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沈阳市第二十八中学 2013-2014 学年度(下)高一英语月质量监测
第一部分:阅读理解 A What you eat after exercising matters! no matter what time of day you exercise, the key is to follow the exercise up with meals that supply enough nutrition (营养). For the best results, eat within 30 to 60 minutes after exercising, when the muscles are best able to take in nutrients. Here are some ideas for meals after exercising: Home-made sports-recovery drink Mix banana, milk, and yogurt (酸奶酪) to make a fresh and satisfying sports-recovery drink. Products like milk and yogurt work double duty, providing both protein (蛋白质) and carbohydrates (碳水化合物). A cup of coffee, on the other hand, is a poor choice. Protein-packed sandwich You can’t go wrong with a sandwich after exercising —you can get everything from it. Sandwiches provide the salt you need to replace what you lose by sweating. At the same time the tomatoes in them supply plenty of Vitamin C. Try using whole-wheat bread to give yourself more fiber. The cheese and fresh vegetables in sandwiches are also great for helping tired muscles recover. Power breakfast An egg sandwich is a perfect post-exercise breakfast. There’s protein in both the yolk (蛋黄) and the white of an egg. It increases the protein you take in and keeps calories and fat under control. Eggs also contain zinc (锌), which helps protect against disease. Plant-based protein Beans are an amazing source of plant-based protein and carbohydrates. Make a large bowl of bean salad at the beginning of a week, and you’ll have a great post-exercise meal. 1. what is the passage mainly about? A. The healthy eating habits of athletes. B. The best time for exercising. C. How to warm up before exercising. D. What to eat after exercising. 2. Why does the author advise eating a protein-packed sandwich after exercising? A.The salt in it helps you recover. B. It has plenty of fat and calories. C. It helps increase the protein in your body. D. It is an amazing source of carbohydrates. 3. Which of the following helps increase nutrition and control fat? A. Fruit salad. B. Egg sandwiches. C. Zinc. D. Bean salad. 4. What should you do when your muscles feel tired? A. Eat something with cheese and fresh vegetables. B. Drink as much coffee and yogurt as possible. C. Eat whole-wheat bread instead of a sandwich. D. Eat and drink an hour later.

www.baishiedu.com B Although he died almost 40 years ago,Bruce Lee is still considered the greatest and most influential kung fu performer of the 20th century.His films brought traditional Hong Kong kung fu movies to a new level of popularity,and introduced kung fu to millions of people in the West。 Bona in the USA in 1940,Lee returned to his native Hong Kong before his birthday.As a teenager, the highly intelligent boy was accepted into one of Hong Kong’s most famous middle schools but he paid little attention to his studies. He was more interested in sport,especially kung fu,and hanging out with his street-gang friends. In 1959, Lee got into trouble with the police for fighting. His mother, fearing he would end up in prison,sent him to the USA。Two years later,he began studying at university there. While still a student,Lee opened his own kung fu school,teaching a new fighting style he had developed. What made Lee’s style different was that it used power, strength and, quick—action attacks. It also combined(融合)Japanese, Korean and South American fighting styles with traditional Chinese kung fu. Among Lee’s students were several famous actors who,impressed by his good—looks and fighting skill,encouraged him to start acting.Over the next fire years Lee achieved some Success in America.But his dream of introducing his fighting style into American movies was not accepted by local film makers who thought western audiences were not interested in kung fu. Determined to prove them wrong, Lee returned to Hong Kong in 1970. There he made two films Fists of Fury (1971)and Way of the Dragon(1972), using his kung fu ideas and techniques.The movies were huge hits world—wide, making Lee an international star and symbol of kung fu. These were followed by what is widely considered the greatest kung fu movie of all time,Enter the Dragon(1973).Tragically however, Lee suddenly and mysteriously died while making his next movie Game of Death。He was only 33 years old. 5.As a teenager , Lee was very_______. A. quiet B. hard—working C. brave D. smart 6.Why was Lee sent to America? A.His parents wanted him to study at university there. B.He wanted to develop a new American fighting style. C.His family:feared he was getting into too much trouble in Hong Kong. D.He was determined to become a successful and pop star actor there. 7.How was Lee’s style of kung fu different from the traditional Chinese style? A. It was much faster. B. It was easier to Iearn。 C. It made people more powerful. D. It was much more dangerous. 8.What was Lee’s dream according to the passage? A. To develop a new style of kung fu. B. To become a famous movie star. C. To make movies using his fighting style. D. To teach Americans kung fu.

