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2009 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 全国中学生英语能力竞赛 中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 National English Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students (NEPCS)
(高二试题) Senior two high schools (总分:150 分 答题时间:120 分钟) 总分:150 答题时间:120 分钟)

听力部分(共三大题,计 30 分) 听力部分(
I. Responses (问句应答) (共 5 小题; 问句应答) 小题; 每小题 1 分, 5 分) Listen to the 计 following questions and choose the best response to each one. Each question will be read only once.(请听问句,然后选出一个能够恰当回答你 once.(请听问句,然后选出一个能够恰当回答你 所听到的问句的最佳选项。每个问句只读一遍。)(答案涂在答题纸上) 所听到的问句的最佳选项。每个问句只读一遍。)( 答案涂在答题纸上) )(答案涂在答题纸上

1. A.I believe there is one Hilton Street.

B.I found something nice to translate.

C. You'll find they have an excellent service.

2. A.I would, but only on the return trip.

D. Sorry, we sold all the paintings.

C. They referred me to this agency.

B. The class was hard for me.

3. A. They're expecting it to snow.

D. My first lesson is geography.

C. There's no way to get there.

B. The weather report said several feet.

4. A. She went to the classroom too early.

C. There's an accident on the bridge.

D. Fine, we've got a lot of time.

5.A.I don't use a pencil very often.

B.I left because I was curious.

C.I can't decide which pen to buy.

D. All right, I'll just wait here. D. It usually lasts a week. B. I think it's a ruler.

II. Dialogues (对话理解)(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 对话理解)( )(共

A) Listen to the following mini-dialogues. Each dialogue is followed by a question. Choose the best answer or picture for each question. Each dialogue and question will be read twice.(请听下面五组 twice.(请听下面五组 小对话,每组对话后有一个问题,根据你所听到的对话内容,选择能回答所提问 小对话,每组对话后有一个问题,根据你所听到的对话内容, 题的最佳选项。每组对话和问题读两遍。)(答案涂在答题纸上) 题的最佳选项。每组对话和问题读两遍。)( 答案涂在答题纸上) )(答案涂在答题纸上

6.A.The heat wave.

B. Eileen's homework.

C. Dania's health.

D. Their working conditions.


8.A.In a key store.

B. In a hotel restaurant.

C. In a friend's dining room.

D. At a drinks party.

9.A. A travel agent.

B. A college professor.

C. A car rental agency.

D. A department store salesperson.

10.A.On business.

B. For sightseeing.

C. To interview the local people.

D. To photograph the city.

B) Listen to the following dialogue and choose the best answer to each question. The dialogue will be read twice.(请听下面一段对话,选择 twice.(请听下面一段对话,选择 能回答下列问题的最佳选项。对话读两遍。)(答案涂在答题纸上) 能回答下列问题的最佳选项。对话读两遍。)( 答案涂在答题纸上) )(答案涂在答题纸上

11. What does the man want to do?

A. Find a part-time job.

B. Ask the woman some questions.

C. Help students find work.

D. Work in the employment office.

12. Where does the dialogue probably take place?

A. In a library.

B. In a classroom.

C .In a campus office.

D. In an apartment.

13. How many hours of work does the man want per week?

A. Not more than ten. twenty.

B. At least

C. Not more than twenty.

D. Up to ten.

14. When can the man work?

A. Every morning. weekends.

B. Afternoons and

C. In the evening. afternoon.

D. Every weekday

15. What does the woman tell the man to do tomorrow?

A .Fill out the form.

B. Come to work.

C .Tell her some news.

