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Unit5 lesson1 Performance 北师大版必修2

Unit 5 Rhythm Lesson 1

Have you ever watched a concert “live”, on TV or on video? Tell the class about it using the Key Words to help you. extremely good, the concert adjectives attractive, the music, the singing, the boring, brilliant, enjoyable exciting, guitar , the drums fantastic, poor, quite good, really loud the lighting, the special disappointing, impressive effects the stage design extraordinary the sound clear, poor

the songs, the words

clear, unclear

Alanis Morissette 阿兰妮斯· 莫里塞特
------ A Canadian rock singer and song writer, who has won Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance

What do you think Alanis’ live concert? the concert adjectives the music, the singing, the boring, brilliant, exciting, guitar , the drums fantastic, poor, quite good, really loud the lighting, the special Disappointing, impressive effects the stage design extraordinary the sound the songs, the words clear, poor clear, unclear

Read the concert review quickly and then match the four paragraphs with the titles:

Paragraph 1

A.The end of the concert

Paragraph 2

B.How the audience reacted

Paragraph 3

C.The songs played

Paragraph 4

D.The start of the concert

Read the concert review again and then find words in the text with the following meanings: audience _____________ 1. The people who watch a concert album _____________ 2. records

extremely _____________ 3. very throughout _____________ 4. From the beginning to the end
fan _____________ 5. Someone who loves and supports a famous person

Read the concert review again and then make some notes: Name: ________________ Year to be born:_________ Alanis Morissette In 1974 Canada Nationality:_____________ Jagged Little Pill Most famous album: _________________ Time to come out: ___________ In 1995 In 1995 Time to become famous: ___________ Grammy Award Award: ____________________________________________ Something about her songs: Everything but…____________________________________ Tells the story of someone looking for ____________________________________ love in the wrong places Uninvited: _________________________________________ the best rock song Utopia: full of feeling, such as ________________________ anger, love and joy Heartache: ________________________________________ about the life of a superstar

Something about the performance in England On a Thursday night in 2004 Time: ____________________________________________ At the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England Where: __________________________________________ 3 hours Hours: ___________

Disadvantage:______________________________________ The concert hall was cold. The sound system caused a few problems. ______________________________________ The reaction of the audience: There was not an empty seat anywhere in the hall. 1.___________________________________________ They enjoyed the concert. 2.___________________________________________ They knew the words and sang along to nearly 3.___________________________________________ every song. ___________________________________________

Language points
1. Have you ever watched a concert “live” on TV or on video ? live adj.活的,有生命的,实况播出 的,现场直播的

?a live fish ?Is it a live broadcast or a recorded one ? ?我喜欢看现场演出. I like watching live show.

2. be used to ?


used to do sth 过去常常
I used to get up very late.


There used to be a shop
near the school, and now a tall building is standing there. ( 强调今昔对比)

be/get used to + n. / doing sth.
? I am used to the climate here.

? The pilot is used to flying in all sorts
of weather .

? You’ll soon get used to the life here.

1. He ________ the life here. is used to 2. I’m not used to speaking English ______________ in the class. 3. I __________ in small town when used to live

I was a child.

3. come out :

a) to appear in the sky
b) to be produced and become

available for people to buy
c) to become known
come out with sth.: to say sth. suddenly or unexpectedly 突然说出或想出

1) It was getting dark and the stars were coming out. a 2) When’s your new book coming out ? b 3) It has now come out that many people suffered severe side effect from the drug.

他突然说了几个新的想法。 He came out with some new ideas.

4.It sold 15 million copies and made her world famous. It 指的是前面的唱片 sold 用做不及物动词, 用主动形式 表达被动意义. 其后跟有表销售数量 或销售情况好坏的状语. This kind of dictionary sells well in the bookstore.

5. She has continued giving great

performances on stage.
continue vi. / vt.

eg. He continued his work.
continue to do sth. = continue doing sth.

= continue with sth.

give a performance
= put on a performance(上演节目)

continued eg. 1) The fighting _________for two days . 2) He continued with his _____________ painting though he was tired. 3) Shecontinued to look at us ___________ in silence.

--continuous adj. --continuously adv.

The brain needs continuous supply of a
____________________ blood.



6….caused a few problems. cause sth. ; cause someone to do sth. ; cause someone sth. 1) 是什么引起了那次事故? What caused that accident ? ______ 2) 他的病使他错过了那场比赛. caused him to miss His illness ________________ the game.

3) 这场火灾是由计划不周所造成的. was caused by The disaster ____________ poor planning. 4) 这些老照片使她很伤心。 caused her sadness The old photos


cause VS. reason
cause指导致某种行为、产生某种结 果的或事物, 通常与介词of 连用 reason指通过逻辑判断推出来得理由, 指发生某事的缘由或借口, 常与介词for 连用


Heat is the _______ the expansion cause of
of matter. Give your reason for changing the _________ plan.

