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必修一 UNIT1

survey add up upset ignore calm (…)down have got to concern be concerned about loose vet go through German set down series a series of outdoors on purpose in order to at dusk thunder entire entirely power face to face curtain dusty no longer\not…any longer partner settle suffer from loneliness highway recover get\be tired of pack(sth)up suitcase overcoat teenager get along with fall in love exactly disagree grateful dislike join in tip secondly swap item

UNIT2 subway elevator petrol gas official voyage conquer because of native come up apartment actually base at present gradual gradually enrich vocabulary Shakespeare make use of spelling latter; identity fluent fluently Singapore such as frequent frequently usage command request dialect expression midwestern African Spanish play a part (in) eastern southeastern northwestern recognize lorry accent catfish lightning straight block cab

unit3 journal transport prefer disadvantage fare route flow ever since persuade cycle graduate schedule fond be fond of short coming stubborn organize care about detail source determine change one’s mind journey altitude make up one’s mind give in glacier rapids valley waterfall pace attitude. boil forecast parcel insurance wool as usual reliable view pillow midnight flame beneath temple cave

UNIT4 earthquake right away well pipe million event as if at an end nation canal dirt in ruins suffering extreme injure survivor destroy brick dam track useless shock rescue trap electricity disaster dig out bury mine miner shelter a(great)number of title reporter bar damage frighten frightened frightening congratulation judge sincerely express outline headline cyclist

UNIT5 quality active generous self selfish selfless selflessly devote found republic principle peaceful giant mankind guidance legal fee out of work helpful youth league Youth League stage vote attack violence as a matter of fact blow up equal in trouble willing unfair turn to release lose heart escape blanket educate come to power terror cruelty reward set up sentence be sentenced to anti-

必修二 UNIT1

UNIT2 ancient compete competitor n take part in medal n stand for mascot Greece Greek magical voluntee homeland regular basis admit slave nowadays gymnastics athletics stadium gymnasium ( gym ) as well host responsibility n olive wreath replace motto swift similarity charge in charge physical fine poster advertise princess glory bargain prince hopeless foolish goddess pain one after another deserve

UNIT3 calculate universal simplify sum operator logical logically technology artificial intelligence solve from … on reality designer personal personally tube chip as a result total so … that … web application finance mobile rocket explore happiness supporting download virus signal teammate type in a way coach arise with the help of electronic appearance character mop 拖把 deal with watch over niece spoil

cultural relic rare valuable survive vase dynasty ivory dragon in search of amaze amazing select honey design fancy style decorate jewel artist belong to in return troop reception at war remove less than wooden doubt mystery former worth local apart take apart painting castle eyewitness evidence explode entrance sailor maid think highly of informal debate

UNIT4 wildlife protection wild threaten decrease endanger die out loss reserve hunt in peace in danger (of) species carpet respond distant fur in relief burst into laughter mercy certain importance protect…from insect contain powerful affect pay attention to appreciate succeed secure income employ harm bite extinction dinosaur come into being inspect unexpected incident dust according to disappearance fierce so that

UNIT5 roll folk musician dream of pretend to be honest attach attach to form fame passer-by earn extra instrument perform pub in cash studio millionaire play jokes on actor rely on broadcast humorous be /get familiar with or so break up reunited attractive addition in addition sort out excitement ballad overnight dip tadpole lily confident brief devotion afterwards invitation sensitive painful above all

必修三 UNIT1 beauty harvest starve origin seasonal ancestor grave in memory of bone belief dress up play a trick on poet arrival gain independence gather agriculture award produce rooster admire energetic look forward to carnival parade day and night clothing cherry as though have fun with custom worldwide necessity permission fashion parking lot turn up keep one's word hold one's breath apologize sadness obvious weave(wove woven) herd announcer set off remind..of.. forgive(forgave forgiven)

UNIT2 diet nut bean pea cucumber eggplant pepper mushroom peach lemon balanced diet barbecue mutton roast stir fry ought to bacon lose weight slim curiosity hostess raw vinegar get away with tell a lie customer discount win...back weakness strength consult fibre digest carrot earn one's living in debt glare spy on limit limited benefit breast garlic sigh combine v cut down before long put on weight

Unit 3 birthplace bring up novel adventure phrase author scene penniless wander pavement businessman permit ahead go ahead by accident bay stare stare at fault spot passage account account for embassy seek .(sought,sought) patience contrary on the contrary charity envelope unbelievable steak pineapple dessert amount take a chance rude manner scream genuine issue fake rag n. in rags indeed as for bow barber remind

