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2015 年高考英语完形填空汇编
(1) 2015 全国卷 I 41. ACBAD 46. CDBAD 51. ACBBA 56. DCDCB My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend. On the way ,we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said, “ __41___ my job. Family to Feed.” At this store, a __42___ like this is not normal. My 10-year-old noticed him and make a __43____ on how bad it must be to have to stand ___44____ in the cold wind. In the store, I asked each of my kids to __45___ something they thought our “friend” there would ___46___. They got apples, a sandwich and a bottle of juice. Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a ___47____. I thought about it. We were ___48__ on cash ourselves, but? well, sometimes __49___ from our need instead of our abundance is ___50__ what we need to do! All the kids __51____ something they could do away with for the week. When we handed him the bag of __52__, he lit up and thanked us with ___53__ eyes. When I handed him the gift card, saying he could use it for __54____his family might need, he burst into tears. This has been a wonderful ___55__ for our family. For days the kids have been looking for others we can __56___! Things would have played out so __57____ if I had simply said, “No, we really don’t have ___58___ to give more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in __59___, it also gave my kids the __60____ taste of helping others. It’ll go a long way with them. 41. A. Lost 42. A condition 43. A. suggestion 44. A. outside 45. A. draw 46. A. order 47. A. dollar 48. A. easy 49. A. giving 50. A. yet 51. A. declared 52. A . toys 53. A. sleepy 54. A. whoever 55. A. experience 56. A. rely on 57. A. suddenly 58. A. time 59. A. fear B. Changed B. place B. comment B. proudly B. say B. supply B. job B. low B. saving B. even B. shared B. medicine B. watery B. whatever B. example B. respect B. vividly B. power B. love C. Quit C. sight C. decision C. by C. arrange C. appreciate C. hot meal C. soft C. spending C. still C. ignored C. food C. curious C. whichever C. message C. learn from C. differently C. patience C. need D. Finished D. show D. call D. angrily D. pick D. discover D. gift card D. loose D. begging D. just D. expected D. clothes D. sharp D. whenever D. adventure D. help D. perfectly D. money D. memory

60. A. strong B. sweet C. strange D. simple (2)2015 全国卷-II 41. BCDCB 46. ADDBC 51. ABDAC 56. ABDAC Where do you go when you want to learn something? A friend? A tutor? These are all___41__aces of learning. But it may well be that the learning you realy___42__want somewhere else instead. I

had the____43__of seeing this first hand on a___44___ Why daughter plays on a recreational soccer team. They did very well this season and so__45___a tournament, which normally was only for more skilled club teams. This led to some__46___experiences on Saturday as they played against teams__47___trained. Through the first two games, her__48___did not get on serious shot on goal. As apparent, I__49___seeing my daughter playing her best, __50___ still defeated. IT seemed that something clicked with the__51__between Saturday and Sunday. When they __52__for their Sunday game, they were__53__different. They had begun integrate (融合)the kinds of play and teamwork they had__54__the day before into their__55__.They played aggressively and__56__ scored a goal. It __57__ me that playing against the other team was a great__58__ moment for all the girls on the team. I think it is a general principle. __59__ is the best teacher. The lessons they may not be__60__what they would have gotten in school. But are certainly more personal and meaningful, because they had to work them out on their own. 41. A. public B. traditional C. official D. special 42. A. passes B. works C. lies D. ends 43. A. dream B. idea C. habit D. chance 44. A. trip B. holiday C. weekend D. square 45. A. won B. entered C. organized D. watched 46. A. painful B. strange C. common D. practical 47. A. less B. poorly C. newly D. better 48. A. fans B. tutors C. class D. team 49. A. imagined B. hated C. avoided D. missed 50. A. if B. or C. but D. as 51. A. girls B. parents C. coaches D. viewers 52. A. dressed B. showed up C. made up D. planned 53. A. slightly B. hardly C. basically D. completely 54. A. seen B. known C. heard D. read 55. A. styles B. training C. game D. rules 56. A. even B. still C. seldom D. again 57. A. confused B. struck C. reminded D. warned 58. A. touching B. thinking C. encouraging D. learning 59. A. Experience B. Independence C. Curiosity D. Interest 60. A. harmful to B. mixed with C. different from D. applied to (3) 2015 北京 36-40: ABCCD 41-45: CBDDC A Welcome Gift Dario and his mother loved their new apartment. The living room was large enough for their piano. That night, the two of them room and made them feel very happy. The next morning, a 39 38 , their happiness disappeared. Someone had left under their door during the night. One of their neighbor had written 36 side by side at the piano. 37 filled the They played jazz music to celebrate their new home. The loud 46-50: BDAAB 51-55:DABCA

