inconstancy often results in failure. 2/4/2 On the other hand, there are those who really like to talk and are willing to try their language out even if they make mistakes. 26/4/1 On the other hand, they may be present in trace amounts and are synthesized during the refining operations. 54/8/3 On the surface, however, there is no sign of heat-no volcano, for example. 14/7/3 Once a nation of farmers, the United States has become increasingly urban since the turn of the last century. 39/8/1 Once in a while I'd say, "Nice fella!" to nobody in particular. 41/22/2 Once people found ways to harness energy-using steam engines-they were able to build machines that harnessed far more power than any human or horse could ever do. 50/2/4 One aspect of oceanography that has fallen into neglect is that of identifying fish: taxonomy. 48/14/1 One can lead a life rich in satisfaction and accomplishment without becoming rich financially, and nothing we have written here is meant to suggest otherwise. 43/9/4 One company has presented an idea in which metal strips inserted in pavements and roads operate fly wheels by means of a piston action using hydraulic fluid. 16/5/4 One family or tribe might feel that they would be helped if they helped to protect another family or tribe. One hundred of the stamps sold to the public became known as "inverts", for the plane was printed upside down. 8/1/3 One main branch of sea science, physical oceanography, holds enormous unanswered questions. 48/8/1 One man and his chip pan (deep-fat fryer used to make French fries) may be able to turn fat (from cereal grains) into petrol, but he's a long way from being able to take on BP," says Nick Matthews, principal fellow at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, a research body in central England. 53/11 One may be 12 feet long,while others are only 1/2 inch. 42/6/4 One mistake Chinese often make is omitting the "s" from the third person singular verb. 26/7/3 One of the great taxonomists is J.L.B. Smith of South Africa, the discoverer of the fabulous coelacanth. 48/14/3 One of the major concerns of students in any speech class is stage fright. 21/4/1 One of the most amazing of living things,the honeybee,has recently been shown to possess still another remarkable skill. 47/1/1 One of the most frequently told tales about Lincoln's strength is that he won a bet the could drink from a barrel held in his arms. 34/8/1 One of the most remarkable of nature's living clocks belongs to the fiddler crab,that familiar beach-dweller with the overgrown claw.Biologists have long known that the crab's shell is darkest during the day,grows pale in late afternoon,then begins to darken again at daybreak. 47/6/1 One of the pleasantest things about waiters and waitresses is that they refill your coffee cup several times for no extra charge! 18/6/8 One of the rules for being rich is to avoid frivolous temptations. 43/2/1 One point of concentration is where the air tube, or bronchus, divides. 19/5/5 One possible target: resource-poor Japan, which imports 16 percent of its crude from Iran. 49/9/4 One recent novelty is a pencil with paper in it. 42/7/1 One said there was no lava on the moon. 14/3/2 One said there would certainly be water on the moon. Many felt there was a chance that the astronauts could bring back to earth some strange infection. 14/3/4 One thing is certain: a substantial reduction in Iran's energy output would have a significant impact on global oil prices. 49/4/1 One was of medium height, sturdily built and strong as an ox. 34/1/2 One way is to put that extra thinking time to work-on the subject. 57/10/2 Only if these negative results are valid will he be able to formulate the question: how do they live, if not by photosynthesis? 48/16/3 Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize the manifold blessings that lie in sight. 58/6/2 Only the word multinational has been added to the definition adopted by the AMA. 31/1/2 Opportunity to do so abound. Of course, recognizing that you can choose to become rich does not mean that you should. 43/9/2 Or do you feel embarrassed by mistakes? 26/6/6 Or his subject couldn't interest you less. 57/11/2 Or you may speak too slowly as if you were searching for the right word and correct grammar. 26/7/4