Unit 4 astronomy astronomer solar system solar system religion theory atom billion pron. globe violent in time carbon atmosphere unlike prep. fundamental harmful acid chain reaction multiply oxygen lay eggs dinosaur exist give birth to thus adv. in one's turn dioxide carbon dioxide prevent...from puzzle biology biologist gravity satellite gentle physicist block out climate n. crash spaceship pull cheer up float now that break out exhaust watch out

Unit 5 quiz prime minister rather than continent baggage chat scenery eastward westward upward surround harbour n.(=harbor) measure aboard settle down manage to do catch sight of eagle have a gift for within border slightly acre urban topic mix mixture bush maple frost confirm wealthy distance in the distance mist misty schoolmate downtown approximately dawn buffet broad nearby tradition terrify terrified pleased impress impressive

必修 4Unit 1 achievement welfare project institute specialist △specialize connection human being campaign organization behave behaviour (=behavior) shade n. move off worthwhile nest bond observe v observation childhood outspoken respect argue argument entertainment lead a … life crowd inspire inspiration support look down upon/on refer refer to audience by chance come across career rate sickness intend emergency generation determination kindness considerate consideration deliver carry on modest

Unit 2 statistic sunburnt struggle decade super output crop hunger disturbing expand circulate Vietnam thanks to battle rid rid… of be satisfied with freedom would rather therefore equip grain export nationality occupation personality confuse regret chemical production bacteria pest build up lead to nutrition mineral discovery focus focus on soil reduce keep … free from/of root skim underline summary comment producer industrial

Unit 3 humour comedy up to now content feel/be content with performer astonish astonishing fortunate unfortunately badly off ordinary bored entertain throughout homeless moustache worn failure overcome leather pick out cut off chew convince convincing direct star in outstanding confidence gesture particular particularly occasion budget actress slide amuse pancake explanation detective mountainous whisper vast rhythm mess react porridge drunk

Unit 4 statement greet represent association dormitory canteen flight curious curiously approach cheek defend defend against defence major misunderstand misunderstanding dash adult spoken unspoken posture Spain Italy likely adj. be likely to…… in general crossroads employee frown misread facial function ease at ease truly false anger lose face turn one’s back to fist yawn respectful subjective hug rank cassette employee employer

Unit 5 theme central various cartoon be famous for whichever fantasy amusement swing attraction no wonder tourism wherever pron. unique carpenter craftsman engine bald preserve length deed be modeled after sword tournament settler athletic translator minority cloth jungle diver creature sunlight advance in advance advanced brand get close to come to life outing admission shuttle freeway souvenir sneaker brochure chew convince confidence gesture

必修 5Unit 1 characteristic radium painter put forward scientific conclude draw a conclusion analyse defeat expert attend physician expose expose…to cure challenge victim absorb suspect enquiry neighbourhood severe pump foresee blame pollute handle link…to… announce instruct construct construction contribute apart from firework chart positive (be)strict with… movement make sense backward spin enthusiastic cautious reject universe

Unit 2 unite kingdom consist of province divide…into clarify accomplish conflict unwilling break away (from) union to one’s credit currency institution convenience rough roughly nationwide attract architecture collection administration port countryside enjoyable leave out description fax possibility plus quarrel alike take the place of break down arrange wedding fold sightseeing delight royal uniform splendid statue communism pot error

Unit 3 aspect impression take up constantly jet previous uncertain guide tablet capsule steward stewardess opening sideways surrounding tolerate adjustment mask be back on one’s feet carriage press fasten safety belt lose sight of… sweep up flash switch timetable slide into optimistic speed up mud desert citizen typist typewriter postage button instant receiver dustbin greedy swallow material recycle goods

Unit 4 journalist editor photograph delighted admirable unusual assist assistant submit profession professional colleague eager concentrate on amateur update acquire assess inform deadline meanwhile depend on case accuse…of deliberately so as to (do sth) guilty dilemma demand publish section technically thorough gifted housewife crime edition ahead of department accurate senior polish chief approve process appointment

Unit 5 temporary fall ill injury bleed ankle choke cupboard skin organ barrier poison complex variety liquid radiation mildly stove tissue electric shock swell swollen scissors unbearable basin squeeze out over and over again bandage in place vital symptom pour wrist damp sleeve tightly firmly throat ceremony bravery a number of put one’s hands on treat apply pressure ambulance make a difference;

选修六 Unit 1 abstract sculpture gallery faith faithfully aim conventional typical evident adopt possess possession superb technique by coincidence a great deal shadow ridiculous attempt on the other hand predict specific figure clay marble carve delicate café allergic exhibition scholar bunch avenue preference appeal to fragile reputation civilization visual fragrant contemporary permanent district committee signature . in the flesh

Unit 2 tick rhyme convey nursery nursery rhyme concrete contradictory diamond flexible pattern cottage sparrow tke it easy run out of be made up of tease salty endless minimum translation branch in particular eventually transform sorrow bare librarian forever section appropriate exchange diploma sponsor blank compass bride bridegroom championship darkness warmth try out scholarship pianist violinist let out load