to complain(抱怨) about the sound of the piano. Dario’s mother asked the building

superintendent(管理员) if he knew anything about it. But he said that they were all 40 people and he couldn’t imagine any of them had done that. Later that 41 and morning, Dario suggested that they write a letter to their apologize for their playing. “Maybe we could go and They both loved the and prepared desserts 44 45 46 42 everyone in person.” his mother said. 43 instead? Dario asked. . Over the next few days, they sent out invitations their guests. They decorated the apartment with . Some guests brought presents. Others 47 . One woman, Mrs. “What if we invited them to come here for a

streamers(彩带) and party lights. Finally, the day of the party Gilbert, I 49 48 brought flowers. Some even brought desserts to

Dario’s mother with a book of piano music by Chopin. that you might play like this every night. So I wrote a short note. 50 you an

“I heard you playing the other night,” she said. “The sounds woke me out of bed. I hope you don’t think I disliked the playing.” Dario’s mother smiled at Mrs. Gilbert. “I think maybe we apology.” she said. “I didn’t 51 we should play some quieter music at night. “You play, you play!” Mrs. Gilbert said. “I like what you play! Just not so loud at night.” She pointed to the book she had given them. “These songs are not such be to 52 music.” songs 53 54 are beautiful music.” Dario’s mother said. “We will to play them in the evening.” the new music. More than that, however, he was happy to see the big 55 and made him feel D. walked D.cry D. instead D. report D. nice D. audience D.visit D.play D.action D.from D. finished D. advertise D. served D. worried “These how late it was when we were playing. Maybe

“And we won’t play so loud or late!” Dario said. He was already looking forward smile on his mother’s face. It gave him a feeling of that they were home at last. 36. A. sat 37. A. voice 38. A. therefore 39. A. note 40. A. proud 41. A. neighbors 42. A. blame 43. A.Part 44. A. experience 45. A. to 46. A. continued 47. A. order 48. A. treated 49. A. promised B. stood B.ring B. however B.poster B.rich B. friends B.instruct B.concert B.idea B.with B. arrived B.sell B.presented B. admitted C. lay C.music C.otherwise C.bill C.lucky C.relatives C.question C.show C.performance C.for C.passed C.share C.helped C.agreed

50. A. give 51. A. realize 52. A. sweet 53. A. brave happy 54. A. changing recording 55. A. equality B.sorry

B.send B. remember B. strange

C.offer C.understand C.funny D. afraid

D.owe D. accept D. loud C. C.

B. practicing D. writing B. freedom


warmth D. sympathy (4)2015 天津卷 16. BACAC 21. BDBDA 26. CBDBD 31. DCABA My fiancé(未婚夫) and I were excited about shopping for our first home. But our funds were 16 , and none of the houses in our price range seemed satisfactory. One agent 17 a house in particular. Although her description sounded wonderful, the price was 18 our range, so we declined. But she kept urging us to have a look 19 . We finally did and it was 20 at first sight. It was Our Home, small and charming, overlooking a quiet lake. Walking through the rooms and talking with the owners, a nice elderly couple, we felt the warmth and 21 of the marriage within that home. As perfect as it was, the price remained too high for us. But every day, we would sit by the lake, looking at the house and dreaming of 22 it would be like to live there. Days later, we made a(n) 23 —far below the asking price. Surprisingly, they didn’t 24 us. They renewed their offer 25 . It was also much more than we could afford, but far 26 than the original asking price. The next day, we got a 27 message that another buyer had offered a much higher price. Even so, we decided to talk with the 28 directly. We made our final offer, which 29 was thousands of dollars less than the other buyer’s bid. We knew it, 30 we had to try. “Sold!” said the owner. Then he 31 : He’d seen us sitting by the lake all those times; he knew how much we loved the place and that we’d 32 the years of work they had put into their home; he realized he would take a 33 by selling it to us, but it was worthwhile; we were the people they wanted to live there. He told us to consider the 34 in the price “an early wedding present.” That’s how we found our home and how I learned that when people are 35 they are not strangers, only friends we haven’t yet met. 16. A. needed B. limited C. enough D. large 17. A. recommended B. decorated C. sold D. rented 18. A. below B. within C. beyond D. between 19. A. at least B. at most C. at times D. at hand 20. A. relief B. concern C. love D. curiosity 21. A. pride B. happiness C. challenge D. desire 22. A. which B. why C. that D. what 23. A. effort B. offer C. promise D. profit 24. A. come across B. look after C. depend on D. laugh at 25. A. instead B. indeed C. aside D. apart 26. A. worse B. better C. less D. higher 27. A. relaxing B. disappointing C. pleasant D. regular

