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I:选择填空 1. —Betty told me the last mountainous bike I liked yesterday was bought by John.. —Oh, my! How I regret that I didn’t buy ______. A. that B. such C. one D. it 2. The sun had set and we walked as fast as we could, to get there before it was dark. A. expected B. to expect C. expecting D. expect 3.The club was________ by a set of rules that everyone had to agree to in order to join. A. governed B. conducted C. guaranteed D. accompanied 4. — No wonder you caught a cold. You out last night without a coat. — I know how silly I was. A. mustn’t have gone B. shouldn’t have gone C. couldn’t D. mustn’t 5. He was so frightened at the accident just in front of him that he remained it had happened for a few minutes. A. which B. how C. that D. where 6. It’s a good thing that I ______ a raincoat, otherwise I’d have been wet all over. A. have brought B. brought C. had brought D. was bringing 7. — Waiter, _____? — Wait a minute, sir. That’s 80 yuan altogether. A. how much did we eat B. would you please charge me. C. would you take the money D. may I have the bill, please 8. The fireman told us the trouble they had _______ the fire _______. A. got, controlled B. got, controlling C. getting, controlled D. getting, to control 9. We use passwords to keep our personal information secret and safe, some passwords we use but may not be as as we think. A.accurate B.accessible C.worthwhile D.reliable 10.With the new ad campaign, sales of the new soft drinks really____________. A. took up B. took off C. took in D. took down 11. I wasn’t surprised by the news, for I _____ for some time that one of my classmates was going abroad. A. had known B. knew C. have known D. know 12. The old man has a son and two daughters, _____ treat him well, ____ made him very sad. A. and none of whom; as B. neither of them; which C. and none of whom; what D. none of whom; which 13. More consumers are waiting for the further drop of housing prices with money in their hands _ buying houses, according to a report. A. rather than B. more than C. other than D. better than 14. Auckland is the most exciting city in New Zealand with people of many different cultures ______there. A. live B. having lived C. living D. lived 15. I think that's unlikely to happen, but if that ______ occur, both America's and China's interest would be severely damaged. A. could B. would C. might D. should II:完型填空 It was a terrible day. Snow had been falling all day long making the trip 16 . I would rather have been in my warm home than drive along on such a cold day, but I didn’t have a ___17 . I had to have my paper work handed in and then 18 my son. The snow continued to fall as we drove along for the 15-mile trip back home. I slowed the car

and ___19 at my son in his heavy coat as he looked 20 out of the window with a blank(空白的) expression. In the 21 of the world he was looked upon as a mentally disabled child. ____22 , over the years what I saw was a beautiful, kind and 23 soul. He had shown me more about love than I could have ever 24 on my own. I slowed the car even more as we 25 a sharp curve (弯). As we rounded it I saw a shivering (颤抖的), young woman in a 26 jacket walking in the snow storm. I pulled over and let her in. She was heading for her Mom’s house to visit her 27 whom she hadn’t seen for months. She had experienced a lot of disappointments and 28 . Yet, she still held out hope for a new job and tried to 29 a new life for her son and herself. I took her as 30 as I was able to and dropped her off. She thanked me for the 31 and I told her I wished I could have done more to help. Then as we were about to leave, my sweet son took off his coat, 32 down the window and gave it to her. She put it on, smiled and 33 to us as we pulled out on the road. In this world we will 34 many problems and challenges. Sometimes it seems that our entire lives are a trip down a curvy and dangerous road. Yet the power of 35 takes us straight back to a broad smooth highway. 16. A. smooth B. funny C. risky D. special 17. A. change B. choice C. reason D. chance 18. A. call on B. look after C. seek for D. pick up 19. A. glanced B. laughed C. stared D. shouted 20. A. excitedly B. peacefully C. sadly D. fearfully 21. A. history B. development C. eyes D. systems 22. A. However B. Therefore C. Meanwhile D. Besides 23. A. dirty B. sensitive C. painful D. merciful 24. A. dreamed B. learned C. concluded D. ignored 25. A. expected B. left C. approached D. discovered 26. A. new B. heavy C. comfortable D. light 27. A. son B. daughter C. mother D. father 28. A. adventures B. puzzles C. tragedies D. doubts 29. A. predict B. suffer C. save D. build 30. A. far B. long C. soon D. much 31. A. money B. coat C. lift D. gift 32. A. burned B. rolled C. tore D. shut 33. A. cried B. pointed C. wrote D. waved 34. A. face B. overcome C. create D. bear 35. A. nature B. love C. minds D. wills