www.baishiedu.com C To be honest, I used to be a workaholic (工作狂), but in the recent past I have been trying to find a balance between my work and my personal life. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned to keep a balance between them. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Some of my best achievements have been based on my mistakes. When you make a mistake, talk about it over coffee with your friends instead of sitting in the office beating yourself up over what had just happened. Let other people do their jobs. I’m the kind of person who will often do someone else’s work if it means getting it done better and more quickly. This can mean sacrificing (牺牲) my free time, however. Just let other people do their work —you’ll be surprised at how well they do it. Put work aside when it’s done for the day. My biggest problem when it came to balancing my work and my life was the fact that I always brought my work home with me. I’d wake up in the middle of the night to finish a report, or even leave the dinner table to take a business call. Now, when work is done for the day, I put it away and spare the rest of my day for myself and the people around me. Take notes, and live your life —you’ll do much better when you can put your full heart into your work during working hours, instead of sacrificing your fun. 9. We learn from the passage that the author ________ in the past. A. liked to drink alcohol B. always talked a lot when he was working C. especially enjoyed his personal life D. left little time for his personal life 10. What do we learn about mistakes from the passage? A. A person who makes many mistakes will be very successful. B. Making mistakes gives us chances to talk with our friends. C. Learning from mistakes can help one do one’s work better. D. We should forget our mistakes soon. 11. The biggest problem the author had was that he ____. A. was afraid to make mistakes at work B. let others do his job C. had difficulty believing himself D. always did extra work at home 12. The passage is written for people who ___________. A . are too work-centered B. want to improve their health C. are anxious about their jobs D. want to have a family

www.baishiedu.com D Thanksgiving travel is expected to decline slightly this year, the first drop since 2002, AAA Southern New England said today. According to AAA, about 41 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during Thanksgiving weekend this year, a decrease of 1.4 percent of last year’s total. The north-east region of the United States is expected to see decreases that are less than the national averages: a 0.1 percent decrease in travel by car and a 0.9 percent decrease in total travel, AAA said. AAA added, “This is the first decline in Thanksgiving holiday travel since 2002 and the fourth consecutive(连续的) travel holiday this year ( after Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day ) with a year-to-year decline in the number of travelers.” The total state of the economy crisis continues to present challenges for some Americans who want to travel this Thanksgiving, Lloyd P. Albert, AAA Southern New England senior vice president, said in a statement. However, the desire to spend time with family, combined with significantly lower gas prices than earlier this year, will provide a strong impetus(推动力) for many Americans to travel this holiday season. More than 33.2 million Americans or 81 percent of all holiday travelers , expect to tavel by automobile , a 1.2 percent decrease from the 33.6 million who drove a year ago, AAA said. AAA said, “it’s estimated that air fares can be expected to be 8 percent higher than last year, while car rental prices are expected to be 4 percent higher.” 13 .The fifth paragraph suggests that in America _____. A . the entire country is facing a serious economic crisis B. many people want to spend Thanksgiving Day in the office C. many people may travel with their families over Thanksgiving weekend this year D. the number of travelers will increase because of lower gas prices 14. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A. The number of tourists during Thanksgiving weekend this year will decrease by1.4% compared to last year. B. According to AAA, the number of travelers will continue to decrease in future years. C. Most travelers in America will choose to travel by car this year. D. People can save 4 percent in renting a car than last year. 15. The best title for the passage might be________. A.Thanksgiving Travel Is Expected to Drop a Bit B.Traveling by Car Has Become Popular C.Millions of People Looking Forward to Travel D.Fares Are Increasing

__16__This was not because the woods and fields were always far away, but because they were too far from the city to permit people to make a day trip between morning and nightfall. __17__He decided to turn his little school into a dormitory (宿舍楼) for the summer holidays.Anyone who brought his sleeping bag and cooking equipment along could stay there for a very