Orcutt added that a strong commercial incentive exists to develop this system. 20/8/3 Orcutt noted that it will take high-volume high-speed communications to make the most of such sharing. 20/8/1 Organic chemistry is involved both in the analysis of oil and gas and in the study of the diagenesis of the plant and animal tissues in sediments and the way in which the resultant organic compound, kerogen, generates petroleum. 40/3 Other components are the homologous alkanes, ethane, propane, and higher hydrocarbons. 54/1/4 Other forms of radiant energy familiar to us are radio waves,infrared rays,ultra-violet rays,X rays,and gamma rays. 33/10 Other parameters, particularly the economics of the reaction sequences, including the costs of the reactant equipment, must also be taken into consideration. 54/12/3 Other parts, nearly covered by sand, rise only a few feet above the desert. 32/16/4 Other products, for example, gasolines, aromatic solvents, and even some asphalts, are totally or partly synthetic in that they have compositions that are impossible to achieve by direct separation of these materials from crude petroleum. 44/1/3 Other regulatory programs included emergency and contingency plans, controls over importing and exporting natural gas, supervision of utilities and industry converting from oil and gas to coal, establishment of priorities for natural gas curtailment, and coordination of regional power systems. 29/6/4 Other scientists eventually conceded that he was correct, and the black-hole emissions are now known as Hawking radiation. 51/4/3 Other uses of the hydroxyl derivatives and / or the chloroasphaltenes include high-temperature packings or heat transfer media. 54/10/4 Others came from Austria, Russia and the Scandinavian countries. 22/3/3 Others packed it down. 32/11/5 Others were able to climb to safety, some of them badly hurt, but were trapped by the slide. 24/3/2 Others, like Germany, benefited from starting late , leapfrogging the long-drawn-out process that Britain went through. 50/3/5 Otherwise you may find some day that you must attempt to grasp an over-your-head idea and be totally unable even to try. 57/14/5 Our bomber would fold. 10/19/2 Our Family Creed 7/ Our friends give us warnings against danger. 3/3/2 Our friends offer us advice with regard to how do deal with various situations. 3/3/3 Our most important source of radiant energy is ,of course,the sun. 33/9/2 Our nose turret turned wildly to follow it. 10/17/2 Out of desperation you shove a few banknotes into his hand, hoping that you're neither given too much or too little. 38/1/5 Over the first 300 miles the workers did not find a level stretch for weeks at a time. 32/10/1 Over the last 30 years we have watched countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea and now China grow at a pace that is three times that of Britain or the United States at the peak of the Industrial Revolution. 50/4/2 Over-My-Head Listening: You are convinced that the subject is beyond you, so you depart, at least spirit. 57/14/1 Overseas trips by such figures can generate a great deal of publicity at home and abroad. 31/4/9 Owing to its rich deposit in oil, petroleum industry has become one of the most important industries of the province, with many oil fields and refineries. 22/4/8 Parents play an essential role in helping their children make this discovery. 30/1/2 Part of the key to China's long-run success has been its almost unique combination of pragmatism and vision. 52/2/1 Part of your mind must be concerned with your note-taking. 57/16/2 Particularly does this observation apply to those who have lost sight and hearing in adult life. 58/6/3 Particularly galling to her was his concept, enunciated first before the Pope at a scientific meeting at the Vatican, that the universe might be completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, no beginning or end. 51/8/4 Parts of it are in good condition. 32/16/3 People all over the world search for happiness in a loving relationship. 6/5/5 People have always sought knowledge, of course, but in Western Europe at that time, men like Galileo, Newton and Descartes began to search systematically for ways to understand and control their environment. 50/2/1 People in Gentryville saw him move a chicken house alone and they swore it weighed 600 pounds. 34/7/3 People in those cities work in meat-packing plants, flour mills, dairies and refineries. 22/5/5 People must have a reasonable income in order to save amounts that will make for wealth, which requires several auxiliary rules for achieving an income level that will allow for a minimum saving level. 43/3/2 People save partly because of weaknesses in government social-insurance programs; strengthening social security (pensions) and public health and education will simultaneously reduce social inequalities, increase citizens' sense of well-being, and promote current consumption. 52/7/3 People used to think that when there was an earthquake, the ground opened, swallowed great numbers of people, and then closed, leaving no trace of those who perished. 24/9/2 People who prefer to eat at a table in the restaurant also receive their food in cardboard or plastic containers, and the knives, forks and spoons are plastic, too. 18/5/6 People who tend to focus on accuracy may find that they worry too much about making mistakes. 