III:阅读理解 A It's every child's dream:you find yourself in a sweet shop without owners and can finally eat as many candies as you like. Tokyo's all-you-can-eat“cheap candy”bars make that childhood dreams come true,giving Japanese under stress a chance to relive the good old days when their biggest problem was deciding between fizzy sticks(跳跳糖)and sour plums(话梅). The “cheap candy” bar in Tokyo's fashion Ebisu neighborhood is decorated like an old corner shop with dark wooden walls lined with glass jars (广口瓶) full of Japanese childhood favorite food.Faded posters and a black-and-white TV bring back that special 1960s nostalgic(怀旧的)

feeling. “This is good old Japan,something I haven't even seen myself because we've passed that period, ”said 24-year-old Natsuko Kohashi,a consultant, as she sat with a glass of beer and a basket of sugary candies. “People dream about this peaceful time,20 years after the war, when things were kind of slow but people had hope, ”she said. “The economy started to recover and everyone got richer. ” Tokyo has many places which satisfy the needs of depressed office workers who have a desire for the years before the financial bubble(泡沫)of the 1980s, when stock markets(股票市场) and property(财产) prices went up quickly and then collapsed,leaving Japan in a depression for most of the next decade. There are cafes where waitresses dressed as maids play childish games with customers,and theme parks that recreate school cafeterias(自助餐厅) and 1960s living rooms. At another table at Ebisu's bar, a lively group of men and women in their 20s,some wearing suits, picked at a selection of sweets. used to eat sweets as a child, one of the men said. “I ” “Now we are under great stress.When we were children,there was no stress,so we're comforting each other. ” 36.The text is mainly about . A.some methods of releasing stress B.the“cheap candy”bars in Tokyo C.the economy of Japan D.some delicious sweets 37.How did Tokyo people feel in the 1960s? A.Challenging B.Doubtful C.Terrible D.Hopeful 38.Waitresses dressed as maids play childish games at cafes to . A.satisfy customers’feeling B.attract more lovely children C.make customers buy more D.help customers realize their dreams 39.What can we infer from the last paragraph? A.Few people in Japan like the“cheap candy”bars. B.Young people in Japan are missing the good old days. C.People can eat their favorite sweets in shop for free. D.It's hard for people in Japan to find their favorite sweets.

DONALD SLOAN Gates Hall After May 2009: University of Kansas 46 Clayton Drive Lawrence, KS 66045 St. Louis, MO 63130 913-243-1682 314-726-8840 Objective To work with the client(委托人)population in a social service position. B.A., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 2009 Education Major: Social Services Minor(副修科目): Applied Psychology Assistant Activities Supervisor, Fairview Nursing Home, Lawrence, KS, November 2006-present. Help organize and carry out recreational(休养 的) activities for nursing home (疗养院)old men. Activities include crafts, Experience dances, day trips, sing-alongs(大家一起唱), and visiting performers. Hotline Volunteer, Teen Crisis Center, Lawrence, KS, September 2006May 2007. Handled crisis calls from teenagers in the community. Dealt with drug use, unwanted pregnancies(怀孕), failing grades, and the

