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【2015 高考预测】 1.正确区分关系代词与关系副词的用法 2.对介词后接关系代词而不接关系副词的考查介词是用 which 还是用 whom;介词如何确定 3.关系代词 as 的用法 4.介词 + 关系代词引导定语从句考查重点 5.非限制性定语从句(特别是先行词是整个主句时),由 whose,where,when,that,as 引导的定语从 句是命题的热点. 【难点突破】 一、形容词的位置 一般情况下,形容词作定语放在被修饰词之前。但在下列情况下,形容词要放在被修饰词后面。 1.形容词作定语修饰由 some-,any-,every-,no和body,thing,one 等构成的复合不定代词时, 需后置。 There is nobody absent today. 今天没有人缺席。 2 以able 或-ble 结尾的形容词可置于由形容词最高级或 only 等词修饰的名词后面。 That is the only solution possible. 那是唯一可行的解决方法。 3.成对的形容词可以后置。 There was a huge room, simple and beautiful. 有一个大房间,简单而美丽。 4.当“形容词+不定式”构成的短语作定语时,需后置。 A man so difficult to please must be hard to work with. 一个如此难以取悦的人一定很难共事。 5.当 old, long, high, wide, deep 等词附有数量词短语作定语时,需后置。 At that time she was only a girl five years old. 那时,她只是一个 5 岁的小女孩。 6.多个形容词作定语时的排列顺序


当两个或两个以上的形容词修饰一个名词时,与被修饰的名词关系较密切的形容词靠近名词;如果几 个形容词的密切程度差不多,则音节少的形容词在前,音节多的在后。如:a small wonderful gift。 常用的顺序为:限定词(these, those)+数量形容词(three)+描绘性形容词(beautiful)+大小、长短、高 低等形体性形容词(large, long, high)+新旧(old)+颜色(red)+国籍(Chinese)+材料(wooden)+用途(writing) +被修饰名词(desk)。 为了方便记忆,不妨试试如下口诀: 限定描述大长高,形状年龄与新老; 颜色国籍出材料,用途类别往后靠。 7.表语形容词 表语形容词(如:afraid, alone, awake, asleep, alive,alike, ashamed, afloat, well, sorry, unable, worth, sure) 并非只能作表语,它们还可以作补足语,有的还可以作后置定语(一般不作前置定语)。 She was the only person awake that night. 她是那天晚上唯一醒着的人。 例 1、(2012· 天津卷)The dog may be a good companion for the old. ________,the need to take it for walks may be a disadvantage. A. Besides B.However C.Therefore D.Instead 例 2、(2012· 四川卷)I make ? 2,000 a week. 60 surely won't make ________difference to me. A.that a big B.a that big C.big a that D.that big a 例 3、句型转换 1. It was a hard job. He took it, though. =________it was a hard job, he took it. =It was a hard job. ________,he took it. =Hard ________the job was, he took it. ②He left home two weeks ago and we haven’t heard from him ever since. =We haven’t heard from him ________he left home two weeks ago. 例 4、单项填空 ①(2012· 四川卷)The hotel is almost finished, but it ________needs one or two weeks to get ready for guests. A.only B.also C.even D.still

②(2012· 湖南卷)Bicycling is good exercise; ________,it does not pollute the air. A.nevertheless B.besides C.otherwise D.therefore ③(2011· 江西卷)The house was too expensive and too big. ______,I'd grown fond of our little rented house. A.Besides B.Therefore C.Somehow D.Otherwise ④(2011· 全国Ⅱ卷)It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music, but it is ________another to play it well yourself. A.quite B.very C.rather D.much ⑤(2011· 天津卷)The young man couldn't afford a new car.______, he bought a used one. A.Besides B.Otherwise C.Instead D.Still ⑥(2011· 安徽卷)________,I managed to get through the game and the pain was worth it in the end. A.Hopefully B.Normally C.Thankfully D.Conveniently

⑧(2010· 辽宁卷)Jim went to answer the phone. ________, Harry started to prepare lunch. A.However B.Nevertheless C.Besides D.Meanwhile

⑨(2010· 浙江卷)Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn't it rather risky, ________? A.though B.also C.either D.too

⑩(2009· 安徽卷)—Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? —________, I do. I think it's a great idea. A.Really B.Obviously C.Actually D.Generally ?________none of us could solve the math problem; it is too difficult. A.Hardly B.Nearly C.Almost D.Seldom ?(广东卷)Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn't always ________much to do. A.such B.that C.more D.very ?(北京春季卷)—I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cut in and knocked me down. —You can never be ________careful in the street. A.much B.very C.so D.too

