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郑 路 中 学 师 生 导 学 案
班级 温馨寄语: 姓名 Let’s learn to take good care of yourself and work hard. 让我们学会照顾好自己,努力学习。 英语 主备人 赵学斌 审 核 时间 时间 新授课 课时数 1

使用人 Unit2 Section A 3a-3c 课型 学习目标 1.重点词汇用法及短语动词用法。 2.理解短文大意,把握细节。 理解短文大意,把握细节


过程与方法: 一、 【自主学习】 (一)翻译下列词组: 1.放弃______________ 2.动物医院_________________ 3.关心__________________ 4.实现______________ 5.at the age of four________________ 6.try out for ________________ 7.after-school reading program __________ (二)自读、小组内互读单词和词组。 二、 【合作探究】 (一)阅读训练: 1. 读文章,回答下列问题,完成 3a&3b。 (1)What do Mario and Mary volunteer to do? _____________________________________ (2)Why do Mario and Mary volunteer to help others? ______________________________________ (3)What do they say about volunteering? ______________________________________ 2. 细读文章,完成以下表格。 Who When Where What do they do? Mario Mary 3.再读文章,勾画出其中的重点短语。 (二)用动词不定式填空,完成 3c。 (三)语言学习。 1. Mario Green and Mary Brown from Riverside High School give up several

教师个人 添加 (学生 学习记录)

hours each week to help others. 来自河畔高中的马里奥.格林和玛丽.布朗每周 都会花几个小时去帮助别人。 【解析 1】give up 放弃 give up doing sth=stop doing sth 放弃做某事 ( ) I find it too difficult to learn English well. I want to drop it. A. give up it B. give it up C. give away it D. give it away 2. But I want to learn more about how to care for animals. 【 【解析】care for 照看;照顾; 照料 Many students in our school _______ the old and they usually offer their seats to th them on buses. A. A.worry about B. care for C. agree with D. take care 【拓展】care 的短语总结 take care =be careful v.当心,小心 take care of =look after v.照顾,照料,照看 take care of 处理,做完 care for v.照顾,照看 3.She could read by herself at the age of four. 她在四岁的时候就能够独自阅读。 【解析】at the age of 在......岁的时候= when sb. was ... years old. —Do you know Mo Yan? —Of course, He won the 2012 Nobel Prize four Literature _____ the age of 57. A. in B. at C. on D. To 4.Last year, she decided to try out for a volunteer after-school reading program. 去年,她决定尝试在一个课后阅读项目中做一名志愿者。 【解析】try out 尝试;实验 try v 试图,设法,努力 【拓展】 (1)try on 试穿 (2) try to do sth 努力做某事 【侧重尽力做】 (3) try doing sth 试图做某事 【侧重尝试做】 (4)try one’s best to do sth= do one’s best to do sth 尽某人最大努力做某事 ①We should __________________(尽最大努力)to be happy in the future. ② We should try ___ much fruit. A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. Eats 三、【达标检测】 用动词不定式填空,完成 3c. 第 4 课时 Section A 4a-4c 【学习目标】1.重点词汇用法及短语动词用法。 2.复习所学过的短语动词。 【重点、难点】复习所学过的短语动词。 一、 【自主学习】

(一)翻译下列词组: 1.张贴______________ 2.分发_________________ 3.打电话_______________ 4.使振奋______________ 5.想出________________ 6.捐赠 ________________ 7.推迟 __________________ 8.闲暇时间_______________ 9.考虑___________________ 10.制定计划_______________ 11.无家可归的人____________ 12.停止做某事_____________ (二)自读、小组内互读单词和词组。 二、 【合作探究】 (一)朗读并翻译 Grammar Focus 里的句子,注意其中几个短语动词的用法: try out 参加…选拔,试用;put up 张贴,悬挂,提出,想出 (二)用表格中的短语动词填空,完场 4a。 (三)用方框中所给单词的正确形式填空,完成 4b,朗读短文,勾画出其中 的重点短语。 (四)语言学习。 1.For example , we can make plans to visit sick children in the hospital or raise money for homeless people. 例如, 我们可以制定一些计划去看望医院生病的 孩子们或者无家可归的人们筹钱。 【解析】 home n. 家→homeless adj. 无家可归的 be home to … = be the home of sb. 成为…家园 a homeless boy 一个无家可归的男孩 We have only one Earth. It's our common _____. A. family B. house C. home D. room 【拓展】由 home 构成的合成词: homeland n 祖国 hometown n 家乡 homework 家庭作业 homeless adj. 无家可归的 home-made adj. 自制的 He was born in Italy, but he has made China his ____. A. family B. address C. house D. home careless 粗心的 hopeless 没有希望的 helpless 无助的 useless 没有用的 be home to sb. = be the home of sb. 是某人的家 ①You should do something to help ________(无家可归的)people. ② Mr. Li regards Ningxia as his second ___ because he has been here for over twenty years. A. family B. house C. room D. home 2. Some people even stop doing their jobs for a few months to a year to move to another country, like Africa, and help people there. 有些人甚至会停下自己的工作几个月到一年去其他的国家,像非洲,并且 帮助那里的人们。 【解析】 stop doing (1)stop doing sth. 停止做某事 Please stop speaking.请停止讲话

(2)stop to do sth. 停下来去做另外一件事 Please stop to talk.请停下来讲话 (3)stop sb. from doing sth. =keep sb from doing sth=prevent sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 (4)can’t stop doing sth. 忍不住做…… ①Seeing their teacher ____ into the classroom, they stopped _____ at once. A. walk; telling B. entering; to speak C. enter; to tell D. walking; talking ②—Dad, why must I stop computer games? —For your health, my boy. A. play B. to play C. to playing D. playing 三、 【达标检测】 1.Don’t put off ______ your mistakes in the exam paper. A. to correct B. correcting C. play correct D. corrected 2.At last he _______ some good ideas about their volunteer day . A. came up with B. thought of C. put up D. set up 3. Did John ______ the books to the students this morning? A. gave out B. give up C. give out D. give in 4. Mary always volunteer her time ______ others. A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped 5. –Jim takes ______ his father. --You mean he is similar ______ his father? A. for; as B. to ; with C. after; to D. away; from 6.Our teacher asked us _____ so much noise. Because the baby was sleeping at that time. A. don’t make B. not making C. not make D. not to make 7.这些单词都很重要。请把它们记下来。 These words are all very important. ________ ________ ________ , please! 8.你的帮助使我拥有 Lucky 成为可能,它对我的生活有很大的影响。 You helped to make it possible for me to have Lucky, it ________ _______ __________ _________ to my life. 9.再一次谢谢你改变了我的生活。 Thank you ________ for ________ my life. 教学反思(学生学习总结)

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