26/3/2 People, who unknowingly eat fish contaminated by pollutants in the water, can become seriously ill. 30/6/4 Pepsi Cola is a well known rival and has its devotees, for it is not as sweet as Coke. 18/2/2 Perhaps because of this,the idea of social security and insurance developed. 35/5/4 Perhaps the jewels in the crown were the scientific laboratories at Argonne, Berkeley, Brookhaven, Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and the new Solar Energy Research Institute established in Golden, Colorado. 29/8/5 Perhaps the most interesting part of the real bill is the border. 27/10/1 Perhaps the most surprising thing about the lead pencil is that it is not lead at all. 42/2/1 Perhaps unconsciously you decide that a person who dresses or speaks like that can't have much to say. 57/17/2 Perhaps your children can have their own plants or gardens. 30/4/5 Persecution is used in theology, not in arithmetic, because in arithmetic there is knowledge, but in theology there is only opinion. 37/3/6 Personality Listening: You become so concerned with the way the speaker looks or how he talks that what he says fails to penetrate. 57/17/1

Petrochemicals are generally chemical compounds derived from petroleum either by direct manufacture or by indirect manufacture as by-products from the variety of processes that are used during the refining of petroleum. 54/6/1 Petrol has a low boiling point; if a little is poured into the hand, it soon vaporizes. 36/6/4 Petroleum Geology and Other Sciences 40/ Petroleum geology is the application of geology (the study of rocks) to the exploration for and production of oil and gas. 40/1/1 Petroleum refining is the separation of petroleum into fractions and the subsequent treating of these fractions to make them into petroleum products. 44/1/1 Philips offered a set of dominoes as a premium for electricity purchase in Brazil, where the game is national pastime and electrical products are treated as commodities. 45/9/3 Pioneering experiments at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's research center in Beltsville,Maryland,have shown that plants can be helped to develop faster in less time. 47/13/2 Place,product,promotion,and Price-the 4 Ps of marketing-must be integrated and coordinated in order to bring about the most effective marketing mix. 31/6/2 Placing the fish in the bowl, he presented it to the boy and took them home. 25/4/2 Playing the Oil Card 49/ Precious and priceless are the blessings which the books scatter around our daily paths. 13/6/1 President Carter signed the bill into law (Public Law 95-91) on August 4, 1977. 29/1/3 President Hu Urges Efforts to Ensure Global Energy Security 1/ printed in 1918,this 24-cent stamp with a blue plane inside a rose border became the center of much attention. 8/1/2 Probably there is no more useful article in the world.As one wise person remarked:"Everything begins with a pencil. 42/3/2 Professor George W.Wetherill of the University of California in Los Angeles says that he would give the first two theories each a 10 percent chance and the third theory a 20 percent chance. The other 60 percent he would give to "things we haven't thought of yet." 14/8/3 Professor Stephen Glaister, a transport expert at Imperial College London, takes an even broader view. 53/20/1 Public schools are free for the taking. 43/5/4 Public speaking allows you to slow down and be sure you have time to concentrate on the language. 26/8/3 Put his words into your words. It isn't easy. 57/10/4 Putting people first, keeping pace with the times, maintaining social harmony and pursuing peaceful development; these values that are being pursued in China today are derived from its tradition. 60/8/3 Queen Elizabeth I of England is thought to be the Queen of Clubs. 11/10/1 Rachel was a famous woman in the Bible. 11/7/2 Radiant Energy 33/8/3 Radiant energy is also called light energy. 33/9/1 Rather than seeking consumers for a firm's existing product,it is often more logical to determine consumer needs before creating a product to satisfy those needs. 31/5/2 Reactions incorporating nitrogen and phosphorus into the asphaltenes are particularly significant at a time when the effects on the environment of many materials containing these elements are receiving considerable attention. 54/11/1 Recalling Manhattan Project, which had built the atomic bomb during World War II, and the Apollo Project, which had landed two Americans on the moon in 1969, the President expressed his faith that American science, technology, and industry could free the United States from dependence on foreign oil. 28/6/2 Recently I was visited by a very good friend who had just returned from a long walk in the woods, and I asked her what she had observed. "Nothing in particular," she replied. 