28. A. agents 29. A. already 30. A. so 31. A. apologized 32. A. check 33. A. loss 34. A. increase 35. A. kind (5)2015 重庆卷

B. buyers B. still B. or B. complained B. analyze B. risk B. difference B. polite

C. managers C. generally C. for C. criticized C. appreciate C. chance C. interest C. smart

D. owners D. ever D. but D. explained D. ignore D. lead D. average D. energetic

A When Alice was sixteen, I was the one who wanted to run away from home. It was 16 to see the changes coming over her. She skipped school, and refused to communicate. I tried being firm, but it didn’t 17 . I sawa dark future for my once sweet daughter. One school day Alice returned home very late. With a quarrel in view. I was surprised to see Alice was 18 . “I hope I did the right thing, Mom,” “Alice said. I saw a cat, all bloody but alive. I 19 it to the vet’s (宠物医院), and was asked to make payment 20 . As I couldn’t reach anyone at the phone number on the cat’s tag(标牌), I had to pay the bill.” In the following days, the owner still couldn’t be 21 . Alice paid the vet to continue treatment. I grew 22 : what if the family had simply left the cat behind? A week went by. A woman called to speak to Alice. “She is at school,” I said. “You have a 23 daughter,” she said, apparently in tears. Her family had just returned from abroad, and got a (n) 24 from the vet. Their cat was recovering, thanks to Alice’s 25 . “We can’t wait to hug Cuddles again,” she sobbed. Upon her return home, Alice was filled with 26 at the news. So was I. I learned through another woman’s eyes that my daughter was still a good person despite her 27 teenage years. Her warm heart would surely guide her in the right direction. 16. A. pleasant B. painful C. unwise D. inspiring 17. A. remain B. match C. appear D. work 18. A. annoyed B. amused C. worried D. interested 19. A. carried B. followed C. returned D. guided 20. A. monthly B. honestly C. generously D. immediately 21.A. trusted B. contacted C. persuaded D. satisfied 22. A. active B. rude C. anxious D. proud 23. A. pretty B. grateful C. wonderful D. curious 24. A. apology B. invitation C. message D. reply 25. A. suggestion B. donation C. encouragement D. help 26. A. love B. anger C. regret D. joy 27. A. troubled B. long C. boring D. quiet 参考答案:16-20BDCAD 21-25BCCCD 26-27DA Imagine the first days in a new time zone. Slow to respond to the 28 , your body clock is confused. You’re sleepy all day, but when it’s time for bed, you can hardly fall asleep. Obviously you are 29 jet lag(时差反应).

Travelers have traditionally fought this 30 with sleeping pills or alcohol. There are actually healthier ways that can work just as 31 . For example, the moment you get on the airplane, start 32 your biological block to the destination’s time. If it’s daytime in your destination, try to stay 33 . Walking around the cabin(客舱)can be of help. When it’s nighttime, try to sleep. In that case, eat before the flight, 34 an empty stomach will prevent you from sleeping. These tips will help you start a new 35 of sleep and wakefulness. 28. A. flight B. change C. demand D. climate 29. A. suffering from B. working on C. looking into D. leading to 30. A. danger B. problem C. waste D. fear 31. A. briefly B. slowly C. suddenly D. effectively 32. A. checking B. sending C. adjusting D. stopping 33. A. awake B. alone C. hungry D. calm 34. A. though B. so C. whole D. or 35. A. understanding B. cycle C. research D. trend 参考答案:28-30BAB 31-35DCADB (6) 2015 安徽卷 36. DBBCA 41. CADAC 46. DBADD 51. CBADA In our modern world, when something wears out, we throw it away and buy a new one. The 36 is that countries around the world have growing mountains of 37 because people are throwing out more rubbish than ever before. How did we 38 a throwaway society? First of all, it is now easier to 39 an object than to spend time and money to repair it. 40 modern manufacturing (制 造 业 ) and technology, companies are able to produce products quickly and inexpensively. Products are plentiful and 41 . Another cause is our 42 of disposable ( 一 次 性 的 ) products. As 43 people, we are always looking for 44 to save time and make our lives easier. Companies 45 thousands of different kinds of disposable products: paper plates, plastic cups, and cameras, to name a few. Our appetite for new products also 46 to the problem. We are 47 buying new things. Advertisements persuade us that 48 is better and that we will be happier with the latest products. The result is that we 49 useful possessions to make room for new ones. All around the world, we can see the 50 of this throwaway lifestyle. Mountains of rubbish just keep getting bigger. To 51 the amount of rubbish and to protect the 52 , more governments are requiring people to recycle materials. 53 , this is not enough to solve (解决) our problem. Maybe there is another way out. We need to repair our possessions 54 throwing them away. We also need to rethink our attitudes about 55 . Repairing our possessions and changing our spending habits may be the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish and take care of our environment. 36. A. key B. reason C. project D. problem 37. A. gifts B. rubbish C. debt D. products 38. A. face B. become C. observe D. change 39. A. hide B. control C. replace D. withdraw

