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7B Unit 1
一重点词组和语句。 1.住在饭店的隔壁 live next to a restaurant 2 法国、日本的首都 .the capital of France / Japan 3.看漫画书 read comics 4.朝外看着海滩 look out at the beach 5.保持安静 keep quiet 6.从卧室的窗户看海和海滩 see the sea and the beach from the bedroom windows 7.经常下雨 rain a lot 8.和我的家人住在一个木头房子里 live with my family in a wooden house 9.在河上 over a river 10.爬梯子进入我家 climb a ladder to get into my house 11.在阳台上 on the balcony 12.家里的第二个孩子 the second child of my family 13.在阳台上 on the balcony 14.在市中心 in the centre of the city = in the city centre 15.迫不及待地做某事 can’t wait to do sth. 16.和我父母住在一个繁忙的街道上的一所公寓里 live with my family in a flat on a busy street 17.对某人友好 be friendly to sb 18.客厅、餐厅 a sitting / dining room 19.和我妹妹分享一个房间 share a bedroom with my sister 20.种花的最好的地方 the best place to grow flowers 21.一支(一盒)粉笔 a piece / box of chalk 22. 在旁边桌子上 on the beside table 23.门的对面 be opposite the door 24.星期一空闲 have a free day on Monday 25.在长途飞机旅行后 after the long plane journey 26.94 分 ninety—four points 27.至少 at least 28.在一楼和二楼 on the ground and first floors 29.50 米长 fifty metres long 30.有 12 个淋浴间的房间 a room with twelve showers 31.洗澡 have a shower 32.同时 at the same time 33.住得高(低)他两层 live two floors above / below him 34.长城 the Great Wall 35.住在第九层 live on the ninth floor 36.颐和园 the Summer Place 37.故宫 the Palace Museum 38.和 。。不一样 。 be different from 39 有你自己的卧室 have your own bedroom
用心 爱心 专心 1

40. 当我妈妈做饭时,我和家人经常坐在厨房里 My family and I often sit in the kitchen while my mother makes dinner. 41.它的生日是在 6 月 15 日 Its birthday is on the fifth of June. 42.谢谢你的有关你房子的录像 Thank you for the video of your house. 43.---我可以和讲电话吗? ---我就是 --- May I speak to Daniel, please? --- This is Daniel. 44.我是从我的新家打的电话 I’m calling from my new home. 45.当我有空就打给你 I’ll call you when I’m free. 46. 在二楼没有其它的房间 There are no other rooms on the second floor. 二 练习 一词汇。 A.根据句意,汉语提示或首字母和英文释义写出单词。 1. Be __________( 安静的)!We are having an English Class. 2. There are many __________( 架子)in the library. 3. Today is my daughter’s ___________( 九)birthday. 4. ---How does your father sometimes go to work? --- By ____________( 地铁). 5. My brother has less money __________( 比) I do. 6. Beijing is the c___________( a place where the government 政府 of a country lives) of China. 7. ---Why are you late? ---B________( for the reason 原因) my bike is broken on the way to school. 8. There is much air p______________( the state of being dirty) here. 9. We are c ____________( near) to our friends. 10. There are about three t______________( ten hundred) students in our school. 二翻译句子。 1. 河上有一所木屋子。 (There is…) 2. 当我正在看电视的时候,我的哥哥在看报纸。 (while) 3. 你可以选择你喜欢的任何食物。(choose…) 4..中餐馆与西餐馆 不同。(be different from…) 5.这里夏季常夏雨。( rain a lot) 6.他至少两米高。( at least)
用心 爱心 专心 2

7.Lily 住在我上面两层,在九楼。 8.当他到的时候,我迫不及待地想见到他。(when) 9.在这次考试中她得了满分,班级第一名。 10.―――我可以请 Sandy 接电话吗? ――我就是。 11.这里的空气污染比其他地方要少的多。 12.你需要多少西红柿? 三单项选择。 ( ) 1.She sits between _________. A. you and him B. him and you C. he and you D. you and he ( ) 2.---Would you like _________ meat ? --- __________. A. any / Yes, please. B. some / Yes, please. C. any / Yes, I’d love. D. some / Yes, I’d love to. ( ) 3.My brother likes playing ________ football, but I like playing _______ piano. A. the, the B. the , / C. / , the D. / , / ( ) 4.Lily and Lucy are twins. ___________ school bags are the same. A. They B. Their C. Them D. Theirs ( ) 5. ---How many forks are there on the table ? --___________. A. No B. None C. Not D. Any ( ) 6. In most homes, people have meals in the _________. A. bedroom B. kitchen C. dining room D. sitting room ( ) 7. Millie lives two floors _______ me. She lives on the _______ floor. A. on , twelfth B. on ,twelve C. above, twelfth D. above, twelve ( ) 8. How do we say 203, 110 in English? A. two hundred and three thousand, one hundred and ten B. two hundreds and three thousand, one hundred and ten C. two hundred and three thousands, one hundred and ten D. two hundred three thousands, one hundred ten ( ) 9. The idea sounds ____________. A. well B. good C. friendly D. fine ( ) 10.Miss Gao teaches _________ English. A. us B. we C. our D. ours ( ) 11.Jim ________ a friend __________ him. A. like, like B. like, likes C. likes, like D. likes, likes ( ) 12.---How much ________ do you need? --- Three kilos of _______.
用心 爱心 专心 3