58/8/2 Recently protein feeds for animals have been developed by growing yeast in a petroleum based stock. 16/3/2 Refining petroleum is a complex series of steps by which the original crude material is eventually converted into salable products with the desired qualities and, perhaps more important, in the amounts dictated by the market. 44/2/1 Regulatory programs not included in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission were placed under the Economic Regulatory Administration, one of two administrations created in the Department. 29/6/1 Rejecting the urging of his physician father to study medicine, Hawking chose instead to concentrate on math and theoretical physics, first at Oxford and then at Cambridge. 51/2/2 Religion has been marketed internationally for centuries. 31/4/6 Religion is also a big business,though most people prefer not to view it that way. 31/4/5 Remember that the heart stands for bravery. 11/8/1 Research teams have conducted studies that show beyond all reasonable doubt that tobacco smoking, particularly cigarette smoking, is associated with shortened life expectancy. 19/2/3 Researches show that people feel unhappy, worried and solitary when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are busy. 4/2/3 Right after his death, I moved.2500 miles away to California and started my own family and career. 9/2/2 Robey left New York without having made a sale,and stopped in philadelphia on the way home. 8/7/1 Robey's sheet had cost him $24,and his profit was $14,976 while Klein gained $5,000. 8/7/4 Rock and soil samples and information of many other kinds have become available in recent years. 14/1/2 Rocks from the moon show that they were once melted. Right now there seems to be heat someplace inside the moon, possibly a great deal of it. 14/7/2 Romance is beginning to bloom. 6/4/7 Romantic love is very much a part of American culture. 6/5/1 Rs the authors note, theoretical physics was "one of the very few jobs for which his mind was the only real tool he needed." 51/2/4 Sales Promotion 45/ Sales promotion consists of those promotional activities other than advertising, personal selling, and publicity. Sales promotion is effective when a product is first introduced to a market. 45/7/1 Sales promotion is not restricted to the stimulation of demand at the consumer level. 45/4/1 Sales promotion is temporary in nature. 45/3/1 Saw its shining green nose and its high rudder. 10/18/2 Schlesinger's initial task was to meld all headquarters, field, and staff programs from the component agencies, including their various supporting offices and functions, into a unified Department of Energy with about 20,000 employees and an annual budget of $10.4 billion. 29/2/1

Science, art, literature, philosophy,--all that man has thought, all that man has done,--the experience that has been bought with the sufferings of a hundred generations,--all are garnered up for us in the world of books. 13/7/2 Scientists are confident about the formation of coal, but they do not seem so sure when asked about oil. 36/2/2 Scientists are now learning that many of the clocks of nature can be reset, speeded up or slowed down-all for our benefit. 47/13/1 Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., where Dr. Orcutt is deputy director, have developed a way to use the worldwide seismic observing network to image earthquake ruptures. 20/4/1 Scientists find that hard-working prestigious people live longer than average men and women, and that career women ate healthier than housewives. 4/1/1 Scientists have long known that bees carry a sort of wrist watch inside their bodies. 47/2/1 Scientists must explore much further for more knowledge about how animals use their ears. 15/10/3 Scientists now believe that many,if not all,living things are born with some type of hidden clock. 47/5/1 Scientists predict that the world's known oil resources will run out early in the next century. 16/4/1 Sea and air are divided by a viscous curtain; beneath the curtain is an element weighing 800 times as much as air, utterly dark a few fathoms down, and with pressures that would pulp a man at 3,000 feet. 48/3/1 Second, a system for R&D and extension of advance energy technologies needs to be put in place, Hu said. 1/8/1 Second, speechmaking requires more formal language. 21/3/4 Second,the definition removes the implication that international marketing applies only to market or business transactions. 31/4/1 Seeing that each nation has its characteristic merits and demerits, we adjust our standard of values so as to make out that the merits possessed by our nation are the really important ones, while its demerits are comparatively trivial. 