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一.完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) One day in September we were doing repair work on my parents' old house to get it ready for my youngest daughter's wedding. We had to that had grown the walls. When my husband was taking me plant away, he found the had made its home in the leaves. He then 40 something 39 41 of a blackbird that among that mass of 37 36 a great climbing plant 38

a roof beam (房梁), so that we could repair the roof and

earth and straw of the nest. He broke the earth around it into pieces with his finger tips and, to his 42 . saw glittering gold. It was a child's bracelet (手镯). 43 me. "You won't 45 44 that the thieving

With it, he ran into the house to

blackbirds not only steal the best fruit we also want their children to 46

to feed on," he said, "but they

in a cradle of gold!" 47 , we told her about this

When my daughter came over on the eve of the 48 occurrence.

"Don't you remember, Mother?" she said with a loud you gave me a bracelet that I yard? It was this one!" As the bracelet no longer into my safekeeping. 51 50


. "When I was eight,

it a few days later while out playing in the

its owner and was dirty, I decided to take it

In December of the following year, the young couple's baby son was baptized (受 洗礼). Among the now shining like 53 . I hope that if my grandson 54 loses it, one of the 55 that live 52 the newborn baby received, I placed his mother's bracelet,

in my backyard is somewhere nearby. 36.A.remove 37.A.beyond 38.A.build B.cover B.over B.paint C.grow C.across C.rescue D.water D.through D.print

39.A.nest 40.A.moved 41.A.nice 42.A.horror 43.A.ask 44.A.know 45.A.buy 46.A.lie 47.A.party 48.A.important 49.A.cry 50.A.hid 51.A.fitted 52.A.jewels 53.A.attractive 54.A.certainly 55.A.blackbirds

B.baby B.got B.colorful B.surprise B.tell B.hope B.plant B.sing. B.Christmas B.strange B.sigh B.threw B.satisfied B.toys B.new B.nearly B.grandchildren

C.body C.picked C.shiny C.delight C.show C.consider C.store C.listen C.birthday C.terrible C.laugh C.lost C.matched C.clothes C.modern C.surprisingly C.neighbors

D.egg D.noticed D.special D.disappointment D.give D.believe D.collect D.wait D.wedding D.funny D.sound D.broke D.interested D.presents D.golden D.unluckily D.mice

二.阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分)A Chinese are very generous when it comes to educating their children. Not caring about the money, parents often send their children to the best schools or even abroad to England, the United States or Australia. They also want their children to take extra-course activities where they will either learn a musical instrument or ballet (芭蕾舞), or other classes that will give them a head start in life. The Chinese believe that the more expensive an education is, the better it is. So parents will spend an unreasonable amount of money on education. Even poor couples will buy a computer for their son or daughter. However, what most parents fail to see is that the best early education they can give their children is usually very cheap. Parents can see that their children's skills vary, skilled in some areas while

poor in others. What most parents fail to realize though, is that today's children lack self-respect and self-confidence. The problem is that parents are only educating their children on how to take multiple-choice tests and how to study well, but parents are not teaching them the most important skills they need to be confident, happy and clever. Parelts can achieve this by teaching practical skills like cooking, sewing and doing other housework. Teaching a child to cook will improve many of the skills that he will need later in life. Cooking demands patience and time. It is an enjoyable but difficult experience. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking, so he will learn to work hard and gradually finish his job successfully. His result, a well-cooked, dinner, will give him much satisfaction and a lot of self-confidence. Some old machines, such as a broken radio or TV set that you give your child to play with will make him curious and arouse(唤起)his interest. He will spend hours looking at them, trying to fix them; your child might become an engineer when he grows up. These activities are not only teaching a child to read a book, but rather to think, to use his mind. And that is more important. 56.Parents in China, according to this passage,__________. A.are too strict with their children B.are too rich to educate their children C.have some problems in educating their children correctly D.are too poor to educate their children 57.The writer of the passage does not seem to be satisfied with_____. A.the parents' ideas of educating their children B.the education system C.children's skills D.children's hobbies 58.Doing some cooking at home helps children _____. A.learn how to serve their parents B.learn how to become strong and fat

C.benefit from it and prepare themselves for the future D.make their parents believe that they are clever 59.According to the last paragraph we can conclude that _____. A.broken radios and television sets are useful B.one's curiosity may be useful for his later life C.an engineer must fix many broken radios D.a good student should spend much time repairing radios

三.短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Japan is a beautiful country, covering with many tiny rivers and high mountain.

Japan is also a pleasant country. It is known for "the land of the cherry blossom. (樱

花) because of in the spring of the year cherry trees are very beautiful. Everywhere

there have hundreds of different kinds of

wild flowers.

Where there are no

naturally gardens, the Japanese have made his own. Because the islands are so hilly,

there is a great shortage of the soil, so very little bit is used. No matter how tiny may

be, every home has its

own little garden. Japan is the country

worthy of a visit.

四.语法填空 A Letter to a Roommate Dear Xiao Zhang,-------------------------(1. recent) I have noticed that you have been smoking heavily, --------------------(2)is becoming a serious problem. As

long as you are in, our bedroom ------------------------------(3.fill)with that terrible smell. The ashtray always overflows with cigarette butts. You -------------------------(4.ruin) your health, destroying brain cells which can never be replaced, not to mention the damage to your lungs and windpipes. Smoking, especially heavy ------------(5), correlates highly with lung cancer. It is possible -------------------(6)you'll be caught up with it. I'm not scaring you. Besides, smoking is also------------------ (7.harm) to the health of our roommates and the friendship among us. The roommates avoid being in the bedroom for fear of ------------------------- (8.pollute). As a result, the brotherhood among roommates is gradually fading. If I were you, I would try to get rid of the bad habit. It is not ------------------------(9)to break away from it if you are really determined to quit. Remember '----------------------(10) there is a will, there is a way'. I will always be there to help, if you need. Yours sincerely, Xiao Li

1 语法填空 1.recently 6. that

2. Which

3. is filled

4. are ruining

5 smoking.

7. harmful

8 being polluted. 9 difficult

10. Where

完形 36-40 ACBAD 41-45 CBCDB 46-50 ADBCC 51-55 ADBDA

阅读 56-59 CACB

改错 76.covering 改为 covered.77.mountain 改为 mountains.78.for 改为 as79.去 掉 because 后的 of 80.have 改为 are 81.naturally 改为 natural.82.his 改为 their 83.删去 the. 84.tiny 后加 it 85.the country

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