breakdown of parent-teen relationships. Nurse’s Assistant, Danyers General Hospital, St. Louis, MO, Summer 2006. Assisted nurses in patient care. Took histories, updated charts, and helped prepare patients for surgery(外科手术). University Concert Board. Work with other board members to plan and implement on-campus(在校内)concerts. Senior Gift Campaign. Help manage the campaign to raise funds for the Activities senior class gift to the university. Residence Hall Programming Board. Planned social events for Eggar Residence Hall. Skills Fluent in French. Water safety instructor. Skilled at working with people. Interests Skiing, softball, classical music, and guitar. 40. This passage is most probably ______. A. an advertisement for taking on new employees B. a school report at the end of an academic year C. a self-introduction meant to apply for a job D. a part of a recommendation letter from a university 41. According to the “Experience” section, we can infer that Donald Sloan can be _____ . A. a wise leader B. a skillful performer C. a gifted scientist D. a good social worker 42. From the passage we can learn that Donald Sloan ______. A. is good at singing and dancing B. is about to graduate from a university C. has an interest in being a surgeon(外科医生) D. specializes in psychology C Sometimes you may have a strong desire to do something strange or terrible.However, chances are that you don't act on your impulse (冲动 ) but let it pass instead. , You know that to take the action is wrong in some way and that other people will not accept your behavior. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the phenomenon of taboo behavior is how it can change over the years, how certain behavior and attitudes once considered taboo can become perfectly acceptable and natural at another point in time.Topics such as death, for example, were once considered so upsetting that it was a taboo to even talk about them.Now with the publication(出版)of important books such as On Death and Dying and Learning to Say Goodbye, people have become more aware of the importance of expressing feelings about death and, as a result, are more willing to talk about this taboo subject. One of the newest taboos is the topic of fat.Unlike many other taboos, fat is a topic that people talk about often.It's not taboo to talk about fat; it's taboo to be fat.The "in" look is thin, not fat. In the work world, most companies prefer youthful-looking, slim manager to sell their image as well as their products to the public.The thin look is associated with youth, energy, and success.The fat person, on the other hand, is thought of as lazy and lacking in energy, self-discipline(自律)and self-respect.After all, how can people permit themselves to become fat? In an image-conscious society, thin is "in", fat is "out". It's not surprising that millions of people have become obsessed (着迷) with staying slim and "in shape".The pursuit of a youthful physical appearance is not, however, the only reason for people's obsession with diet and exercise.Recent research has shown the importance of diet and exercise for personal health .As in most technologically developed nations, the life-style of people has changed since last century. Modern machines do all the physical labor. Cars and buses transport us quickly from point to point.As a result of inactivity and disuse, people's bodies can easily become weak.In an effort to avoid such a fate, millions of people are spending more of their time exercising.Parks are filled with joggers and bicyclists, and many companies are providing special exercise equipment for their employees to use during the work day. 43.What does the underlined phrase "in" look” in paragraph 3 probably mean? A.The fashionable look. B.The hidden look.C.The usual look. D.The inside look. 44. According to the passage, the common belief is that .

A.fat people are full of energy B.thin people are more successful C.fat people prefer to have fat bosses D.thin people are less image-conscious 45. People pay more attention to diet and exercise because of , A.their need to kill time B.their love for sports C.their concern for health D.their belief in hard work 46. What's the main purpose of this passage? A.To advertise. B. To compare. C.To educate. D.To inform D Hans was an honest fellow with a funny round good-humored face. Living alone, every day he worked in his garden. In all the countryside there was no garden so lovely as his. All sorts of flowers grew there, blooming in their proper order as the months went by, one flower taking another flower’s place, so that there were always beautiful things to see, and pleasant odors(气味) to smell. Hans had many friends, the most devoted being the Miller. So devoted was the rich Miller to Hans that he’d never go by his garden without picking a large bunch of flowers or a handful of sweet herbs, or filling his pockets with fruits. The Miller used to talk about noble ideas, and Hans nodded and smiled, feeling proud of having such a friend. The neighbors thought it strange that the rich Miller never gave Hans anything in return, though he had hundreds of bags of flour, many cows and sheep, but Hans never troubled his head about these, and nothing gave him greater pleasure than to listen to all the wonderful things about the unselfishness of true friendship. In spring, summer, and autumn Hans was very happy, but when winter came, and he had no fruit or flowers to sell, he suffered from cold and hunger. Though extremely lonely, the Miller never came to see him then. “There’s no good in going to see Hans while the snow lasts.” The Miller said to his wife, “When people are in trouble they shouldn’t be bothered. So I’ll wait till the spring comes when he’s happy to give me flowers.” “You’re certainly very thoughtful,” answered his wife, “It’s quite a treat to hear you talk about friendship.” “Couldn’t we ask Hans up here?” said their son. “I’ll give him half my meal, and show him my white rabbits.” “How silly you are!” cried the Miller. “I really don’t know what’s the use of sending you to school. If Hans came up here, and saw our warm fire, our good supper, and our red wine, he might get envious, and envy is a most terrible thing, and would spoil anybody’s nature. I am his best friend, and I’ll always watch over him, and see that he’s not led into any temptation. Besides, if Hans came here, he might ask me for some flour. Flour is one thing, and friendship is another, and they shouldn’t be confused. The words are spelt differently, and mean quite different things. Everybody can see that.” He looked seriously at his son, who felt so ashamed that he hung his head down, and grew quite scared, and began to cry into his tea. Spring coming, the Miller went down to see Hans. Again he talked about friendship. “Hans, friendship never forgets. I’m afraid you don’t understand the poetry of life. See, how lovely your roses are!” Hans said he wanted to sell them in the market to buy back his things which were sold during the hard time of the winter. “I’ll give you many good things. I think being generous is the base of friendship.” said the Miller. “And now, as I’ll give you many good things, I’m sure you’d like to give me some flowers in return. Here’s the basket, and fill it quite full.” Poor Hans was afraid to say anything. He ran and plucked(采集) all his pretty roses, and filled the Miller’s basket, imagining the many good things promised by the Miller. The next day he heard the Miller calling: “Hans, would you mind carrying this sack of flour for me to market?” “I’m sorry, but I am really very busy today.” “Well,” said the Miller, “considering that I’m going to give you my things, it’s rather

