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Our childhood

When looking back, perhaps flowers may look as the same as the time goes by ,but people are not of the same with each passing year. In a moment, we had already grown

up. Most people born after 1900 are still studying at schools, the others may find their own jobs ,or perhaps they found their loved one in the life. Though we are in different stages, we have a similarly pure unforgettable childhood .

当我们回首往事, 也许是花相似,但人不同了 , 转眼间,我们真的已经长大, 九十年代的人,也许你上了新颖的大学,也许你找到了属于自己的工作,或 许, 你已经找到了人生中的另一半

Those years,we have eaten together. 那些年,我们一起吃过的东东

Hawthorn piece

It’s a kind of very mysterious fruit taste pop sugar, you will feel the bu bu sound as soon as you put them in your mouth


It is not only attractive, but is also very delicious.

5毛钱的冰棍,不但便宜,还很好吃。 ……


最不可思议的小吃。 一勺勺的糖进去,一团团棉花出来。 棉花能吃,还是甜的!

The black beads
-Rat droppings. 华华丹/济公丹/陈皮丹 “老鼠屎”

Cotton candy –the most inconceivable snack,
A bucket's sugar goes, and sweet cotton comes out all round.

sugar-coated haws

those years,we have played together. 那些年,我们一起玩过的东东 。

玩“东南西北” Write the words and expressions you like on each side . Asks your partner: “which side do you want?” “North” Open it: “ha, you are a stinkbug

玩的时候,可以随意写出你喜欢的 词语就可以, 就问对方:“你要哪一面?” 对方道:“我要北面。” 打开看:“哈哈,你是放屁虫。”


A group of girls are jumping on atoughness elastic string and transforming the infinite pattern.
女孩们三五成群地蹦着跳着, 在一根充满韧性和弹性的绳子上变换着无穷的花样。

There are many ways to play hopscotch . one of which is: first the jumper stands outside the field then throws a small tile to another field, the tile cannot go beyond a line, otherwise you will be regarded as fouled . 跳房子

跳房子的玩法有好多种, 其中一种是:跳者先站在田外这一端向另一端田内扔一块小瓦片, 瓦片不能出线,又不能压线,否则就算犯规。

书的封面封底纸质硬, 是折飞机的好材料, 以致一些人新书还没有发下几天, 就撕下折了飞机。

The hard paper of a book cover is the best material to fold airplanes, so that within several days some new books have already been toren down .

The ”hem“ stretch his arms in order to enhance his ability to protect chicken . His shaking sharp nails is surely to scare the eagle
母鸡领头手臂伸长, 展开后控制的范围大, 并且双手勾起做出鸡爪的样子, 尖尖的指甲在眼前晃动,令人不寒而栗。

这是一项富于智力的游戏, 熟练地翻撑手中线变化, 翻出各种图案, 看谁翻转的又快又好。

This is a game requires intelligence. A person who is clever in mind and skillful in hand can turns it over quickly and perfectly.


Actually there are so many ...... Our friends, do you remember these lovely memories?

those years,we have watched together. 那些年,我们一起看过的东东

Calabash Brothers Who can forget it?

Captain Black Cat

Astro Boy

The lion king

I will kill you standed for blue moon.

hai er brothers



The ninja turtles

Big head son and Small head Dad


Suka and beita

those years,we have learnt together. 那些年,我们一起学过的东东

Do you still remember?


虽然看着现在的孩子总是那么幸福, 什么都有,而我们也有我们自己更美好的东西。 纯真的年代,不知不觉的生长, 我们都会有衰老的一天。 但是我们不要忘记我们儿时有过的美好, 它支撑着我们走过一生 。
------很幸运 ,


Although today’s children seem so happy,we do not need to envy them, we have our own pleasure. We will be old one day. But do not forget happiness in our childhood ,It will be our lifelong memories. ------ luckily , ------We were born after 1990.


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