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练习 一、用 when , while ,as soon as, not…until 填空 1. The car hit the man _______ he was crossing the road. 2. I’ll tell you the good news_______ I get there. 3. He ______ go to bed _______11o’clock last night. 4. The accident happened _______ I was on my way to work. 5. Sports build the body______ reading builds the mind. 6. I used to be rather quite_______ I was young. 二、用 although , though, however 填空 1.They got to the airport on time______ the traffic was bad. 2. We had a wonderful_______ the food was terrible. 3. Some people think winter is a bad season. _______, for me it’s a good time because I live cold, rainy weather. 三、用 because, since, so… that, if 填空 1.______ we’re young, we shouldn’t be too afraid of making mistakes. 2.The weather was ______ nice ______ I spent the whole day in the park. 3.He couldn’t come to your party______ he was ill. 4.______ were you, I would wear that earrings. 四、填入适当的引导词 1. I haven't heard from him _____ he went to America. 2. He won't be here _____ he is invited. 3. He will not go to the cinema _____ he is very busy. 4. We found the key _____ she lad left it. 5. We found the books two days ____ he had gone away. 6. We had no sooner got to the station _____ the train left. 7. He speaks English ______ he were an Englishman. 8. He is explaining clearly _______ they could understand. 9. Do not leave the room _____ you have finished the test. 10. She sang ______ she went along. 五、 改错 1. The children were running on the playground as fast as they can. 2. Since her husband had died,so she had to support her family. 3. He won't go out until his mother will come. 4. He was very foolish that he didn't pass such an easy exam. 5. Tom had gone out as soon as his mother got home. 6. It was three months since he came to our school. 7. The playground of our school is larger than their school. 8. The streets in Nanjing are wider than Shanghai. 9. Whatever there is plenty of sun and rain,the fields are green. 10. She sings songs as if she is a bird. 六、状语从句在解完形填空题的作用 在完形填空解题过程中,正确使用状语从句中的连接词及副词,对于把握作者思路、从不同角度进行 合乎逻辑的推理,进而达到理解全文、构建篇章意识来解决问题,起着决定性的作用。 Example 1,Some people dislike certain food 1______ they are not used to it. The Japanese enjoy eating raw


fish 2_____ few Americans would want to taste it. Some people do not eat particular food for religious reasons. For instance, Muslims do not eat pork 3_____ pigs are thought to be unclean.1( )A. because B. before C. when D. since2 ( ) A. as B. when C. while D. after3 ( ) A. although B. because C. till D. so that Example 2,People enjoy the food that they grew up with. As a cultural group, we learn to like what is available(现成可使用的 ) to us. Sometimes we need to change our eating habits. 4_____ we move or travel to a new place with a different culture, or favorite food may not be available to us. 5_____ we have to eat food that is different from the food we are used to . 4 ( ) A. when B. because C. as soon as D. if 5 ( )A. As a result B. before C. so D. for Example 3,Try not to leave any caller on hold for too long. It is better to tell someone you will call back 6_____ you are free. Be sure to return calls 7_____ you can. 8 _____ you can not return the call immediately, apologize to the caller for the delay.6 ( )A. while B. after C. when D. because7 ( )A. if B. as soon as C. until D. as8 ( )A. where B. unless C. since D. if Example 4,The complete course is 26 miles, 385 yards, and takes the best runners less than 3 hours. 9______ it has changed since 1970, the New York City Marathon is always exciting.9 ( )A. because B. Although C. when D. till Example 5“And I don’t think you have the right to ask me to remove them, 10_______ you are my father.” said he. 10 ( )A. After all B. only if C. even though D. as if 七,状语从句在写作中的运用 写作中能合理、正确地使用状语从句,不但能地道的表达英文习惯,而且还能使文体结构更加严谨、美 观。例如下文: My hobby The hobby I enjoy most is fishing. I started fishing (1)when I was five years old. I’ll never forget the day (2)when my father first took me fishing with him. On that day, I was holding a fishing rod (3)when a fish suddenly started pulling on the line. (4)I was so shocked that I fell into the water. But experience didn’t put me off and I have been fishing ever since. Now I still go fishing with my father. And we often go out on Sundays and spend the whole day fishing in the river. (1)是由 when 引导的时间状语从句,这列从句的使用频率很高。 (2)句是由 I’ll never forget the day .及 when my father first took me fishing with him.两局组成。When 在从 句中做时间状语。 (3)句也是由 when 引导的时间状语从句。When 常与 suddenly 连用,主句常用过去进行是。译为 “正 在……, 忽然……”. (4)是以 so…that… (太…..一直于……)引导的结果状语从句.


练 习 1-5 大 题 参 考 答 案
一、1.while 2.as soon as 3. didn’t , until 4.while 5.while 6.when 二、1.although/though 2.although/though 3.however 三、1. since, 2.so…that, 3.because, 4.If 四、1. since than 2. unless 3. because 4. where 10. as 4. very 5. after 6.

7. as if

8. so that 2. 去掉 so

9. before

五、1. can 改为 could 改为 so of

3. will come 改为 comes

as 五、 soon as 改为 when6. was 改为 is

7. than 之后加上 that 10. is 改为

8. than 后加 those in

9. whatever 改为 wherever

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