unfriendly of you to refuse. Upon my word, you mustn’t mind my speaking quite plainly to you.” Poor Hans was driven by his friendship theory to work hard for his best friend, leaving his garden dry and wasted. One evening Hans was sitting by fire when the Miller came. “Hans,” cried the Miller, “My little boy has fallen off a ladder and hurt himself, and I’m going for the Doctor. But he lives so far away, and it’s such a bad windy night. It has just occurred to me that you can go instead of me. You know I’m going to give you my good things, so you should do something for me in return.” “Certainly,” cried Hans. He struggled into the stormy night, and got the doctor to ride a horse to the Miller’s house in time to save the boy. However, Hans got lost in the darkness, and wandered off into a deep pool, drowned. At Hans’ funeral, the Miller said, “I was his best friend. I should walk at the head of the procession(队伍).” Every now and then he wiped his eyes with a handkerchief. 47. From the passage, we can learn that Hans ______. A. was extremely wise and noble B. admired the Miller very much C. was highly valued by the Miller D. had a strong desire for fortune 48. Hans worked a lot for the Miller because he ______. A. was treated as a best friend by the Miller B. owed the Miller many valuable things C. was convinced of the Miller’s noble talk D. intended to show off his unselfishness 49. What’s the main cause of Hans’ tragedy? A. True friendship between them. B. A lack of formal education. C. A sudden change of weather. D. Blind devotion to a friend. 50. The author described the Miller’s behavior in order to ______. A. warn the readers about the danger of a false friend B. show the friendship between Hans and the Miller C. entertain the readers with an incredible joking tale D. persuade people to be as intelligent as the Miller IV:任务型读写 A technical secondary school in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province, planned to order Korean-style school uniforms for students, but parents opposed the move, believing that the new uniforms looked too good and would encourage early romances among the students, the Jinling Evening Paper reported Monday. Parents “My daughter was so excited about the Korean-style uniform, saying it’s her dream to wear mini-skirt to school every day,” a mom surnamed Cheng complained. “My daughter also called her classmates to talk about how handsome the boys looked in the uniform!” Cheng looked on the Internet and found that most Korean schoolboy uniforms are similar to western suits. “They are so handsome! My daughter is a fan of Korean fashion, that’s why she is crazy about the uniform!” Cheng said. “If the students wear such beautiful uniforms, how can they study well? I prefer the sports wear which makes me think of health and positive thinking.” School “The plan to change the current school uniform from sports wear has been cancelled,” an employee of the school told the Jinling Evening Paper. “The students dislike the current uniform, so the school took advice from the students last November, knowing that most of the students prefer Korean or Japanese-style school uniforms. We know cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou have changed their sports wear school uniforms to more fashionable uniforms,” an employee surnamed Lin said. “However, we had to stop the plan because many parents are strongly against it. Some parents think it’s just a way for the school to make money, and others think the new uniforms will take students’ attention away from their studies,” Lin said. When asked about the possibility of problems with early romance between students because of the more fashionable uniforms, Lin said he hadn’t considered it. He, however, agreed that the Korean-style uniform makes the students more charming.

