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Project Cycle ,of WB project

Project Cycle of WB project

Country assistance strategy evaluation Identification

Implementatio n and completion

Project cycle


Implementatio n and supervision Negotiations and board


1、Country assistance strategy
? The World Bank proposes financial, advisory and technical services to help countries identify their priorities and reach their main development goals. 世行根据有选择性框架和有比较优势的领域、针对国别 减贫工作的开展情况准备提供贷款和咨询服务


? Ideas for creating meaningful change are discussed. Borrower and Bank representatives weigh development objectives and project impacts, risks, alternatives and timetable

该阶段要识别出能够支持各战略实施、满足财务、经济、社会 和环境要求的项目,也要对发展战略进行分析 在识别阶段,世行项目组同政府一道识别那些符合部分既定发 展目标而可以得到资助的项目。一旦项目被确定,世行项目组 就着手编制《项目概念文件》。它是一项篇幅为4-5页的内部 文件,扼要描述项目的基本内容、建议目标、潜在风险、替代 实施方案以及项目审批的大致时间表

? With advice and financial assistance from the Bank, the Borrower conducts studies and prepares detailed project documentation.

世行提供政策与项目咨询建议以及资金援助。借款国开展研究 并编制最终项目文件

? The Bank assesses the economic, technical, institutional, financial, environmental and social aspects of the project.

世行从经济、技术、机构、财务、环境和社会等各方面对项 目进行评估,编制项目评估文件及法律文件草案

5、Negotiations and board
? When the Bank and the Borrower agree on the terms of a loan or credit, the project is presented to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors for approval

世行和借款国就贷款协议或信贷协议达成一致,然后 将项目提交执董会审批

6、Implementation and supervision
? The Borrower implements the project, issuing contracts through a competitive bidding process that follows the Bank's procurement guidelines. World Bank staff periodically supervises the project to make sure that the loan proceeds are used for intended purposes and with due regard for economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


借款国负责项目实施,而世行负责项目检查。一旦贷款 获准,借款国政府用世行提供的技术援助编制项目技术 规范文件,评审项目货物和服务采购标书。世行将对评 标工作进行审查,以确保其采购指南得到执行。如果采 购指南得到执行,世行将会支付资金。世行财务管理工 作组持续对项目财务管理工作进行监督,包括要求定期 提交经审计的财务报表。

7、Implementation and completion
? At the end of the loan or credit disbursement period (anywhere from 1-10 years), a completion report identifying project results, problems and lessons learned is submitted by operations staff to the Bank's Board of Executive Directors for information purposes.

在支付期末(支付期为1-10年不等),项目工作人员将向 世行执董会提交涉及项目成果、问题和经验教训的实施完工 报告,供其参考

? After a Borrower completes a project, the Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) measures the outcomes against original objectives and assesses whether or not the project’s results can be maintained over the long term. A number of projects are further scrutinized in detailed impact evaluation reports.

项目实施完工后,世行业务评价局对其进行审计,根据项目 既定目标来评价其成果。审计工作包括对项目完工报告的审 查和一份独立报告的编写。之后,这两份报告将上呈世行执 董会和借款国,但不对外公开。

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