40. A. Thanks to B. As to C. Except for D.Regardless of 41. A. safe B. funny C. cheap D. powerful 42. A. love B. lack C. prevention D. division 43. A. sensitive B. kind C. brave D. busy 44. A. ways B. places C. jobs D. friends 45. A. donate B. receive C. produce D. preserve 46. A. adapts B. returns C. responds D. contributes 47. A. tired of B. addicted to C. worried about D. ashamed for 48. A. newer B. stronger C. higher D. larger 49. A. pick up B. pay for C. hold onto D.throw away 50. A. advantages B. purposes C. functions D. consequences 51. A. show B. record C. decrease D. measure 52. A. technology B. environment C. consumers D. brands 53. A. However B. Otherwise C. Therefore D. Meanwhile 54. A. by B. in favour of C. after D. instead of 55. A. spending B. collecting C. repairing D. advertising 2015 福建卷 36. BACDB 41. ADCDC 46. ACBCD 51. DBABA One of the easiest things in the world is to become a fault-finder. However, life can be 36 when you are not busy finding fault with it. Several years ago I 37 a letter from seventeen-year-old Kerry, who described herself as a world-class fault-finder, almost always 38 by things. People were always doing things that annoyed her, and 39 was ever good enough. She was highly self-critical and also found fault with her friends. She became a really 40 person. Unfortunately, it took a horrible accident to change her 41 Her best friend was seriously hurt in a car crash. What made it almost 42 to deal with was that the day before the 43 , Kerry had visited her friend and had spent the whole time criticizing her 44 of boyfriends, the way she was living, the way she related to her mother, and various other things she felt she needed to 45 It wasn't until her friend was badly hurt that Kerry became 46 her habit of finding fault. Very quickly, she learned to appreciate life rather than to 47 everything so harshly ( 刻薄) . She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her 48 as well. Perhaps most of us aren't as extreme at fault-finding, 49 when we're honest, we can be sharply 50 of the world. I'm not suggesting you 51 problems, or that you pretend things are 52 than they are, but simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are— 53 most of the time, and especially when it's not a really big 54 . Train yourself to "bite your tongue" , and with a little 55, you'll get really good at letting things go. And when you do, you'll get back your enthusiasm and love for life. 36. A. lonely B. great C. quiet D. uneasy 37. A. received B. answered C. expected D. rejected 38. A. threatened B. interrupted C. bothered D. spoiled 39. A. anything B. everything C. something D. nothing 40. A. caring B. boring C. interesting D. surprising 41. A. attitude B. plan C. measure D. explanation 42. A. urgent B. unnecessary C. certain D. impossible

43. A. occasion B. event C. accident D. adventure 44. A. memory B. notice C. evidence D. choice 45. A. hear B. contribute C. express D. admit 46. A. aware of B. afraid of C. curious about D. confused about 47. A. discuss B. realize C. judge D. settle 48. A. family B. life C. career D. education 49. A. so B. or C. but D. for 50. A. proud B. sure C. hopeful D. critical 51. A. face B. create C. solve D. ignore 52. A. rarer B. better C. stranger D. worse 53. A. at least B. at last C. by far D. so far 54. A. task B. deal C. result D. duty 55. A. practice B. speech C. rest D pity 2015 广东卷 1. ADCAB 6. DCADB 11. ABACD How long can human beings live? Most scientists who study old age think that the human body is ___1___ to live no longer than 120 years. However, 110 years is probably the longest that anyone could hope to live —— if he or she is ___2___ healthy and lucky. Some scientists even say we can live as long as 130 years! Yet, our cells simply cannot continue to reproduce ___3___. They wear out, and as a result, we get old and ___4___ die. Even though we can’t live forever, we are living a ___5___ life than ever before. In 1900, the average American life span (寿命) was only 47 years, but today it is 75 years! When does old age begin then? Sixty-five may be out-of-date as the ___6___ line between middle age and old age. After all, many older people don’t begin to experience physical and mental ___7___ until after age 75. People are living longer because more people ___8___ childhood. Before modern medicine changed the laws of nature, many children died of common childhood ___9___. Now that the chances of dying ___10___ are much lower, the chances of living long are much higher due to better diets and health care.(高三网 www.gaosan.com) On the whole, our population is getting older. The ___11___ in our population will have lasting effects on our social development and our way of life. Some people fear such changes will be for the worse, while some see ___12___, not disaster, many men and women in their “golden years” are healthy, still active, and young in ___13___ if not in age. As the society grows old, we need the ___14___ of our older citizens. With long lives ahead of them, they need to ___15___ active and devoted. 1. A. designed B. selected C. improved D. discovered 2. A. completely B. generally C. apparently D. extremely 3. A. rapidly B. harmlessly C. endlessly D. separately 4. A. eventually B. hopelessly C. automatically D. desperately 5. A. busier B. longer C. richer D. happier 6. A. finishing B. guiding C. waiting D. dividing 7. A. stress B. damage C. decline D. failure 8. A. survive B. enjoy C. remember D. value 9. A. problems B. fears C. worries D. diseases 10. A. poor B. young C. sick D. quiet