www.baishiedu.com small quantity of money.The idea was a success.A few years later, the school house was much too small to hold the many young people who wanted to stay there.__ 18__.This was the first hostel (青年招待所). Today, young students and workers of every country can meet in the hostel and get to know each other.When young people arrive at the hostel, they have only to show their cards of membership in a hostel organization in their own country.__ 19__. Often, at the evening meal, a group of boys and girls from various parts of the country or world will happen to meet at the same hostel. They may put their food together and prepare a dinner with many kinds of dishes. Sometimes a program will be organized after the meal with dances, songs, or short talks followed by a question period. __20__.For this reason, a few weeks spent "hosteling" can be just as useful a part of one's education as classes in school. ①In 1970, a young German school master had an idea which changed this situation. ②People can stay in the hostel if they brought enough equipment with them. ③One can learn a lot about other places, just by meeting people from those places ④As a result, a dormitory was set up in an old castle nearby. ⑤For years, children in the industrial areas of Europe seldom left their cities to see the beauties of the countryside. ⑥More and more young people went to the hostel for summer holidays. ⑦This card will permit them to stay in a hostel all over the world for very low prices. 第二部分:英语知识运用 第一节:完形填空 Once there was a king who had a servant named Carl. It was Carl’s__21__to sit outside the king’s bedroom and be__22__to serve him at any time. One night the king__23__very late and Carl was kept busy running on errands(差事)until midnight. The next morning the king wished to__24__him on an-other errand, but when he rang the bell, no one__25__. He opened the door and found Carl was fast asleep. The poor child was so__26__that he could no longer keep awake. The king was about to wake him__27__he saw a piece of paper beside him. It was a letter from Carl’s__28__expressing thanks for sending her all that Carl had__29__to pay the rent and for warm clothes for winter. The king took ten gold pieces and packed them in the letter. Then he, very__30__, put them all into the boy’s__31__. After a while he__32__the bell again. Carl woke up suddenly, and answered the__33__quickly.“I think you have been__34__,” said the king, Carl was__35__and was ready to cry. He put his hand in his pocket , and was__36__to find the gold pieces__37__in his mother’s letter. Then he fell on his knees. “It’s true that I have been asleep, but I know__38__about this money,” cried Carl. “Have courage, my boy,” said the king. I know you must be tired after spending many long hours__39__. People say that fortune comes to us in our sleep. You may send the__40__to your mother, and tell her that the king will take care of both her and you.” 21 A.intrest B.duty C.position D.fault 22 A.kind B.close C.ready D.happy 23 A.showed up B.stayed up C.went out D.worked out 24 A.surprise B.charge C.punish D.send

www.baishiedu.com 25 A.accepted B.expected C.answered D.followed 26 A.tired B.excited C.proud D.angry 27A.after B.when C.since D.although 28 A.friend B.mother C.aunt D.sister 29 A.discovered B.carried C.earned D.found 30 A.quietly B.safely C.bravely D.quickly 31 A.box B.wallet C.pocket D.bag 32 A.replaced B.rang C.fixed D.covered 33 A.letter B.call C.telephone D.question 34 A.alone B.alive C.awake D.asleep 35 A.frightened B.amazed C.puzzled D.pleased 36 A.afraid B.worried C.surprised D.disappointed 37 A.referred B.presented C.contained D.packed 38 A.anything B.nothing C.something D.everything 39 A.sitting B.writing C.working D.practicing 40A.rent B.clothes C.money D.paper 第二部分:英语知识运用 Mum:(putting on her coat): I’m going to have to go down to the shop for more bread. Alan: Why? Mum: I am not sure what (41)______(happen). I made some sandwiches earlier and left them on the table (42)_____ I went to answer the phone. But someone must have taken them because they’re (43)______(go). Alan: Oh, it must have been Dad. I’m sure he was in the kitchen (44)______(early). Mum: No, he went off to his tennis match before I finished (45)______(make) them, so he couldn’t have done it. (46)______, he coundn’t carry a plate of sandwiches as well as all his tennis stuff, so I’m sure (47)______ wasn’t him. Alan :(opening fridge door): Well, it wasn’t me. But Mum, look! Are these your sandwiches here on the bottom shelf of (48)______ fridge? Mum: Are they there? Oh, my goodness. I(49)____have put them in there when the phone rang. Oh, dear. I really must be losing my (50)____ . Now, why did I put on my coat?


沈阳市二十八中学 2013-2014 学年度(下)高一英语月质量监测答案
1-4 DABA 5-8 DCAC 9-12 DCDA 13-15 CDA 16-20 EADGC 21-25BCBDC 26-30 ABBCA 31-35CBBDA 36-40 CDBCC 41.happened 42.when 43.gone44.earlier 45.making 46.Anyway/Besides47.it 48.the 49.must have put 50.mind/memory 51 calm 52 bargaining 53.generous 54 familiar 55 simplify 56 judges 57 Actually 58 luggage/ baggage 59ruins 60forecast