37/6/7 Seeing the find as a rich prize,merchants cut it into sticks. 42/11/2 Seoul 38/8 Serious scientists like Sir Alister Hardy of Oxford do not rule out the possibility that there are sea monsters to be discovered. 48/12/3 Seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is covered by water. 48/2/1 Several intercontinental air routes lie across portions of Antarctica. 55/11/2 She is the Queen of Diamonds. 11/7/3 She married him shortly after he was diagnosed with ALS, fully aware of the dreadful, progressive nature of the disease, giving him hope and the will to carry on with his studies. 51/7/2 She ruled England when America was mostly a wilderness. 11/10/2 She stood for wisdom. Athena is the Queen of Spades. 11/9/2 She was surprised and suspicious, then, when I called and suggested the two of us go out to dinner and a movie. 9/3/1 Shepherds used it to brand their sheep. 42/10/3 Should airlines compete on similar routes allowing planes to fly long distances with empty passenger seats? 16/4/4 Shut up and sit tight!" 56/24 Shut-ear Listening: Maybe you feel you already know what the speaker is going to say. 57/11/1 Since 1939, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to determine whether smoking is a health hazard. 19/2/1 Since her eyes now see only large shapes and shadows, I had to read the menu for both of us. 9/6/3 Since the company's name was on the back of every domino, electricians were often reminded of the brand. 45/9/5 Since the Yellowstone earthquake some people have said that they would never go to that area for fear of being caught in a landslide such as occurred after the earthquake. 24/10/2 Since they're difficult to copy, the serial number should tip off a counterfeit bill. 27/9/6 Singapore 38/9 Sir Walter Raleigh visited the famous pitch lake of Trinidad in 1595; it is said to contain nine thousand million tons of asphalt. 36/3/4 Smoke is a mixture of gases, vaporized chemicals, minute particles of ash, and other solids. 19/5/2 Smokers also die much more often from heart disease. 19/6/3 Smokers who develop cancer or lung diseases, they say, may also, by coincidence, live in industrial areas, or eat more canned food. 19/4/3 Smoking also affects the heart and blood vessels. 19/6/1 Smoking and Cancer 19/ So far, none of these theories has been proved to be either right or wrong. 14/8/2 So he brought 120,000 of the richest and most powerful to his capital. 32/4/2 So I stopped by the computer store to give it a test run. 17/3/2 So it has laid out bold plans not only to reduce that gap, but to create a basis for independent innovation. 52/6/2 So it is possible that the job may have taken only 18 years. 32/14/7 So the Great Wall was begun. 32/7/3 So there are the forces-some within ourselves , some outside-that work against us in our efforts to listen. 57/19/1 So we go about our petty task, hardly awate of our listless attitude towards life. 58/5/5 So when anyone begins arguing on the other side , you simply stop listening. 57/12/3 So whenever you find yourself getting angry about a difference of opinion, be on your guard; you will probably find, on examination, that your belief is going beyond what the evidence warrants. 37/3/7 So you have quite a bit of spare thinking time while waiting for the words to come in. 57/8/2 So, how do balance accuracy and fluency in spoken English? 26/2/3 So, let us, in these next five days, start a long march together, not in lockstep, but on different roads leading to the same goal. 12/5/1 So, like the fast-food restaurants, their produce is less expensive and easier to market. 18/7/3 So, you see that you can hold some history in your hands. 11/13/1

So,immediately after a night feeding in Paris,the hive was sealed and rushed off on an air liner.In New York,scientists from the American Museum of National History placed the hive in a specially prepared laboratory in the museum. 47/3/1 Some analysts argue that it is less dangerous for Washington to simply accept a nuclear Iran than to risk the damage that sharp Iranian production cuts-or Iranian retaliation against a U.S. or Israeli military strike-might do to U.S. interests. 49/11 Some are in the shape of umbrellas,canes,baseball bats and traffic signals. 42/6/3 Some Chinese think that speaking fast is the same as speaking fluently. 26/9/2 Some companies are beginning to use the term "assurance". 35/2/2 Some competent physicians and research workers--though their small number is decreased even further--are less sure of the effect of cigarette smoking on health. 19/4/1 Some foreign retailers are reluctant to accept manufacturers' coupons because they fear that they will not be reimbursed. 