?(江西卷)—Must I turn off the gas after cooking? —Of course. You can never be ________careful with that. A.enough B.too C.so D.very 【易错点点睛】 易错点点睛 1 正确区分关系代词与关系副词的用法

1.I Walked in our garden, Tom and Jim were trying a big sign onto one of the trees. A. which B. when C. where D. that

2. The famous basketball star, __tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention. A. Where B. When C. Which D. Who

3. I Can think of many cases couldn’t write a good essay. A. Why B. Which

students obviously knew a lot of English words and ex pressions but

C. as

D. where

4.There were dirty marks on her trousers __ she had wiped her hands. A. Where B. Which C. When D. that

5. Her sister has become a lawyer,_ she wanted to be. A. Who 【特别提醒】 1.定语从句相当于一个形容词,起定词作用, 修饰名词或代词 2.定语从句的引导词的三种功用:(1)引导定语从句(2)替代先行词(3)在定语从句中充当一定的成分。 3.解题要领:根据定语从句中所缺成分来确定是用关系代词还是关系副词,决不要因先行词是时间名词 就用 When,是地点名词就用 Where。 4.当先行词指物时,许多情况下既可以用关系代词 which,也可以用关系代词 that,但在下列情况下, 只能使用关系代词 that。 (1)当先行词是不定代词 all,much,little,someting,everything,anything,nothing,none,the one 时。 例如: Do you have anything that you want to say for yourself? You should hand in all that you have. (2)当先行词前面有 only,any,few,little,no, all,very 等词修饰时。例如:

B. that

C. What

D. Which

This is the very book that I’m looking for. The only thing that we can do is to give you some money. (3)当先行词是形容词最高级时或它的前面有形容词最高级修饰时。例如: This is the best that has heen wsed against pollution. This is the most interesting film that I’ve ever seen. (4)当先行词是序数词或它前有一个序数词时,例如 This train is the last that will go to Huangzhou. What is the first Anerican film that you have seen? (5)当先行词既人又有物时,例如: Do you know the things and persons that they are talking about? (6)当主句的主语是疑句词 who 或 which 时。例如: Which is the bike that you lost? who is the boy that won the gold medal? (7)有两个定语从句时,其中一个关系代词正用 which,另外一个空用 that。例如: They secretly buit up a small factory which produced things that could cause pollution. 【举一反三】 1 After living in paris for 50 years he returned to the small town __ he grew up as a child. B. where C. that D. when

A. which 2

I never forget the days __ we spent together. B. when C. whose D. what

A. that 3

Have you seen the film“Titanic” ,__ leading actor is world famous? B. it’s C. whose D. which

A. its 易错点点睛 2 如何确定

对介词后接关系代词而不接关系副词的考查;介词是用 which 还是用 whom;介词

1—Why does she always ask you for help? —There is no one else A. who to turn to C. for whom to turn ,is there? B. she can turn to D. for her to turn

2. The joureny around the world took the old sailor nine months, the sailing time was 226 days.

A. of which C. from which

B. during which D. for which

3. Alec asked the policeman __ he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident. A. with him C. with whom B. who D. whom

4.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, __ was very reasonable. A. which price C. its price B. the price of which D. the price of whose

5.I have many friend, __ some are business. A. of them C. who of 【特别提醒】 “介词+关系代词”引导的定词从句是定词从句中较复杂的一种, 一般多用于上式文件中。 此类定语从句 的关系代词主要有 which, whom,whose。它们既可引导限制性定语从句,又可引导非限制性 定语从句。 学习这种定语从句时主注意以下几种情况: 一、注意介词的先取。在“介词+关系代词”引导的定语从句中,介词的选取应根据以下几点: 1.根据介词和定语从句中谓语动词的习惯搭配。例如: Who is the man with whom you just shook hands? The Two things about which Karl Marx was not sure were the grammar and some of the idioms. 2.根据定语从句意思的需要,此时前后搭配都要注意。例如: He had a bad cold,because of which he didnt attend the meeting. The speed at which the car runs depends on the road condition. 3.根据意思可用复杂介词,如 by meansof,asa result of,in front of,in the back of,a11 Of,most of 等,例如: The instrument by means of which the temperature is measured is called thermometer. There are forty students in the classroom, all of whom ae working hard at a problem in maths. 二、 注意关系代词的选取。 在“介词 + 关系代词”引导的空语从句中, 如果, 关系代词指事物就用 which; 如果指人则用 whom;若表示“…”的则用 whose.例如: This is the classroom in which we studided last year

