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阶段练习(普通) 一 CHOICE: 20% 1.“What frightening experience!” the woman who survived the earthquake said with frightened look on her face. A. a; a B.不填; a C.不填; 不填 D.a; 不填 2.—What a large sculpture! —Oh, it seven meters high. A. measures; as many as B. is measured; as much as C. measures; as much as D. is measured; as many as 3.It suddenly to the teacher that he hadn?t left any assignments(作业) to his students. A. happened B. occurred C. thought D. took place 4.There is a possibility that he will a door to universities closed, for he pays no attention to his study. A. end up with B. put up with C. come up with D. catch up with 5.On April 28,2013,the Leheledu Theme Park in Yong chuan, whose most construction has been finished, ,becoming one of the biggest centers for entertainment in Chongqing. A. opens B. was opened C. has been opened D. had been opened 6.So many women take up walking as a regular form of exercise every day, which, of course, is to their health. A. of useful B. greatly use C. of benefit D. greatly benefit 7. My friend introduced two new films to me, seemed to be touching judging from the name. A. none of which B. either of that C. neither of which D. both of them 8.While little Tony was climbing up a tree he fell off, his leg. A. damaging B. hitting C. hurting D. striking 9.—Hi,Magarette! You are in perfect . —I always do exercise to keep fit. A. situation B. position C. occasion D. condition 10 Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what _____ nice. A. looks B. is looked C. is looking D. is being looked 11. This school bag is my favorite. I can?t find ______. A. the best one B. a better one C. the better one D. a best one 12. Mum, I ______ my homework since 8 o?clock. May I play with my cell phone for a while? A. have done B. had done C. have been doing D. was doing 13. Peter?s jacket looks just the same as mine, but it costs mine. A. as twice much as B. twice as much as C. as much twice D. twice as much 14. You?ve failed to do what you ______ to and I?m afraid Mom will blame you. A. were expected B. are expected C. will expect D. would expect 15. —Jack and David are brothers. —Oh,I _____ why they looked so alike. A. was wondering B. wonder C. have wondered D. will wonder 16. After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane ______ her job as a doctor. A. set out B. set up C. took up D. took over 17. —Helen, you look worried. What?s up? —Well, I____ my ring and I?m still looking for it. A. will lose B. had lost C. lost D. lose 18. The police are working hard ______ they can find the missing baby as soon as possible. A. even if B. as if C. in order that D. as long as 19.—Darlin, shall we change our mattress(床垫) for a better one, the price of which is a twice more, OK?

—All right. I get a headache when it comes to figures. A. It?s up to you! B. How you find it? C.I didn?t get that D. It depends 20.—What about the film you saw last night? — .I might as well have stayed at home and had a good rest. A. It couldn?t have been any better B. It couldn?t have been any worse C. It was the best one D. There was no better one 二 选词填空:8% A. reaching B. divided C. marriage D. simply E. reshape F. interpreted G. means H. commonly I. image

Television is one of the most 21 seen entertainment device in people?s daily life. Probably people will never think about it. However, TV——the most pervasive (无处不在) and persuasive modern technologies, marked by rapid change and growth——is moving into a new era, an era of extraordinary sophistication (复杂而 精密) and versatility(多用途), which promises to 22 our lives and our world. It is an electronic revolution, made possible by the 23 of television and computer technologies. The word “television”, derived from its Greek (tele distant) and Latin (vision sight) roots, can literally be 24 as sight from a distance. Very 25 put, it works in this way through a sophisticated system of electronics, television provides the capability of converting an image into electronic impulses, which can be sent through a wire or cable. These impulses, when fed into a receiver (a television set), can then be electronically reconstituted into that same image. Television is more than just an electronic system, however. It is a 26 of expression, as well as a vehicle for communication, and becomes a powerful tool for 27 other human beings. The field of television can be 28 into two categories determined by its means of transmission. First, there is broadcast television. And second, there is non-broadcast television. 三 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 词性转换:8% In 1972, China and Japan signed a ______ (history) peace and friendship treaty. At _______ (night) you hear the clock stroke twelve. The slightest _______ (care) can result in a terrible accident。 The boss showed such _______ (patient) that he cut short my explanation. It was _______ (fortune) that Jane had a car accident on her way to school. The happy time with my girlfriend was really ________ (forget). At sea level, the air ______ (press) is a little over 14 pounds per square inch If you use the chemical to clean the trousers, the stain will _______ (appear) at once.

