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2013 年中考英语作文 题目预测及范文 1、饮食与健康 Today, I received the reader‘s letter. I was shocked at it. Personally speaking, I think we should pay more attention to the food safety. The government must make some necessary laws. What’s more, some businessmen shouldn‘t be only interested in making money. They must care about people’s health. We‘d better not eat anything in dirty places though some food is delicious, because eating unhealthy food does harm to our health. Finally, I hope the family in the accident will get better soon. 2、低碳生活 Low-carbon life is good for everyone. To help with the environment, I always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. Besides, I will try to use things that can be recycled and I never forget to turn off the lights when I leave the classroom. I think it’s my duty to live a low-carbon life. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So I suggest we should reuse books as long as possible. And we’d better not spend much money on expensive clothes. If everyone does something for the environment, I believe the earth will be a better place. 3、平安校园, School is our home , we all live and study here. In order to make ourselves safe,as a student, we should obey the school rules . We must obey the traffic rulers on the way. We shouldn’t’ t run after each other in school;We should get on well with others and we should not fight with others; we should not eat the junk or bad food;We mustn’t be allowed to smoke ,drink or take drugs; When you meet someone asks for money,you needn‘t be afraid .You should report to the teacher or call the police. We must keep away from those bad habits and be polite to others. I hope we have a good time every day. 4、梦想和未来(1)我的未来(My future) What do I want to do when I’m older. Someone wants to be a doctor. Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport. Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing.

Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children. I like playing the piano and I good at it. So I want to become a piano player. Playing the piano is very interesting. And you can learn something of music. A piano can make you like music. A lot of musicians and singers are love playing piano. I can become a grand pianist when I grow up. To become a pianist is a hard job. So I’ll be harder and harder to practice from now on . But I believe I can do it. (2) 、I want to be an inventor TVs, telephone, fridges, cars, planes, computers and many other things are important inventions. They have greatly changed our life. Many people have their ideas and wishes. They want to invent some new things for the world. I am one of them. I want to be an inventor in the future, Inventions can bring fun and happiness to our life and make our daily life more convenient. Our life will become better and better. Now I am a high school student. I will try my best to work hard at my lessons to make my dream come true.

rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Something must be done to stop the pollution. I think what we can do is that we have to save every drop of water as possible as we can. For example, we must turn off the tap at once after we use it. We can use a basin to wash our hands and faces. It’s also a good idea to encourage my friends and family members to join me! Only in this way can we live happily. If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us. I believe if everyone makes a little thing , we can make a big difference. 6、放松 The Senior High School Entrance Examination is coming. In order to make a success in the exam I think it’s high time for us to relax a little. Or we’ll be too nervous to work well in the exam. In order to relax ourselves, we can turn to some of our hobbies, different students have different ways --- Some watch TV, some listen to music… But for me I enjoy taking exercise most. Whenever I feel tired, I always spend an hour (in) walking or jogging in the park. Besides, I also play table tennis with my friends after class. In my opinion, taking exercise can not only rest our brains and eyes but also help build our bodies. I think it’s really helpful to both my health and my study. I hope all of my classmates can join me in getting relaxed. I wish you all every success in the coming examination! 7、中学生该不该(1)上网 (1) In my opinion,the Internet is helpful rather than harmful as someone else thinks. As is known to all, the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. On the Internet,we can read news at home and from abroad and get as much information as we can. We can send e - mails or make phone calls to our family as well as to our friends. We can also attend the net school, read many books and even teach ourselves English. We can also enjoy music , watch matches and play computer games on the Internet. We can even do shopping online. Besides , we can improve our ability to operate the computer. But we should not be given to the Internet,or we’ll get our life and study destroyed. Besides,we should keep off the harmful websites. Anyhow,this doesn’t prevent the Internet from becoming our

(3)想象中的高中生活 Hi, everybody. How’s it going? I’ll become a senior high school student this September. I’m very happy, but I’m worried that I may meet with some difficulties in the new school. Perhaps I can’t keep up with my classmates, especially in math. And I’m not sure if I can make friends with others because I’m not good at communicating. On the other hand, I don’t know how to take good care of myself. I’ afraid the food in the new school won’t agree with me. What can I do with these problems? Could you give me some advice? I really need your help. 5、环境污染 (1)Recently, Droughts and floods often happen in some places. Why ? Some results are caused by humans. They cut too many trees .A lot of good farmland has turned into deserts. People waste a lot of water in their daily life. Even worse, they pour dirty water into rivers. They throw rubbish into rivers, too. Many