D. Phone her.

C) Listen to the following dialogue and match the people with the information in the right-hand column. The dialogue will be read twice.(请听下面一段对话,将第 16--20 题中的人物与右栏的信息进行匹配。 twice.(请听下面一段对话,将第 对话读两遍。)(答案涂在答题纸上) 对话读两遍。)( 答案涂在答题纸上) )(答案涂在答题纸上

16.Harry 17.Linda 18.Thomas 19.Victoria 20.James

A. a video about Africa B. a pen C. some white socks D. a white sweater E. a Japanese camera

III. Passages (短文理解)(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,计 10 分) 短文理解)( )(共

A) Listen to the following material and choose the best answer to each question. The material will be read twice. (请听下面一段材料,根据 你所听到的内容,选择能回答所提问题的最佳选项。材料读两遍。)(答案涂在答 你所听到的内容,选择能回答所提问题的最佳选项。材料读两遍。)(答案涂在答 题纸上) 题纸上)

21. Which course would this lecture probably be a part of?

A. Modern American Scientists.

B. United States History.

C. American Presidents. Literature.

D. Nineteenth-century American

22. What is the most common theme in Leaves of Grass?

A. The death of Abraham Lincoln. America.

B. A celebration of

C. The raising of plants. in life.

D. Spring, the best time

23. How many poems did the first edition of Leaves of Grass include?





24. What best describes Leaves of Grass?

A. It's a poem about the author.

B. It's a poem about Abraham Lincoln.

C. It's a collection of poems that grew with its author.

D. It's a collection of twelve poems that remained unchanged.

25. Which is the longest and best-known poem in Leaves of Grass?

A. A Braham Lincoln.

B. Song of Myself.

C. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Boomed.

D. A Season of New Life.

B) Listen to the following material and fill in the missing information in each numbered space, using no more than three

words. The material will be read twice.(请听下面一段材料,根据你所听到 twice.(请听下面一段材料,根据你所听到 的内容,补全空白处所缺的信息,每空不超过三个单词。材料读两遍。)(答案写 的内容,补全空白处所缺的信息,每空不超过三个单词。材料读两遍。)(答案写 在答题纸上) 在答题纸上)

Getting to the Hillside Water Park

·The water park lies in the (26)___________part of Sunshine City.

·It is open seven days a week from 7 am to 8:30 pm.

·You can get there on foot but it takes about (27)___________.

·There are regular buses from the (28)________ and the most direct is the number (29)_______ bus.

·If you are in a group or family (30)________ is the best choice.

笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分) 笔试部分(
Multiple-choice(选择填空)(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) Multiple-choice(选择填空)(共 选择填空)(

Below each of the following sentences, there are four choices, marked A, B,C and D. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.(从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。)(答 sentence.(从 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。)(答 案涂在答题纸上) 案涂在答题纸上)

31. We spent a week in Paris and had a great time going up________ Eiffel Tower, and taking _________ boat trip along the Seine.

A. a; a

B. the; a

C. the ;the


32. The _________ shoes were covered in mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into _________ car.

A. girl's; Tom's Toms'

B. girls'; Toms'

C. girls'; Tom's

D. girl's;

33. On Saturday morning we worked for _______ two hours and then stopped to have something to eat.

A. other

B. another

C .more

D. each

34. Because of a steady economic growth rate, the president can probably look_____ to another term.

A. up

B. above

C. over

D. forward

35. As the survey suggests fresh air, enough exercise and nutritious food ______ to good health.

A. contribute encourage

B. add

C. attribute


36. When I watched the film, I was ____ to see that it was quite________.

A. surprised; boring B. surprised; bored surprising; bored

C. surprising; boring D.

37. This is not the same painting _______ you offered to sell us the last time we were here.

A. hat

B. to which

C. for which

D. that

38.--Are you still going to the party on Friday?

--Yes, _________ something else comes up.

A. unless

B.in case of

C.as long as

D. supposing

39.--I'm seeing Dr Evans next week.

--That ________ be right. He will be on holiday then.

A. mustn't

B. needn't

C. can't

D. hasn't got to

40. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ______ in your mind instead of before your eyes.

A.to form

B. forming

C.to have formed

D. having formed

41. When he realized I ______ at him, he ______ away and walked out of the classroom.

A. looked; was turning

B. was looking; turned

C. was looking; was turning

D. looked; turned

42. Don't forget to walk the dog while I am away,_________ you?

A. will

B. shall


D. can

43. Nothing should go wrong, but if ________, give me a ring at this number.

A.it had

B. that is

C.it does

D. they should to

44.--When can we expect to see an improvement?