四 句型转换:14% 37 Liu Ping told me a piece of good news. (改为感叹句) ________ ________ news Liu Ping told me! 38 Why haven't they come? He wanted to know. (改为宾语从句) He wanted to know ________ they ________ come. 39 The ID card is not the only thing that I have lost. The ID card is not the only thing ________ ________. (同义句) 40 Remember to ring me up as soon as you get to Nanjing. Make _____ to give me a ring as soon as you _____ Nanjing. 41 The new square is four times as large as the previous one.

The new square is four times 42

of the previous one.

Kelly usually keeps the window open when she sleeps.(改为同义句) Kelly usually sleeps the window . 43 ago a mine happened very years a funny neighbor few a of to thing ______________________________________________________________________. 五 阅读理解 12% Where is that noise coming from? Not sure? Try living with your eyes closed for a few years. Blind people are better at locating sounds than people who can see, a new study says, without the benefits of vision the ears seem to work much better. Previous studies have shown that blind people are better than others at reaching out and touching the sources of sounds that are close by. Researchers from the University of Montreal wanted to see if blind people were also better at locating sounds that are far away. Twenty-three blind people participated in the study. All had been sightless for at least 20 years. Fourteen of them had lost their vision before age 11. the rest went blind after age 16. The experiment also included 10 people who could see but were wearing blind-folds. In one task, volunteers had to pick the direction of a sound coming from about 3 meters away. When the sound was in front of them or slightly off center in front, both groups performed equally well. When sounds came from the side or the back, however, the blind group performed much better than the blindfolded group. The participants who had been blind since childhood did slightly better than those who lost their sight later. Recognizing the locations of distant sounds can be a matter of life-or-death for blind people, say the researchers. Crossing the street, for instance, is much harder when you can?t see the cars coming. Still, the researchers were surprised by how well the blind participants did, especially those who went blind after age 16. In another experiment, the scientists also found that parts of the brain that normally deal with visual information became active in locating sound in the people who were blind by age 11. These brain parts didn?t show sound-location activity in the other group of blind people or in the sighted people. The scientists now want to learn more about the working of brains of “late-onset” blind people. 44. The recent study shows blind people are better at telling . A. The sources of loud sounds. B. the locations of distant sounds C. the direction of sharp sounds D. the distance of a sound in front of them 45. Which would be a proper title for the passage? . A. A Research on Blind People B. Where is That Noise Coming from? C. Hearing Better in the Dark D. What If Living Without Your Eyes? 46. If people were asked to tell the direction of a sound from the side, who would perform best? . A. Those who are blind. B. Those who have gone blind since children. C. Those who went blind at age 16. D. Those who are blindfolded. 47. Which of the following is true according to the passage? . A. Whether to be able to locate the sounds can be of vital importance for the blind. B. All the volunteers in the experiment are sightless. C. All the participants did equally well when picking sounds from whatever direction. D. The later people become blind, the better they can perform in telling the direction of sounds. 48. What do we know about that parts of brain dealing with visual information are active in locating sounds? . A. This happens in almost all the testers. B. This only occurs in the people who were blind after age 16. C. It remains nothing new to the scientists any more.

