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猫王Elvis Presley

——Elvis Aron Presley
(艾维斯· 艾伦· 普里斯利 ) A Legendary Life

His Lifetime
The 20th century popular music in the world who is the most important person? The answer is a masterwork, that is elvis Presley - - "elvis" (The Hillbilly Cat), The nickname is fanaticism of The American south for his fans take nickname.

? Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in the United States a poor farm worker family.He was addicted to gospel music.At the same time, the slums of popular rhythm of strong black music, and blues, folk also deeply moved by the young Elvis presley.

Music Road

Brilliant Start
A very chance started elvis Presley brilliant music career. One day in 1953, he in Sun microsystem record company boss Sam - Phillips (Sam Phillips) name a recording studio recording to the mother's songs, meet Phillips assistant Marion - Keyes g (Marion Keisker), and is deep Keyes grams of appreciation. In June 1954, phillips let elvis Presley to from a recording from the Nashville's songs, at the same time, influenced by the invitation and local musicians scottie - Moore (Scotty Moore, guitar) and Bill - Black (Bill Black, bass), by them for elvis Presley accompaniment. The combination of the effect is not ideal start, until elvis Presley singing Arthur - g, LuDu skin (Arthur Crudupiz) rhythm and blues song "good" (That 's All Right), they can find the feeling. This song eventually become elvis Presley in Sun microsystem record company debut single record, and conquer the local fans. Since then elvis Presley's launch several albums, and start the tour.

Unique Style
Sam - phillips foresee elvis Presley such a style with black white singer will make a splash, because he showed to the people a kind of extremely rich individual character and innovation means white music and black music style of fusion. Then wright-phillips to elvis Presley production record is also show originality, the company the original recording facilities and wright-phillips to echo technology continues to use make the so-called "from sound", combine with visible black rhythm of a country music for basic instrumental music department, formed a unique style of elvis Presley. In Sun microsystem company recording works, elvis show black musicians to a deep understanding of the style. He never is simply copy other people's songs, music on the radio show host's case (Fontana, drummer) and bill - black and scottie - Moore's help, he is always in a new way to deal with these works, not like other white as singer in dealing with songs and dilute the original strength.

At the beginning of 1958, elvis Presley enlistment, soon promoted to army priests. In March 1960, elvis Presley from Germany military service return, 1958 that wild rough and "I did it my way" style is still invariable to keep. But the album "Elvis Back" (Elvis is Back) seems to try again in rhythm and blues and country music and start a new tender singing method between indecisiveness. This kind of gentle voice and singing style without any new feeling, but lost the previous enthusiasm and bold and unrestrained. After elvis Presley most of the works, the style has been continue. In the early s, elvis Presley began to do a year three films, although these typical Hollywood film a than a fudge disappointing, then and elvis Presley myself singing of songs, all of these are just used to fill the empty movie plot songs often is the third flow, and his early films: love me tender "(1956)," love You

Elvis Presley's contribution to the world the of the music
Presley is the 20th century American pop music history one of the most important figures, he make a rock in the worldwide popular come, he is the first one to bring rural music and blues music melt into the white mountain rock singer. He's sexy image, magnetic voice make he is rock music idol, the symbol of rock and roll. Today, he won 88 run-away best-seller, 67 zhang platinum record, opened 1100 concert in the United States, a list of 18 first title song records, in Britain is 17 first. Even after he died, his any reprint records can still maintain a stable sales, he is popular music albums on the highest artists.

? Elvis Presley recorded the song My Happiness at the Memphis Recording Service. The story is that he paid four dollars to make a recording for his mother. A woman who worked at the public recording studio had another job with a local independent record company called Sun Records. She made a second recording of Elvis's songs because she thought the owner of Sun Records should hear him sing. ? The owner of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, had been looking for a white performer who could sing black rhythm and blues. He suggested Elvis work with a guitar player and a bass player. Several months later Mister Phillips agreed to have the group make a record. It was released on July nineteenth, nineteen fifty-four. One of the songs was "That's All Right":

The development of career

Create rock myth model
? One of Elvis' first new recordings became a huge hit, and led to his many appearances on television. It was "Heartbreak Hotel": ? By the middle of the nineteen fifties, Elvis Presley was known around the world as the young man who moved his hips in a sexual way as he sang rock and roll music. Many adults said he and his music were bad influences on young people. Young women loved him. Huge crowds attended his performances. ? He made his first movie in nineteen fifty-six. It was "Love Me Tender." The title song was a big hit.