A. We're making home improvements

B. It will take several days

C. You can see her off tonight today

D. I'll pick it up when I come

45.--Do you have an earlier flight? I'm trying to get to Manila before noon.

--There is an 8:30 flight that will get you there by 11:00.

--__________ -then I can easily make the 12:30 meeting.

A. That'll be perfect

B. Thanks, I will check it later

C. I think it's a bit late

D. If so, I can change the flight

II. Cloze (完形填空)(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,计 10 分) 完形填空)( )(共

Read the following passage and fill in each blank with one word in one of the following three ways: ①according to the context, ② using the correct form of the words, ③according to the first letters of the words.(阅读下面的短文,用以下三种形式之一完成短文填空:①根据上 words.(阅读下面的短文 用以下三种形式之一完成短文填空: 阅读下面的短文, 下文填空;②用所给单词的正确形式填空;③根据单 下文填空;②用所给单词的正确形式填空;③ 词所给首字母填空。每空一词。)(答案写在答题纸上) 词所给首字母填空。每空一词。)( 答案写在答题纸上) )(答案写在答题纸上

Cholera is a disease spread by dirty water,

either when people drink the water, (46)_______ eat food which has been washed in the water, and not (47)______(proper)cooked. Unfortunately, until the mid-19th century, people believed that the disease (48) t_________ through the air. In the crowded cities of 19th-century Britain, cholera spread easily. Most doctors wrongly believed that fresh air and a better diet would (49)p_____ the disease. Huge fires were usually lit in the streets to drive (50)_______ the infection, and the clothes of victims were also burned. The streets were also cleaned thoroughly (51) w______ powerful chemicals. However, people continued to suffer dreadfully. In 1854, a doctor in London, John Snow, announced with certainty that cholera spread through (52) i________ drinking water. He did this by carefully (53)_______(collect)statistics about the infection in one part of London. He managed to prove that in an area (54)_______ deaths from cholera were highest, the water was entirely responsible for cholera infection.(55)________(Improve)made to sewers(下水道)and supplies of drinking water later led to a decrease in deaths from cholera.

III.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,计 40 comprehension(阅读理解)(共 阅读理解)( 小题; 分)

Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions. Respond to the questions according to the passage.(阅读 passage.(阅读 下列短文,然后根据短文后的要求答题。)(答案与在答题纸上) 下列短文,然后根据短文后的要求答题。)( 答案与在答题纸上) )(答案与在答题纸上

The camel library is like no other library. It is unique to Kenya. Like traditional libraries, books can be borrowed and returned. Unlike traditional libraries, books are carried to people by camels.

The camel library was started in Northern Kenya, where many people live in remote villages. The nearest town, called Garissa, is hundreds of kilometers away from these villages. Many of the villagers have never learned to read. They cannot afford to buy books, let alone have access to the Internet. Until 1996, the only library in the area was in Garissa. The distance meant villagers could not get to it.

The problem was solved with the creation of a mobile library .However, while mobile libraries in other places use trucks, this one uses camels to take the books to the villages. Camels are often the most efficient form of transportation in Northern Kenya, as the poor roads make driving difficult. Trucks, buses, and cars often break down. Camels can carry heavy things and travel long distances without water. And, unlike trucks, they don't need good roads.

The camel library uses three camels. They carry more than 200 books to ten villages in Northern Kenya. Four people travel with the camels. One of them acts as a guard to make sure no one tries to steal the books along the way. The camels walk from one village to another, five days a week. The camel library spends one day in each village, and then goes to the next small town. It visits each village once every two weeks.

The books in the camel library are in English, which the children in the villages are learning as a foreign language in school. Swahili is the national language of Kenya, but there are not many books written in Swahili.

Books can be borrowed for only two weeks at a time. If someone finishes a book quickly, he or she will have to wait until the camel library comes back before getting another one.

Questions 56--57: Tell whether the following statements are true(T)or false(F)according to the passage.

56. Camels are used because there aren't many trucks in Northern Kenya.

57. The books in the camel library are in English, the national language of Kenya.

Questions 58--60:Complete the following table with NO MORE THAN FIVE WORDS from the passage for each blank.

