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2003~2015 年英语专业四级考试(真题卷)听写脚本 Salmon(2003)
Every year, millions of salmon swim from the ocean/ into the mouths of rivers and then steadily up the rivers./ Passing through waters, around rocks and waterfalls,/ the fish finally reach their original streams or lakes./ They dig out nests in the riverbed and lay their eggs./ Then, exhausted by their journey,/ the parent salmon die./ They have finished the task that nature has given them. /Months or years later, /the young fish start their trip to the ocean. /They live in the salt water from two to seven years,/ until they, too, are ready to swim back to reproduce. /Their life cycle helps man provide himself with a basic food—fish./ When the adult salmon gather at the river mouths for the annual trip up the rivers,/ they are in the best possible condition,/ and nearly every harbor has its salmon fishing fleet /ready to catch thousands for markets.

Money is accepted across the world as payment for goods or services. / People use money to buy food, clothes and hundreds of other things. / In the past, many different things were used as money. / People on Pacific islands once exchanged shells for goods. / The Chinese used cloth and knives. / In Africa, elephant tusks or salt were used. / Even today, some people in Africa are still paid in salt. /Coins were first invented by the Chinese. /Originally, they were round pieces of metal with a hole in the center, / so that a piece of string could keep them together. / This made doing business much easier, / but people still found coins inconvenient to carry/ when they wanted to buy something expensive. /To solve this problem, the Chinese again came up with the solution. /They began to use paper money for coins. / Now paper notes are used throughout the world./

The wrist watches(2005)
It is generally believed that wrist watches are an exception / to the normal sequence in the evolution of man's jewelry. / Reversing the usual order, they were first worn by women, / and then adopted by men. / In the old days, queens included wrist watches among their crown jewelry. / Later, they were worn by Swiss workers and farmers. / Until World War I, Americans associated the watch with fortune hunters. / Then army officers discovered that the wrist watch was most practical for active combat. / Race car drivers also loved to wear wrist watches, / and pilots found them most useful while flying. / Soon men dared to wear wrist watches without feeling self-conscious. / By 1924, some 30 percent of men's watches were worn on

the wrist. / Today, the figure is 90 percent. / And they are now worn by both men and women / for practical purposes rather than for decoration.

The Internet(2006)
The Internet is the most significant progress in the field of communications. / Imagine a book that never ends, a library with a million floors, / or imagine a research project with thousands of scientists / working around the clock forever. / This is the magic of the Internet. / Yet the Internet has the potential for good and bad. / One can find well-organized information-rich websites. / At the same time, one can also find wasteful websites. / Most websites are known as different Internet applications. / These include online games, chat rooms (chat rooms) and so on. / These applications have great power, too. / Sometimes the power can be so great / that young people may easily become victims to their attraction. / So we need to recognize the seriousness of the problem. / We must work together to use its power for better ends./

Advertising has already become a very specialized activity in modern times. / In today's business world, supply is usually greater than demand./ There is great competition between manufacturers of the same kind of product,/ because they want to persuade customers to buy their particular brand./ They always have to remind their customers/ of the name and the qualities of their products by advertising./ The manufacturer advertises in newspapers and on the radio./ He sometimes employs salesgirls to distribute samples of his products. / He sometimes advertises on the internet as well./ In addition, he always has advertisements put into television programs that will accept them./ Manufacturers often spend huge sums of money on advertisements./ We buy a particular product because we think that is the best./ We usually think so because the advertisements say so./ People often don’t ask themselves if the advertisements are telling the truth, /when they buy advertised products from the shops./

Choose a career(2008)
When students graduate from college,/ many of them do not know how they want to spend their working lives /and they sometimes move from job to job until they find something that suits them/ and of equally importance to which they are suited./ Others never find a job in which they are really happy. /They remain all their lives square pegs in round holes. /When we choose our careers, we need to ask ourselves two questions./ First, what do we think we would like to be? /Second,

what kind of people are we? /The idea, for example, of being a painter or a musician may seem very attractive,/ but unless we have great talent, and are willing to work very hard. /We are certain to fail in these occupations /and failure will lead to unhappiness in life. /So it is important to assess our suitability for a certain career in job search./

