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【英语卷(解析) ·2014届江苏省南京市金陵中学高三第四次模拟考试(201405) 】 B1 请认真阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中, 选出最佳选项, 并在 答题卡上将该项涂黑。 “Kevin, we are getting a divorce,” said my mother. My heart plunged. I was 9 years old and I thought that my life was going to southern California. My dad was to apart. Now that my mom is a single parent, I do my own around the house. 39 38 , make dinner and do extra chores 40 that this 36 . My brother and I were going to move with my mother to 37 in New Jersey because of work. My family was splitting

it was hard at first, I now recognize the positive

responsibility had on me. My mother gave me these chores and duties so that I would learn to become 41 and trustworthy. 42 43 in all aspects of my life, and have seen the benefits. When I told me that he was selecting me as soccer team captain 44 themselves. We lost the

I strive to display these was only 11 years old, my

because of my determination and ability to get my teammates to championship, but I won the I am always 46 45

play award for keeping my team together.

to be an individual and not participate in anything that I feel is wrong. I am, 47 , I don’t feel the need to 48 me. 50 close to my

for example, extremely proud of my decision not to drink alcohol.

drink to have fun, and I stand by my decision even when others try to My mom and dad both found new 49

and happily remarried. I am

father, even though he lives 4,800 km away. I thought my parents’ divorce was going to be the worst thing that 51 happened to me. Ironically (讽刺的是), it turned out to be the 53 was my family. 52 . I wasn’t

willing to let it ruin my life without putting up a fight, and At age 9, I struggled with the confusion and that 55 54

of divorce. Today, at age 16, I understand

can bring opportunity and success, and that hard work, determination and

self-control can turn your worst time into your best time. 36. A. fall apart 37. A. drop 38. A. housework B. give away B. remain B. farming C. pick up C. call C. cooking D. take off D. break D. laundry

39. A. Although 40. A. attitude 41. A. self-centered 42. A. skills 43. A. father 44. A. enjoy 45. A. fierce 46. A. determined 47. A. Fortunately 48. A. cheat 49. A. families 50. A. still 51. A. never 52. A. best 53. A. so 54. A. pain 55. A. barriers 解析:

B. Because B. experience

C. If C. effect

D. Since D. situation

B. self-absorbed B. difficulties B. headmaster B. teach B. fair B. reminded B. Surprisingly B. pressure B. jobs B. not B. even B. worst B. such B. memory B. families C. busiest C. as

C. self-disciplined D. self-concerned D. qualities D. coach D. push D. decisive D. amazed D. Consequently D. delight D. partners D. less D. almost D. first D. neither D. emergency D. Routines

C. emotions C. brother C. prove C. close C. relieved C. Personally C. please C. kids C. rarely C. ever

C. significance C. parents

36.选 A,父母离异了,我感觉我的生活要崩溃了。Fall apart 崩溃 37.选 B,父母离异后,母亲去了加利福尼亚,父亲因为工作的关系,继续待在新泽西,家庭 正式破裂了。 38.选 D,和下文做饭、做杂务并列只能是自己洗衣服了。 39.选 A,根据上下句逻辑关系,尽管这一切一开始很难,但是我现在认识到他的积极影响。 40.选 C,参照 39 题。 41.选 C,和 trustworthy 并列,表示一种好的人的品质,只能选 C 了,self-disciplined 自律。 42.选 D, 承接上文,我努力在我生活的各个方面展示这些品质,并且有着一些收获。 43.选 D,因为我的能够使我的队友能够拼搏、奋发的能力,选我当足球队长的当然是教练了。 44.选 D, 参照上题。 45.选 B, fair play award 公平竞赛奖 46.选 A,我立志成为一个有个性的人,不去参加任何我我感觉错误的事。

47.选 C,personally 就个人而言,我不想喝酒寻乐,即使在别人迫使我喝酒的时候,我都能坚 持自己的决定。 48.选 B,参照上题。 49.选 D,此处指的是,父母离婚后,都又找到了新的伴侣。 50.选 A,still 依然。我依然和父亲非常亲密,尽管我们相隔很远。 51.选 C,ever 曾经:我过去认为父母离婚对我来讲是曾经发生过的最糟糕的事。然而实际情 况证明是它是最好的,根据 ironically 可知上下句意思相反。 52.选 A,参照上题。 53.选 D,我不想没有奋勇抵抗就让它毁了我的生活和家庭,neither 表示否定。 54.选 A,和 confusion 并列只能选 A 了,pain 痛苦。父母离婚带来的痛苦和困惑。 55.选 A,障碍会带来机会和成功,这是作者的人生感悟。

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从1—15各题所给出的A、B、C和D项中,选出最 佳选项。 My friends and I had just finished lunch at a hotel when it started to pour 1 . When it

became lighter, I decided to get my car, which was 2 at my office three streets away. My friends argued that I shouldn’t go, mainly because I was seven months pregnant then. I assured them that I’d be very 3 .