Problems Cost of books Villagers cannot (58)___________. Many kilometers between Distance villages. People might steal the books Risks along the way.

Solutions Villagers can borrow books from a library instead of buying them.

(59)________ were created.

One of the four people (60)_______.


Questions 61--65: Answer the following questions briefly according to the ads.

61. Which is the cheapest place to go for a holiday?

62. How long is the holiday in Sorrento?

63. Which hotel would you stay at in Boston?

64. How much cons the holiday in Spain cost?

65. On what date does the holiday in Syria begin?

Canadian Clean Air Day is on 6 June. It is a chance for Canadians everywhere to focus on the problems of air pollution and to actually try to do something to help reduce the problems.

What can we do to fight air pollution? Well, it should be pretty obvious by now that the way we get to and from work every day can have a big effect on the air we breathe. So the easiest action you can take on Clean Air Day is to accept what we call the "Commuter Challenge" and get to work on foot or by cycling for a change. If you have to use your car, try" car-pooling" and share the drive, or better still, use public transit.(66)If everyone tries this for one day, you'll be amazed by the difference it can make to the air in towns and cities.

There's also a lot more you can do to improve air quality. For example, you can plant trees. And if you don't have a garden, then you can do your bit in other ways.(67)For instance, did you know that modern, improved stoves can reduce smoke by as much as 80--90percent?So you can make a big difference if you upgrade the appliances in your home.

The government is also working hard on your behalf to clean up our air. The first thing is to reduce the emissions hat cause smog-and they have clear plans to get there. Canada and the United States agreed to reduce emissions on both sides of the border between the two countries and they plan to reach their targets in the next few years.

The government's also taking action to get cleaner fuels. It's already reduced the sculpture contained in gasoline, and it hopes to reach the reduction target for sculpture in diesel(柴油)by next year. These measures don't just focus on the motorist-the federal government's also working to reduce emissions from power plants and factories right across the country.

Questions 66--67:Translate the underlined sentences in the passage into Chinese.

Questions 68--70:Complete the notes below with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each blank.

Reducing Air Pollution

Individual action

◆respond to the "Commuter Challenge"

◆walk, cycle or car-pool to work

◆use public transit


◆upgrade your domestic equipment

Government action

◆emission reduction on both sides of the border between the US and Canada

◆move towards (69)_________(e.g. less sulphur in gasoline and diesel fuel)

◆reduction of pollutants from (70)_______ and power plants

Coral reefs are found in tropical seas throughout the world and provide shelter for hundreds of different plants and animals. They look like flat beds of rock, but in fact they are formed from the bones of tiny sea creatures. Almost one half of the world's coral reefs occur in shallow seas, near to the coastline of over one hundred countries.

Millions of people depend on these coral reefs for their livelihoods. The majority of natural products which come from coral reefs, such as fish, shells and seaweed, can be sold, either locally or in export markets. Not only does the person who collects the products earn money, but also those people who prepare, market or sell them. In some countries, coral reefs are the main natural resource. In the Maldives, for example,25% of the workforce is employed in fishing. In addition,56% of the national economy comes from reef-based tourism. This means that a large number of people are employed in tourism-related jobs.

Fishing is normally an occupation for adult males, particularly where it involves the use of boats, and other people are often excluded from it. Coral reef fisheries, on the other hand, are usually accessible on foot, so work is not restricted to men. In fact, collecting fish and other products from the reefs is generally the job of women, children and even the elderly.

Women's occupations are not limited to reef fishing. In India and the South Pacific, for example, women help to make and mend the fishing equipment. Fish processing is often done by women too. Such employment brings both direct and indirect advantages. For example, on Ulithi Atoll in Papua New Guinea, women can obtain mahogany wood for fishing boats in exchange for cloth they make and so gain more control

over the household income. They can also apply for loans or credit. This gives them more independence and status, both in the family and in the community.

Question 71:Choose the answer that fits the question best according to the passage.

71.What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The structure and location of coral reefs.

B. Fish exports from Papua New Guinea.

C. The economic importance of coral reefs.

D. Female unemployment in coastal villages.

Questions 72--75:Answer the following questions briefly according to the passage.