New year’s Eve(2009)
For many people in the west, New Year’s Eve is the biggest party of the year./ It’s time to get together with friends or family /and welcome in the coming year./ New Year’s parties can take place in different places. /Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, /while some just go for a few drinks with their friends. /Big cities have large and spectacular fireworks displays. /There is one thing that all New Year’s Eve parties have in common/ —the countdown to midnight./ When the clock strikes 12, people give a loud cheer and sing songs./ It’s also popular to make a promise in the New Year./ This is called a New Year’s resolution./ Typical resolutions include giving up smoking and keeping fit./ However the promise is often broken quite quickly /and people are back into their bad habits within weeks or days./

Freshman’s week(2010)
Britain has a well-respected higher education system/ and some of the top universities and research institutions in the world. / But to those who are new to this system, it can sometimes be confusing. / October is usually the busiest month in the academic calendar./ Universities have something called Freshmen's Week for their newcomers./ It's a great opportunity to make new friends, /join lots of clubs and settle into university life./ However, having just left the comfort of home and all your friends behind, /the prospect of meeting strangers in classrooms and dormitories can be worrying./ Where do you start? And who should you make friends with? / Which clubs and society should you join?/ Luckily, there will be thousands of others in the same boat as you./ They worry about starting their university social life on the right foot./ So just take it all in slowly./ Don't rush into anything that you'll regret for the next three years./

British Holidaying Habits(2011)
In the late 1970s, air travel became affordable for the average family in the UK, and more people started traveling abroad for their summer holidays. After all, the British weather wasn’t very good, even in summer, so a lot of people left the country for a vacation. In the 1980s and 1990s, young people in the UK became

wealthier on average. As a result, they started to go abroad in groups, to places such as Spain and Greece. Once they arrived at their destination, they met with other groups of young people and had one long party. British holidaying habits have begun to change, however. Climate change means that the UK now has a hotter climate, so people do not need to go overseas to find good weather. Also, going abroad is more expensive. As a result, more British people are choosing to spend their summer holidays in the UK.

Living in a environment friendly way(2012)
Nowadays, many of us try to live in a way that will damage the environment as little as possible. We recycle our newspapers and bottles, we take public transport to get to work, we try to buy locally produced fruit and vegetables,and we want to take these attitudes on holiday with us. This is why alternative forms of tourism are becoming popular in the world. There are a lot of names for these new forms of tourism: responsible tourism, nature tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism and more. Although everyone may have a different definition, most people agree that these new forms of tourism should do the following: first, they should conserve the wildlife and culture of the area; second, they should benefit the local people; third, they should make a profit without destroying natural resources; and finally they should provide an experience that tourists want to pay for.

What is a dream for(2013)
One theory is that we dream to release the deep, secret desires. We do not express these desires in real life because of the rules of polite society. Another theory is that dreams allow us to solve problems that we can’t solve in real life. We go to sleep with a problem and wake up with the solution. This may be a way to use our dreams rather than a purpose of dreaming. If you believe that your dreams are important then analyzing them may help you to focus on the problem and help you to find the solution. The modern image is that dreams are the brain’s way of cleaning up the computer’s hard disk. Dreams organize the events of the day into folders and delete what is not needed. But we all know that very little of what we dream is concerned with what happened to us that day.

Limiting the Growth of Technology(2014)
Throughout history man has changed his physical environment to improve his way of life.With the tools of technology man has altered many physical features of

the earth.He has transformed woodland into farmland.He has modified the face of the earth by cutting through mountains to build roads and railways.However,these changes in the physical environment have not always had beneficial results.Today,pollution of the air and water is a danger to the health of the planet.Each day thousands of tons of gases come out of vehicles.Smoke from factories pollutes the air of industrialized areas and the surrounding countryside.The air in cities is becoming increasingly unhealthy.The pollution of water is equally harmful.In the sea pollution from oil is killing a lot of sea plants and fish.It is now necessary for man to limit the growth of technology in order to survive on earth.

Male and Female Roles in Marriage(2015)
In the traditional marriage, the man worked to earn money for the family. / The woman stayed at home to care for the children and her husband. / In recent years, many couples continue to have a traditional relationship of this kind. / Some people are happy with it. But others think differently. / There are two major differences in male and female roles now. / One is that both men and women have many more choices. / They may choose to marry or stay single. / They may choose to work or to stay at home. / A second difference is that, within marriage many decisions are shared. / If a couple has children, the man may take care of them /some of the time, all of the time or not at all. / The woman may want to stay at home / or she may want to go to work. / Men and women now decide these things together in a marriage.

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