I walked out of the 4 and started making my way to the car. At the traffic junction, a van stopped and the passenger got off with an umbrella. Before I knew what was happening, he walked right beside me and told me he’d escort(护送) me to my 5 declined(辞谢), but he was very 6 . During our 7 , he kept telling me to walk slower, as the ground was 8 the car park, I 9 him and we parted ways. I did not get his him now. Did he 11 stop for me? I’ll never know. So how did I pay it forward? I was at home when I 12 two Indian construction workers walking in the heavy rain. They were probably on their way to the construction 13 near my 10 . When we got to . I was very embarrassed and

and may not even recognise

estate, which was a long walk in. I went out and passed them an umbrella. I told them they should take the umbrella and 14 it. They were very grateful and like me, probably wondered why a 15 was offering such kindness. 文章大意:这篇文章讲述的是作者在下雨天得到陌生人的帮助,她深受感动,想把这样的好事 继续传递下去。 1. A. hardly
【答案】C 【解析】考查副词及上下文语境的理解。A. hardly几乎不; B. slightly轻微地;C. heavily沉重地;

B. slightly

C. heavily

D. slowly

D. slowly慢慢地。根据it started to pour可知雨下的大用heavily; “我”和“我”的朋友刚在旅馆 吃完午饭这时天突然下起了大雨,故选C。 2. A. parked
【答案】A 【解析】考查动词及上下文语境的理解。A. parked停车; B. locked锁门; C. broken打断; D.

B. locked

C. broken

D. repaired

repaired修理。根据I decided to get my car可知车停在某个地方。当雨小点的时候, “我”决定 去取车,车就在离办公室三条街的地方,故选A。 3. A. successful
【答案】B 【解析】 考查形容词及上下文语境的理解。 A. successful 成功的;B. careful 小心, 仔细的;C. joyful

B. careful

C. joyful

D. stressful

令人高兴的; D. stressful 紧张的,有压力的。根据 I was seven months pregnant then 可知“我” 想他们保证我会很小心的,故选 B。 4. A. storm
【答案】D 【解析】 考查名词及上下文语境的理解。 A. storm风暴; B. garage 车库; C. office办公室; D. hotel

B. garage

C. office

D. hotel

旅馆。根据上文I had just finished lunch at a hotel可知我走出旅馆,开始向车走去,故选D。 5. A. destination
【答案】A 【解析】考查名词及上下文语境的理解。A. destination

B. home

C. office

D. company

目的地; B. home家; C. office 办公

室; D. company公司。因为乘客当时不知我去什么地方。在我知道什么事情发生之前,他直 接走到我身边,并且告诉我他要护送“我”到达目的地,故选A。 6. A. cautious B. diligent C. persistent D. reluctant

【答案】C 【解析】考查形容词及上下文语境的理解。A. cautious谨慎的;

B. diligent勤奋的;

C. persistent固执的, 坚持的; D. reluctant勉强的。 根据he kept telling me to walk slower可知 “我” 很尴尬并且辞谢他但是他很固执,故选C。 7. A. talk
【答案】C 【解析】考查名词及上下文语境的理解。A. talk谈话; B. trip旅行; C. walk步行;

B. trip

C. walk

D. work


work工作。根据When we got to the car park,可知在我们走的过程中他不断地告诉“我”要走慢 一点,故选C。 8. A. rough
【答案】B 【解析】考查形容词及上下文语境的理解。A. rough艰苦;

B. wet

C. messy

D. dirty

B. wet湿的; C. messy 凌乱的;

D. dirty脏的。根据常识可知下雨,路面很湿。故选B。 9. A. thanked
【答案】A 【解析】考查动词及上下文语境的理解。A. thanked感谢; B. left 离开; C. waved挥手;

B. left

C. waved

D. greeted

D. greeted问候。根据上文可知他帮助了“我” 。 “我”感谢他,然后我们就分开了,各走各的 路,故选A。 10. A. umbrella
【答案】D 【解析】考查名词及上下文语境的理解。A. umbrella 伞; B. appearance 出现;C. address 地址;

B. appearance

C. address

D. name

D. name 名字。根据 may not even recognise him now.我没有得到他的名字,到现在我还不认识 他,故选 D。 11. A. obviously
【答案】D 【解析】考查副词及上下文语境的理解。A. obviously显然地; B. accidently意外地;

B. accidently

C. really

D. purposely

C. really

真的; D. purposely故意地。根据I’ll never know可知他故意为了“我”而停下来的,故选D。 12. A. watched
【答案】B 【解析】考查动词及上下文语境的理解。A. watched 观看;

B. noticed

C. searched

D. heard

B. noticed 注意到;C. searched 搜

查; D. heard 听见。当“我”注意到两个印度的建筑工人在雨中工作时,是在“我”的家里, 故选 B。 13. A. equipment
【答案】D 【解析】考查名词及上下文语境的理解。A. equipment 设备; B. stage 舞台;

B. stage

C. object

D. site

C. object 物

体; D. site 工地,地点。在“我”家的附近,他们可能在去工地的途中,故选 D。 14. A. keep
【答案】A 【解析】考查动词及上下文语境的理解。A. keep保持; B. carry

B. carry

C. have

D. return

携带; C. have 有;D.return

归还。 “我”告诉他们他们应该带着雨伞,并且把伞留给他们,故选A。 15. A. passer-by
【答案】B 【解析】考查名词及上下文语境的理解。A. passer-by 过路人; B. stranger 陌生人;

B. stranger

C. man

D. woman


man 男士; D. woman 妇女。他们是非常感激并且像我这样也许纳闷为什么陌生人会提供这 么善意的帮助,故选 B。