Unit 3 cigarette alcohol alcoholic abuse stress adolescent adolescence ban due to …… tough addicted to accustomed to automatically mentally quit effect lung pregnant abnormal unfit strengthen packet feel like (doing) desperate chemist disappointed ashamed comprehension in spite of take risks (a risk) get into appendix illegal pill at risk survival sex needle male female prejudice judgement abortion cigar embarrassed awkward

Unit 4 consume come about graph random phenomenon (复数-ena) subscribe to fuel quantities of tend go up per data result in trend catastrophe flood be opposed to …… state range even if keep on glance steadily tendency widespread on the whole average existence outer on behalf of commitment put up with pollution growth electrical so long as casual an so on motor can circumstance microwave refresh contribution presentation disagreement

Unit 5 diagram volcano eruption ash hurricane questionnaire alongside equipment appoint database evaluate burn to the ground wave fountain absolutely suit helmet boot make one’s way potential actual candidate bungalow typhoon thunderstorm precious novelist fog document rainbow uncomfortable balcony unconscious shoot tremble sweat anxious anxiety panic (panicked, panicked) glance through vary from…to… diverse bathe appreciation guarantee

选修 7 Unit 1 disability disabled eyesight lap ambition ambitious suitable entry beneficial in other words clumsy outgoing adapt to bench cut out microscope out of breath absence fellow annoyed all in all software as well as parrot tank tortoise in many ways make fun of encouragement conduct never mind politics abolish resign slavery literature companion graduation certificate all the best architect adequate accessible handy basement exit meet with approval shot

Unit 2 fiction desire satisfaction test out bonus alarmed sympathy overweight elegant favour pile scan fingernail accompany cushion bedding necklace clerk counter ring up turn around awful affair armchair declare envy leave…alone digital mailbox state set aside grand receiver in all affection be bound to … biography holy part-time staff navy junior biochemistry talent chapter framework divorce obey disobey

Unit 3 anecdote annual witness accommodation offshore opposite yell pause telescope teamwork dive flee drag depth lip urge abandon shark help (…) out relationship conservation jog seaside net target tide reflect pure cell be/become aware of vivid neat seaweed narrow flashlight upside down suck sharp tasty grey (be) scared to death shallow steep boundary the Antarctic awesome seal pension pensioner

Unit 4 airmail fortnight hear from (be) dying to roof muddy textbook concept the other day weekly remote weed adjust platform broom tin jar sniff participate interpreter dry out dry up otherwise privilege paperwork arrangement toast comb astronaut angle catalogue donate voluntary in need purchase anniversary seed sewing machine ox trunk library tractor click tailor political distribute distribution security operate clinic

Unit 5 adjust to keep it up fit in motherland visa queue cafeteria qualification preparation recommend idiom comfort substitute academic requirement essay tutor revision draft numb acknowledge as far as one is concerned contradict autonomous be occupied with enterprise apology seminar videophone bachelor’s degree routine minibus optional day in and day out cage bark battery drill oilfield travel agent parallel abundant govern destination inn out of the question tomb settle in

选修 8 Unit 1 distinction live on strait by means of… majority ministry make a life hardship elect federal 的 rail percentage keep up boom aircraft immigrate immigration racial crossing vice nephew applicant customs occur cattle indicate back to back luggage shave apparently brake conductor slip bakery ferry hire mark out seagull take in angle a great/good many apply for nowhere punishment justice civil authority reform grasp

Unit 2 differ exact commercial straightforward undertake pay off breakthrough carrier cast down altogether correction objection medium the media obtain attain moral forbid accumulate in favour of side road constitution compulsory opera loaf flour owe …… shortly retire bother (be) bound to (do) …… assumption regulation strike…into one’s heart from time to time bring back to life initial adj. vain resist drawback merely decoration unable feather in good/poor condition turkey claw adore reasonable

Unit 3 patent call up courtyard now and then walnut distinguish merciful product powder set about perfume abruptly convenient caution expectation passive merrily seize ripe string glue freezing greengrocer identification directory dial rainfall innocent lantern forehead beaten track dive into set out (to do) current helicopter triangle stable associate practical court extension hang on out of order get through ring back ring off version competence personnel

Unit 4 adaptation classic plot professor garment woollen hesitate uncomfortably troublesome wallet outsome thief handkerchief mistaken brilliant classify remark upper extraordinary properly pass…off as… ambassador make one’s acquaintance handful fortune authentic generally speaking status superior in terms of… rob antique musical stocking cookie teapot cream nail show…in wax shabby referee horrible laundry bathtub sob waist once more in need of … overlook

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