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Period Three

Unit 2 Heroes Period Three 7 Sports Stars Language Focus
1.He is very fast and skilful. 他速度快、技术好。 [归纳拓展]


skilful adj.灵巧的,熟练的[=(美)skillful] be skilful at/in (doing) sth.在(做)某事上很熟练, 善 于(做)某事 be skilful with sth.擅长?? skilfully adv.熟练地;精湛地

Period Three

[语境助记] (1)He is very skilful with his hands. 他的手非常灵巧。 (2)She is quite skilful at dealing with difficult customers. 她擅长对付难应付的顾客。 [题组训练] 句型转换 Nick has always been good at finding cheap flights. Nick has always been skilful at/in finding cheap flights.

Period Three

2.Finally,in 1991,the sisters and their family moved to a safer area and since then they have never looked back. 最终在 1991 年,她们举家搬到一个较安全的地区,从 此再也没有故地造访过。 [归纳拓展] look back (on/upon sth.)回首(往事),回忆,回顾 look after 照顾 look out for 当心?? look forward to 盼望 look into 调查,审查 look up 查阅;抬头往上看

Period Three

[语境助记] (1)Whenever I looked back on/upon my childhood , I couldn’t help thinking of my grandma. 每当我回顾我的童年时代,我会禁不住想起我的奶奶。 (2)My mother says she’s looking forward to meeting you. 我母亲说她正期待着与你见面。

Period Three

[题组训练] 用适当的介、副词填空 (1)Who’s going to look after the children while you’re away? (2)This is a good place for camping but you have to look out

for snakes.
(3)It is reported that the police will soon look two missing children.

into the case of

Period Three
3.He has always been very strict with his daughters, training them hard to compete against each other. 他总是严格要求他的女儿, 要她们刻苦训练相互竞争。 [归纳拓展] compete vi.竞争,争夺,比赛 ?for争取?? ? compete ?against/with...和??竞争 ?in参赛 ? competitive adj.竞争的,竞争心强的 competitor n.竞争者,竞争对手 competition n.竞争,角逐 in competition with 与??竞争

Period Three

[语境助记] (1)Will you compete in the game? 你会参加比赛吗? (2)Several companies are competing for the contract. 为得到那项合同,几家公司正在竞争。 (3)We can’t compete with them on price. 我们在价格上无法与他们竞争。

Period Three

[题组训练] 用适当的介词填空 (1)More than 10,000 competitors from the world came to Beijing to compete with/against each other for medals in 2008. (2)They are in competition with ach other for the prize. (3)Four teams of three people would compete and the winners would receive a free vacation.

in the game

Period Three

4.They have already expressed a keen interest in working in design after their tennis careers come to an end. 她们俩都对网球生涯结束后从事设计工作极感兴趣。 [归纳拓展 1] keen adj.强烈的;渴望的 be keen about 热心于 be keen to do sth.渴望做某事 be keen on sb./(doing) sth.热衷于??,非常喜欢??

Period Three
[语境助记 1] (1)She is keen on growing roses. 她喜欢种植玫瑰。 (2)He’s very keen on the girl next door. 他对隔壁的姑娘非常着迷。 (3)She is keen to study abroad. 她渴望去国外学习。 [题组训练 1] 句型转换 He’s very eager to see his birthplace again. He’s very keen to see his birthplace again.

Period Three
[归纳拓展 2] come to an end 结束,终止 put an end to 结束?? bring...to an end 使??结束 in the end 最后,终于 end (up) with 以??结束 make ends meet 使收支相抵 [语境助记 2] (1)All good things must come to an end. 天下没有不散的宴席。 (2)Her misunderstanding brought their relationship to an end. 她的误解致使他俩最终分手了。

Period Three

[题组训练 2] (1)We can’t make ends meet (2)We clapped violently when (音乐结束). (使收支相抵) this month.

the music came to an end

Period Three
5.The sisters’ road to success has been amazing. 两姐妹的成功之路是令人惊叹的。 [归纳拓展] amazing adj.令人惊异的 amaze vt.使惊奇,使惊愕 amazed adj.吃惊的,惊讶的 be amazed at/by 对??大为惊奇 be amazed to see/hear/find...看到/听到/发现??感到吃惊 amazement n.惊奇,惊愕 to one’s amazement 令人感到惊讶的是??

Period Three

[语境助记] (1)His amazing success made us all surprised. 他意想不到的成功使我们惊讶不已。 (2)It was amazing that he knew nothing about the event. 他对这个事件毫不知情,这真让人感到诧异。 (3)We were amazed to find that no one was hurt. 我们惊奇地发现竟没有人受伤。

Period Three

[题组训练] 用所给词的适当形式填空 (1)After the amazing (amaze) journey from Jiuzhaigou, Tom returned home,excited (excite). (2)It amazed (amaze) me to discover how long the dinosaur age lasted.

Period Three

6.The first time Venus played in a big event was in 1996. 维纳斯第一次参加大型联赛是在 1996 年。 [归纳拓展] event n.事件,大事;比赛项目 [语境助记] (1)The election was the main event of 2012. 这次选举是 2012 年的主要大事。 (2)Which events have you entered for? 你参加了哪些比赛项目?

Period Three
[题组训练] 用 event,matter,affair,thing 的适当形式填空 (1)The fashion show is an annual event . (2)What’s the matter with you today? (3)We should be concerned about state affairs . (4)To say is one thing but to do is another.

解析 (1)event 通常指具有很大影响、意义重大的事件或运 动会的比赛项目。 (2)matter 意为“事情,问题”,通常指遇到的意外麻烦或令 人烦恼的“问题”。 (3)affair 指已经发生或必须去做的事情,通常用复数形式表 示“事务,事态”。 (4)thing 意为“事情,东西”,指大事、小事、好事、坏事, 但一般不用来指专门的事务。

Period Three
7.Serena has continued to improve and make fantastic progress. 莎莲娜不断提高,取得了惊人的进步。 [归纳拓展] make progress 取得进步,取得进展 make progress in 在??方面取得进步 make rapid/slow/much/great progress 取得快的/慢的/ 许多/大的进步 in progress 正在进行中;在运行中 注意 :progress 为不可数名词,不能与不定冠词 a 连用。

Period Three

[语境助记] (1)Jane is still in hospital,but she’s making rapid progress. 简还在医院里,但是她恢复得很快。 (2)You’ve made great progress in English. 你在英语上取得了很大的进步。 (3)The building of the bridge is in progress. 桥梁正在建造中。

Period Three

[题组训练] (1)Thanks to her help, I

made great progress


很大进步) in my study. (2)The game is still in progress (正在进行中).

Period Three

1.He has always been very strict with his daughters, training them hard to compete against each other. 句式分析:training them hard to...other 是现在分 词短语作 状语 。 自主翻译: 他一直对他的女儿严格要求,


Period Three
2.Brandi,the sisters’ mother,taught her daughters at home so that they completed their high school while developing their tennis careers. 句式分析:本句中 so that 引导 结果状语 从句。在该 结果状语从句中,又含有 while 引导的 时间状语 从 句。从表现形式上来看,此句中 while 引导的时间状 语从句采用了 省略 句式,还原其完整形式为:while

they were

developing their tennis careers。

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