72.How many countries have a coral reef close to their coastline?

73.Which activity is more than half of the Maldives' national economy based on?

74.How do people usually get to reef fisheries?

75.What do Indian women often help to make?

IV. Translation(翻译)(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,计 10 分) Translation(翻译)(共 翻译)(

Translate the following sentences into English, using the hints given in the brackets.(用括号中所给的提示将下列句子译成英语。)(答案写在 brackets.(用括号中所给的提示将下列句子译成英语 )(答案写在 用括号中所给的提示将下列句子译成英语。 答题纸上) 答题纸上)


77.对于小学生来说,起得那么早没有任何意义。(make any sense)

78.完工后,新的铁路线将有 250 英里长。(省略句,complete)

79.只有用这种方法,救援人员才能救出地震中的幸存者。(倒装语序, survivor)


V.IQ(智力测试)(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,计 5 分) V.IQ(智力测试)(共 智力测试)(

Answer the following questions.(回答下列问题。)(答案写在答题纸上) questions.(回答下列问题 )(答案写在答题纸上 回答下列问题。 答案写在答题纸上)

81. Which of the four funny false noses will help stop the clown from crying?

82 .If 473982 is to 1419 and 329684 is to 1418,what is 751694 to?

83. What nine-letter word can you find by moving from letter to letter in any direction? Each letter may be used only once; not all the letters will be used.

84.A car travels at a speed of 40 mph over a certain distance and then returns over the same distance at a speed of 60 mph. What is the average speed for the total journey?

85.Can you draw the missing figure in the following sequence(序列)?

VI. Error correction(短文改错)(共 10 处错误;每处错误 1 分,计 10 分) correction(短文改错)(共 短文改错)( 处错误;

下面短文中有 10 处语言错误。请在有错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单 词。





2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 个起)不计分。(答案写在答题写 上)


Hans Christian Anderson was one of the world's greatest storytellers. He was born on April 2


1805, in Denmark. Anderson's father was ∧ poor shoemaker. Sifter his father passed away,


Anderson travelled to Copenhagen to try out him for the theatre.

When I was a senior in high school I had a teacher named Mrs. Smith. She taught English and she truly has an important effect on me. She was full of love for us. She had our class to make posters and hang it around the school. She taught us that one act of kindness can go long way. Well, Mrs. Smith past away just a couple of year ago after a long battle with breast cancer. I'll never forget how a wonderful and sweet lady she is. I am truly blessed to have been known her. I am going to be a teacher like her and I'll always remember her kind.

VII. Writing(写作)(共 2 题; 题满分 10 分, 题满分 20 分, 30 分)(答 A B 计 Writing(写作)(共 写作)( )(答 案写在答题纸上) 案写在答题纸上)

A) Suppose you are Li Hua and you received a letter from your friend Jack recently. Jack complained about the pressures of high school life and asked for your suggestions. Using the outline, reply to his letter in about 80 words, not including the given beginning and ending.

Pressures from studies about life at school

How to deal with draw up a scientific study plan live independently, think more practically help your classmates, get along with them

Dear Jack,

I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are having.________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ _______

_____________________________________________________________________________ _______

Best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

B) Your class has been discussing the role of technology in today's society. For homework your teacher has told you to write a composition in about 150 words, giving your opinions on the following statement.

The mobile phone is making a positive contribution to our lives today.

2009 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 全国中学生英语能力竞赛 中学生英语能力竞赛初赛 National English Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students (NEPCS)
(高二试题) Senior two high schools


听力部分(30 分)

I. Responses 1--5 AABCD

II. Dialogues A)6--10 CCBDA EDABC

B)11--15 ACCBD


III. Passages

A) 21--25 DBACB minutes

B)26. northern

27. half an hour/30 (thirty)

28. Lake Hotel

29. 57

30. taking a taxi

笔试部分(120 分)

I. Multiple-choice

31--35 BCBDA

36--40 ADACB

41--45 BACBA

II. Cloze

46. or

47. properly

48. travelled/ traveled

49. prevent

50. away/ off

51. with

52. infected Improvements

53. collecting

54. where


III. Reading comprehension

A) 56. F

57. F

58. afford to buy books

59. Mobile libraries/ Camel libraries

60. acts as a guard

B) 61. Lille

62. Seven days / One week.

63. The Midtown Hotel March

64. £395


C) 66. 要是每个人都试着这样做一天,城镇空气质量的变化会让你惊叹不 已。

67. 例如,你知道新式改良的炉子可减少百分之八九十的烟吗?