11. A. changes B. recovery C. safety D. increases 12. A. dreams B. chances C. strengths D. choices 13. A. mind B. appearance C. voice D. movement 14. A. protection B. suggestions C. contributions D. permission 15. A. sound B. appear C. turn D. stay 2015 湖南卷 36-40: DABAC 41-45: DCDBA 46-47: CB 48. if 49. the 50. and 51. shouldn't 52. more 53. with 54. how 55. you It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be 36 , but in vain. my panic was rising and I could feel my heart beating wildly. This was the 37 of my job as a music teacher, I thought -- teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one would notice that I was 38 inside, I threw my voice as far as it would reach: "Put your heads on the desks and close your 39 ! We are going on a journey." 40 , the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" I thought to myself. Reaching over to my collection of CDs, I blindly 41 , put it in the machine and played it. Obediently (顺从地), my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes and 42 . When the music started, the room as filled with the most beautiful tones and musical colors I could have ever imagined. All the children were 43 . When the music finished, I asked them all to raise their 44 slowly so that we could share our musical journey. At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to learn how to 45 . The music allow me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the 46 and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that 47 in the classroom could have. 36. A. glad B. safe C. kind D. quiet 37.A. end B. aim C. rule D. plan 38. A. guessing B. shaking C. responding D. laughing 39. A. eyes B. mouths C. books D. doors 40. A. Punctually B. Importantly C. Amazingly D. Obviously 41. A. passed one on B. gave one back C. turned one in D. took one out 42. A. slept B. nodded C. waited D. continued 43. A. talking B. singing C. dancing D. listening 44. A. legs B. heads C. arms D. shoulders 45. A. teach B. imagine C. play D. understand 46. A. unprepared B. unspoken C. unknown D. unforgotten 47. A. games B. music C. tears D. knowledge Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. Research has become both simpler and more complex. It's simpler because, 48 you have computer, you can find information you need by searching the Internet. For all you information, you don't have to go to 49 library to find the relevant resource and take notes on it. Instead, you can find some sources from the Internet 50 print the copies needed. Remember, however, that you should usually consult different

types of sources. That is, you 51 always rely just on the Internet for you research. While finding information is easier than ever, at the same time, researching has become 52 complex. There is a lot more material available, which means you may be overwhelmed 53 the amount of information. You need to learn 54 to sort through and find the relevant information for your particular project. Also, 55 need to check the accuracy of it. 2015 湖北卷 31. DBADB 36. DBACB 41. CDCAC 46. ABACC “Daily Star, sir” called Jason, carrying some newspapers under his arm. The little boy had been running up and down the street, but there were still twenty_31__left. His voice was almost gone and his heart was_32__. The shops would soon close, and all the people would go home. He would have to go home too, carrying the papers__33_money. He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a__34_for his mother and some seeds for his bird. That was why he had bought the papers with all his money. He_35__as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers. “You don’t know the __36_of selling papers. You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!” another newsboy Chad told Jason. “_37__it’s not in the paper at all,” replied Jason. “Just run away quickly__38__they have time to see, and you’ ll __39_ out and get your money,” Chad said. It was a new _40__to Jason. He thought of his bird with no__41_and the cake he wanted to buy for his mother, but was__42_that he would not tell a lie. Though he was _43__ a poor newsboy, he had been_44__ some good things. The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers_45__. Several boys were crowding around Chad, who declared with a__46_smile that he sold six dozen the day before. He added that Jason__47_money because he would not tell a lie. The boy _48__at Jason. “You wouldn’t tell a lie yesterday, my boy?” A gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason’s shoulder__49_.” You’re just the boy I am looking for.” A week later Jason started his new__50_. He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth. 31. A. shops B. coins C. people D. papers 32. A. open B. heavy C. pure D. weak 33. A. instead of B. in return for C. regardless of D. in exchange for 34. A. cup B. card C. comb D. cake 35. A. gave in B. broke down C. got away D. showed up 36. A. difficulty B. process C. goal D. secret 37. A. And B. But C. For D. So 38. A. before B. since C. though D. unless 39. A. call B. drop C. sell D. reach 40. A. edition B. idea C. policy D. task 41. A. bread B. insects C. seeds D. water 42. A. concerned B. amazed C. excited D. determined 43. A. still B. already C. just D. also 44. A. taught B. handed C. awarded D. allowed 45. A. at once B. by chance C. as usual D. on purpose 46. A. proud B. gentle C. warm D. polite 47. A. borrowed B. lost C. made D. saved 48. A. laughed B. shouted C. nodded D. started

