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【中考宝典】广东省2016中考英语 语法考点复习 连词课件

连 词

连词概述 连词是连接词、短语、从句语
句子的词,它是虚词,不能单独担 任句子成分。连词主要分为并列连 词和从属连词等。

如:and, but, or, however, neither…nor…, not only…but also…, as well as, so等。

(1) 并列连词

(2) 从属连词

考点梳理 并列连词用来连接并列关系的词、词组或分句。 它包括:and, or, but, for, both…and…, either…or…, neither…nor…, not only…but also…, as well as等。
1.not only…but also… neither both…a …nor… Both you and I are Chinese. either…o nd…… I like both sports and music. r…连接两 和…;都 个名词或代 not Not only you but also your father is coming. 词作主语时, only…but 使用“就近 She learns not only English but also 原则”; also不仅… Japanese. 2. A or B 而且… 和not A but neither B 作主语时, Neither you nor he is right. …nor…既 使用“就近 原则”; Tina likes neither running nor swimming. 不…也 3. A as 不… well as B结 as well as Bob as well as his family has gone to England. 构作主语时 和,也 使用“就远 原则”。 or 和,并 Now we have no time or money. (用于否定句) 且

考点一 并列连词

and 和;并 且

He got up and left the room. He went abroad and I went Harbin last year.

表 并 列 关 系

表选 择关 either…o 系 r…或者… 或者…
but 但是

or 或者

Either you or she is wrong. 考点梳理 Can you speak either French or English? She is sixty, but she still looks young. She is tired but happy. Not Tom but I am going to give the talk. Mom is cooking while dad is watching TV.

Tom or I am right. Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

表转 while 而 折关 however 然 It was raining. However, he arrived on time. 系 而 yet 然而.可 He studied hard yet he failed. 是 I missed the early bus, so I was late today. so 所以 表因 I went to sleep soon, for I was very tired. 果关 for 因为 The sun has risen,for the birds are 系 singing. Work hard, and you will do well in the exam. 祈使句 = If you work hard, you will do well in the +and … exam. 特别 用法 祈使句 + Hurry up, or you will miss the bus. = If you don’t hurry up, you will miss the or…(or 否 bus. 则)

and常是 比较好的 结果 or 则表 示不愉快 或不理想 的结果

( ) 1. Study 考点梳理 hard, _________ you will pass the exam. A. so B. or C. but D. and ( ) 2. Diana isn’t here, ________ leave a message on her desk. A. or B. so C. and D. but ( ) 3. —Would you like to have dinner with me? —I’d love, ___________ I’m too busy now. A. and B. or C. but D. so ( ) 4. —Lucy, save water, _______we will have no water to drink in the future. —OK, you are quite right. A. or B. and C. so D. but


( ) 5. He speaks _____ English ______ French. 考点梳理 Instead, he speaks German A. either; or B. not only; but also C. both; and D. neither; nor ( ) 6. Mr Smith comes from Australia, but he has worked in China for five years. So you can talk with him ______________. A. either in English or in Chinese B. not in Chinese but in English C. just in English, not in Chinese D. neither in Chinese nor in English ( ) 7. Not only my grandpa but also all of us ______ looking forward to meeting my uncle. A. are B. is C. were D. was


考点梳理 that,when,till, 从属连词用来引导从句,它包括: until after,before,since,because,if,whether。 though,although,so…that,so that,as soon as, as…as等。
引 导 时 间 状 语 从 句

考点二 从属连词

he finished the homework, he left 在…之后 After school at once. to turn off the light before you go before 在…之前 Remember out . was doing my homework when my mother when 当…时候 I came back. While I was doing my homework , my 当…时候 mother came back . while 和…同时 While I was cooking, my brother was doing homework. not… until 直到…才 You won’t understand until you meet him. till/until 直到 Let’s wait till the rain stops. ’ll tell your father the truth as soon as he as soon as 一…就… I comes here. since It has been seven years since he left here. 自从 after

引导条件 状语从句 引导原因 状语从句 引导目的 状语从句 引导结果 状语从句 引导比较 状语从句 引导让步 状语从句 引导宾语 从句

If you don’t get up early , you won’t catch the early bus. 除非/如 Unless you get up early , you won’t unless catch the early bus . 果不 She was late for school because her car because 因为 broke down. Jim sat in front so that he could hear so that 以便 the teacher clearly. so…that 如此… Tom is so clever that he learns Chinese … well. 以致 than They have more books than we (have). 比 与…一 Our school is as beautiful as theirs. as…as 样 Though he is very tired , he is still though 尽管; practicing the piano . 虽然 Although it was raining hard, they although went on working. Her mother told her that she would that 无词义 come to school. if, whether 是否 I don’t know if he will come.




( ) 8. My mother prefers to take a bus to her office ______ she has a car of her own. A. if B. because C. although D. until ( ) 9. Your dream will come true ______ you put your heart and soul into it. A. if B. unless C. although D. until ( )10. —When will you return the book to me? —I’ll give it to you _______ I finish it. A. once B. until C. as soon as D. unless ( ) 11. —I’m busy with my school work these days. —That’s great! You won’t get good grades _________ you work hard. A. if B. because C. unless D. after



( ) 12. Mum says ______ I do my homework now, I can watch TV for an hour tonight. A. if B. though C. because D. while ( ) 13. Rick has learned a lot about Chinese culture _______ he came to China. A. before B. when C. until D. since ( ) 14. —I really enjoy Chinese food! —Me, too. My mouth was watering _______ I watched the TV program A Bite of China. A. when B. before C. since D. after ( ) 15. —When did you know the news? —I knew nothing about it ______ my friend told me. A. after B. it C. because D. until



( ) 16.Beijing has ________ many buses that there is often a traffic jam in rush hours. A. so B. very C. too D. much ( ) 17. She bought a digital camera online __________ she saved a lot of time. A. so that B. as soon as C. no matter D. such that ( ) 18. John fell asleep _________ he was listening to the music. A. after B. before C. while D. as soon as



考点三 要注意的几个问题

考点梳理 1. because 与so不能同时出现在一个句子里,只
能用其一。如: Because he was tired, he couldn’t walk there. =He was tired, so he couldn’t walk. 因为他累了,所以不能走到那儿。 2. although/though, but 不能同时出现在一个句 子里,只能用其一。 但although/though和yet可以同时出现在一个句 子里(yet用作副词),如: Though he was tired, he still worked hard. =He was tired, but he still worked hard. 虽然他很累,但是仍然努力工作。

3. when 与while用法区别 两者均可表示“当 ……的时候”,如果主句谓语 考点梳理 动词表示的是短暂性动作,从句表示的是持续性 动作或状态,而主从句的动作同时发生时, when 与while可以互换;如: I met an old friend of mine when/while I was walking along the river. 不同点在于:when引导的从句的谓语动词是终 止性动词,动作发生在主句前后。While引导的 从句的谓语动词是延续性动词,主、从句动作同 时发生。如: I was doing my homework while my sister was watching TV. I was going to school, when I found a wallet on the road.


考点梳理 中考连词重点考查连词短语以及灵活

运用从属连词引导从句的能力。答题过程 中要根据上下文来正确判断、选择使用。 特别要注意连词的含义、使用范围和用法 相似的连词辨析。在书面表达题目中,正 确使用连词可以使句子结构紧凑,层次分 明,从而提高作文的档次。

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