7.Throughout the concert, the

atmosphere inside the concert hall
was extremely exciting.

throughout prep. : from the
beginning to the end;

all over a place

eg. throughout the year / season /

throughout the country / city 1) All the listeners were excited by his speech throughout the meeting.(会议期间) 2) He was popular with the students all over the country.(全国上下)

8. Everyone agreed that they were
greatly impressed by

Morissette’s brilliant music and

impress vt. :to fill someone with
admiration or respect 使感动, 使


impress … on… 把…印在…上 impress sth. on sb. impress sb. with sth. 印入脑海

be impressed by/at/with被…所感动,

1) 我父亲对我强调了努力工作的重要性. My father__________________________ impressed on me the value of hard work. 2) “中国制造”的字样印在一块金属板上. The words “ Made in China ” was

impressed on a metal plate. ____________
3) 他的事迹使我们深受感动. We were deeply impressed ________________________by his deeds.

What he said that day

_______________________my was deeply impressed on

impression n.印象.
leave or make an impression on sb.

All that left ( made ) a lasting impression on

9. although ;though 是连词 ,引导让步 状语从句,它们可以互换,但用了 although ; though 就不能用 but; and 可以用副词 yet; still.
e.g. Although it was raining hard, (yet) they still went on marching.

如果though 相当于 as 并且处于第二个 单词的位置时,这时就不能用although e.g. Child though/as he is, he knows a lot. though 还可以作副词,放在句末。

e.g. He said he would phone me; he didn’t though.

Practice: 1.她习惯于睡觉前喝一杯牛奶。 2.我毕业后继续致力于教育。(continue, dedicate) 3.干旱(the drought)使得蔬菜价格上涨。 4.校长让我们明白了学习英语的重要性。 (impress sth. on sb.)

The answers:
1. She is used to having a glass of milk

before going to bed.
2. After I had graduated I continued to dedicate myself to education. 3. The drought caused the vegetable prices to go up.

4. The headmaster impressed the importance of learning English on us.

Listen to a telephone conversation carefully and try to find out who decides to pick up the tickets:
Sue decided to pick up the tickets.

Listen again and find out who said these things, Sue or Ricky?
1. I’ll pick up the tickets at lunchtime tomorrow.


2. I’ll go and pick them up as soon as school finishes.
3. I’ll ask her when she gets back tonight. 4. I’ll go and get them now, before I go to the dentist.


Listen again and answer the following questions:
1. Why can’t Ricky pick the tickets up at lunchtime tomorrow? Because he’s got choir practice. 2. Why can’t he pick them up after school tomorrow?

Because the ticket office will be closed. 3. Where does Ricky’s mum work?
Near the ticket office. 4. Where is Sue going after she’s got the tickets? To the dentist.

Listen again and complete the following with proper words or phrases: Sue: Hello. going to the concert Ricky: Hi, it’s me. Are we still __________________on Saturday? Sue: Yeah, fine. at lunchtime Ricky: I’ll pick up the tickets ___________tomorrow. No … I can’t. I’ve got school finishes choir practice. I know. I’ll go and pick them up as soon as______________. ticket office Sue: You can’t tomorrow. It’s early closing. The ___________closes early. Ricky: You’re right. Maybe my mum can get them. She works near the gets back ticket office. I’ll ask her when she __________ tonight. go to Sue: I’ve got a better idea, Ricky. I’ll go and get them now, before I _____ ___________. the dentist… Ricky: Oh, all right … but I said … otherwise Sue: I have to rush, ___________ I won’t have time. Bye.

Linking words 引导词

The present simple (not will) 一般现在时

The future

1. I’ll pick up the tickets at lunchtime tomorrow.

2. I’ll go and pick them up as soon as school finishes. finishes
when 3. I’ll ask her when she gets back tonight. 4. I’ll go and get them now, before I go to the dentist. before go Adverbial of time 时间状语 Adverbial Clause of time 时间状语从句

when, as soon as, while, as, after, before, the moment, immediately, each time, every time,

Linking words 引导词 1. There was not an empty seat anywhere in the concert hall at last Thursday’s event, although it was an extremely cold night. 2. Although the concert hall was cold and the sound system caused a few problems, the audience could still enjoy the although, though, concert.
even if, even though,

Adverbial Clause of concession

no matter who / whom / when / where / what / how (+adj. / adv.)


whenever, wherever, however (+adj ./ adv.), whatever, whoever, whomever

Make your decision according to each situation: Example: 1. Your younger sister is worrying about a maths test tomorrow. Don’t worry. I’ll help you. 2. You’re very hungry and you see a café on the other side of the street. I’ll have something to eat in that café. 3. You’re passing a flower shop when you remember that it’s your friend’s birthday today. I’ll buy some flowers for my friends. 4. You’re reading a TV programme guide. There’s a concert with your favorite singer tonight. I’ll watch that concert tonight.

5. The telephone rings.

I’ll answer it.

6. There’s a knock at the door.

I’ll see who it is.

Complete the following sentences:
Example: We’ll make tea when the guests arrive.

the lesson finishes 1. We’ll have a party when _________________________________.
you leave 2. I’ll tell you before ______________________________________. they are very busy 3. They’ll come to attend the meeting although ______________________. she works here for only three years 4. Although ___________________________________, she’s already been promoted twice.

I’m not on duty now 5. No, this is my responsibility, although ____________________________

Pair Work:
Talk about your future plans by using the expressions below. go to college; find a job; rent a flat; learn to drive; go on holidays; continues studying; …

Example A: I will find a job as soon as I finish college.

B. I will continue studying when I finish college.
A. …

B. …

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