49. A. bravely B. grateful C. fondly D. modestly 50. A. duty B. business C. job D. method 2015 江苏卷 36. BADCB 41. AADCB 46. DDCAC 51. BDBDC I was required to read one of Bernie Siegel’s books in college and was hooked on his positivity from that moment on. The stories of his unconventional 36 and the exceptional patients he wrote about were so 37 to me and had such a big 38 on how I saw life from then on. Who knew that so many years later I would look to Dr. Bernie and his CDs again to 39 my own cancer experience? I’m an ambitious 40 , and when I started going through chemo (化疗) , even though I’m a very 41 person, I lost my drive to write. I was just too tired and not in the 42 . One day, while waiting to go in for 43 , I had one of Dr. Bernie’s books in my hand. Another patient 44 what I was reading and struck up a conversation with me 45 he had one of his books with him as well. It 46 that among other things, he was an eighty-year-old writer. He was 47 a published author, and he was currently 48 on a new book. We would see each other at various times and 49 friends. Sometimes he wore a duck hat, and I would tell myself, he was definitely a(n) 50 of Dr. Bernie. He really put a 51 on my face. He unfortunately 52 last year due to his cancer, 53 he left a deep impression on me and gave me the 54 to pick up my pen again. I 55 to myself, “If he can do it, then so can I.” 36. A. tastes B. ideas C. notes D. memories 37. A. amazing B. shocking C. amusing D. strange 38. A. strike B. push C. challenge D. impact 39. A. learn from B. go over C. get through D. refer to 40. A. reader B. writer C. editor D. doctor 41. A. positive B. agreeable C. humorous D. honest 42. A. mood B. position C. state D. way 43. A. advice B. reference C. protection D. treatment 44. A. viewed B. knew C. noticed D. wondered 45. A. while B. because C. although D. providing 46. A. came out B. worked out C. proved out D. turned out 47. A. naturally B. merely C. hopefully D. actually 48. A. deciding B. investing C. working D. relying 49. A. became B. helped C. missed D. visited 50. A. patient B. operator C. fan D. publisher 51. A. sign B. smile C. mark D. mask 52. A. showed up B. set off C. fell down D. passed away 53. A. since B. but C. so D. for 54. A. guidance B. trust C. opportunity D. inspiration 55. A. promised B. swore C. thought D. replied 2015 四川卷 11. BCCAD 16. CBDAA 21. BADAC 26. BBDCA My previous home had a stand of woods behind it and many animals in the backyard. That first year, I_11_feeding peanuts to the blue jays, then the squirrels. The squirrels had no_12__coming up right to me for them. As the months went by , the rabbits saw that I was no 13 and didn’t escape. When I threw carrot slices(薄片),they even came for a nibble(啃). Slowly they came to__14__ me, and by the end of the year they were eating out of my hand.