D. It remains a mystery why it is so. 49 Which of the following is close to participated? A stay B complete C join

D serve

六 完型填空: 12% Isn?t the English language marvelous? Some wouldn?t say so, but for 20 years traditional British words have slowly been 38 by Americanisms. And now, words like ?marvelous? have been usurped(侵占)by the US cliché: ?Awesome?. The gradual change, charted by researchers at Cambridge University and Lancaster University, has also seen the 40 of 'cheerio', 'pussy cat', 'marmalade' and 'fortnight', which are now barely used by English speakers. 41 in the 1990s we were captivated by 'Walkmans', today it has been replaced by the likes of 'online' and 'smartphone'. Other words like 'catalogue' and 'drawers', which were also regulars of the 1990s, have had to make way for 21st century sayings like 'Facebook', 'internet', 'Google', 'essentially' and 'treadmill'. Professor Tony McEnery, a language expert from Lancaster University, said: 'These very early findings suggest the things that are most important to British society are 43 reflected in the amount we talk about them. New technologies like Facebook have really captured our attention, 44 the extent that, if we're not using it, we're probably talking about it. To study the changes of British English, the research team gathered hundreds thousands of conversations to create a spoken corpus(语料库). Then, with the large corpus, the researchers analyzed the way language has changed over the last 20 years. The research also allows analysis into language used in different regions, between 46 and across different age groups. 'It is of great importance to collect new recordings from the 2010s in order to understand the nature of British English speech as it is today and not how it was more than two decades ago.' Professor McEnery said. 50. A. released B. related C. relieved D. replaced 51. A. decline B. digestion C. declare D. discipline 52.A. As B. While C. Because D. If 53. A. accidentally B. seldom C. for all D. for sure 54. A. by B. for C. to D. in 55. A. generations B. genders(性别) C. nations D. horizons 七 首字母: 12% As people continue to grow and age, our body systems(系统) continue to change. At a c_____ point in your life your body systems will begin to weaken. Your strength may become weaker. It may become more d_____ for you to see and hear. The slow change of aging causes our bodies to lose some of their a_____ to bounce back from disease and injury. In order to live longer, we have always tried to slow or stop this change that leads us toward the end of our lives. Many factors(因素) decide your health. A good diet plays an important role. the a_____ and type of exercise you get is another factor. Your living condition is yet another. But scientists studying aging problem want to know: Why do people grow old? They hope that by studying the aging medical science they may be able to make the l_____ of life longer. There is nothing to be afraid of as old age comes. Many consider the later part of life to be the best time for living. Physical activity may become less, but often you get b_____ understanding of yourself and the world. What we consider old age now may only be middle-aged some day soon. Who knows, with so many a_____ in medical science happening so quickly, life length may one day be measured in centuries, rather that in years!

八 回答问题:14% ① “Hello” is one of the first words we learn as babies, yet it?s one of the last ones we think to use as adults. That?s unfortunate, because saying hello is more than just saying hello. It is recognition of another?s worth. How might the world change — how might we change — if we mastered this word? To find out, I spent one month saying hello to every person I met. Here?s what I?ve learned. ② It can boost(促进)productivity. In one of the few studies ever done on this subject, Allan Allday, an assistant professor of special education at Oklahoma State University, had middle school teachers greet their students individually each morning. This exchange of greetings raised the kids? productivity. School went from impersonal to personal, and that resulted in more class participation (参与) and better grades. ③ Environments influence friendliness. One study found that people in the city were more likely to kiss one?s hands with a stranger than those in the countryside. And, researchers say, pleasant environments generally encourage more smiles and hellos than unpleasant one. My experience was similar. Whatever the reason, my urban hellos were answered far less often than my rural ones. Similarly, people in vacation spots, like the Jersey Shore, were far friendlier than those hurrying to work downtown. ④ It?s a form of universal health insurance. It?s impossible to say hello without smiling. And smiling has been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and boost happiness. Apparently, a smile creates a similar effect in the recipient (接受者). ⑤ So maybe we can make the world a better place by saying hello to each other. After a month of doing it, I feel lighter and more connected and I have a better sense of well-being. 76 People don?t use “hello” as often as they were children, do they? 77. In the first paragraph, what does the author mean by saying “it?s one of the last ones we think to use as adults”? Adults _________________________. 78. The research shows that if the school teachers greet their students each morning individually, the students______________________. 79. Three effects of smiling on health are: (1) ___________ (2) _____________ (3) _____________

80 What goes along with a simple hello?

81. What is the main idea of the passage?

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