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Vocabulary on chapter 7(练习)

Vocabulary on chapter 7
1. conductor(n. 指挥,售票员)--- conduct(v. 引导, 指挥, 管理) The orchestra were all in position, waiting for the _________. The bus ________ takes up the tickets strictly. We should follow the government's _________ of the affair. 2. save(v. 拯救)--- savior(n. 救世主) save up for : 为…储蓄, 贮存 I'm _______ ______ for a refrigerator. 我在省钱买一台电冰箱. ______ it: 不必客套了/省省吧. ________ it for a rainy day: 未雨绸缪 To Christians, Jesus Christ is the _______. 对基督徒来说, 主耶稣是他们的救世主. 3. beneath 1).below 表示"在…之下","在…的下游",与介词 above 相对应,常指在某物体 之下,但不一定在该物的正下方. 2)under 表示"在…之下",通常表示位置处于正下方,与介词 over"在…上方"相 对应. 3)beneath 表示"在…(正)下方","在…脚下".这个介词常可与 below 互相替 换,但 below 较常用,beneath 多用于正式文体中.例如: Two girls are sitting _________ a tree.两个女孩坐在树下. beneath one's notice: 不值得注意 Such a thing is________ notice.这样的事不值得注意. beneath one's consideration: 不值得考虑 4.force(v.强迫)--- force(n. 力量,军队)—forceful (adj. 强有力的) force sb to do: 强迫某人…air force: 空军 natural force: 自然的力量 The_______ of the explosion broke all the windows in the building. 爆炸的力量震碎了这座建筑上的所有窗户. His________ arguments reduced his opponents to silence. 他那有力的论点驳得对手哑口无言. They________ him to sign the paper. 5. kidnap(v.)—kidnapper(n. 绑架者, 拐骗者)--- kidnapee (n. 被绑架的人 )---kidnapping(n. 诱拐, 拐骗) The rich man's son was the victim of a _______. Some children were ________ by strangers near their school. 6. prison(n.)--- prisoner(n. 囚犯 ) prison cell: 囚室, 牢房 prison break: 越狱 The thief was put into ________ for one year. The ________ attempted an escape but failed.

7. touch(v)--- touched(adj.感动的)--- touching(adj. 令人感动的) A lovely melody, tender and ________, floated down to us. 一曲优美的亲切动人的乐曲传到了我们耳边. He was________ by the warmth of their welcome. His sad story ________ our hearts. 8. musical(adj.音乐的 n. 音乐剧)--musically(adv. 悦耳地, 在音乐方面) music (n. 音乐)---- musician(n. 音乐家) musical instrument:乐器 The mother found that her son had a_______ talent. 母亲发现儿子有音乐天赋. A famous ________, Tom's father teaches me _______. Men have been making ______ for thousands of years. 人类创作音乐已有数千年历史. 9. composer(n. 作曲家)---compose(v. 作曲,组成,构成) He's a _______ of serious music. I like his music a lot. The sky and the sea _______ a harmonious scene.天空和大海构成了一幅和谐的画面. He was _______ at the piano at the age of seven. 他 7 岁时就会钢琴作曲. 10. degree n. 学位;程度;度数 master degree 硕士学位 bachelor degree 学士学位 doctor degree 博士学位 post- doctor degree 博士后学位 Water freezes at 0 _______ Celsius ['selsjs]摄氏的. To do this job, you must have a _______ in English. 从事这个工作你必须具有英语专业的大学学位. 11. major adj. 主要的;较多的, n. 主修 vi. 主修 major in... 主攻;专修 My _______ is French. She_______ in maths and physics at university. The play was a _______ success. 这出戏大获成功. 12. present n. 礼物 =gift adj. 在场的 ['preznt] v. 给……赠送[pri'zent] not present = absent at present = now present sb. with sth.=present sth. to sb. There were 200 people _______ at the meeting. I live alone by myself for most time __ _______.

He _______ her______ a bunch of flowers. 他献给她一束花. 13. contest v. 竞赛 ---contestant n. 竞争者 She won a gold medal for her fine performance in the _______. The next _______ surprised me.

-Thank you. -You are my favorite _______ in this competition. 14. mistaken adj. 错误的;不正确的 mistake n.错误, 过失 v.弄错, 误解, (mistake-mistook-mistaken) If I'm not _______, that's the man we saw on the bus. This damage is cause ____ ________at time of assemble engine. 故障是由组装发动机时出现的错误而引起的. finally adv. 15. final adj. 最终的;最后的 n. 决赛;期末考试 half-final 半决赛 The World Cup ______ is being transmitted live to over fifty countries. 世界杯决赛现在正向五十多个国家现场转播. It's not _______ settled yet. 这件事还没有最终决定. The game is now in its_______ stages. 这场比赛现在处于最后阶段. 16. summary n. 概述 adj. 概要的 ---summarize v. summarily adv.概要地, 概略地 I will _______ what I have done and want to do. Please write me a _______ of this report. 17. fall in love with 爱上(强调动作) Peter _____ in love with May years ago. They have ______ in love for ages. 总结---

be in love with 爱着(强调状态)

18. pull off 脱下;摘下 "穿上" "脱下" 强调瞬间动作;"有费力,用力拉"含义 . _____ on the socks! put on --- take off "穿上" "脱下" 强调瞬间动作;很容易,不费劲 ______ on your raincoat! It is raining hard! 19. burst in 闯入 burst v. n. 爆裂;爆发(burst-burst-burst) There was a ______of laughter in the next room. Hearing the bad news, she ______ into tears. 20. act as 充当,担任 work as 从事...工作 The forest will______ ____a defense against desert dust. 森林能起防御沙漠灰沙的作用. Maybe I can ______ ____ a messenger for you. I have been ______ ______ a teacher for over twenty years.


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