68. plant trees

69. cleaner fuels

70. factories

D) 71. C

72. Over one hundred countries.

73. Reef-based tourism equipment

74. On foot.

75. the fishing

IV. Translation

76. We leave that light on because the children are frightened of the dark.

77. It doesn't make any sense for primary school children to get up so early.

78. When completed, the new railway will run for 250 miles.

79. Only in this way can rescue workers save survivors of the earthquake.

80. The/ Those questions are all on art, about which I know nothing.


81. C 85.

82. 1319


84. 48 mph

说明:82. 1319. 7+5+1=13, 6+9+4=19. 84. 48mph 设距离为 60 英 里,去时所用的时间为:60、40=1.5(小时),返回用的时间为:60、60=1 (小时) 来回距离是 120 英里, , 平均速度是: 120、 2.5=48 英里/小时。 85. 长 方形水平、垂直交替排列,其内部为 4 个不同图形的排列,此排列在第二次出现 时外部图形不变,内部图形倒置。依次推理,最后一个图片长方形为水平,内部 三角形倒置; 所缺的图长方形为垂直, 内部图形是前面第二幅长方形内图的倒置。

VI. Error correction

S2. has--had S4.to make---make, it--them S5. a long way S6. past--passed, year--years S7. how--what, is--was S8. have been---have S9. kind---kindness

VII. Writing

A) One possible version

Dear Jack,

I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. As you know, high school life is full of challenges and everyone feels he is under great pressure at times. With endless homework and fierce competition, it is easy to become discouraged. You should draw up a scientific plan, and turn to your teachers for help if necessary. Second, if you are finding it hard to live away from your family, it is time for you to live independently and think practically. Last, if you are having difficulty getting along with your classmates, keep in mind that everyone likes a person who is helpful and kind.

Best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

B) One possible version

Mobile phones are no longer luxury items and they clearly have many advantages for those who use them, even though there are several drawbacks.

One advantage is that they enable us to communicate with other people wherever they may be and at any time of the day. Teenagers who need help can contact their parents immediately and emergency services can be called to the scene of an accident without delay. Another advantage is that many models now have more than one function and can be used as cameras or MP3 players. However, everything has two sides. The mobile phone is also thought to be a serious threat to health. Moreover, drivers who use one while driving might cause accidents.

In a word, if we are careful about when and where we use mobile phones, they will certainly improve our lives.

评分原则之二:作文词数少于或多于规定词数,从总分中减去 2 分。



第四档(很好): A) 9--10 分 ; B) 16--20 分

完全完成了试题规定的要求,覆盖所有内容要点,符合英语表达习惯,应用 了较多的语法结构和词汇,没有语法和词汇运用错误,具有较强的语言能力, 完 全达到了预期的写作目的。

第三档(好): A) 6--8 分 B) 11--15 分

完成了试题规定的要求,应用的语法结构好词汇能满足题目的要求,符合英 语表达习惯,基本没有语法和词汇运用错误,达到了预期的写作目的。

第二档(一般): A) 3--5 分 B)6--10 分

未恰当完成试题规定的要求,漏掉内容要点,未描述清楚主要内容,写了一 些无关内容,有语法和词汇运用错误,影响了对写作内容的理解,信息未能清楚 地传达给读者。

第一档(差) A) 1--2 分 B) 1--5 分

未完成试题规定的要求,明显遗漏主要内容,写了一些无关内容,语法结构 单调,词汇项目有限,有较多的语法和词汇运用错误,影响对写作内容的理解, 信息未能传达给读者。


未能传达给读者任何信息,没有内容或内容太少,无法评判,写的内容均与 所要求内容无关或缩写内容无法看清。


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