45/8/2 Some have the Ten Commandments,calendars or the multiplication table on them. 42/6/2 Some hobbyists often turn to egg-laying types like the angel-fish, the striped zebras, and the neons. 25/11/1 Some of the first commercial insurance companies began around 1580 in England. 35/6/1 Some of the Indians of North America used to collect and sell the oil from the wells of Pennsylvania. 36/1/2 Some of these "upside-down" airmail stamps are now worth over $6,000. 8/1/4 Some of you can, but many cannot. As an experiment, I have questioned husbands of long standing about the color of their wives' eyes, and often they express embarrassed confusion and admit that they do not know. 58/18/2 Some old man in a white bathing suit was chasing a pack of dogs down Willow .. "Then his eyes fell on my clothes. 41/27/2 Some Parts of the earth are more likely to have quakes then others. 24/8/1 Some people are developing sophisticated versions of the windmill.Engines can run on alcohol,so surplus sugar cane could be used to produce energy. 16/5/6 Some people say that a bank teller can spot a counterfeit bill just by feeling it. 27/9/1 Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do at times when they are not working, instead of going to the cinema, watching TV, listening to the radio, or sleeping. 5/2/1 Some petroleum explorationists still do not admit to a need for geologists to aid them in their search. 40/8/1 Some raise plain or fancy goldfish, some collect fish found nearby. 25/5/3 Some top-end restaurants will add a 10% service charge to the bill. 38/3/2 Some will argue for trickle-down economics: Don't worry about the poor, eventually everybody will benefit from growth. 52/13/1 Some will do well on one measure, others on another. 50/8/5 Some work in canneries and beet-sugar factories. 22/5/6 Some write clearly on slippery surfaces,such as glass and plastic. 42/5/1 Someone may go out with one person this week, and another person the next. 6/4/3 Something about his manner made me hesitate to ask where. 56/10/4 Sometime these faults are very small, and we then feel only little tremor. 24/7/1 Sometimes he sends his drill more than a mile into the earth. 36/4/3 Sometimes I have thought it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we should die tomorrow. 58/3/1 Sometimes it was as long as a year;sometimes as short as twenty-four hours,but always we were interested in discovering just how the doomed man chose to spend his last days or his last hours. 58/1/2 Sometimes little is found. 36/5/7 Sometimes societies were able to learn extremely fast, as in the United States. 50/3/4 Sometimes these go on for several years. 24/7/6 Sometimes we take in a movie, but mostly we talk. 9/8/2 Somewhere in his files, Smith recalled seeing the animal as an empty fossil split from a rock. 48/14/6 Spacecraft from the United States and from Russia have been to the moon, and men have walked upon its surface. 14/1/1 Speaking English fluently and accurately is a goal of many people studying English in China. 26/1/1 Sports and Games 5/ Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. 5/4/1 Sports and games build our bodies, prevent us from gaining weights, and keep us healthy. But these are not their only uses. 5/3/1 Sports are perhaps the most popular form of relaxation that almost all can enjoy, whether boys or girls, men or women, young or old. 5/1/4 State goverments are very active in marketing in order to attract foreign investment. 31/4/4 Stephenson had seen something like a locomotive at a mine near his home in Killingsworth, England. 59/9/1 Stephenson's railroad was efficient and profitable, and a new method of transporting freight and people was here to stay. 59/11 Still I wouldn't give up. The best way to mn without an audience, I decided, was to run after dark. 41/18 Still, friends were shocked in 1990 when Hawking abruptly ended their 25-year marriage, moving in with one of his nurses. 51/8/6 Still, it is the man, more than the science, who dominates this book, with his triumph over a terrible affliction, his courage, his humor and his admirable lack of self-pity. 51/11/1 Still, one thing is clear: speaking a language well needs both fluency and accuracy. 26/5/2 Still, some bioethanol is already creeping into usage here, not as a separate fuel with a pump of its own, but as a blend that is mixed with petrol in a ratio of about 1 in 20, for use in ordinary cars. 53/13/2 Stop!" I heard somebody yell. "Drop your gun!" 56/27 Stores were informed of the display, and their salespeople or sales clerks were made aware of the program and benefits. 45/7/6 Strange antibiotics have been found in the drifting plants of the Antarctic seas; 55/11/3 Style. That's a big part of what writing is about. 17/3/1 Such "sun ship" might travel at over one hundred kilometers an hour. 16/5/9