That second year, the rabbits___15__ me, and one would even sit up for slices! While I was feeding them, I__16__ that a groundhog who used to run away was now talking an__17____ interest in this food situation. I carefully extended a long__18____, with a keen eye on those teeth, and _19__, there were times I would have the groundhog sitting next to a rabbit, both munching(津津有味地咀嚼) on carrots. A few months later, while ___20___, she would even turn her back to me. ___21_When she was facing away, I reached out and ___22__scratched(搔)her back with my finger, She didn’t move. By year three, the rabbits and the groundhog were back. The groundhog ___23__didn’t have a problem with me scratching her back, and I got an ides, I’d always___24__, while slicing up carrots, that the end looked like a cap. ____25___one day, just to see what she would do, I gently ____26__ one on top of the groundhog’s head. Again, not a ___27__, The next time, I had my camera ready to record what you see here, one of several dozen such pictures, ____28___she had a slice to eat, she never ___29___ the one of her head. It was a fair __30__ —I got a pleasure, and she had yet another tasty treat. 11. A. avoided B. started C. canceled D. suggested 12. A. business B. fun C. problem D. privilege 13. A. help B. cheat C. threat D. exception 14. A. trust B. miss C. admire D. appreciate 15. A. feared B. ignored C. discovered D. remembered 16. A. proved B. decided C. noticed D. understood 17. A. extreme B. increasing C. additional D. inspiring 18. A. squirrel B. rabbit C. peanut D. carrot 19. A. before long B. long ago C. over and over D. all over again 20. A. eating B. playing C. sitting D. sleeping 21. A. Next B. Once C. Soon D. Lately 22. A. carefully B. suddenly C. violently D. patiently 23. A. also B. thus C. just D. still 24. A. thought B. doubted C. admitted D. recognized 25. A. While B. Or C. So D. For 26. A. fixed B. placed C. hung D. kept 27. A. tremble B. move C. delay D. hesitation 28. A. Even if B. Ever since C. As far as D. So long as 29. A. welcomed B. required C. bothered D. expected 30. A. trade B. competition C. task D. affair 2015 上海卷 If you studied pictures that ancient people left on rock walls and you tried to determine their meaning, you would not detect interest in romance among the artists. 51 , you would see plenty of animals with people running after them. Life for ancient people’s earned to center on hunting and gathering wild foods for meals. In modern times, when food is available in grocery stores, finding love is more 52 to people’s lives. The 53 is all around us. It is easy to prepare a list of modern stories having to do with love. An endless number of books and movies qualify as love stories in popular culture. Researchers are studying whether love, a highly valued emotional state, can be 54 . They ask,

what is love? Toothpaste companies want us to think attraction is all about clean teeth, but clean teeth go only so far. Scientists wonder how much the brain gets involved. You have probably heard that opposites attract but that 55 attract, too. One thing is certain: The truth about love is not yet set in stone. First Impression To help determine the 56 of attraction, researchers paired 164 college classmates and had them talk for 3, 6 or 10 minutes so they could get a sense of each other’s individuality. Then students were asked to 57 what kind of relationship they were likely to build with their partners. After nine weeks, they reported what happened. As it turned out, their 58 judgments often held true. Students seemed to 59 at an early stage who would best fit into their lives. The 60 Knows Scientists have also turned to nonhumans to increase understanding of attraction. Many animals give off pheromones — natural chemicals that can be detected by, and then can produce a response in, other animals of the same species. Pheromones can signal that an animal is either ready to fight or is feeling 61 to partnerships. In contrast, humans do not seem to be as 62 as other animals at detecting such chemicals. Smell, however, does seem to play a part in human attraction. Although we may not be aware of chemicals like pheromones consciously, we give and receive loads of information through smell in every interaction with other people. Face Value Being fond of someone seems to have a number of factors, including seeing something we find attractive. Researchers had people judge faces for 63 . The participants had 0.013 seconds to view each face, yet somehow they generally considered the images the same as people who had more time to study the same faces. The way we 64 attractiveness seem to be somewhat automatic. When shown an attractive face and then words with good or bad associations, people responded to 65 words faster after viewing an attractive face. Seeing something attractive seems to cause happy thinking. 51. A. Instead B. Therefore C. Moreover D. Otherwise 52. A. romantic B. stressful C. central D. artificial 53. A. priority B. proof C. possibility D. principle 54. A. seated B. impressed C. changed D. erased 55. A. appearances B. virtues C. similarities D. position 56. A. illustrations B. imaginations C. ingredients D. instructors 57. A. predict B. investigate C. diagnose D. recall 58. A. critical B. initial C. random D.* 59. A. memorize B. distinguish C. negotiate D. question 60. A. Nose B. Eye C. Heart D. Hand 61. A. open B. alert C. resistant D. superior 62. A. disappointed B. amazed C. confused D. gifted 63. A. emotion B. attractiveness C. individuality D. signals 64. A. enhance B. possess C. maintain D. asses 65. A. familiar B. plain C. positive D. Irritating 2015 陕西卷 26—30 CDADB 31---35 BBCAB 36—40 CBCDC 41—45 DADBB