Hundreds of thousands of people still visit his home, Graceland, in Memphis every year. Fans continue to buy his music, making him the most popular recording artist ever. Elvis Presley remains the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.

《Heartbreak Hotel》1956 《I Was the One》1956 《Blue Suede Shoes》1956 《I Want You,I Need You,I Love You》1956 《Don't Be Cruel》1956 《Love Me Tender》1956 《Anyway You Want Me(That's How I Will Be) 》1956 《Love Me》1957 《Too Much》1957 《All Shook Up》1957 《Loving You》1957 《Jailhouse Rock》1957 《Treat Me Nice》1957 《I Beg of You》1957 《Wear My Ring Around Your Neck》1958 《I Got Stung》1958 《(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I》1959 《I Need Your Love Tonight》1959 《A Big Hunk O' Love》1959 《My Wish Came True》1959

《Fame and Fortune》1960 《It's Now or Never》1960 《Little Sister》1961 《(Marie's the Name of) His Latest Flame》1961 《Can't Help Falling in Love》1961 《Good Luck Charm》1962 《Follow That Dream》1962 《One Broken Heart for Sale》1963 《Kissin' Cousins》1964 《I'm Yours》1965 《Love Letters》1966 《If I Can Dream》1968 《In the Ghetto》1969 《Kentucky Rain》1970 《Burning Love》1972 《If You Talk in Your Sleep》1973 《Promised Land》1974 《My Boy》1975 《Moody Blue》、《Way Down》1977

With his wife after the divorce, elvis Presley's creative inspiration and health situation worse and worse and to cope with the heavy contract. Rumours that he began to spirit trance, obesity, using drugs, in June 1977 in Las Vegas, he held the last concert. In the same year on August 14,, 42 years old elvis Presley died from a heart attack.

42 years old American rock music idol "elvis" gone, but after death before he seems to be more famous. August, thousands of fans to his hometown, lit candles, with their way to commemorate the king of rock and roll. News release in the afternoon, shocked the world, thousands of fans to Graceland indicate mourning. Elvis Presley remains with the mother buried together in Graceland rear 'silent garden ". "Though your willingness to, there is no lack of among them strong competitors and pretend to" throne ", but his king status no one can replace. Famous rock singer springsteen said. 1979 years after his father elvis Presley, elvis Presley's huge heritage by the only at that time was only 11 year old daughter Lisa Marie inheritance, after nearly two years of four case litigation, and finally decision forced agent Parker will elvis Presley's image and sound recording works full returned to RCA and elvis Presley family. In the autumn of 1982, Graceland become a tourist resort, the average every year attracts nearly 600000 people to, elvis heritage

Social Impact
? 50 s elvis Presley influence at least for a generation, since after elvis Presley, characterized by the ideological content and strong practical critical rock quickly spread. Also because his charm, rock became the of sports for all. Elvis Presley opened up a rock difficult path, after rock has become to the United States social influence the most profound culture of. After the s, they had been holding a fantasy: their hearts of elvis Presley just be his beat, listen to his own music, he would find a had such a great elvis Presley, once so light dazzing himself. So he will root their struggle, and ultimately win the recovery of genius. Although this fantasy until August 16, 1977 elvis Presley died that day also is not met, he in the modern music in the position is still no one can replace. In his 50 s and occasionally after shown by the rare surprising to petiole not because he later activities by any effects


In November 1959, generation of rock stars elvis Presley and air chief marshal Joseph Beaulieu14 old daughter Priscilla common fall in love. In 1966, elvis Presley formal proposal to Priscilla, and in 1968 the father of two people love crystallization, she is Lisa Marie Presley. Elvis Presley to the daughter in every possible way pet, call her "little apple". But when "small apple" long to 4 years old, elvis Presley and Pruiscilla divorced, the daughter moved home with his mother. Another five years, elvis Presley died, "elvis" died in 1977, later, she became heritage main heir. ? Lisa Marie Presley was born from a media and elvis Presley fan is all that the focus of attention, from the parents' divorce to father's illness, she suffered from depression since my childhood with excessive drug therapy of bitterness, and have mild anorexia, until and first husband Danny Keough marriage gave birth to two children before gradually restore calm. Lisa Marie is a good singer. ? Lisa Marie four marriage ? The first husband: musician Dan

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