Such "sun ship" would have a large enough surface area to carry the enormous number of solar cells necessary to move any appreciable load. 16/5/8 Such a station is also able to play a unique role in interrogating earth satellites in orbit over both poles. 55/15/3 Such a system, now under development, will shunt data a thousand times faster than current "high speed" broadband Internet links. 20/8/2 Such a threat was recently made by Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammade and, it followed through, could interrupt the global supply chain and trigger a sharp and immediate spike in oil prices. Such allegedly pro-growth policies would not only fail to deliver growth; they would threaten the entire vision of China's future. 52/14/1 Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the values of life. 58/3/2 Such satellites-maintaining their steady sweeps as the earth revolves beneath them-cover all parts of the globe and hence are ideal for weather observation, communications and other tasks. Such stories set us thinking, wondering what we should do under similar circumstances. 58/2/1 Suddenly I heard a siren behind us. 56/20/1 Suddenly we were in the clear open sky. 10/9/3 Suddenly, with a jolt, you hear these words:" Now we'll have a little test on what I have been explaining." Ouch! 57/9/5 So what to do keep daydreams from filtering in ? 57/10/1 Sum up what the speaker is saying: look far major points, Pretend you are going to have to repeat his ideas. 57/10/3 Super Athlete of the Sangamon 34/ Supermarkets are large self-service stores selling every kind of food fresh, canned or frozen. 18/7/2 Suppose a very good actor feared that his looks could be injured. 35/8/5 Suppose you set your mind to work on the problem of how you would use your own eyes if you had only three more days to see. 58/12/1 Surgeons use a special pencil for outlining the operation area on the patient's skin,and packing-plants use another type to write identification on sides of beef. 42/5/2 Sweat dripped into my eyes as I pushed toward the tree. 41/13/3 Tables1-1 and 1-2 show how two organizations promote the concept of preservation of tropical forests. 31/3/6 Taipei 38/10 Take a look at your day. 16/1/2 Take a tape recorder and record a conversation with a friend or a speech or monologue as you do it naturally! 26/10/1 Take Janet, for instance. 57/4 Take the theory of photosynthesis, which holds that the growth of all vegetation, and consequently of animals, depends on the action of the sun on carbon dioxide and water. 48/15/3 Take your children for a visit to gardens and farms where food is grown. 30/4/4 Take-It-All-Down Listening: When you try to get too many of the speaker's words on paper. 57/16/1 Taxi drivers don't expect a tip. Keep the change for yourself. 38/8/5 Taxi drivers don't expect gratuity, but they won't refuse it. 38/9/7 Taxis are now metered in Bangkok. Local custom is to round the fare up to the nearest five baht. 38/3/6 Teachers will find getting rich tougher than engineers, given that the former can expect to earn half as much over their careers. 43/6/2 Ten pounds?" he said. "That's easy. I lost 20 pounds just by running every day." 41/2 Tens of millions flooded to America's shores from Europe between 1880 and the First World War. 39/7/2 Texas is half the size of Alaska. 39/2/3 Texas, a big oil-producer in the southwest, alone accounts for one-fifth the value of all U.S. mineral production. 39/5/4 That "Other Woman" in My Life 9/ That burned me plenty. 56/17/1 That could be a very false conclusion, Who knows what you may be missing? 57/17/3 That doesn't mean you keep your eyes closed the whole evening! 6/3/2 That dog is the size of a pony and has jaws like an alligator. 41/23/2 That is easier said than done, and we do not necessarily recommend that all people should lead a pure and joyless life. 43/2/2 That is foolish. Such a fear would keep us from mountains the rest of our lives. 24/10/3 That is why many after-shocks follow a major earthquake. 24/7/5 That is, to pursue a scientific outlook on development that makes economic and social development people-oriented, comprehensive, balanced and sustainable. 60/6/2 That marked book is usually the thought-through book. Finally, writing helps you remember the thoughts you had, or the thoughts the author expressed. 46/9/4 That night I left again for home. This time I went by bus. I don't hitchhike anymore. 56/33 That Saturday afternoon in the village of New Salem, in Sangamon Country, Illinois in the year 1831, every man, and boy in town was at the circle that formed to watch the unknown Lincoln wrestle. That seems slow to us today, but 200 years ago it was a remarkable speed. 59/6/4 Thousands of people watched the event, and most realized immediately how important it was. 59/7/1 That touched off the fireworks. 34/5/5 That was a giant wall. It had to be so big that no horseman could jump over it or ride around it. 32/7/2 That was a mistake. 41/9/2 That was about fifteen minutes before he picked me up. 56/31/4 That was Judith, who killed an enemy general. 11/8/3 That was the way I wanted to go. 56/13/2 That wasn't the first thing he'd said that didn't make full sense to me. 56/19/1




