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1.(09 江西)The house I grew up ________ has been taken down and replaced by an office building. A. in it B. in C. in that D. in which

2. (07 年浙江) Chan’s restaurant on Baker Street, ______ used to be poorly run, is now a successful busi ness. A. that B. which C. who D. where

3. (04 湖北) What surprised me was not what he said but ______he said it. A.the way B.in the way that C.in the way D.the way which

4.(10 全国Ⅱ)I refuse to accept the blame for something ________was someone else’s fault. A. who B. that C. as D. what

5.(06 北京)Women _____ drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a greater chance of having heart disease than those ______ don’t. A. who ; 不填 B. 不填 ; who C. who ; who D. 不填; 不填 left their village homes for a better

6. (10 浙江) The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of life in the city. A.whom B.which C.them D.those

7.(05 湖北)Her sister has become a lawyer, ______she wanted to be. A.who B.that C.what D.which

8. (07 北京)We shouldn’t spend our money testing so many people, most of _____are healthy. A. that B. which C. what D. whom he studied very hard and was made

9. (05 重庆)Mark was a student at this University from 1999 to 2003, chairman of the students’ Union. A. during which time C. during whose time B. for which time D. by that time

10.(10 山东)That’s the new machine ______ parts are too small to be seen. A. that B. which C. whose D. What were made of small diamonds.

11. (08 陕西)The man pulled out a gold watch, A. the hands of whom C. which the hands of B. whom the hands of D. the hands of which

12.(10 四川)After graduating from college,I took some time off to go travelling, wise decision.

turned out to be a





13. (06 江苏)The owner of the cinema needed to make a lot of improvements and employ more people to keep it running, _______ meant spending tens of thousands of pounds. A. who B. that C. as D. which

14. (04 江苏) ______ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. A. Which B. When C. What D. As

15. (00 北京春招) The result of the experiment was very good, ______ we hadn't expected. A. when B. that C. which D. what life has developed

16.(10 福建)Stephen Hawking believes that earth is unlikely to be the only planet gradually. A. that B. where C. which D. whose

17. (09 四川) She’ll never forget her stay there ________ she found her son who had gone missing two years before. A. that B. which C. where D. when

18.(02 上海春招)Is this the reason __ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained C. how he explained B. what he explained D. why he explained I had ever met before.

19.(09 海南)She brought with her three friends, none of A. them B. who C. whom D. these

20. (10 江苏) The newly built café , the walls of_______ are painted light green, is really a peaceful place for us, specially after hard work. A. that B. it C. what D. which communications were very difficult in the rural areas.

21. ( 08 上海)We went through a period A.which B.whose C.in which

D.with which we may return in the near future.

22.(10 山东) Wind power is an ancient source of energy A. on which B. by which C. to which

D. from which she went on to have her advanced study abroad.

23. ( 06 陕西)She was educated at Beijing University, A. after which B. from which C. from that

D. after that

24. ( 05 全国 I)I have many friends, A. of them B. from which

some are businessmen. D. of whom 共 5 页第 2 页

C. who of

25.(04 湖北)There are two buildings , A.the larger B.the larger of them

stands nearly a hundred feet high .

C.the larger one that D.the larger of which 26.(10 上海)Thai is the only way we can imagine A. reducing B. to reduce C. reduced the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. D. reduce

27. (00 全国)The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see_____the next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. carry out she

28. (10 江西)The girl arranged to have piano lessons at the training centre with her sister_____ would stay for an hour. A. where B. who C. which D. what

29.(05 山东)The country life he was used to ____ greatly since 1992. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed

30. (07 辽宁)You can’t imagine what difficulty we had ____ home in the snowstorm. A. walked B. walk C. to walk D. walking

31.(05 福建)—Is that the small town you often refer to? —Right, just the one you know I used to work for years. A.that B.which C.where D.what

32.(10 全国Ⅱ)Barbara is easy to recognize as she’s the only one of the women who ________evening dress. A. wear B. wears C. has worn D. have worn 33. (09 宁夏高考适应)She is one of the few girls who_____in the kindergarten A. is well paid B. are well paid C. is paying well D. are paying well was very kind of him.

34.(09 全国 II)My friend showed me round the town, A. which B. that C. where D. it

35. ( 04 重庆)I intended to compare notes with a friend, but unfortunately minute A.they B.one C.who D.it

conldn’t spare me even one

36. ( 08 福建) A.It B.What

is known to us all is that the 2008 Olmpic Games will take place in Beijing. C.As D.Which

37. ( 08 上海)It has been proved illnesses in later life. A.if B.because C.when

eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious


38.( 04 北京) A.It B.As

is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. C.That D.What

39.(10 天津)—Can you believe I had to pay 30 dollars for a haircut? —You should try the barber’s A. as B. which C. where I go. It’s only 15. D. that kids can get at it.

40.( 08 山东)You’d better not leave the medicine A.even if B.which C.where D.so that

41. (08 山东)—Do you have anything to say for yourselves? —Yes, there’s one point A.why B.where we must insist on. C.how D./ I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers

42.( 06 安徽)A warm thought suddenly came to me for my mother’s birthday. A.if B.when C.that D.which

43. ( 07 上海)Pop music is such an important part of society A. as B. that C. which D. where

it has even influenced our language.

44. (00 上海春招)These houses are sold at such a low price A. like 练习题 B. as C. that D. which

people expected.

1. He is the only one of the students who_____a winner of scholarship for three years. A. is B. are C.have been D. has been

2.A computer is such a useful machine_____we can use everywhere. A. that B. which C. as D. what

3.The river,_______ the banks are covered with trees,is very long. A. whose B. which C. of which D. which of

4. China’s population is expected to increase to about1.5 billion in 2040 ,______it will start to decline slowly. A. where B. which C. on which D.after which 共 5 页第 2 页

5.In a sports team each player has a clear role,and there are few occasions_____members are confused or uncertain of their roles. A. when B. which C. whose D. why

6.The doctor _______is leaving for Africa next month. A. the nurse is talking to him C. the nurse is talking to B. whom the nurse is talking D. who the nurse is talking

7.Finally,the thief handed everything ______he had stolen to the police. A. which B. what C. whatever D. that

8.Alice received an invitation from her boss,______came as a surprise. A. it B. that C. which D. he

9.In the dark street, there wasn't a single person ______ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom

10.The gentleman _______ you told me yesterday proved to be a thief. A. who B. about whom? C. whom D. with whom?

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