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Vocabulary on chapter 5(练习)

Vocabulary on chapter 5
1. drama(n. 戏剧 戏剧)—dramatic (adj. 戏剧性的 引人注目的 戏剧性的, 引人注目的)--戏剧地, 引人注目地) dramatically (adv. 戏剧地 引人注目地 dramatic changes: 日新月异的变化 The school encourages free expression in art, ______ and creative writing. 学校 鼓励师生在艺术, 戏剧和文学创作上自由发挥. 鼓励师生在艺术, 戏剧和文学创作上自由发挥. The story begins __________ but the plot peters out before the end. 这故事有些 虎头蛇尾. 虎头蛇尾. 2. contestant(n.)--- contest(v./n. 竞赛 比赛 )—contestable (adj. 可争的 竞赛, 可争的) contest against/ with: 和...对抗 后接人或物 对抗(后接人或物 对抗 后接人或物) contest for: 和...对抗 后接物 对抗(后接物 对抗 后接物) contest for power: 权力之争 The firm is too small to _______ with large international companies. 这家公司太小, 不能与国际性的大公司竞争 竞争. 这家公司太小 不能与国际性的大公司竞争. Although he had only entered the ______ for fun, he won first prize. 3. director(n.)--- direct (v. 指导,adj. 直接的 指导, 直接的) company director 公司董事 managing director 总经理 director general 局长 I want the _____ himself, not his secretary. 我要见局长本人,而不是他的秘书. 我要见局长本人,而不是他的秘书. 4. host(n. 主持人,男主人 v. 主持 主办 主持人, 主持, 主办))--- hostess (n. 女主人 女主人) the host country: 主办国 host the Universiade: 主办大运会 an air hostess: 空姐 Which country will be the _____ country for the next Olympic Games? 哪个国 家将是下届奥运会的主办国? 家将是下届奥运会的主办国? 5. calm(adj. 冷静的 平静下来 冷静的,v. 平静下来) calm down = cool down 平静下来 镇定下来 平静下来(镇定下来 镇定下来) Her attempts to _____ them down only made matters worse. 6. surprise n./ v. 惊讶 惊讶…--- surprising adj.令人惊讶的 surprised adj. 惊讶的 令人惊讶的--惊讶的) 令人惊讶的 to one's surprise(n.) :出乎某人意料之外 be surprised at sth: 对…感到意外 出乎某人意料之外 感到意外 The sudden cold weather took us by _______. He made a ________ decision. The news greatly _______ them. 7. recording (n.)--- record (v. 录制 录制)--- record-breaking:(adj./ n ) 破纪录的 : recorder(n. 录音机 )---- record (n. 记录 记录) The Guinness World Record: 吉尼斯世界记录大全 break/ keep the record: 打破 保持记录 a record-holder: 记录保持者 打破/ : 紧张的)--- nervousness(n. 神经紧张)----- nerve(n. 神经,勇气 神经, 勇气) 8. nervous(adj.紧张的 紧张的 ( 神经紧张)

have got a nerve be nervous of: 因…而紧张的 be nervous about 对…紧张不安 而紧张的 紧张不安 She was ______ _____meeting strangers, but she put on a bold front and went to the party. 她怕见陌生人 然而她却装出一副勇敢的样子去参加聚会 她怕见陌生人, I felt ________ ______ the result 9. stage(n.舞台,adj. 做作的 舞台, 做作的) 舞台 stage fright: n. 怯场 on the stage/on stage:在台上 : : All the world is ____ _______, and everyone has their part.整个世界是一个舞台, 整个世界是一个舞台, 整个世界是一个舞台 每个人都有他们的角色. 每个人都有他们的角色. 10. faint (v.昏晕 昏晕)--- faintly (adv. 微弱地 朦胧地 模糊地 微弱地, 朦胧地, 模糊地) 昏晕 faint away: 昏过去 faint from...: 因…而发昏 晕倒 而发昏, 而发昏 faint from the heat: 热昏 中暑 热昏, 探险者们因饥寒交迫而委顿不堪. The explorers were_______ ___ hunger and cold. 探险者们因饥寒交迫而委顿不堪 11. raise vt. 举起,增加 养育 举起,增加,养育 区别: 上升, 区别 rise vi. 上升, raise one's hand=put up one's hand raise money (for) 为...集资 raise a family 养家糊口 集资 I was ______ by my aunt on a farm. She ______ her finger to her lips as a sign for silence. The sun _______ in the east. 12. make-up n.化妆品 a make-up artist 化妆品 make up 编造,化妆,整理 make up a story 编造,化妆, make up one's mind to do sth Sky and sea _______ _____ _____ a harmonious picture.
天空和大海构成了一副和谐的画面. 天空和大海构成了一副和谐的画面.

13. unprepared adj. 没有准备好的 prepared adj. 有准备的 prepare vt. ---preparation n. make preparations for... prepare for =get ready for... be unprepared =be not ready Have you ______ for your oral English contest? I was _______ for his answer. 14. still adj. 静止的;平静的 adv. 仍然 vt. 使停止 使冷静 静止的; 使停止; 使冷静, It is hard for the naughty boy to ______ _____. Although she felt ill, she ______ went to work. The food ______ the baby's cries. 15. since conj. 因为 既然 自从 adv. 后来 prep. 自从 因为; 既然,自从 其后, ever since 从那时到现在 since then 其后 从此一直 How long is it _____ we visited your mother?

______you can't answer the question, perhaps we'd better ask someone else. He has worked in the firm ______ ______. 16. straight adv. 直接;径直 adj. 直的 准的 正直的 直接; 直的, 准的, He drew a ______line on the paper. Come ______ away after school. 17. opposite prep. 在……对面; adj. 相对的;相反的 对面; 相对的; 对面 the opposite side of the street the building opposite to the bank Have you seen the house______ the railway station? I sat _______ ______ him during the meal. 18. public adj. 公共的;公用的 ---publicly adv. 公开地 (op. privately) 公共的; ) 公共场合, 公众) (op. private adj. 私人的 n. 公共场合 公众 a public telephone 公共电话 in public 当众 公开地 公然地 当众, 公开地, spit in public The town has its own _______ library and public gardens. It's rude to spit_____ _______. 19. emergency n. 紧急情况 There are four emergency exits in the department store. In case of emergency, break the glass and press the button. 20. lower v. 降低 lower one's head low-lower-lowest adj. A man's voice is usually______ than a woman's. The deer______ its head to drink from the pond. 21. power n. 电源;能力;力量;权力 powerful adj. 强有力的 电源;能力;力量; power on/off Russia used to be a very________ country. Sitting out here, you really can feel the ______ of the sun. 坐在这里,你可以感到太阳的力量. 坐在这里,你可以感到太阳的力量. 22. a series of 一系列 The student always asks his teacher a ______ of _______. A ______ of accidents disordered the shop. 23. ahead of 领先于 The race started and Tim was soon ______ _____ the other runners. ahead of time= in advance (提前 提前) 提前 A punctual person always finishes everything _______ _____ time. 一个守时的人总是把事情提前做好. 一个守时的人总是把事情提前做好.


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