That wasn't the way I usually went. I didn't say anything. 56/9/2 That word implies that marketing activities are undertaken in several countries and that such activities should somehow be coordinated across nations. 31/1/3 That would surely slow down the normal pace of business today.) 27/2/5 That's what we had been told. The enemy had a fighter so fast we couldn't even hold a sight on it. 10/16/2 That's-What-You-Think" Listening: You have your own pet ideas on certain subjects. 57/12/1 That's an awfully boring life, isn't it?" 56/16 That's one reason why it's harder to get away with making counterfeit money these days. 27/7/2 That's something. As often as I've read this speech, getting a lump in my throat every time. 17/8/1 That's when I made up my mind. I would run, too. I'd run on Willow Road, which goes by the end of our block. 41/3/1 The "other woman" my wife was encouraging me to date is my mother, a 72-year-old widow who has lived alone since my father died 20 years ago. 9/2/1 The 456th Bomber Group, based in Italy, had gone into Austria. 10/1/3 The above review of the profound changes in these 160 years shows one thing, namely, by carrying out persistent and hard struggle, the Chinese people have both changed their own destiny and advanced the cause of human progress. 60/4/5 The ad for a software program caught my eye. 17/1/1 The American concept of love and romance begins with dating. 6/2/1 The American passion for speed has now hit the food business. 18/5/1 The American scene awes the viewer with both its variety and size. 39/1/2 The amount of sugar in our blood stream varies with the time of day,as does our temperature. 47/14/3 The ancient Chinese emphasized the value of serving the people, enriching them, nourishing them, and benefiting them. 60/9/4 The answer is that money is like a medal. 27/6/4 The answer lies in a number of factors, not the least of which is isolation itself. 55/3/1 The Antarctica treaty applies to all areas (the high seas excepted) below latitude 60 degrees south. This line, running around the globe some 2,000 miles from the South Pole itself, just misses the lower tip of South America, and is well below the Cape of Good Hope and New Zealand. 55/6/1 The appeal of collecting fish seems to be one which will last. 25/12/1 The application of chemistry to the study of rocks (geochemistry) has many uses in petroleum geology. 40/2/1 The application of physics to the study of rocks (geophysics) is very important in petroleum geology. 40/4/1 The art of public Speaking 21/ The assistant secretary for defense programs would inherit responsibility for the nuclear weapons programs. 29/3/9 The assistant secretary for environment would assure that all departmental programs were consistent with environmental and safety laws, regulations, and policies. 29/3/8 The athletic animals come up to graze in this fertile prairie and become links in extensive food chains, formed roughly along the lines3 suggested by Shakespeare: 48/4/3 The Atlantic hydrographic chart is being revised continuously, and nuclear submarines are now charting the Arctic basin under the ice. 48/9/1 The Atomic Energy Commission's licensing and regulatory responsibilities would continue in the independent five-member Nuclear Energy Commission. 28/2/8 The authors characterize their early review of Newton's classical theory of gravitation, for example, as "a gentle workout in the foothills before we head for the dizzy heights." 51/9/3 The basis for our modern system of communication began when Samuel Mores invented the telegraph, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and Guglielmo Marconi invented the telegraph without wires. 59/12/1 The Blucher went only 4 miles per hour, but it pulled a load of 30 tons of coal up hill. 59/10/1 The bomb bay doors slid shut. 10/9/2 The bomb run ended. 10/9/1 The books you read for pleasure can be read in a state of relaxation, and nothing is lost. 46/10/4 The brain then has to decide what the ball is met and hit back where the player wants it to go. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. 17/7/2 The broad Mississippi River system, famed in song and legend, meanders 6,400 kilometer

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