Dad had a green comb. He bought it when he married Mum. Every night, he would hand me his 26 and say, “Good girl, help Daddy clean it, OK?” I was 27 to do it. At age five, this dull task brought me such 28 . I would excitedly turn the tap 29 and brush the comb carefully. Satisfied that I’d done a good job, I would happily return the comb to Dad. He would 30 affectionately at me and place the comb on his wallet. Two years later, Dad started his own 31 , which wasn’t doing so well. That was when things started to 32 . Dad didn’t come home as early and as much as he used to. Mum and I became 33 with him for placing our family in trouble. With 34 , an uncomfortable silence grew between us. After my graduation, Dad’s business was getting back on track. On my 28th birthday, Dad came home 35 . As usually I helped him carry his bags into his study. When I turned to leave, he said ,“Hey, would you help me 36 my comb?” I looked at him a while, then 37 the comb and headed to the sink. It hit me then: why, as a child, 38 Dad clean his comb was such a pleasure. That routine(习惯) meant Dad was home early to 39 the evening with Mum and me. It 40 a happy and loving family. I passed the clean comb back to Dad. He smiled at me and 41 placed his comb on his wallet. But this time , I noticed something 42 . Dad had aged. He had wrinkles next to his eyes when he smiled, 43 his smile was still as 44 as before, the smile of a father who just wanted a good 45 for his family. 26. A. bag B. wallet C. comb D. brush 27. A. annoyed B. relieved C. ashamed D. pleased 28. A. joy B. sadness C. courage D. pain 29. A. out B. over C. in D. on 30. A. stare B. smile C. shout D. laugh 31. A. family B. business C. task D. journey 32. A. progress B. change C. improve D. form 33. A. satisfied B. delighted C. mad D. strict 34. A. time B. patience C. speed D. ease 35. A. occasion ally B. early C. frequently D. rarely 36. A. sharply B. repair C. clean D. keep 37. A. dropped B. took C. handed D. threw 38. A. watching B. letting C. helping D. hearing 39. A. find B. lose C. waste D. spend 40. A. affected B. broke C. meant D. supported 41. A. firmly B. hurriedly C. casually D. carefully 42. A. different B. exciting C. interesting D. urgent 43. A. for B. or C. so D. yet 44. A. convincing B. heartwarming C. cautious D. innocent 45. A. origin B. life C. reputation D. education 2015 浙江卷 21. DBABC 26. CABDC 31. AADCD 36. ABADB Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford, I've watched one friend after another land high-ranking, high-paying Wall Street jobs. As executives(高级管理人员) with banks, consulting

firms, established law firms, and major corporations, many are now 21 on their way to impressive careers. By society’s 22 , they seem to have it made. On the surface, these people seem to be very lucky in life. As they left student life behind, many had a 23 drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with longtime roommates, and 24 out of small apartments into high buildings. They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine 25 a college year's monthly rent. They replaced their beloved old car with expensive new sports cars. The thing is, a number of them have 26 that despite their success, they aren’t happy. Some 27 of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight-hour workweeks devoted to tasks they 28 . Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and 29 . However, instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the 30 to which they have so quickly become 31 . People often speak of trying a more satisfying path, and 32 the end the idea of leaving, their jobs to work for something they 33 or finding a position that would give them more time with their families almost always leads them to the same conclusion; it’ s 34 . They have loans, bills, a mortgage ( 抵 押 贷 款 ) to 35 , retirement to save for. They recognize there’s something 36 in their lives, but it’s 37 to step off the track. In a society that tends to 38 everything in terms of dollars and cents, we learn form a young age to consider the costs of our 39 in financial terms. But what about the personal and social costs 40 in pursuing money over meaning? These are exactly the kinds of us tend to ignore — and the very ones we need to consider most. 21. A. much B. never C. seldom D. well 22. A. policies B. standards C. experiments D. regulations 23. A. last B. least C. second D. best 24. A. cycled B. moved C. slid D. looked 25. A. shared B. paid C. equaled D. collected 26. A. advertised B. witnessed C. admitted D. demanded 27. A. complain B. dream C. hear D. approve 28. A. distribute B. hate C. applaud D. neglect 29. A. calm B. guilty C. warm D. empty 30. A. family B. government C. lifestyle D. project 31. A. accustomed B. appointed C. unique D. available 32. A. yet B. also C. instead D. rather 33. A. let out B. turn in C. give up D. believe in 34. A. fundamental B. practical C. impossible D. unforgettable 35. A. take of B. drop off C. put off D. pay off 36. A. missing B. inspiring C. sinking D. shining 37. A. harmful B. hard C. useful D. normal 38. A. measure B. suffer C. digest D. deliver 39. A. disasters B. motivations C. campaigns D. decisions 40. A. assessed B. involved C. covered D. reduced

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