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1 被动语态的各种句式 被动语态的肯定句式: 被动语态的否定句式: 一般疑问句式: 特殊疑问句式:

2 被动语态的各种时态形式: 一般现在时的被动语态:am/is/are+过去分词


一般将来时的被动语态:will/shall/be going to/be to+be+过去分词 I shall be given an chance to play this game again. The mid-term examination is to be held on April 10. 现在进行时的被动语态:am/is/are+being+过去分词 The school library is now being built. Is the accident now being looked into? 过去进行时的被动语态:was/were+being+过去分词 The car was being repaired when you meant to drive it away. 现在完成时的被动语态:have/has/+been+过去分词 The work has been finished. All these products have been tested. 过去完成时的被动语态:had+been+过去分词 Had the fire been put out when firefighters arrived? The room had been broken into before we came. 一般将来时的被动语态:will/shall have+been+过去分词 The design will have been done by the end of this week. Will all the photos have been developed by tomorrow? 3 被动语态的用法

1 不知或不必提及动作的执行者时: The people were injured. The building was burnt down. When will the result be announced? 2 强调动作的承受者时 The poem was written by Whitman. The children were well tended by neighbors. The plan was successfully carried out. 3 动作的执行者很模糊时,当动作的执行者是泛指如 people,one,等,常用被动语 态: It is believed that the work will be completed successfully. The song is said to be very popular abroad. 4 出于礼貌避免说出动作的执行者; The glass was broken this morning. I have told many times not to make noise . 5 习惯用法需要; Be determined to be devoted to be dressed be born be situated My hometown is situated in southern Shandong Province. He is well dressed.

4 主动语态与被动语态的转换 1 主语+谓语+宾语 结构的转换 Someone broke the window. The window was broken by someone. We are looking into this matter. This matter is being looked into(by us). 2 主语+谓语+间接宾语 A. 转换为带介词 to 的结构 可以这样转换的词为 give send take bring She give me a nice gift. She gave a nice gift to me. He sent me an e-mail. He send an e-mail to me. 转换为带介词 for 的结构 可以这样转换的词有 buy,make ,find,get. Mother bought me a nice gift . Mother bought a nice gift for me. 3.主语+谓语+宾语+宾语补足语 结构的主,被动结构的转换 We made Mr White leader of the team. Mr White was made leader of the team.

4 宾语从句的主、被动转换 含有宾语从句的主动句在变为被动语态时,常用形式主语 it 替代被动句的主语, 变为 It+be+过去分词+原来的宾语从句, 或转变为 Sb /sth+be +过去分词+to do. They say Marry is a kind but strict teacher. It is said that Mary is a kind but strict teacher. Mary is said to be a kind but strict teacher. 5 祈使句的被动语态 Let +宾语+be+过去分词改为否定为 Don’t +let+宾语+be+过去分词或者 Let +宾语+not be +过去分词 Don’t release the news. Don’t let the news be released. Let the news not be released.

5 被动语态的注意事项 1 被动语态的主动意义 英语中有一些短语常以被动形式出现,但表示主动意义 She is usually dressed in white. The boy was seated by the window. We’re rather concerned about father ’s health. 英语中有一些表示情感、 态度等的过去分词的用法及意义相当于形容词,做表语 时与被动语态的形式相同,但表示主动意义 I am pleased to meet you. Are you satisfied with the work? 2.主动形式表示被动意义 如某些联系动词如 sound ,taste,feel,look,appear,seem,prove,等可用主动形式表示 被动意义 Your idea sounds great. The cloth feels smooth. She looks young for her age . The dish tastes delicious. 有些不及物动词(其主语大多指物)可以表达被动意义 某 些 可 用 来 表 示 主 语 的 内 在 品 质 或 性 能 如 look,shut,open ,read,write,sell,wash,clean,draw,cut,translate. The door locks well. The pen writes smoothly. The book doesn’t sells well. 某些表示发生的词语,如 happen ,take place,occur,break out,burst out 没有被动语 态,但其意义包含被动语态 The meeting take place next Monday. The story happened in the 1980s. The war broke out in 1937.

训练题 1. The school board is made up of parents who ( about school affairs. A. had been elected. D.have elected. 2.If nothing ( A does ) ,the oceans will turn into fish deserts. C will do D.is done B.had elected. C.have been elected. )to make decisions

B had been done

3.—So what is the procedure? -----All the applicants( authority. A. interview B are interviewing C.are interviewed D.are )before a final decision is made by the

being interviewed. 4.We are confident that the environment( reduce pollution. A.had been improved. improved. 5.Is honesty the best policy? We ( A.will teach B. teach )that it is when we are little. D.will be taught B.will be improved. C.is improved. D.was )by our further efforts to

C.are taught

6.They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house ( ) D.has rebuilt )later in life.

A.is being rebuilt B.has been built C.is rebuilt 7.Don’t worry.The hard work that you do now (

A.will be paid. repaid

B.was being paid.

C.has been repaid


8.---Have you heard about that fire in the market? -----Yes,fortunately no one( A.hurt B.was hurt ) D.had been hurt

C.has hurt

9.After school we went to the reading-room to do some reading,only to be told that it( A.was decorated D.was being decorated 10.---Mr Hu,have you finished correcting the papers? ------Not yet,the papers tomorrow. A.are corrected D.are correcting 11.Once harm ( the system recovered. A.does B.is done C.will be done D.be done ) to the environment,it takes years to have B.are being correcting. C.are being corrected. ( )You shall get the results from me ) B.had decorated C.had been decorating

12.---We’d like a double room, please. -------I’m sorry, but all but one A.were reserved D.has reserved 13.---How clean and tidy your bedroom is! single room with sea view( )

B.has been reserved

C.have been reserved

-----Thank you .It( A.was cleand

)every day. C.is cleaned D.will be cleaned )practical. D.proved


14.His method should be popularized;it ( A.proves B.is proved

C.has been proved

15.----I have just received another message,telling me I have won a big prize . -------Don’t fall for it.You( A.should be cheated C.are cheating ).

B.are being cheated. D.must have cheated

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