B. from which D. of whom

He lives in a house, whose door opens to then north. 三、 注意“介词 + where”引导的定语从句。有时有阅读过程中我们会碰到“介词 + where”引导的定语从 句,此时要和“介词+which”引导的定语从句从意义上加以区别。例如: They stood on the top of the building, from where they could see the whole city. ( from where 相当于) from the top of 【举一反三】 1 In the dark street, there wasn't a person B. who C. from whom she could turn for help. D. to whom the building, 而不是 from the building)

A. that 2

This is the book __ I paid ten yuan. B. for that C. which D. off which

A. for which 3

This is the factory __ I work. B. that C. which D. when

A. in which 4

In the ofice I never seem to have time until after 5:30 p.m., __ many people have got home. B. that D. by which

A. whose time C. on which 5

The teacher discussed with Jim,__ problems was poor study habits. B. one of whose 关系代词 as 的用法

A. one of which 易错点点睛 3 1.

has been announced, we shall have our final exams next month. A. That B. As C. It D. What

2. The word “write ”has the same pronunciation __ the word “right” A. of 【特别提醒】 关系代词 as 引导的定语从句 关系代词 as 既可引导限制性定语从句,也可以引导非限制性性定语从句,as 在从句中作主语、宾语、 表语。 1.as 引导限制性定语从句时,一般用于下列句式:
?such ? 名词 ? as... 像?? 之类 ? ?the same ? 名词 ? as... 和?? 同样的

B. as

C. to

D. from

其中关系代词 as 在从句中可担当主语、宾语或表语。例如:

We have found such materials as are used in their factory. (作主语) Such people as you describle are thought to be fools nowadys. (作宾语) He is not the same man as he was. (作表语) (2)...such as ... 这里 such 为代词,意思是“这样的人或物”,as 在从句中担任成分,修饰先行词 such。例如: He turned out to be very successful,which was more than we could expect. As is known to all, Edison invented the telephone. 2.as 引导的非限制性定语从句,既可在主句前,又可在主句后,有时还可插入主句中,而 which 引导 的非限制性定语从句只能置于主语之后。相同的是两者都可代指主句的整个内容,而不是主句中的某一个 词。例如: He turned out to be very successful,which was more than we could expect. As is known to all, Edison invented the telephone. 【举一反三】 1 That Passenger was very impolite to the conductor,__ of course, made things even worse. B. whom C. what D. which

A. who 2

This book is very interesting. Where did you buy it? I will buy the same book __ you have bought. B. as C. that D. what

A. which 3

__ we all know,Taiwan is part of china. B. Which C. What D. That

A. As

【2015 高考突破】 1.There is no simple answer, A.as B.that C.when is often the case in science. D.where are good at recognizing their own strengths.

2.Happiness and success often come to those A.whom C.what B.who D.which

3.The children, A.all of what C.all of them

had played the whole day long,were worn out. B.all of which D.all of whom


5.The president of the World Bank says he has a passion for China, early as his childhood. A.where C.what B.which D.when

he remembers starting as

6.The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those A.whose C.who B.that D.which they live.

lives were affected.

7. Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment A.what B.which C.when D.where

8. He may win the competition, A.in which case C.in what case B.in that case D.in whose case

he is likely to get into the national team.

9. Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, people's long-held dreams come true. A.it C.what B.that D.which .

made one of the Chinese

10. “You can't judge a book by its cover,” A.as the saying goes old B.goes as the old saying C.as the old saying goes D.goes as old the saying

11. The girl arranged to have piano lessons at the training centre with her sister for an hour. A.where B.who C.which D.what

she would stay

12.Many people who had seen the film were afraid to go to the forest when they remembered the scenes people were eaten by the tiger.

A.in which C.which

B.by which D.that she could turn for

13.In the dark street,she felt helpless because there wasn't a single person help. A.that B.who D.to whom

C.from whom

14. Cheer up!Everyone may have periods in their lives A.when C.which B.where D.that

everything seems tough.

15.The course normally attracts 20,000 students per year, A.in which C.with which B.for whom D.of whom

up to half are from abroad.

16.Mount Wuyi is such an attractive place of interest A.that C.which B.as D.what

everyone likes to visit.

17.It was not until mum agreed to take her to KFC, stopped crying. A.that;that C.that;which 18. There was A.a;that C.the;that B.which;which D.which;that time B.a;when D.the;when

was her favorite,

the spoiled girl

I was crazy about horror movies.

19.Breaking up is the business of the two lovers, A.which C.that B.in that D.in which

no other people should be involved.

20.I must think of a proper gift for her, A.the one which C.it B.that

won't be expensive but will make her happy.

D.one that


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