Students The students are very disappointed about the school’s final decision. They think the sports wear uniforms make them look androgynous(难分性别). They said the Korean-style uniform has many advantages such as raising interest in class; lifting confidence; improving solidarity(团结) and creating good temperaments(气质). As for concerns about romance, the students believe that love is love and bears no relationship to the uniform. Education department “We don’t have a unified (统一的) standard for school uniforms. The schools can choose their own styles. Either sports wear or uniforms are ok,” an official from the Nanjing Bureau of Education said. Title Do pretty school uniforms lead to early romance? A technical secondary school planned to order Korean-style school Event uniforms for students. ◆With such beautiful designs, the new uniforms Parents are might 53____puppy love between boys and girls. strongly 52_____ ◆In the new uniforms, students would fail to focus the move. their 54________ on their studies. ◆It is just a way for the school to make money. Different ◆ The sports wear uniforms make them look 51_____ to it androgynous(难分性别的). Students are in ◆Korean-style uniform can make them more 55______of the 56____ and more interested in class as well as move. improving solidarity and creating good temperaments. ◆The students dislike the current uniform. ◆More 57_______school uniforms are allowed in some big cities in China. From the school ◆The school spokesman Lin said they hadn’t taken Two responses the possibility of early romance into 58_______, though he agreed the Korean-style uniform would make the students more charming. From the education There is no unified standard for school uniforms, so department the schools can choose their own styles. Result The school had to 59________ the plan and the students felt 60.________. V:书面表达 (满分 25 分) 随着信息技术的快速发展, 网络语言以其快捷的传播方式进入了人们的生活。 根据某机 构最近对某市中学生的调查,发现中学生对网络语言的使用看法不一,结果如下: 70% 的学生认为 1. 网络语言是信息时代发展的结果, 是草根(ordinary/average people) 文化的新形式; 2. 易懂,易学,使用快捷方便; 3. 网络语言很酷很有趣,丰富了校园文化生活。 其他学生认为 1. 有些网络语言太随意、不正规,甚至粗鲁、低俗; 2. 汉语言是传统文化的基础,过多地使用网络语言会使下一代逐渐淡忘 传统文化、表达含混、失去标准。 你的观点 (不少于两点) 请写一篇题为“Is cyber language treasure or rubbish?”的报道,陈述以上的调查结果并发表你 自己的看法。 注意:1.不要逐条翻译,可适当发挥;


2.词数 150 左右;开头已写好,不计入总词数; Is cyber language treasure or rubbish? With the development of information technology, cyber language has stepped into our life and is spreading rapidly. According to a survey recently conducted among high school students, there are various views about the use of cyber language.

1—5 DCABD 6—10 BDCDB 11—15 ADACD 16—20 CBDAB 21—25 CADBC 26—30 DACDA 31—35 CBDAB 36—40 BDABC 41—45 DBABC 46—50 DBCDA 51.attitudes 52. against 53. encourage 54. attention 55. favor 56. confident 57. fashionable 58. account/consideration 59. cancel/quit 60. disappointed 70% of the students think cyber language is a result of the information age, which is a new form of the culture of grass roots. They also hold it that cyber language is easy to learn and understand, so it is convenient to use. Besides, cyber language can enrich their school life because many words used on line are fun and cool. However, the rest don’t think so. They argue that some cyber language words are rude and informal and even confusing. In addition, they believe that the Chinese language is the foundation of our great culture. Overusing cyber language will cause young people to forget our traditional culture gradually and what’s worse, it will make our language awkward and less standard at the same time. In my opinion, since everything in the world is keeping developing and changing, it won’t be necessarily a bad thing for some wonderful cyber vocabulary to enter and thus enrich our language, just as “Geili” and some other classic cyber words do. Of course, overusing too much casual and crude cyber signs or words is surely not responsible or serious. What we really need is careful selection and consideration.