( (

A. ham and beef , each B. eggs and chips, each C. ham and beef, every D. ham and chips, every ) 13. I spend half ______hour _______ English every day. A. a , read B. an, reading C. a, reading D. an, read ) 14. --- What __________ do you want to buy? A. other B. the other C. else D. others

7B Unit2 重点句子和短语 1.饿、渴了 be hungry / thirsty 2.一听狗食 a tin of dog food 3.和我们的朋友很亲近 be close to our friends 4.带他们去运动中心 take them to the sports centre 5.看电影 go to the cinema 6.举个例子 for example 7.去许多不同的中餐馆 go to lots of different Chinese restaurants 8.一个乡村公园 a country park 9.找到许多纪念品 find lots of souvenirs 10.付很少的钱 pay a little money 11.很难说 It’s hard to say. 12.试试北京烤鸭 try Beijing Duck 13.许多西餐馆 lots of Western restaurants 14.和我们游玩当地的剧院 visit our local theatre with us 15.听京剧 enjoy Beijing opera 16.唱京剧 sing Beijing opera 17.不介意 never mind 18.属于 belong to 19.举办一个欢迎会 hold a welcome party 20.不舒服,生病 be sick 21.一个厨师 a cook 22.15 片面包 fifteen loaves of bread 23.一些西红柿 some tomatoes 24.看出色的艺术作品 see fine works of art 25.欣赏一整天 enjoy a full day
用心 爱心 专心 4

26.附近的朋友 27..在青少年中心会见朋友 28.. 带你参观我的家乡 29.长蔬菜和花 30.进城 31 想起某人 32.住在现代化的城市里 33 去散步

friends nearby meet friends at the youth centre show you around my hometown grow vegetables and flowers go into town think of sb live in a modern town go walking = go for a walk

34.我认为这是个可以居住的好地方 I think it is a wonderful place to live. 35.那肯定是赵老师的包。 It must be Mrs Zhao’s bag. 36.---我们用那些钱可以买多少听狗食啊? ---一听也买不到 How many tins of dog food can we buy with that? None. 37.也许我们可以定一个匹萨 Maybe we can order a pizza. 38.在阳光镇有许多事要做 There are lots of things to do in Sunshine Town. 39.从北京市中心乘地铁须 40 分钟 It is only 40 minutes from the centre of Beijing by underground. 40.阳光镇的空气污染比北京的其它地区要少 There is less air pollution in Sunshine Town than in other areas of Beijing. 41.我们大多数人住在像这样的高楼里 Most of us live in buildings like this. 42.如果他们的作业需要帮助他们不需要去很远。 They do not have to go far if they need help with their homework. 43.在大多数购物中心你可以购物到晚上 10 点钟。 You can shop until ten o’clock at night in most shopping malls. 44.在阳光镇你可以选择你喜欢的任何食物。 You can choose any food you like in Sunshine Town. 如果是这样,你来对地方了。 If so, you are here in the right place 45.我认为一种 30 个就足够了。 I think thirty of each will be enough. 46.你还想买什么? What else do you want to buy? 47.这些明信片是他的吗? Do these postcards belong to him? = Are these his postcards? = Are these postcards his? 48.有很多有趣的东西可以看。 There are lots of fun and interesting things to see.
用心 爱心 专心 5

练习 一.词汇 1. Shanghai is a m_________ city. There are many tall buildings in it. 2. it’t faster to go by ___________(地铁) than by bus. 3. hanburgers are very popular in the w___________ countries. 4. We are all Chinese. __________(没有) of us comes from England. 5. There is too much water p_________ in that river. There are no fish in it. 6. My parents are ___________(厨师). They are in the western restaurant. 7. It’s a s_________ day today, isn’t it? 8. Today is Monday and t________ (the next day) is Tuesday. 9. Hurry up! Or we will m_________ the bus 10. The tall boy is always the _________(二) to get to school. 二.翻译 1. 在冰箱里有三听狗食。

2. 你有多少钱?

3. 让我们去不同的中餐馆。

4. 你为什么不和我们一起参观我们当地的剧院?

5. 阳光镇的空气污染比北京的其它全地区少。

6. 我们喜欢住在高楼里因为我们能亲近我们的朋友。

7. 如果你不喜欢中餐,也有许多西餐馆。

8. 你能吃多少北京烤鸭?

9. 我认为我们约需要 15 块面包。





10. 夏天,当天气暖和晴朗的时候,我有时去游泳。





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