(2)带手机 Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. Some think it is good for students to bring a mobile phone. But some people do not think so. They think it is bad for students to bring a mobile phone. Because the students will use mobile phones to play games, sent text messages, watch movies, etc which will do harm to their study. And if a mobile phone ring in the class, the teacher and students would be disturbed. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school. As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. We can also relax ourselves by playing them when we’re tired of our studies. The most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way and do not disturb others. 3) 、 网络购物在中国也变得越来越普遍了,谈谈网 上购物的好处与坏处。 We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of internet shopping these days. Some students think it's very convenient for us to go shopping on the internet. The shops on Internet , for example taobao.com, 360buy.com are open for almost 24 hours a day, so we can buy something we want at any time if we like. What's more, we needn't to wait in a queue。 However, some students disagreed with them. We can't see the things while we are shopping. So we are not sure whether they are good or not.. Besides, we can't enjoy the happiness of shopping with our friends。 8、多彩校园(我为学校骄傲) Proud of my school My school is very big with several tall buildings. We have a beautiful playground with lots of trees around it. There are many flowers everywhere. My busy school life always makes me happy. I have lots of fun at school. I not only have all kinds of classes, but also take part in colorful activities after classes. I play games and do lots of sports, like playing basketball, football and table tennis. I love my school because it’s like a big family. The students are friendly and the teachers in my

school are as kind to us as our parents. I feel proud of my school because it is one of the best schools in my heart. I'm leaving my school. I'll never forget the days I've spent here. 9、禁烟 A survey about smokers in a middle school tells that although 90% of all students never smoke, 3% of them often smoke and 7% sometimes do. In other words, 10% of the students smoke. That’s terrible. As we know, smoking is harmful to our health. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives because of it. Smoking not only does harm to your health, Smoking may cause many diseases. While smoking can also do harm to those who don't smoke。 And also wastes money. ,because, a fire may be caused by cigarette ends. In all, smoking is so dangerous that we should keep away from it. If all smokers give up smoking, we can enjoy clearer air.

talk in English , think in English we can learn it well . At school , we should learn to hear , speak, read and write carefully . We should spend enough time in practicing English . If we keep on working hard at English , we will be able to be good at it one day . 12、目前,学生考试作弊现象严重 At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit - cheating in examinations. There are three main reasons. First, schools have given students too many exams, some of which are too difficult. Second, some students are not hard-working and they don't work hard at their lessons. Third, they waste a lot of time playing games or surfing the Internet. So they haven't enough time to prepare for the exams. Finally, students have to do so to make their teachers and parents happy. In my opinion, cheating in exams does great harm to our study. We students should be honest and diligent, and only in this way can we improve our study and make progress. Besides, our teachers should offer us fewer exams and more time to study for ourselves. December 20 13、 光盘行动 目前非常流行。 号召人人节约用餐。 “Guang pan xing dong”means clear your plate after eating and not to waste . At present , many people have joined the activity against wasting food . Some restaurants have a rule .If you don’t finish eating the food in your plate , you will have to pay extra money or take the food away with you . I think it is necessary though we no longer worry about food because our life has changed a lot in the past 30 years. As we know, the grains are not easy from farming . we should respect the working people . First of all , as a student , we shouldn’t waste the food anywhere and anytime . We should develop a good eating habit . Next , we should cook and eat at home as many as possible. It’s both cheap and safe. Last but not least , there are lots of people hungry in many parts of the world . If we save a little food every day ,we will help more people keep away from hunger . Let’s act together at once.

10、家乡变化 The Changes in My Hometown I come from SuiHua in Heilongjiang province In the past, my hometown was not very big, people lived a poor life. The houses were old and small. Pollution was serious, and there was rubbish everywhere. the traffic was not very convenient that so few people came here. Now great changes have taken place in my hometown. The environment has become more beautiful. The mountains are all green, the river clearer and the sky bluer. Many people all have their own cars and have a happy life everyday. And now, every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to visit our hometown. My hometown becomes more and more famous. I'm sure my hometown will become better and better in the future. 11、怎样学好英语 How to learn English well As we know , English has become an international language. It is more popular than any other language in China . English is widely spoken in the world and it is the most useful language around the world . But how to learn it well ? The best way is to use it all the time . If we can


14、演讲稿 请你以学生李林的身份写一篇英文 讲稿。内容包括:1、自我介绍;2、你参加的目 的;3、你能胜任工作的优势(至少两点); Good afternoon, everybody. My name is LiLin, from Class 1, Grade 4. I’m very pleased to make a speech here. As a Junior 4 student, I’d like to be a volunteer and do something for the American student visitors. I have learnt English for more than five years. I’m good at speaking English and always ready to help others. I often take part in different social work. I’ve learnt to how to communicate with foreigners. So, I hope you can give me a chance and I’ll try my best to work well. Thank you! 15 最美的女教师张丽莉 This is Love When I heard the story about Ms. Zhang Lili from the city of Jiamusi saved two children on the way under the wheels of a bus ,while she hurt herself badly .What does it mean ? It means selfless love from a teacher – mother ’s love . When the danger came ,she thought of her students more , not herself . She has chosen to face it. She is common but she is great. I’m deeply moved by her . Someone says that nowadays nobody can think of others more . the fact today tells us that they are wrong . As a student , I should learn from her . I’ll try to help others like her as much as possible . I’ll tell the story to my friends ,too. Let’s do more helpful things together . It can make the world full of love. 16、感恩父亲 Dear father, Father ’s Day is coming. I’d like to say something to you. You always work hard so that I can receive a better education and live a better life. You are strict with me in my study and help me with my homework. When I failed an exam, you encouraged me to be confident and keep trying. When I had trouble in life, you always told me to be brave and smile at life. You have given me so much, not only in my study but also in my life. Thank you for your deep love. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you! I hope you will be healthy and happy forever! Happy Fathers Day!

Yours, Li Hua

happy/ sorry How time flies! I have studied in my school for four years. And I will graduate from middle school in a month. I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you. I had so many memories in four years’ life. On of them impressed me very much. I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. As soon as my English teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn English well. Since then, she has kept helping me. Little by little, I’ve become interested in English and I’m good at it. I think I am so lucky to become one of her students. I’ve learned a lot from her. I will try to help others when they are in trouble. I think it is a happy thing to help others.

17、4 月 20 日,四川省雅安地区发生了 7.0 级大 地震,作为一名中学生,请你谈谈你的做法和感 受。 要求: 80—100 字左右 ; 词汇参考:地震 earthquake 悲 痛 sorrow 受 到 感 动 be deeply moved 安慰 comfort 重建 rebuild 自愿做某事 volunteer to do sth. On April 20th, a big earthquake happened in Ya’an, Sichuan. Many people lost their relatives and their homes. All the Chinese people feel quite sorrow. A lot of people volunteer to help them. Some people raise money for them, some people buy something for them, some people go there to comfort the sad children. Thousands of soldiers help them to save their relatives and rebuild their homes Even foreign friends also give them a hand. I’m deeply moved by these people. So I’ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there. I think all of us should try our best to help them to get out of the trouble together. 18. What should We Do to Love Our Country ?(钓鱼 岛是中国领土) Recently , the Japanese government calls Diaoyudao Island is its land .As we know ,it’s really wrong . We Chinese are all angry with it . All the people of China have taken measures to be against Japanese strongly. As middle school students , What should we do for it ? First of all, We should support our government has done everything against Japan. We are always together with our government. Second ,only our country becomes very strong , we can stop others putting us down . As a real Chinese , it’s our duty to make our country stronger and richer . we should protect our motherland to avoid hurting . We Chinese are brave and hardworking . We love peace . At present , we must work hard to get ready to do for our future country. 19、毕业感言 初中生活马上就要结束了,四年的初中 生活一定给你留下了很多挥之不去的回忆。提示词供 参考。 Four years, memories, one of, one day, think,

20.神州十号 I'm very happy when I heard the news that China's first manned spacecraft, Shenzhou 10,was launched on June 11,2013. I would never forget the day when all the Chinese people were proud of the successful launch. Shenzhou 10" spacecraft, showed China's space science and technology has reached a very high level again. The launch of the "Shenzhou 10" is a great feat. The dreams of thousands of astronauts have come true. I'm a middle school student now. Our Chinese astronauts have set good examples for us all. I want to study hard and lay solid foundations for my future. When I grow up, I want to become an astronaut like Yang Liwei. 21.Driving safety 酒驾危险 More traffic accidents happened . We can see many people get hurt in traffic accidents . Some people were sent to hospital , and some even lost their lives . It’s important to drive carefully. What should we a drive do ? First , he must pass a driving test., so he can get a license . Second, a drive can’t be allowed to drink much before he drives. If he drinks much, he can’t see anything clearly . Third , a big truck can’t be overloaded. It’s too dangerous . Fourth, don’t drive too fast . If we pay attention to these problems, fewer accidents will happen.


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